tagInterracial LoveTurned Out?

Turned Out?


I had always heard that every white man want to try a black woman at least once. Though I never really bought into that the theory, I myself had my own curiosities about white men.

My name is Jaquline, but my friends call me Jackie. I like to think of myself as a pretty open minded, modern woman. I've never had any problems with interracial relationships, but I had never had the guts to try it out for myself. In my line of work, waitressing, I've come across a ton of people. I've been asked out by all sorts of people...white guys, black guys...and to my amusement and flatter, even a couple of women, but I've always dated black guys, because that's what I was raised to do.

"Find yourself a strong black man" my mother would always advise me, and I always strived to do just that, but that doesn't mean that it was always rewarding. The guy who seemed like Prince Charming, sometimes turned out to be just the opposite. I've had them all...the scholar, the blue collar worker, and even the gangster type thug. I felt like I had dabbled in every type of "brother" that ever existed.

After my last breakup, I had taken a vow just to be on my own for a little while. No more nursing and pampering a man for a little while. I needed time to concentrate on myself...ya know... go out with my friends a little bit more... pamper myself... focus on me. Well, a "little while" stretched into two long years.

The first year was kinda hellish. It was hard to get used to not having sex. I hadn't realized how much I enjoyed it until I wasn't getting it any more. I think that during that first year, I rented more pornos than the law should allow and I always seemed to find myself masturbating on the couch by the time I was fifteen minutes into the video.

My second year was a little easier. I had gotten to the point where I was only playing with myself once or twice a week and then it even died down to every once in a while. I felt like I was becoming more liberated and I didn't need sex anymore... Mark proved me wrong...

Mark had began working at grill where I waitressed about a year before I did. He waited tables sometimes, but he was also a part-time bartender. When I had first gotten hired, he even trained me for a couple of days on the floor. He was a pretty nice guy, but after my training, we didn't really talk much outside of work. We spoke when we saw each other and helped each other out when necessary. However as time went on, we became more acquainted and the two of us and a few other coworkers would hang out a local pool hall after work every now and then.

I had always though that Mark was cute in a slacker sort of way. He was about 5' 11", very slim, and had brown eyes and reddish- brown hair that he kept pulled into a pony-tail that fell just past his shoulders. He talked in a relaxed tone that made it seem like he was never in a rush to do anything. He joked with everyone and was a major shit-talker once you got to know him. He was a really cool guy though. In spite of finding him cute, I never thought about him in a sexual manner. What good would it have done anyway? He had a girlfriend who he had been with since I had first met him... and she was gorgeous!!! Tall, slim, with blonde hair that cascaded nearly to her waist which was impossibly small. Her breasts seem to beckon mens attention and she had killer legs. What drove me nuts, is the fact that she didn't even seem to know it!!! She was a really nice girl, so I couldn't help but like her (pretty bitch!)!

Though, I don't think that I am in her league, I'm not that bad off myself. I'm a little on the short side...only 5 feet two inches, BUT, I think my package is still okay. Not the best, but not that bad. My pride and joy is my hair that reaches the middle of my back (no hair weaving). My breast are a decent size, I think... 36 C (not as perky as I would like, but they don't point at my feet either)... My stomach is a little round though...Not fat and saggy... just a little bit of pooch there. I think I have nice legs and a nice ass too ( nicely curved, but not a big big bubble).

However, I still don't think that I could compare with a woman as beautiful as Mark's girlfriend. I guess that's why I had never entertained any thoughts about being with Mark. What red blooded white guy would ever consider a simple girl like me when his own woman was beautiful enough to be a model?!

But I never considered myself attracted to Mark, right???... Yeah right... Let's get real here!!!

After getting to know Mark better over the span of a few years, I liked him a little bit more and a little bit more. For a while, I had a crush on him, but he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend at the time. After a while, I got over it...or so I thought. The day after breaking up with Tony, my last boyfriend, Mark was actually there for me to listen to my moan and groan about the relationship. He told me that everything would be okay and we just talked for a while. He soon had to leave though because he had promised to take Jessica out to dinner. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek before he left and that was the end of that...

Two years later, it seems the tables had turned. He and Jessica had gotten into a huge fight over some bullshit or another and I was there for him to vent. We had become such good friends and visited one another often. He had once told me that Jessica was a little jealous of me sometimes, but I laughed it off and said that she had nothing to worry about. But looking back, I guess she did after all...

