tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTurn Around, Look at Me Ch. 05

Turn Around, Look at Me Ch. 05


That evening Kate knew she would never get any studying done in the privacy of her bedroom. The temptation to think of Seth's hands all over her body and masturbate all night long was just too much. So she set up shop in the living room with her books and a mug of tea. Julie, perhaps still irritated with Kate's casual nudity earlier that day, was holed up in her room.

And so it was that Kate alone was there to greet Scott when he arrived home from work. "Hey, Kate!" he said cheerfully, locking the door. "How goes the battle?"

"It goes wonderfully," she said with a grin.

"Was today the big day?" Scott asked.

"No, but we had a major breakthrough," Kate said. "He's had some issues with women before, and I guess he's kind of gunshy because of that. But we talked about it, and then I think I got him to relax a little more. Now he says he wants us to be together, he just has to work some things out first."

"That's great!" Scott said. "And all because you flashed him, huh?"

Kate laughed. "I guess so. That's been so wonderfully liberating for me too, learning to be less uptight about my body, you know? And now I'm drawing him out of his shell just like I came out of mine."

Kate thought she heard Scott and Julie's bedroom door open as she was talking, and she could only hope Julie heard her and would see her side of the story now. Unbeknownst to Kate, Julie heard only the tail end of her comment as she emerged from her room. But she did hear Scott's reply: "See, nudity is a wonderful tool!" And she heard the comfortable laugh he and Kate shared in response to it.

On hearing that, Julie stopped in her tracks and retreated to her room. So it was going to be that way, was it? Julie shut herself in her room and clenched her fists, consumed with jealousy over Kate's newfound bond with Scott. Next thing she knew they'd both be lounging naked all over the apartment and she would look like the prude for not joining them! Enough was enough. But Julie couldn't think of what to say to Scott to put a stop to all this. Then she remembered what she had told Kate earlier that day: "Scott is a breast man." Time to remind Scott what she had and Kate didn't. It wasn't anything she needed to say; it was something she needed to do.

Julie bit the bullet and pulled off her top. She gave some thought to also removing her bra, but this would get the point across just fine. Before she could lose her nerve, Julie opened the door and strode purposefully up the hallway, where she could hear Kate regaling Scott with tales of her latest exploits in the changing room.

She forced herself to sound casual as she emerged into the living room. "Hey, guys!" she said cheerfully, as if she went around the apartment in her bra every day. "How are you?"

"Fine," Scott said, sounding bewildered. Julie continued on to the kitchen and was barely but deliciously aware of Scott looking at Kate as if to ask what was going on.

"How was ballet, Kate?" Julie called out as she drew a glass of water from the sink.

"It was great, thanks!" Kate replied. "How was your afternoon?"

"Long!" Julie said, reappearing in the kitchen doorway to lean casually against it. She could feel her nipples stiffening in naughty delight, and could only hope one or both of them would notice. "So much to do, but I'm hanging in there. Going to be a long evening for you two?"

"Um. Yeah!" Kate was obviously struggling not to ask Julie just what was going on. "I was just telling Scott, ballet keeps me so busy in the afternoons anymore, I really need to focus on reading after dinner, you know?"

"I can imagine," Julie said. Having given them the eyeful she intended, she took another sip of water and walked back down the hall. "Good luck!" she called over her bare shoulder.

"What was that?!" Scott whispered to Kate as soon as they heard the door shut.

"Oh, Scott," Kate began. "Julie and I had a bit of a falling out this afternoon about boundaries. I think she thinks I'm getting too casual about not hiding in my clothes."

"So that was a taste of your own medicine, was it?" Scott asked.

"I guess. Also she probably wanted to remind you which one of us has bigger boobs, I'm afraid."

Scott laughed, but then quickly added, "I'm so sorry, Kate. I never meant to make her think..."

"You don't need to tell me that, Scott, you need to tell her."

"Of course. Your heart belongs to Seth anyway."

"It will soon, I hope."

While Kate and Scott were saying goodnight, the subject of their chat gulped her water exultantly in the privacy of her room. Mission accomplished -- or at least off to a great start. Julie knew which of them Scott would be thinking of tonight, no matter how much noise Kate would make this time around while fantasizing about Seth. Of course, Julie could compete on that front as well, and maybe it was time to remind Scott just what he'd be missing out on if he started showing too much interest in her friend. If he was smart, he'd be down the hall any minute now to make amends or more. With that in mind, Julie set her water glass down and reached back to unzip her skirt. As it floated to the floor, she shoved her panties down after it, but kept her bra on. If Scott still had the interest in her that he should, Julie reminded herself, he would know why she didn't remove it too.

