tagSci-Fi & FantasyTurnabout Institute Ch. 02

Turnabout Institute Ch. 02


Though I will admit that Payton was still on my mind after our magical night, I was really excited to see my wife, and my old body again. I wondered how she had spent her days apart from me. Did I really want to know all the details? Feeling twelve feet tall despite my petite stature, I quickly set about the task of dressing for our reunion.

Linda had packed some really sexy, barely-there underthings, man did those feel good! If I was a woman all the time I'd do nothing but lounge around in frilly stuff like this this, hell I'd be tempted to walk to the corner newsstand for a paper wearing just such translucent scanties and NOTHING else! After a few fumbling tries, I got the hang of opening garters and attaching stockings. Over this I slid her sexiest little black dress. I knew that whenever I saw Linda in it, I could pole vault over the Great Wall of China using just my cock. I did my nails as best I could. (The intricacies of properly applying lacquer, still eluded me.) I did a better job on the makeup, lightly sprayed myself with just the right amount of my wife's favorite perfume. I got into Linda's intimidating heels and practiced circling the bedroom in our suite. I caught sight of myself in the full-length mirror and my male brain was instantly turned on. I wondered how all beautiful women in the world didn't become conceited bitches, DAMN, I looked good!

I gave a passing thought to playing with myself to celebrate how good I felt, but, looking at the clock, I realized there was no time. Linda, now in my body, would be returning at any moment. I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door a crack, Polly, the Turnabout Institute aide stood in the hallway.

"Are you decent, Linda? A rather handsome man named James would like to meet you!"

"Send him in!" I squealed.

A moment later, there I was. How can I give a sense of what it is like to see yourself from outside your own body? It was not like looking in a mirror or a home movie, but it inspired a slightly similar sensation. There was my body. Inside was Linda, my beautiful little wife. For a long moment we stood there, appraising and assessing each other, too amazed to even speak.

Finally, my wife broke the ice, "Baby!" she cried and flung her arms wide. I leaped right into them and planted a long delicious kiss upon the face I had gazed at in the mirror all my life. Linda ardently returned my kisses. Things must have gotten pretty steamy pretty fast because Polly flushed red with embarrassment and announced, "I'll let the two of you get reacquainted." before she slipped out of our suite, closing the door behind her.

For the longest time we just kissed and held each other. The smells, the textures, the emotions, all simultaneously familiar yet equally unfamiliar. Those were my lips, only they weren't mine right now. These were her boobs, but I owned them for the next two weeks. Mixed with Linda's sweet kisses were strains of the "Twilight Zone" theme music. At last James (I would try to avoid calling this person Linda), set me down and stated without a hint of irony,

"My, aren't you the cutest little thing."

"Well you're a big galoot!" I shot back.

For the first time I noted that James sported a black eye. Gingerly I reached up to touch it,

"What happened here?" I asked innocently.

"Testosterone." came the reply in a familiar yet unfamiliar voice. Me, as others heard me I realized.


"Testosterone, "Linda!" God, what a rush! Women's brains just can't get enough of it! It's not a pretty scene. I got into a fistfight with another guy my first day. He was like me, woman, first time in a male body. We started arguing over something stupid, then we ended up throwing punches. Neither of us had and fighting skill to do any damage, we still fought like girls, but he landed a lucky shot. After we got done arguing, we gave each other blow jobs and became good friends"

"What?" I replied, flabbergasted.

"Oh, come on, honey!" replied James, "You KNOW that nothing settles an argument better than some terrific make up sex. I think ALL men should end fights that way! Imagine if the Thrilla' in Manila between Frazier and Ali had been a blow job match!"

"Lowest pay per view ratings in history!" I deadpanned.

"Oh, and I'm SURE you've been little, and I emphasize "little" Miss Perfect while we were apart! I won't ask what you have been up to in my body, I trust you, Linda."

We sat and stared at each other, three days in and neither of us had had the presence of mind to don our wedding rings. We eyed each other some more, exchanged shy smiles and then James picked up over his head. It felt just like flying.

"My, God! You are so light, or maybe I'm so strong. I've ached to pick you up like you've picked me up for years! God, does it feel good!"

"It's wonderful, darling!" I replied, "I can see why you ask me to do this so often. But don't drop me!"