The night of their big argument, I got a call from Mark:

"Hello?" "Hey, Jackie," he said to me. "Are you real busy tonight?"

"Nope," I answered. "What's up?"

"Jessica and I just broke up," he informed me. "I need to vent. Do you mind having some company tonight?"

"Only if you bring along a pepperoni and cheese pizza from Vino's," I bargained, knowing that I would welcome him regardless of whether he had pizza or not.

"It's a deal," he said before we said our goodbyes and hung up.

I was shocked. He and Jessica always seemed so happy. I mean, they seemed like the perfect couple. It must have been something major for them to break up. For some strange reason, I went to my bedroom and checked my appearance in my mirror. My hair was a little mussed, so I brushed my lengthy tresses and pulled them up into a clip. I then added just a touch of lip gloss and rubbed my full lips together. I had actually thought about changing clothes, but I scolded myself for being an idiot. My FRIEND and his girlfriend had just broken up. My job was to console him, not get cutesy for him.

I made my way back into the living room and channel surfed until he knocked on my door. The first thing that I noticed when I opened the door was his hair!... Or lack of...

That long hair that some of women at work raved about was gone! I had only seen it down twice and I thought it was gorgeous also. Now, all that remained was soft waves on the top of his head. "What did you do?!" I exclaimed, dragging him into my apartment.

"Isn't it obvious?" he said sarcastically.

"Don't be an asshole," I warned him as I closed the front door. "What in the world made you cut it all off?" I demanded.

"I had an interview at the company that I was telling you about," he informed me. "I had to go with the professional look."

"Cutting off all of that beautiful hair was kinda drastic though," I argued as we both sat down on the couch. "What if you don't get the job?"

"Then it'll grow back," he said simply with a shrug of his shoulders. "It's just hair, Jackie."

"I know," I said, "but I never got to play in it."

"I didn't know that you wanted to play in it," he said, looking at me with one raised eyebrow.

"What chick at work didn't want to play in your hair," I debated.

"Really?" he said as if he didn't know that his hair was a hot topic at work. "Sorry," he said with a short laugh.

"Whatever," I said as I opened up the pizza box. "Like you said, it'll grow back." Then I changed the subject. "So, what happened with you and Jessica?"

"You gotta beer?" he asked suddenly.

"You know where they are," I told him. As he stood up I told him to bring me wine cooler while he was digging through my fridge. When he came back with the drinks, he passed me my cooler and opened his bottle of Bud Light. He took a breath and dived into his story about how things had started getting rocky for him and his girlfriend. I only half listened as I noticed how handsome he was with the new haircut. It gave him a more mature look and I actually liked it in spite of my earlier fantasies about running my fingers through his hair.

But who was I kidding? There was no way the he and I would ever hook up. First of all, I wouldn't even know how to approach him and secondly, I didn't think that he had ever even had a notion to date a black chick like me. I shook my head a little to clear my mind so that I could pay him a little more attention as he vented about how Jessica was not as perfect as everyone thought.

"...and the sex wasn't the best either," I heard him say.

"Damn," I said. "Sorry to hear that sweetie. I don't know if I could stay in a relationship if the sex was bad."

"Well, it wasn't horrible," he amended. "Sometimes it was just... I dunno.."

"Not the best," I filled in as I picked a piece of pepperoni off of a now cold slice of pizza.

"Yeah," he confirmed. "How would you handle bad sex?" he asked suddenly.

"I don't know," I answered. "I haven't had sex in over two years," I confessed.

"What?!" he said with a bit of amazement. "Why is that?"

"I've sworn off of men," I told him.

"Oh," he said. "So are you a lesbian now?"

"No," I said with a laugh. "I just don't have sex."

"At all?" he asked.

"Well," I began, "unless you can count me using my hands and occasionally a vibrator."

"Too much information," he said with a frown on his face.

"Well, you asked," I said, laughing at his expression.

"I don't know if I could go without sex," he admitted. "Even sucky sex is better than none at all."

I couldn't help but laugh at that. "I'd rather go without it," I argued.

"Don't you ever get horny?" he asked me.

"Sure," I answered. "But I take care of it myself."

