tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTurn Around, Look at Me Ch. 06

Turn Around, Look at Me Ch. 06


That night, Kate arrived home with a look of absolute dreamy bliss still on her face. Julie and Scott looked up from the television to see her beaming at them as she floated across the room. Neither of them said a word, but they turned to each other and laughed as soon as she was out of sight.

"About time she got lucky," Julie said.

"Does this mean no more shows from you like last night?" Scott asked.

"We'll see what she does next before I'll promise that," Julie replied crisply. But then she turned to Scott and kissed him, and had to admit to herself that the recent jealousy over her friend had done their relationship some good.

As she was sure there would be nosy questions from Scott and Julie and she might even be tempted to answer them, Kate opted to stay in her room for studying that night. Finding her mind wandering and her hands tempted to follow just as she had expected, she forced herself to set goals -- masturbation breaks every three chapters, among others -- and it worked. When she finally turned out the lights, the delightful memory of Seth's fingers in her vagina had not gone away and neither had the persistent itch to play some more; but at least she had managed to get her studying done. It took yet another round of humping the bed before she was relaxed enough to have any chance at sleeping, and it was quite late when she finally drifted off.

Dress rehearsal came and went the next day, and with it an extra-long class. Kate and Seth had a delightful time helping one another out of their clothes and into their dancewear beforehand. But when class finally ended, Kate was too tired to try to top yesterday afternoon. One look at Seth convinced her that he was feeling the same. "I just want to shower and then get some rest for tomorrow!" Kate admitted as they headed for the changing rooms.

"I'm so glad to hear you say that," Seth said. "I was thinking all through class, how do we top yesterday when I'm this tired?"

"No pressure," Kate assured him, taking his arm and kissing his cheek once she'd confirmed that no one was there to see them.

In the changing room, they both wearily set about undressing. By now Kate found it felt perfectly natural, not embarrassing at all anymore, yet still a thrill. The reflection made her very happy, and Seth turned to see her grinning just as she pulled her tights off. The look on her face made him laugh. She joined in as well and then pulled him into a joyful nude hug. "Tomorrow will be beautiful," she vowed.

"I'm sure it will," Seth said.

"Are you?" Kate looked up into his eyes. "You can be honest with me, sweetie, you know that."

"That's how I know it will be beautiful," Seth told her.

"Good answer!" And she kissed him. This time in the shower, he let her wash him down without ever flinching, and comfortably returned the favor. They enjoyed the steamy water for a long time, and were feeling refreshed and just a bit less tired when they toweled off. Kate was just as hungry for Seth as ever, but she felt unexpectedly satisfied at how comfortable they had come to be with one another.

Her sleepy contentment was still on display when she arrived home that night. Feeling less keyed-up, she had no fear of Julie and Scott's questions this time. It was a good thing she didn't, she learned halfway through the first gulp of wine.

"You look awfully relaxed, dear," Julie chirped.

"I am," Kate admitted, hoping her old friend wasn't going to get obnoxious again.

"Did Seth wear you out in the shower room?"

So much for friends-again! "Why yes, Julie, he did. Three times in the shower, and once over the barre as soon as the kids were gone!"

"Kate! That's disgusting! Don't share that at dinner!" Julie looked repulsed.

"Then don't ask, dear," Kate said.

"She's right, you did ask," Scott pointed out.

"You stay out of this!" Julie snapped. "Kate, enough is enough. I was only joking!"

"So was I!" Kate said.

"So you didn't really have sex in the shower today?"

Now it was Scott's turn to snap. "Julie! None of your business!"

"That's right," Kate said. "Besides, do you really want to know or not?"

"I'm not sure what I want to know about you anymore, Kate," Julie said. "I mean, did I ever overshare with you about my sex life?"

"You think I can't hear the two of you from my room?" Kate asked.

"Oh, stop it!" Julie set her glass down firmly and stood up.

"You started it," Kate sing-songed. "And did you really like it better when I was a prude?"

Julie stopped and thought about that. "You know, Kate, I did. It meant I could feel like a bad girl without being too bad. My mistake, I guess." Though she sounded sorry, Julie nevertheless resumed her retreat to her room without another look at Kate.

"Deep down, she's glad," Scott told Kate. "You've really spiced things up around here. We both like it."

