"Are you really?" asked the redhead, "or do you just want your clothes and keys back?"

"Don't bother answering her," the brunette chimed in. "I'll be frank with you here, whoever you are. The way you've been gawking at us all week, I wouldn't believe you even if you really are sorry. I've known too many guys like you before who think women aren't people, we're sex objects."

"So if you treat me like a sex object, are we even?" he sputtered, suddenly aware that he'd been twisting around beneath the water in a vain effort to cover up.

The redhead laughed. "You'd like that, though, wouldn't you?"

"To tell you the truth, I think I would too," the brunette said, turning to her friend for the first time. "I mean, why shouldn't we have a little fun? It's not the end of the world if he enjoys his punishment a bit too. Might make a lesson sink in, even."

"Just what are you thinking, then?" asked the redhead.

"Come here," her friend said, and they waded a few yards toward the shore, both keeping an eye on him. While he waited and hoped for a chance at escape, he finally gave up on the silly twisting and stood chest-deep in the water. He couldn't hear a word they whispered, but the bemused twinkle in their eyes made it clear they were agreeing on a plan of some sort. Scared and humiliated though he was, he couldn't have denied being curious about what was to happen next.

He got a clue soon enough. Their conversation over, the two women took a few steps back from one another and, to his further bewilderment, both pulled their bikini panties down and stood barebottom in the shallow water. Both were neatly groomed, though the redhead's bush appeared slightly larger and thicker from where he stood. Perhaps his "punishment" wouldn't be so bad after all.

"We've decided to make you a deal," the brunette announced, smiling confidently through her new vulnerability. She beckoned him closer to where they stood, and he now found himself fully exposed in the hazy late afternoon sunlight. To his relief there was no one else on the beach; but he wondered if it would stay that way before he could make his escape.

"You say you're sorry you treated us like sex objects," continued the redhead, also utterly lacking in modesty with her womanhood on full display. "That's nice. Just to prove it, though, you can be our sex object."

"We have three things you need," the brunette said. "You can buy them back by giving us orgasms. Make each of us cum once, and we'll give you back your key. Twice, and you can have your blanket. Three times for your trunks."

"But you can't use your dick," added the redhead. "I don't want that in me, and it's not about your pleasure anyway. This is strictly for our pleasure."

"You have until we get bored," concluded the brunette. "If we haven't both cum three times by then, we keep what's left and you're on your own for getting back to your room."

"You bitches," he grumbled. "When I get back to my room I'm going to call the police."

"And tell them you didn't want to mess around with two beautiful ladies like us?" teased the brunette. "Yeah, they'll believe that."

"Especially if any of them have noticed how you've been checking us out," added the redhead.

"You..." he began, excruciatingly aware that they were probably right.

The brunette spread her legs a bit and rubbed her vulva enticingly. "Oh, gosh, I hope I don't get bored," she said with a smirk.

Seeing no alternative, he stepped up and reluctantly placed his right hand amidst her fingers, which she then withdrew. Hands on her hips, she looked down at his hand as he flailed inexpertly all through her trimmed pubes. His touch was rough and haphazard, and she felt a mildly pleasant tickle but nothing that promised any buildup. "How is his touch?" asked the redhead, stepping over for a closer look.

"I'll bet he couldn't find my clit with a roadmap," the brunette answered.

"Would you care to guide me, then?" he snapped.

"That wasn't part of the deal," she replied with a nasty smile.

He really wanted the matter settled. With a frustrated sigh, he lightened his touch and rubbed slowly further downward until he felt her lips parting. At long last, she let out a gasp. "That's more like it," she admitted. Feeling the telltale wet hardness, he rubbed a bit harder. Too hard, as it turned out, for she wiggled away. "Oh dear, too intense!" she exclaimed.

"I take it you're not bored, at least," the redhead chimed in. "I'm afraid I'm getting there, though."

"Look at me, Mister ambidextrous," he said with a sarcastic snap in his voice, and he reached over to tickle her bush gently with his left hand. With his right, he once again tried for a gentle touch with the brunette.

This time he seemed to get it right, for his gentle caresses on her clit soon had her breathing heavily in approval. The redhead, for her part, was laughing and wiggling at his touch, but she showed no sign of feeling anything more intense yet. He tried to reach in with her as well, but the angle was a problem, or maybe he just wasn't coordinated enough to rub them both the right way at the same time. Wanting at least one orgasm out of the way, he gave up on anything more than tickling the redhead for the moment, as the brunette's breathing was now growing harder and louder. Sensing she was close, he reached two fingers gently inside and rubbed behind her clit.

It worked. "Oh! Ohmigod! Ohhhhh...!" She pulled his hand back as the sensation once again grew too intense. "Thank you," she sighed.