Julie arranged the pillows on their bed so that she could lounge comfortably with her legs spread and see the look on Scott's face when he came in. As soon as she had her back at the right angle, she went to town on herself with both hands, rubbing around her clit with the left and reaching inside with two fingers on her right hand to rub her own wetness under the left. She rubbed slowly, exulting in the sensation but not working her way up to a climax just yet because she wanted to make sure Scott would catch her in the act. To complete the sensation, she rubbed her back against the pillows so that the fabric of her bra brushed back and forth against her nipples. She knew she had told Scott how she loved that.

When the door opened, Julie's natural inclination was to stop playing with herself and scramble for cover. But she fought that temptation down and didn't even open her eyes right away to see Scott gawking at her. When at last she did break her concentration and look up, she was rewarded with the sight of bulging eyes and bulging jeans. "Like the view, do you?" she asked coyly.

"You know it!" Scott said, unzipping his jeans.

Julie stopped her playing and propped herself up on her elbows. "How do you know I'm going to let you join me?" she asked.

Scott let go of his pants and stood there with them halfway down, looking at Julie. "Well, I guess I don't. But I was hoping..."

"Hoping?" Julie scoffed. "Isn't that all Kate always did before? Wait and hope?"

"Well, she didn't go around the apartment topless," Scott countered.

"Fuck you!"

"That's what I want you to do!" Scott grinned nervously.

"Do you really?" Julie asked. "I don't think I'll ever be the free spirit you've turned Kate into, you know."

"I didn't turn her into anything!" Scott protested. "I made a joke and she thought it was a good idea!" Then he smiled. "And it was. It worked on this Seth guy, or at least it's working. It wasn't necessary for you and me, was it?"

Julie nodded slowly. "I didn't need you to see me nude before you asked me out, I guess."

"No, you didn't. And once you did, we could talk easily enough about this stuff. That's a problem for Kate because she was so demure and her guy is so shy. It's not a problem when you and I know each other and what we like. Like the way I know you left your bra on because you like the way the satin rubs against your nipples when you wiggle against the mattress."

Julie was delighted. "You remembered!"

"Of course I did!" Gingerly he climbed onto the bed beside her and reached around her to undo her bra. She didn't resist, and he leaned in to kiss her right nipple as soon as the garment was out of the way. Julie arched her back and sighed heavily at the sensation.

"Don't know why I was so uptight," she said between gasps of air as Scott went to town on her breasts. "I guess between Kate and me, I'm used to being the horny one."

"It's not a competition," Scott reassured her between kisses.

"Shouldn't be, I know," Julie whispered, followed by a giggle as Scott reached down and caressed her pussy lips. "Oh, that's lovely, Scott! Shouldn't be a competition, I know."

Scott stopped caressing but kept his hand against Julie's vulva. "Isn't, Julie. Kate is Kate and you're you, and I love you. Especially if you don't take your clothes off for guys you meet at the gym!" They both burst into relieved laughter, and Scott pulled his arms up around her shoulders for a chaste hug. They lay silently intertwined in one another's arms for a few minutes, nothing needing to be said.

The silence was broken, not by either of them but by a rhythmic thumping in the next room. Surprised at first, they looked at each other and figured out simultaneously what the noise was: Kate's bed hitting the wall as she rocked back and forth on it. Harder to hear, but still audible once they listened for it, were Kate's increasingly uninhibited gasps and moans as she humped her way to orgasm next door.

"Who ever knew she was so horny underneath?" Julie asked, amazed.

"It's not a competition," Scott reminded her.

"Let's show her what we can do anyway," Julie said, squeezing Scott's hard cock gently. And they were soon intertwined in a passionate, loud session that soon drowned out Kate's noises, but didn't stop her from enjoying herself next door.

"Two more days!" Kate enthused to the girls and boys the next afternoon. "Can you believe it, Seth?"

"I can't!" Seth replied. "But I know they're all ready. Aren't you?"

"Yeah!" went up a round from the kids as they crowded their way toward the door.

"Keep up the great work!" Kate called out as they went. "We're almost there!"

