tagNonHumanTurning 25

Turning 25


"You're sure you want to do this, then?"

I squared my shoulders and stared ahead at the window, knowing if I looked at my friend, I'd lose my nerve. "Look, I'm going to be 25 tomorrow, and there's no way in hell I'm going to turn 25 a virgin. It's embarrassing!"

"But couldn't you just go pick up some guy in a bar or something? I mean, you're going to give it up to a-a demon!"

"A faery, not a demon. Incubi are faeries...dark faeries. Lust feeding faeries. It's a common misconception." I still refused to look at her. "And if I've gotta lose it, losing it to a preternatural being is the way to go. And besides, I don't have to worry about getting any kind of disease or anything...or pregnant."

"Oh yeah? I thought the whole legend with incubi was that they stole the seed from sleeping males and used it on sleeping women."

"Yeah, well...I got him to promise not to do that."

"And you trust him?"

"I'm on the pill, dammit! I don't care! Now will you get out of here before he shows up and this ends up a threesome?"

"Okay, okay, I'm gone." I heard her move towards the door, then hesitate. "Uh, Nissa...where did you hear about this guy, anyway?"

"Trilby introduced us."

"Oh geez...you're losing your virginity with a friend of Trilby. You're losing your cherry to the friend of a freakin' hobgoblin! Are you insane?"

"Yes, now get outta here."

I heard her mutter something I probably didn't want to hear anyway, and then the door slammed as she left. Letting out a sigh of relief, I rolled over onto my back, then sat up, letting the covers fall into a bunch in my lap. Most women would have probably found something sexy to wear, a nice lace teddy or a pair of panties and a lacy bra. Me, I just sat there shivering in nothing but my skin, figuring an incubus wouldn't care about wrappings, just the package. Now I really wanted a robe, at least. So I slid out of bed and wandered over to my closet, pulling out my favorite kimono (black silk and embroidered with a blue dragon) and slipped it on. I was tying it closed when I heard a voice as smooth and silky as the kimono on my back, speak from behind me.

"Given up on me already? I'm not that late, am I?"

I gasped and whirled around, clutching the edges of my robe closed as I stared wildly at the creature leaning against the wall by the window. The room was dark except for the lamp by my bed, and the shadows fell easily on him. His great feathered wings, red as blood at the tips shading down to a deep, rich purple at the ends were curled around him, making a frame for his long, hard body. The only thing he wore was what looked like yards of black gauze wrapped around his lower body and tied at the waist. A sarong, I guess. Then I realized I was staring at his lower body a little too hard and blushed, jerking my gaze up to his face.

Faeries. I hadn't seen many, but why did it seem like all of the guys were beautiful or pretty rather than handsome? This one was extraordinarily beautiful, in a lithe, graceful, cat-like sort of way. Blood red locks mixed with burgundy and gold fell around his face and over his shoulders in a thick mane, and two great ringed horns curled back over his head. They looked kind of like gazelle horns, which put me in mind of satyrs. Well, at least incubi didn't have furry legs.

"You haven't changed your mind, have you?" he asked, watching me curiously as he pushed away from the wall. The wings swept back as he walked towards me, but as he moved around to stand close to my back, they curled around us both. I caught scent of a sharp, almost painful smell, like the smell of winter after a snowstorm. It made me think of a roaring fire in a fireplace and getting under a ton of blankets while letting someone wrap themselves around me.

Not that I'd ever done that, of course.

"N-no," I finally stammered as the situation finally struck me. I was about to have sex with a magical and sometimes evil being. I said no, but did I mean yes? What the hell was I doing?

His head bent down close to mine, and I felt sharp teeth close ever so gently on my earlobe, making me jump in alarm. Strong, warm hands clasped my shoulders, slowly kneading them, making a sweet, molten warmth flow over me. Soft lips brushed over my cheeks, and a tingling rush fled over my cheeks and over my scalp. I gave a little gasp and fell back against him, letting his arms wrap around me. I raised my hands to clasp his forearms as his lips traced what they could reach of the left side of my face. They pressed a soft kiss to the corner of my eye, then trailed over my cheekbone, along the length of jaw...I felt the tip of his tongue flick the corner of my mouth. He rubbed his cheek over the top of my head, then repeated his attentions on the right side.

His arms were the only things holding me up now, as the heat of his caresses had turned my bones to fluid gold. I let my head loll against his chest, revealing in the feel of him, knowing deep in my heart that it was just as well men meant nothing to me as none could ever compete with this. He moved one arm to lay his long fingers against the side of my face, tilting it up and to the side so that he could bring his mouth down on mine.