"If I drop you anywhere, runt, it will be in the middle of the bed, so I can tear that dress off you and fuck you silly!"

"My husband," I joked, "he's only been a man for three whole days and already he is a candidate for sensitivity training."

"Shut your yap, doll or I'll fill your mouth up so that you can't talk!" returned James with false menace in his voice

"See what I mean!" I replied in mock horror. Then we giggled until tears came to our eyes. James set me down on the bed to gather his spent breath.

From long experience in our marriage, I knew that my partner was turned on but still was not quite ready for sex. Neither was I to be honest. How prepared could any man be for a boning by his own unit?

"I want to show off my handsome husband," I stated softly, "Let's have dinner and a little wine and be in the perfect mood for the big reveals."

"I always did like the way you think." came the reply.

He stood up and said, "In some ways you haven't changed a bit. Don't I get a comment on my outfit?"

I assayed the handsome man in the blue pinstriped suit and for the first time, had more than an inkling of what Linda saw in me.

"Gee, James, you are really, really handsome. I'll have to fight the other girls off with a stick."

"Don't pour it on too thick, buster." she stated before replying with "You wear my dress very well but those nails!"

We laughed again and then I presented "James" with the flowers Payton had bought for me. Saying that I got them for our reunion was not THAT big a lie. Linda, in my body, was quite appreciative of the gesture, we kissed once more, straightened out our clothes, and made our way to the dining room.

To our surprise, the dining room was practically overflowing. You could cut the tension with a knife. It seemed like everyone present was at the same place as me and James; simultaneously curious yet hesitant. Unlike the events of the past few days, the next step would unalterably change our marriages. I had little doubt it would be for the better, but it was still a momentous event.

I had new appreciation on how skilled the folks running the Turnabout Institute were. Had we not had some time to adjust to our new bodies, things would undoubtedly feel much stranger. I gazed around the huge dining room, did my face wear their same pensive cast? The "men" seemed more relaxed but they still wore curious expressions. Soon their new manhood would be in their old pussies. Instead of receiving anal, they would be giving it. Wives would know what it was like to fuck their husbands and husbands would know what it was like to be on the receiving end, turnabout in every sense.

Because space was at a premium in the dining room, the Maitre d' asked if we would be willing to double up. Both James and I thought that company might be nice. In short order, we were seated across from an attractive couple about our own age. He was shorter than me, but seemed to have more muscles, He was dark and a bit swarthy, possibly Greek or Iranian or possibly from one of the "Stans". She was a spectacular looking blonde with huge tits practically spilling out of her low-cut dress and an enchanting face behind her cat-like green eyes. After a polite eyeballing, we exchanged pleasantries, examined the menu and waited for service.

They were Ishmael and Iris and they had been married a few years longer than we had been. In fact, their anniversary would fall in the middle of their stay. James thought that was the most romantic thing he had ever heard. Conversation was not forced, but there was not much of it. It was clear that everyone's mind was elsewhere. We did agree to meet each other for brunch by the pool in two days' time. I imagined that Iris filled a bikini quite nicely and would be well worth meeting again with her so attired. Sealing the deal was the gentle touch of Iris's palm on my knee with a wan smile as we set the hour.

The food at the institute is excellent. So good in fact that desserts all come with complementary fliers extolling the benefits of exercise as well as a description of the amenities in the fitness center! Not all meals were covered by the enormous fees to stay at the Turnabout Institute, I examined the lower cost options on the menu. I was too tense to be hungry for anything other than a light meal in any case. Ishmael, however, stated that he would spring for dinner. I could tell by the cut of his thousand-dollar suit that he could afford it, so I quickly agreed, Ignoring, James's not so subtle kicking of my ankle.

The onion soup was divine, and I followed this with a Ruben panini and several glasses of sparkling wine. Iris told her about her career as a television journalist in Los Angeles while Ishmael, corrected her "mistakes." The two supported and communicated with each other in a way that was almost inspirational. It was very clear that they were both very much in. I heard James softly sigh and knew that my transmogrified wife felt the same way about the striking couple. They seemed to like us as well, we agreed to a brunch and exercise date in the spa in two days' time. I imagined that Iris filled a bikini quite nicely. Looking to their example, I realized that I should just do what felt natural and romantic. In our marriage, Linda usually called the shots sexually. I got off on pleasing her. She was not stingy about meeting my own needs, but I generally had to take care of her first. My nerves left me as I realized that a switch of bodies did not mean a switch in attitudes. I would relax and give James everything he wanted.