"You're in a terrific mood!" Seth said as the last of the girls swung out the door.

Kate looked out in the hallway to make sure the coast was clear, and then put her arms around Seth to his surprise. "Of course I am. Yesterday was so hot, and I got a great show from you today too before class!"

"All we did was change together today," Seth reminded her, though he did return her embrace.

"All we did? That's a big deal for us, isn't it, Seth?"

"For me it is," Seth admitted.

"For me too! Do you think tearing my clothes off for a guy comes naturally?"

"Well..." Seth began. "I guess not. It's just that you made it look easy once you started doing that with me. But I wasn't expecting it before, so I guess not."

"Bingo!" Kate withdrew her arms and poked Seth gently on the nose as she said it. Then, with his undivided attention, she began whirling around the studio. "That wasn't who I was at all either. But you set me free! I've never felt so sexy in my life."

"Just because we shower together now?"

Kate stopped dancing momentarily and looked at him with a pert smile. "That's not all I do."

"You mean you've been..." Seth trailed away.

"Masturbating. The word doesn't bite, Seth." Kate was whirling about again, loving the attention he was now lavishing on her body and the things she was sure he was now imagining her doing to herself.

"That's...great, sweetie," Seth said. "I mean, wow!"

Kate stopped and looked at Seth from across the room. "I'm glad you like it. But do you really want to only think about it?" With a salacious grin, she turned and walked to the changing room, leaving the door open as she began to remove her leotard, as she was quite sure Seth would be right behind her.

He was. "Wait," he said as he locked the door. "Let me help you with that."

Kate did as he asked, and stood before him with one strap down around her arm, but otherwise still clothed. To her delight, he undressed first, quickly but gracefully, and soon stood naked and erect before her. He rubbed his cock a few times as he looked up and down her still-clothed body, and exhaled a contented sigh. Then, as gently as if he were unwrapping a fragile doll, he pulled the remaining strap over Kate's shoulder and peeled her sweaty pink leotard down. Over her breasts, then down toward the waistband of her tights, he rolled the tight fabric carefully down to expose her body a bit at a time. Kate felt her bare skin prickle in the fresh cool air. No longer the least bit embarrassed, she looked at Seth's contented face as he undressed her inch by inch.

When he had the sweaty garment all the way off, Kate picked up her feet one at a time to let him remove it completely. Then he squatted down and untied her slippers one by one, and slipped them off her feet. As he straightened up again, Kate eagerly anticipated his pulling her tights down as well. But he didn't do it right away. Instead he took her in his arms and kissed her -- a hard, wet kiss. Kate loved it and eagerly joined in the tongue-tangling. She also wondered just what was next -- was he finally going to make love to her right here in the shower room? It was not the fairy tale ending she had imagined, but she would take it, for behind her giddy playfulness she was nearly desperate to finally feel Seth inside her.

He slid his hands down to rub Kate's behind, and she once again expected him to remove her tights; but once again he didn't. Instead he drew his hands up around her front and cupped both her breasts in them. Kate sighed and struggled not to laugh as his light touch tickled a bit, and smiled her approval as he looked back up into her eyes. Gently he pressed his thumbs down on her nipples and rubbed, lightly at first, then harder as they grew stiff to his touch. Seth felt them getting harder, she could tell, and his confidence grew as he sensed the reaction. She looked down to see his cock was rock hard, and she longed to caress it. But she didn't dare break the mood, and after all, why break his concentration when he was giving her such pleasure?

Kate's breathing grew heavier as his hands found their way more naturally around her breasts. She wiggled a bit to relieve the growing tension, and smiled to let him know the wiggling was good. He appeared to approve. Only days before, the demure old Kate would have held her breath to avoid moaning. Now, the thought came to her that perhaps she should do that to avoid scaring Seth with a too-intense response. But no, she soon concluded, no more pretending. Besides, he seemed to love her reactions to his touch so far. She tilted her head back and let slip a guttural moan. "Oh, Seth...ohhhhhhhhh." Now the sensations were so intense she had to reach out and hold onto his sides for balance. He made no complaints, and remained focused on her breasts.