"One down, five to go," said the redhead. He now turned his attention to her, his anger having mostly given way to titillation by then, and pressed the palm of his left hand up tight against her bush. Having learned his lesson from her friend, he now went straight for the penetration. Was her vagina a bit tighter than her friend's, or was it his left hand that made the difference? He didn't care, but the idea that they felt just a bit different amused him. So did the redhead's louder and faster moans. Maybe he was better with his left hand than his right? She was hanging onto his arm for balance in no time, and he could see through her bikini top that her nipples were rock-hard. He leaned in for a gentle suck on her left breast, ignoring the salty taste of the fabric to lick as best he could, while rubbing faster below. When he drew back to take a breath, she was moaning in approval.

"Four to go," announced the brunette, and he turned around to see she had removed her top.

"Three," the redhead corrected breathlessly. "Good job," she admitted to him.

"I'm jealous!" the brunette was grinning as she said it, but then she warned him, "That's not a good thing, sir."

He leaned down to splash water on his hands, and took the brunette's hint -- and her breasts. Rubbing carefully on both of them, he planted kisses on both nipples in turn and was rewarded with some pleasant cooing. He sensed her wiggling around, and opened his eyes to see her thrusting her hips. Hurriedly he cupped his right hand against her vulva once again, this time knowing just where and how to reach in. Careful not to bite, he sucked harder on each of her nipples in turn while rubbing down below.

He heard her breathing harder and louder, but she hadn't reached the climax just yet when the redhead appeared at her side. "You've got one hand free there, and I'm getting a little bored," she warned him.

Figuring the ordeal was nearly done, he guided her around behind her friend so they were ass-to-ass, and stood up straight. From this angle he could easily finger them both at the right angle, and he had to admit that having one hand in each of them at the same time was a wonderful sensation in spite of everything. He'd been right, they did indeed feel a bit different from one another. As the redhead had already proven herself more prone to climaxing, he let his left hand go on auto-pilot while rubbing harder on the brunette's sweet spot. With any luck, he could get them both to go off the deep end at the same time. He knew he'd gauged it correctly just before it happened: first the brunette and then the redhead clamped down tightly on his fingers and let out delighted shrieks in stereo. With a final flourish, he rubbed his thumb over each of their clits before withdrawing his fingers, eliciting a laugh from the brunette and a gasp from the redhead.

Triumphantly he knelt down into the water and rinsed his hands off. It had been kind of fun after all, though he was desperately in need of a wank...as soon as he got his clothes back and returned to the safety of his cottage. "Okay," he declared, straightening up. "I'll take my stuff now, please."

"Keys and blanket coming up," said the brunette, slipping her panties back on.

"And?" he asked warily.

"And I only came twice, remember?" she replied, turning to the redhead for help with tying up her bikini top.

"What?!" He was indignant. "But just before she joined in behind you..."

"I didn't hear an orgasm out of her that time," chimed in the redhead. "I came three times, but the deal was for both of us."

"For fuck's sake!" he snapped. "Why didn't you tell me? I could've made you cum again!"

"Respectfully, I don't think you could have," said the brunette over her shoulder as she sloshed through the low tide. "Besides," she added, "I was getting bored."

"Yeah, two out of three isn't half bad," teased the redhead, following her friend.

"This wasn't part of the deal!" he whined. "How was I supposed to know you didn't cum that time?"

"A woman's body is a wonderland of mysteries," the brunette said. "You should be grateful you got to explore two of them this afternoon." She pulled his room key out of her bag and threw it into the water, and he was forced to lunge after it lest it be washed out to sea. "It's not your place to demand even more when you've received such a delightful gift already!"

"And now that you've done your bit, you can go," the redhead added. She carried the blanket down to the waterline where he stood naked and irate in the ankle-deep water. Just as he reached out to take the blanket from her, she tossed it over his head and it splashed into the water. For one last twist of the knife, she teased, "We'll call you!"

The brunette took her friend by the hand. "Come on now, let's go back to the room. I'm feeling frustrated with that missed orgasm and I could use some help." And the two of them sauntered triumphantly off up the beach, arms around one another's back and laughing together.

He gathered the blanket out of the water and tried to wring it out. It was too big and unwieldy and heavy with water, and he gave in and wrapped himself in the sopping mess. Miserable but decent, he made his way up to the dry sand, but did not start back for the cottages until he had seen the two friends disappear inside. While he waited he admired their receding rear ends as they swayed back and forth in unison, torn between admiration and fear that they would look back and return for more trouble.

When at last the coast was clear, he started for the cottages. He made it to the road undetected, but while he was crossing it a few young women spilled out of the bar and saw him. An awkward silence prevailed for just a moment, then the tipsy friends burst into laughter at him. He was beyond shame, and just looked straight ahead at the beautiful sight of his cottage door and blessed privacy beyond, drawing laughs and dripping saltwater all the way across the grounds until he got there.

Safe inside at last, he tossed the smelly wet blanket in the bathtub -- he could figure out how to pack it later -- and rushed to the window to close the curtains. Across the way he could see the two friends' curtain was drawn, but he instinctively looked away anyhow. He was alone, locked in safe, and the air conditioning was welcome on his burned skin. As that welcome realization washed over him, the memory of fingering both friends at once came flooding back to him. His cock snapped to attention, and an unlikely smile spread across his reddened face.

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