I felt James's hand squeeze my nylon clad thigh. I caught his incandescent smile and instantly knew that his nervousness was gone as well. The bill came. Ishmael paid but James and I left a nice tip. The couple across the table politely excused themselves and made their way out of the dining room, I enjoyed observing Iris's wiggle as she sashayed off.

"Eyes on me, you pervert." whispered James with a touch of mirth in his voice.

"Sorry, honey," I replied, "Old habits die hard."

"Speaking of "hard" replied my wife in my body, "I have a package to deliver."

"You're the boss, boss."

"Damn right." he replied as he helped me to my feet.

It felt so natural under the arm of this giant person's body that was once mine and would be again. We fell into the old familiar pattern of strolling together that had been our style since our second date. To an outsider or to friends of our who did not know any better we must have appeared indistinguishable from any other couple in love. Again, the insight hit me, there really was no difference! We began trading kisses immediately. The butterflies were gone now. All that stirred in my mind and body now was a naked desire. I was more than ready.

Both of us were breathing hot and heavy when we reached the door to our suite.

"You, sexy little vixen!" said that still not yet quite familiar male voice.

"You, giant stud!" I returned.

The door closed behind us and James swept me off my feet. I was instantly reminded of our honeymoon night when I had picked Linda up and carried her to the bed in the very same way I was being carried now. I just wanted to savor the moment and relax as James's hot lips nibbled my earlobes and nuzzled my neck. I kicked off my imposing heels and helped him slide off his suit jacket. All were cast to the floor. James Frenched me again. It felt divine. His hands darted under my skirt and unhooked the nylons without a bit of hesitation.

Between embraces, I struggled to open his shirt. It should not have been a problem, I'd been dressing myself since I was four, but I was quite flustered. James seemed to have far less problem adjusting to his role, maybe it was all that fresh testosterone. At last I parted the buttons of his Oxford shirt and ran my fingers gently over his nice pectorals and down to his trim flat tummy. I gained a new appreciation of my old body.

James winked, and his head disappeared under my skirt. He began rolling down my nylons with his teeth! I liked to do this whenever Linda wore stockings, but James did it much better. In that wonderful way of Linda's, she was demonstrating to me, subtly sweetly, how she desired this procedure be done. In ways I had only vaguely contemplated before, I realized that our two-week stay at the Turnabout Institute would permanently alter and greatly strengthen our marriage. It had already paid more dividends than I could count.

I was in utter bliss as James gently tugged away my last stocking. The sensation as he playfully nibbled my calves and thighs thrilled me. He rose to his knees and opened his belt and the catch to his pants. I turned my back to him, so he could tug down the zipper on my dress. He did just that, trailing the dividing fabric with his white-hot tongue. Like the experience pro he was, James also opened my bra. After some more delightful oral teasing by my partner, I rolled over on my back and James worked my dress and brassiere over my head and off. I was clad now in just my translucent panties. I wondered if they looked as damp as they felt.

James stood for a moment to tug off his pants and boxers. There he was in all his naked glory and fully aroused. How many times had Linda owned this same view? The implications of what was about to occur were no longer frightening, but I still had to swallow hard and catch my breath. James beamed at me as he straddled my body. He motorboated me, giggled, and then placed his cock, the one I used to own, between my boobs and began to titty fuck me. Wow! I imagined that if I were a woman of means I would hire guys to do this to me all the time. But then I realized that men being dogs, no woman would have to pay for this pleasure. I contemplated the firm manhood between my boobs, reveled in the sensation of that firm warmth sliding back and forth and gazed at James's face. My wife, in my body, seemed to be enjoying this even more than I was. He teased my nipples with his hands and called me "Baby!" over and over.