"I'll keep that in mind," Kate said with a relieved smile. She had to admit to herself, despite all the tension at home, the newfound freedom was getting more enjoyable all the time. "Think I'll get another look at Julie's boobs tonight?" she asked Scott.

"With the mood she's in, I'm not sure if even I'll see them tonight," Scott admitted.

It was Friday night, so Kate could have ditched her homework and spent the evening fantasizing about Seth. But now that the real thing was so close, she found she didn't want to. Ultimately she never even masturbated that night -- every time the temptation arose, she found it would be more of a turn-on to hold off on the whole thing until the big event. Besides that, she found herself feeling a bit nervous about the recital. In the past she had thrown herself into rehearsals much more than she had done this time, with Seth as a distraction for the past week. For the first time since the afternoon of their "accidental" encounter, she had occasion to think hard about the recital. Were the kids up to it? Had she and Seth neglected them while focusing on one another? Would the parents be happy?

Eventually she convinced herself that it would all be fine. But between her last minute jitters about the recital and the growing sexual tension as she thought about tomorrow, Kate lay awake even later that night than she had the night before. Fortunately, recital day was Saturday -- no class -- and she had no need to be at the theater until late afternoon. With no need for the alarm clock, Kate slept until nearly lunchtime, and she could hear Julie and Scott lounging in the living room when she emerged for her shower.

It occurred to her too late that she would likely want to shower again just before leaving for the theater, but the hot water helped her wake up in any case, and had the added benefit of reminding her of Seth. That happy connotation plus the convenient shower-head once again gave her thoughts of playing; but once again she willed herself to hold off on that until tonight. She wanted to be as wound up as possible when she and Scott finally got together alone in her bedroom. Or his. It didn't matter.

Or maybe it did matter, Kate realized a second too late after she got out of the shower.

She was hard up for some coffee, and as recently as a week ago no one in the apartment gave a second thought to wearing only a bathrobe in the living room. Now, though, with the mood Julie was in, seeing Kate dressed thusly was an open invitation to another snide comment. This occurred to Kate only as she emerged into the living room, a split-second too late for her to turn back and avoid a confrontation. As the realization came to her, though, she was already a stride into the room and Scott and Julie had both seen her. Just carry on, she willed herself as she headed for the kitchen.

"Uh oh!" Julie teased from her spot on the couch. "Are you going to flash us?"

"Jules," Scott warned.

"Shut up," Julie told him. "You want to encourage her or something?"

Enough was enough. Kate had been thinking since last night that she was going to miss the thrill of being seen nude anyway now that it was no longer a big deal with Seth, and just maybe the shock would shut Julie up once and for all. She stopped in her tracks, took the sash of her robe in one hand, turned around, and smiled at her old friend. "I don't need Scott to encourage me," Kate said sweetly, looking Julie in the eye. "It's time to change clothes for the day anyway." Never breaking eye contact with Julie, she pulled at the sash and undid the slipknot, and pulled her robe away with both hands, tossing it on the floor behind her.

Kate was rewarded with the sight of both Scott and Julie's jaws dropping in unison as they both stared at her body (which Julie had seen on occasion years before when they were undergrad roommates, but never on full display like this). Once again that delicious rush of embarrassment and titillation raced through her veins, but this time she didn't have to fake the confident look on her face -- the joy of her vulnerability was real. So was the added twist of having the both of them for an audience this time, not to mention that she was standing with her legs a bit apart so that Julie and Scott could probably see at least the hint of her pussy lips if they looked hard enough, which she did nothing to stop them from doing.

Julie finally came to her senses and turned her head away, toward the living room window, whose shades were open. "Kate!" she snapped. "What the hell! Even the curtains are open! Don't you have any shame?"

"None," Kate said. "And why should I? I love my body!" She did in fact feel some fright rising up as she realized she might be visible from outside, but that worry was accompanied by more thrills. Every inch of her naked body was now tingling with tension the like of which she hadn't felt since playing with Seth in the shower two days before. "Besides, Julie, this is what you wanted."

"What?!" Julie stood up and drew the curtains. "What makes you think I want you prancing around naked in front of my boyfriend?!" On that thought, she leapt at Scott, who was gaping openly and unapologetically at Kate. "And you get your eyes off her!" she roared at him, trying to cover his eyes.

