There's a chill in the air tonight. I've been enjoying it as I watch you tease your pussy with your fingers. I've decided tonight is the night and it's hard to keep the grin from my face. Tonight is the night for payback, a taste of sweet revenge and I find myself more than ready for it.

After I'm confident you're well engrossed in teasing me while you're sure I'm leaning back in my computer chair stroking myself, I lay the open laptop on my driver seat and toss a hoodie over it to hide it from prying eyes. I step out from the passenger side where I'd been lounging while chatting with you, and start making my way to your apartment around the corner.

Visions of your hands trailing over your nude body float before my eyes as my fingers turn your key round and round in my pocket. It wasn't long ago you gave it to me, but it was really just to let myself in so I could crash at your place if I needed to. And well, we are moving right along toward the benefits section of our friendship, even if we haven't actually gone all the way, in person anyway.

Even before you invited me over that first night a couple of weeks ago, I was well versed in the layout of your apartment. Webcams sure are beautiful things, and you seem to be rather fond of taking it with you as you move about your place. You seem to think it amusing to find something in each room to fuck yourself with as I watch you. Mmmm, but you are deliciously naughty and I do love to see you pushing that fat jelly dong into your pussy, but most of all I enjoy the way you rub yourself with your fingers and hands. It makes me think that I can almost feel you feellng yourself. Soon I will be. And you have yourself to thank for telling me of your rape fantasies. They always make you cum the hardest for me on the phone.

The key works the lock silently and I slip into your dark apartment. Last I saw you were laying back on your bed and had no real reason to move very far. Soft moaning from that direction confirms my assumptions. I leave my clothes in a pile by the door and pad through to the doorway of your bedroom, taking a peek inside. The image of myself stroking my cock is clear on your laptop perched at the foot of your bed, your camera sitting lightly on the keys, catching every detail of what you're doing between your thighs. I'd recorded a video of myself earlier today, I figured I only needed 10 minutes of footage maximum and it's nice to see I wasn't wrong.

I move in slowly, watching you watching my hand stroking myself as you groan and finger your clit. "Ohhhh fuck," I hear you whisper softly, closing your eyes and bucking up against your fingers. My cock is already hard from hearing you and thinking about what I'm going to do to you. I lift a tshirt from the back of a chair and prepare to make my move.

You're close to that edge but backing off again, probably to tease me some more. You love to see how hard your body makes me, love to see those drops of precum forming at the tip of my cock. You've just opened your eyes to get another glimpse of exactly that when something suddenly covers your face and your body is rolled face down. You convulse in surprise, sucking in a breath to scream but my hand is clamping that shirt over your mouth while I kneel behind you.

Your brain swims in confusion and terror and you realize there's a bare hard cock nuzzled neatly between the cheeks of your ass. This realization brings more struggling, a string of unintelligble mumbles from my makeshift gag, and then you're biting my hand through the fabric. But that's about all you can do, as I have you pinned beneath my larger frame. It's easy enough to ignore the small amount of pain while my other hand reaches below to cup your near dripping wet pussy. If my nerves faltered at all, feeling the heat and wetness of your cunt renews my resolve. Without warning you are stretched tight around my thick cock as I hilt it inside you in one fluid motion. I can't believe how wet you are.


Your groan fills the room and tremble to find that I satisfy the emptyness you'd begun feeling acutely as you continued to deny yourself orgasm over the past twenty minutes. My mouth is next to your ear now, whispering wicked things as I begin moving inside you.

"You like that, huh slut? How does that feel, cock tease? I've watched you fuck yourself on camera, quite the exhibitionist are you? Showing that cunt off to all those hard cocks out there..."

I'm fucking you full on now, delighting in your gasps and squeeling. Pleasure and shame twist as your body tightens, your breath held. My strong insistent fingers tug at your nipple and that's when you lose control and buck wildly against me, nearly crying in tears at being violated like this, wailing in frustration and in response to the intense release. "Mmmmm, thatta a girl, baby. I hear you like thinking about being forced to fuck. Is this what you think about? A stranger taking your cunt from behind?"

God, you feel so good, constantly clenching and releasing as you struggle and then are overwhelmed and cum hard on me. I want to last longer but the entire experience and actually being inside you after all those web cam teases, phone sessions and emails proves too much. A warmth spreads and you realize you can actually feel me spurting inside you and all you can think is "oh my fucking god he just came inside me."

After a moment of savoring the moment, your assailant releases you and lounges on the bed next to you. Scrambling back and away, you pull the shirt from your head and stare in shock at my content smile. "You?! YOU GOD DAMNED BASTARD!" and then you're flying at me, slapping my face hard, panting in... well, what? Anger, check. Humiliation and disgust, check, check. But somewhere in the back of your mind you've got that glow from an intense orgasm. And there's also something else, a need that just hasn't been filled yet, a wanting for more.

"Payback's a bitch, that'll teach you to be such a tease," I grin, laying on my side and watching your face. "I told you I'd get you some day."

Your eyes go distant for a moment and I'm starting to wonder what you're thinking about when a wicked smile forms on your lips. "Oh we'll just see about that."


"Shut up, I"ve decided I'm not done with you yet." And then you're pushing me onto my back and taking my semi hard cock into your mouth, tasting both of us and doing things with your tongue that I've only dreamed about.

You, not done with *me*? Maybe I haven't won after all...

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by Slave4daddy06/09/17

Five stars

Well written. I was touching my clit as I was reading and at the end when I submitted a rating I inadvertently clicked on four stars.

Stalk me anytime....

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