"Unghhhhhhh. Ohhhh. Feels so good!" Kate was now thrusting her still-clothed hips out in a wonderfully-frustrating reach for something to rub against. "Oh, God!" Her sensations down below finding no outlet, the touch of his gentle hands on her nipples felt that much more intense. "God, Seth, ohhhhhhh..." Seth moved one hand around her back, and leaned in and kissed her left nipple gently. A flick of the tongue, then a hard lick, then he sucked harder and poked at it with his tongue. "Ohmygod Seth!" Kate held on harder as she felt him pushing her ever closer to the line. Kate had heard that some women were capable of coming from breast play alone, but she had never had an inkling that she was one of them. Now, of a sudden, she realized she was indeed capable of as much, and that she was about to have her first. Moaning steadily now, she bobbed up and down so that his hand and mouth alike covered a wide area of her delightfully erogenous skin. Down below she could feel moisture tickling her inner thighs as her pussy grew wet, and she longed to reach down and play, or better yet have Seth do it. But the promise of an orgasm with no touching there was just too irresistible.

As she felt the dam reach its bursting point, Kate bent her knees and wiggled. "Seth! Ohhhh, God, Seth, I'm gonna come...OHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWWW." She closed her eyes and breathed out hard as Seth continued to tweak both her nipples and looked on admiringly at his handiwork. Opening her eyes, she saw him gazing contentedly at her, and leaned in and kissed him hard on the mouth. "Thank you. That was beautiful. Thank you!"

"Ready to shower now?" he asked with an uncertain smile.

Kate was flabbergasted, happy but not satiated. "Oh no you don't!" She grabbed at both his wrists.

"What? You came, didn't you?"

"Yes, and it was great, but it was only a start." She released his hands and pulled her tights down. "My pussy is on fire thanks to you, and you're not leaving me like this." With that she took his right hand in both of her own and pressed it against her damp triangle. "Just one more orgasm, then we can shower. Unless you want one too."

Seth smiled nervously, and didn't pull his hand away but didn't move it either. He looked down -- still rock hard, and a drop of precum was set to fall. Then he looked down at his hand against her vulva, and began rubbing gently, awkwardly at first but nevertheless to Kate's delight and relief. "We can do me tomorrow," he whispered. "Today, it's all for you."

He reached gently into the folds of her vagina and found the magic button, and with a grin he flicked playfully at it. Kate was still thoroughly pent up and was now even more vocal in her approval. "Unhhgggggghhhhhhh!" She bore down on his hand and wiggled her knees in pleasure. Still flicking at her clit with his thumb, Seth now reached first one, then two fingers inside. He could feel her juices flood his fingers as he rubbed at her flesh.

"Oh oh oh OH OH OH...OHMYGOD...ohmygod...!" Kate came fast and hard, and felt the tension drain from every pore in her body, and she threw herself at Seth and pinned him against the wall, his fingers still tickling her insides pleasantly. She kissed him once again. "Much better, thanks." Flicking her fingers lightly over his still-hard cock, she asked "Are you sure you don't want me to finish you off?"

Seth didn't back away as she had feared he might, and he didn't resist as she wrapped her hand gently around his erection. "I was going to say wait until tomorrow," he admitted. "But I'm starting to think I might explode if we don't take care of that now."

"It'll be my pleasure," Kate grinned, pulling gently down over the head.

"Whoa! Wait!" Seth looked panicked. "What about the...you know, mess?"

"No problem," Kate reassured him. She pulled gently as if leading a dog on a leash, and brought him into the shower. "You can squirt anywhere here, dear." With that, she took his cock in both her hands and rubbed, hard and fast, the way she'd heard most guys liked it. "I can tell you're ready to explode," she said teasingly. "I'm sure this won't take too long."

"It won't be too fast, I promise!" Seth said between satisfied gasps.

"Oh, I didn't mean it that way," Kate said with a gentle laugh, continuing to rub him up and down. "I'm sure you can last as long as you want to in bed. And I can't wait to find out. Just think, you and me with some privacy for a change, and all night to play together, as many times as we want, again and again, and you can touch me anywhere you like..."

"Oh god, Kate! Ah!" He recoiled a bit and a spurt of white shot out hard and fast with a splash against the dry shower wall. Seth, she now realized, was far less vocal than she had taught herself to be. Must work on that with him, she thought to herself. He would enjoy it so much more that way -- she certainly had. Nevertheless, she was impressed with his volume and delighted that she had made him come with her own two hands.

Kate turned on the faucet and picked up the soap. "Ready for a wash-down, Seth?"

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