Scott pushed Julie's hand away and stood up. "Don't tell me what I can't look at!" he said. "And she's right, Jules! Ever since she admitted this makes her feel good, you've been making nasty comments about it. Why should it bother you so much if she enjoys taking her clothes off?"

"Because it's private!" Julie said, now standing before Kate to block Scott's view of her. "It's not something you do with just anyone! And here she is always going on about how happy she is to rip her clothes off for this Seth jerk!"

Unbeknownst to Julie, Kate moved aside a bit to once again let Scott see her full glory. Scott was careful not to avert his eyes, but the deception amused him as he responded to Julie. "But what makes you think Seth is a jerk?! You said yourself maybe he's just shy. She found a way to overcome that, and then she found out it turns her on. She doesn't strip just for Seth, she does it for herself. You should be happy for her that she's become so uninhibited. We should all be so comfortable with our bodies."

"Who says I wasn't happy for her?" Julie demanded, still unaware that she was no longer blocking Scott's view of Kate.

"You do, with all the nasty comments, and even putting on a show for us the other night. You're jealous! That's why she's pushing you like this now. It was never a competition for her."

"I didn't have a problem with it until she started tearing her clothes off here," Julie said. "I went to talk to her the other day and she was stark naked, and I'm like, excuse me?!"

"In the privacy of my own room," Kate reminded her, thus revealing her change of position.

"What?" Julie turned to see Kate smirking at her. "Oh, you!" Giving up on blocking the view, she threw herself down on the couch. "It was still inappropriate to let me come in on you!"

"I'm sorry you felt that way, Julie," Kate said. "But can't you understand this makes me feel good? I feel free when I'm nude. It's like nothing else. And it was only in my room. I'd have kept it that way if you'd kept your mouth shut, too."

"Yeah," Julie grumbled. "Fine." She turned to Scott, and could see his jeans were bulging. "If you think this is so wonderful, why don't you take all your clothes off for her too?"

"Fair's fair," Scott admitted. He looked to Kate for signs of disapproval, and instead saw only an encouraging look on her face. With that he stood up and undid his belt buckle.

"Don't you!" Julie roared at him.

"Don't tell me what to do," he replied firmly, dropping his pants and kicking them off. Then he pulled his shirt over his head. Julie got up and stormed off to her room in disgust, just as Scott pulled his boxers down. To Kate's delight, he was rock hard; and to her amusement, his cock was a bit smaller than Seth's. It seemed strangely fitting to her that a ballet dancer would have a bigger penis than a football player, but of course she knew better than to say anything on the subject.

Scott's face reddened, and he and Kate looked at each other and laughed. Each knew nothing good could come of touching the other and neither one wanted to in any case; but both enjoyed the view and the naughtiness of it all immensely. "It's liberating, isn't it?" Kate finally asked after a few silent moments.

"It truly is," Scott said. "Maybe that's what she's jealous of."

"I didn't mean to cause any trouble," Kate said. "It's just that letting Seth see me naked was such a rush, I mean I can't remember the last time I felt that good."

"It was an awakening, was it?"

"Yes!" Kate agreed. "I've been trying to think of the word for it, and that's it. And I never intended to have Julie think I was turning into some kind of pervert, you know."

"No, I know!" Scott reassured her. "Like you said, your room, your rules. I'd have been flattered someone trusted me that much."

"And I am flattered right now," Kate said, looking down at Scott's hard cock. "Even if you are a breast man."

Scott laughed. "I am, but your breasts are beautiful too, Kate."

"Thank you!" she said, pressing her hands over them momentarily. Looking down the hall, she asked, "Do you think we should get our clothes back on and try to smooth things over with her?"

"I have a better idea," Scott said, sitting back on the couch. "Let's just stay here and do something totally casual and nonsexual, like a board game or something, and let her get over it."

Kate agreed and knelt down on the carpet across the table from Scott, who produced a deck of cards from some hiding place under the couch, and they set about to play. Now that the ice was broken, the shock wore off quickly and Kate felt no different than she'd have felt playing cards fully clothed. They talked casually as they played, and were fully wrapped up in the game when they heard Julie opening the bedroom door. Neither of them looked up from the game when she appeared out of the hallway.

"I guess you're not playing strip poker," Julie quipped.