"That sucks," he said shaking his head.

"Not really, because I don't get horny as often as I did in the very beginning," I told him. "It's hard to get aroused when there is no one there to get you aroused. My resistance is much stronger than it was before. Very little gets to me now."

"How do you know?" he asked. "If you sworn off of men, how do you know that they can't get to you?"

"I just know," I told him with a shrug. Needing to get away from the subject, I stood up to take the rest of the pizza into the kitchen. As I slid the pizza into the refrigerator, I yelled, "Want another beer?!"


I came up to find him standing right behind me. I jumped as I felt his leg brush lightly against my ass. "You almost scared the hell outta me!" I fussed as handed him another beer. I grabbed another wine cooler for myself as I tried to ignore the shock that had coursed through me at the seemingly harmless contact.

"Thanks," he said as he opened the bottle and took a long swig. He then turned and went back into the living room.

I opened my cooler and quickly drained it before I could even close my fridge. I sat the empty bottle on the counter and grabbed another one before going back into the living room. I plopped down on the couch and opened my fresh drink. "So," I began, "what are you going to do about Jessica?"

"Nothing," he answered. "We both need to cool off a bit. I'm not going to chase her. Maybe we just need a little space."

"So you can just walk away from years of being together like that?" I questioned.

"It's not as easy as I'm trying to make it sound," he admitted. "But, if she wants to make up, she's going to have to come to me."

"I see," I said before taking a sip of my cooler. "Do whatever you feel is right," I said. I then picked up the remote control and began to channel surf.

"Nervous?" he asked all of a sudden.

"About what?" I asked, not looking at him.

"I dunno," he said. "Being alone with me."

"We've been alone before, Mark," I argued shaking my head.

"But it's different now," he stated. "We're both single now..."

"So what?" I challenged with more bravado than I actually felt. "Big deal."

"So you don't want me?" he said raising an eyebrow at me.

"What in the world would make you think that?" I said incredulously. "First of all, I only date black guys and second of all, I'm not going to let you use me as a rebound on the day that you and your girlfriend break up."

"Rebound?" he challenged.

"Well, what would you call it?" I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Look," he began, "I'm going to be honest with you. I find you very attractive. I always have."

"Oh really?" I said stubbornly. " I never knew that you had jungle fever."

"I never had before," he admitted. "But it's different with you."

"How?" I demanded.

"I dunno," he answered. "It just is."

"And like I said before, I only date black guys."

"Why?" he challenged. "Are you afraid that a white guy might turn you out?"

"Boy puh-lease!" I said with a snort. "That'll never happen. A BLACK man has never turned me out. What makes you think a white guy could?"

"Not any white guy," he argued. "Me."

I laughed out loud. "You?!"

"Yes. Me."

"Why in the world would you think that you could turn me out," I asked. "You already admitted that the sex is bad with Jessica!"

"But that's with Jessica," he said. "Quit beating around the bush, Jackie. I already know that you wanted to have sex with me. Your friend Terry told me so."

"What?!" My best friend had betrayed me! I would deal with her later. "When did THAT happen?"

"About a year ago," he answered. "Do you deny it?"

"Okay, okay," I began. "I admit it. I HAD a little bitty crush on you back then. But that was then. I got over it though."

Yeah right...

"Is that a fact?" he said. He stood up away from the couch before spreading my legs and kneeling in front of me.

"What do you think that you're doing?" I asked as he took my bottle away from me and sat in on the coffee table. I tried to seem completely unaffected, but it was damn hard.

"You say that you don't want to have sex with me right?"

"Right," I lied.

"And nothing really affects you anymore, right?"


"So," he began to gently run his lips along the side of my neck, "this doesn't bother you, right?"

"Not at all," I lied after clearing my throat.

"You are a horrible liar," he said before his tongue snuck out and lightly glided along the side of my throat. "You like it," he said in a cocky tone.

By reflex, my hands went to his shoulders, but instead of pushing him away, I just held on to him. I was amazed at how wet I had become at this light contact. I squirmed and my head fell back against the cushion of my sofa, giving him more access to my neck.

He laughed a little before saying, "I thought this wasn't affecting you."

"It isn't," I lied, actually loving the feel of his lips against my skin.