His expression turned serious for a moment and he shifted his position and placed me as he liked. My lips were now just inches from his cock. I suppose I was as ready for this as any man when presented with the opportunity to suck his own cock. I set to work. I really applied myself. I tried to give James the blowjob I'd always wanted for myself. It was not as easy as it looked, I'm not bragging or anything, but this cock was longer and thicker than Payton's A bit wary but committed to doing a good job. I opened my mouth wider and took all of him in. I began licking the pulsing rod. I liked from tip to the balls, recoiled a bit at the familiar scent of this crotch but soon stifled my revulsion. His cooing was music to my ears. I could tell he was excited. He emitted a soft gasp and then I was hit with a load of hot sticky cum. James gazed at me expectantly and I did my best to lap up every drop of man juice. I will NEVER enjoy that taste but my promises to my spouse mean more than my taste buds.

James applauded, swept me up in his arms and said, "That's it, Baby I KNEW you could do it. You are the greatest, Baby."

After a pause, James stroked his flaccid manhood.

"Damn, I'm still horny. How long does it take for these things to recharge?"

"You should know," I replied, "You've been married to me for five years."

"Yeah," came the reply," you usually eat me out until you are ready to go again."

"If I can suck your cock you can eat my pussy!" I stated firmly.

"I'm not a lesbian, Linda."

"Fair's fair!" I whined.

"OK. you, big baby, well little baby now. I can be a good sport."

Linda tugged down my now soaking wet panties and gazed at the pussy that, until three days ago, had been hers.

"What do you men see in these things anyway?"

"It's not so much the looks, darling but the taste."

I saw James make a face before he began kissing and teasing my snatch. It was not bad, I guess, but Payton had really seemed to put his heart into it. James was half-assing it. After a few moments his head re-emerged from between my legs and James fished a pubic hair out of his mouth.

"Yech!" Stated James in revulsion, "If I'm going to go down on you, some changes have to be made."

James stepped away from the bed a moment and returned with my shaving kit!

Stunned I managed to utter, "All the years we were married, I begged an pleaded for you to shave and you always turned me down!"

"You don't seem to understand, Darling, that I'm not shaving for YOU. You are shaving for ME!" replied my wife, now my husband, with a positively malevolent leer.

"Honey," I sputtered. "are you sure you want to do this?"

"In our marriage "Linda" which one of us ALWAYS gave the other one what they wanted?"

"Me, but ..."

"Just because we've switched bodies, that has not changed. You have always given me what I wanted and you have loved every moment of serving me. I already know that you are going to hum with contentment when I ram my new pecker up your pooper. You love it when I take charge and you're going to love being my bitch for the rest of our time here so much, you'll probably be sorry to get this body back. Now lie still!"

Everything just uttered was the absolute truth. Part of me, I 'm not sure of the percentage, wanted this trip to the Turnabout Institute so that I could fully embrace my submissive nature to my wife in a new and wonderful way. I enjoyed when she bossed me around and told me what to do. On my own, I apt to make the kind of errors as I did my first two nights at the Institute Above all, I wanted to make her happy, even if that meant sucking on my own cock and getting plowed my own manhood. I really wanted to be weak and powerless for a change as opposed to a stumbling powerful giant all the time. I trusted my wife and she had never asked more of me than I wanted to give. Even though I now had a pussy, it was not owned by me. In our old bodies, Linda made it clear that she owned my penis. Once, she took me on a business trip where there would be no time for romance. The whole weekend, I wore a chastity cage, turned on every single moment. When we got home, Linda liberated my manhood and jerked me off, then rewarded me by caging me for another three days! It was wonderful! After that though, she was really, really, horny and we fucked like rabbits for the better part of a week. I'd wanted to try the caged experiment again. but Linda had said no that she missed my penis too much when it was locked away and that she felt a bit silly relying upon a vibrator, when I was fully capable of performing.

I inhaled a deep breath and exhaled it softly as James loomed overhead with a cuticle scissors. Getting as close to my sensitive skin as he dared, James began clear cutting my already neatly trimmed forest. I could not help but imagine that we were in our own bodies and Linda had finally agreed to let me have my deepest fantasy. In a way she was, but not quite what I had in mind. I concentrated on the procedure, witnessing my bush being thinned out to a barely-there stubble. James collected each handful of feminine fluff and deposited it in an empty drinking glass. I also noticed that James's flaccid manhood became a tent pole as I was bared to his eyes. With a wink and a nod, James began coating my privates with shaving foam. I neither felt nor showed any fear as James hefted the razor. I knew that the brain behind those brown eyes had trimmed and shaped this bush, sometimes quite drastically, for bikini season, but never had a full Brazilian been in the equation.

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