"Yeah, we'd be about tied if we were, though, huh?" Scott asked. Neither he nor Kate looked up.

"Maybe even a three-way tie," Julie said with a slight chuckle.

Kate and Scott both looked up to see Julie was now just as bare as they were. She was smiling broadly and looking contrite. "You're right, this does feel great once you give it a chance," she said. "I'm sorry I've been such a pain about it all."

Kate stood up. "Oh, Julie." Without another word, she hugged her friend, who seemed to relax further in her arms -- Kate thought she could sense the tension draining from her body. "I never meant to make you uncomfortable."

"I know, I know," Julie said. "I'm sorry, really."

Kate drew back but didn't let go completely. "Now do you see why I like it?"

"Well," Julie said, "It's not for me, but I have some idea now, yeah."

"If you don't like it, don't let us force you into staying like this."

"Then I'd be overdressed," Julie quipped. "Besides, I think he likes it!"

Kate looked down at Scott, who looked absolutely mesmerized at the sight of her and Julie in their nude embrace. His dick looked even harder than before -- maybe that was just Kate's imagination, but maybe it wasn't -- and he looked like he was aching to jack off.

Kate burst into laughter, and Julie soon joined her. Scott joined in last of all, and unapologetically gave himself a light stroke. "Shall we give him a show?" Julie asked.

Kate hesitated. "I'm saving up for tonight," she admitted. "Seth and I still haven't done it and I think tonight's the night. So I haven't even gotten myself off today or yesterday."

"We know," Seth quipped. "We would have heard if you had."

Kate burst into peals of laughter. Still hanging on to Julie, she squeezed her again. "But Jewels, if you're not saving yourself..."

"Then you'd be wound up tighter than a corkscrew," Julie reminded her.

"Like you've been lately?!"

"Uh! But I deserve that, don't I?" Julie asked.

"Maybe you do just need to get really ravaged, dear," Scott said, standing up. He hugged her from behind, so she was now sandwiched between him and Kate. He kissed her on the back of the neck, nibbling her nape a bit, and ran his hands around front and rubbed her breasts firmly like he knew she liked. Julie moaned her approval, and Kate felt a shiver of pleasure as the backs of his hands brushed her own breasts innocently. Julie tossed her head back and exulted in Scott's touch, but whispered at Kate not to pull away when she sensed she might. Kate, accordingly, did not step back. Instead she swayed lightly back and forth so her skin brushed deliciously against Julie's. Scott being busy with her breasts, Kate focused her attention downward. With both hands she teased Julie's pubic area, which was rather more forested than her own. Julie moaned out loud at the sensation, and wiggled her hips.

Kate, encouraged at the reaction, kissed Julie deeply on the mouth. Julie's tongue responded delightfully, and Kate emboldened her rubbing of Julie's ladygarden. After pulling away from the kiss, Kate kneeled down and began nibbling gently at Julie's belly while Scott continued kneading her breasts. Gently and ever so slowly, Kate curled her middle finger into Julie's wet pussy -- her first time ever fingering another woman, and she found she quite liked it.

But not nearly as much as Julie liked it. "OhmigodKate! Yessssss!" Still kissing Julie's middle, Kate ran her left hand playfully through Julie's pubic hair and slipped a second finger inside. Moaning louder now, Julie thrust her hips forward to force Kate to rub harder at the outside, while her fingers seemed to reach everywhere inside. So this was what it must feel like for Seth when he did it to her, Kate mused, and she hoped he enjoyed it as much then as she did now. Julie, of course, seemed to be enjoying it most of all, and that delighted Kate as she rubbed her fingers in and out again and again while Julie's moans grew louder and more intense. Kate gave some thought to giving Julie some oral as well, but that was a line she didn't feel she could cross -- she didn't even like sucking dick either.

Besides, it proved unnecessary. Julie was soon writhing almost uncontrollably, pressing Scott's hands harder into her breasts and wiggling her hips to enhance Kate's fingering. They both knew when she came, for she let out a wonderful shriek and a final shiver before going limp in Scott's arms. Kate withdrew her fingers then but gave her clit a final rub that made her shudder one last time.

"Whoooh. Thank you." Julie sat down on the couch and stretched out her legs. "That felt great."

"Shall I leave you crazy kids alone?" Kate offered.

"Not before we give you some fun," Julie said.

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