"Tell the truth," he said. I felt him move one hand down to my warm cooch. I moaned weakly as he began to slowly rub me through my shorts. "You've wanted this cock for a long time."

"Nope," I argued meekly as my hips began to roll in response to his hand. "I just thought you were cute."

"Bullshit," he said as he brought his lips closer to mine. "Then why are you soaked through to your shorts?"

"It's your imagination," I disputed, my breath catching in my throat as his lips brushed across my own. I was powerless as his tongue slipped into my mouth. I was immediately intoxicated by the taste of beer and pizza on his tongue. As if by their own will, my fingers found their way into the short curls in the top of his head. Finding myself lost in this kiss, I have no idea of how he managed to get my shorts and panties off, but I instantly felt his fingers playing with my freshly trimmed kitten.

Two of his finger twiddled with the moisture that he had created at the entrance to my hot femininity. I moaned into his mouth as I felt him rub the wetness across my swelling clit. Unable to fight him, I pulled him closer to me as he rubbed at my clit with more urgency. I whimpered in discontentment as he pulled away from me and stood up.

"I thought you didn't like it," he challenged as he stood before me.

"I lied."

"I know."

Well, the truth was out there now and I was hornier than I had been in my two years of being single. Throwing caution to the wind, I pulled my shirt over my head and unsnapped my bra from the front. I sat before him, wearing nothing but a pair of white socks. He only smiled at me for a moment before removing the oxford shirt that he had worn to his interview. He then pulled off the t-shirt that he wore underneath.

Though he was slim, he was also toned. I wasn't sure of what to expect, but I was pleased with what I saw so far. I was nervous though. I had heard rumors that white guys were not that well endowed and I was going to be sorely upset if he had a little dick.

I reached for the belt buckle of his pants, anxious to see for myself what he had to offer. I quickly removed the belt and went for the zipper of his pants.

"Wait," he said, putting his hand over mines to stop my progress. My heart dropped a little bit. He had to be hesitant for a reason. I quickly assumed the worst.

He got me all hot and bothered only to have a little dick. Damn.

He pushed my hands away from his zipper and began to lower the zipper himself. With that done, he reached for the band of his boxers and pulled them down with his pants. When he stood up straight, about nine inches of hard, stiff, meat pointed in my direction.

"Oh my," I muttered to myself.

"Not what you were expecting?" he said as he stood proudly in front of me.

"No," I answered honestly. "But I'm not upset at all." Unable to resist, I reached out and ran my hand along the length of his thick rod. "I'm not mad at all."

"Kiss it," he demanded out of the blue.

Shocked at the order, yet turned on just the same, I thought to myself ' I'm about to wrap my lips around a white guys dick!' And to top it off, it was Mark's!

Though in this day and age, interracial sex is hardly taboo, this was still my first time! Gingerly, I took the head of his dick into my mouth and met it with my tongue. I stroked the head only for a minute or two before taking more of his length into my mouth. I eased a little more into my mouth as time passed until I had just over half into my mouth. He grunted a little as I allowed him to fuck my mouth for a while. I didn't know what to expect as far as giving him head, but I was enjoying the taste of him in my mouth.

He groaned as his thick rod moved between my glossed lips. I toyed with his balls as I devoured the thick stick of flesh that filled my mouth. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter just thinking about having that piece of meat inside of me. I guess two years of going without had turned me into a little sex vixen. I couldn't wait to feel him inside of me.

Almost grudgingly, I pulled my mouth away from him. I laid back on the couch and spread my legs apart, exposing my glistening cat, hoping he would take the cue to "come on in".

To my surprise, he kneeled between my legs and took one hard nipple into his mouth as two of his long fingers immediately slammed into my pussy. "Mmm..." I moaned as his fingers ravaged my cat and he sucked roughly at my breast.

"Like that?" he demanded against my nipple.

"Hell yes," I responded, marveling at the look of his lightly tanned skin my caramel toned breast. I moaned again as his mouth trailed down my belly to where his fingers pummeled my saturating puss. As his fingers entered me swiftly and roughly, his mouth found my clit and he licked me and suckled me wantonly. I blared his name over and over as I fucked his mouth and fingers wildly. It felt sooo good! My hands held his head as my pelvis rolled against his face. It only seemed to spur him on. I felt tension build inside of me as I grew closer to an orgasm.

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