I wanted to scream as the tingling that had brushed my cheeks and scalp now ran amuck over my entire body. It felt like my skin was trying to jump off my bones as the goosebumps marched across my arms and legs. The arm that was still curled around my upper body slowly turned me so that I had to brace myself against his chest as he slipped a tongue between my lips. I splayed my fingers across that broad, hard expanse and gave a small whimper as his hand ran through my hair and cupped the back of my head. The other arm slipped under the kimono, his fingers idly playing over the curve of my buttocks. He gave one cheek a good, hard squeeze, then ran his fingers through the cleft, then traced the lower curve. All the while his lips fed at mine, his tongue playing with artful thrusts and passes as his hand at my head held it at the best angle for his kiss. It was simply delicious.

The hand at my back lightly traced its way up my spine, then moved forwards to cup one breast. He ran his thumb over the nipple, making it tighten and bud with the attention. The tingle had turned to a dull ache, and now it seemed to be concentrated in that one piece of flesh. My nails dug lightly into his pectorals, causing him to break off the kiss and chuckle lightly.

"This needs to move to the bed," he whispered low in my ear as he pushed the kimono off my shoulders and lifted me easily into his arms. I might as well not have weighed a thing for all I seemed to slow him down as he swept across the room. He lay me down on the bed, snapped off the light, then stepped back to let his gaze roam hungrily over me.

"Such a beautiful girl," he sighed, leaning down to run the back of his fingers lightly over my lower abdomen. The muscles jumped at the touch, but he was already trailing them up towards the valley between my breasts. He pulled one finger up the side of one mound, tracing a lazy circle around the nipple there. Then he stepped back with a strange smile on his face and began working at the knot of gauze low on his waist.

I watched at the material dropped to the floor, leaving him clad only in the cool autumn breeze blowing in from the open window. Granted, I hadn't seen many naked men, but even I knew this was a supreme example of maleness. It was also a very large example of maleness, and my thighs locked together in a nervous spasm. Any hope that he hadn't noticed was dashed as he grinned widely, his teeth a flash of white in the dark room.

"Getting nervous, Nissa?" he purred, sliding over to the bed and resting one knee on the edge. "Changing your mind?"

He crawled over me with one graceful lunge and captured my mouth again, tongue spearing between my lips as he rested his body atop mine. His body had a very solid feel, yet I only felt a very secure warmth rather than a crushing weight. It was an incredibly sensual sensation. I raised my arms to wrap around his chest, rubbing my fingertips over the flesh were his wings joined his back, making him arch back and shudder against me.

"Did I hit a spot?" I asked wryly.

"Oh, that was nice," he moaned, a pleased smile spreading across his face as his eyes closed. "Very nice. Do that again."

I brushed the tips of my fingers lightly against the flesh, and I felt something rumble deep in his chest. After a moment, I realized he was actually purring. And then I felt an even more prominent example of his contentment. A blush raced across my cheeks as he pressed himself harder against me, and I quickly moved my hands.

"Tease," he muttered petulantly, then lowered his mouth to one breast, lips closing over the waiting budded nipple. An involuntary gasp tore its way from my throat, and I closed my eyes against the returning ache that consumed my body in its grasp. His teeth and tongue were in perfect play as he suckled, nipped and licked the tight flesh until I was writhing against him and biting back the whimpers. I could feel him pressed against my inner thigh, and I moved my leg against him.

He trailed the fingers of one hand teasingly down my stomach, shifting as he did until his hand was cupped between my legs.

"Wet already?" he murmured near my ear, touching one finger to my aching clit. I let out an involuntary cry and grabbed his arm, my breath coming in painful little pants. He only grinned and began to roll it gently between thumb and forefinger as he nibbled just under my jaw. My body started to move against him under its own violation. I'd never gotten this sort of response out of myself. Either he had very clever fingers (which he did, no doubt!), or else it was just the thrill of a male's hands upon me.

Or maybe the thrill of an incubus' hands...

Then his mouth was following the path of his fingers as he gently nipped his way down along my abdomen. My breath caught as I realized his intent, and the sensory imagery was so intense that no sooner did his tongue touch the swollen nub than my whole body went up in shivering, icy hot flames. I wailed as my arms moved to grasp the pillow beneath my head in a tight grip, my body tensing with the rocking waves of the orgasm.

"My goodness," said the incubus, still between my legs with his chest resting atop my groin and wings spread like a feather blanket over my lower half. "Either you are a very sensitive young lady, or else you don't play with yourself very much."

"Little of this, little of that," I said weakly, staring at the cracked plaster of my ceiling.

I felt him nuzzle between my legs for a moment, and when he came up his lips were shining with my juices. "I love a woman that floods when she comes. Such a tasty little treat." He licked them clean with two swipes of his tongue and he grinned at me. "Plus it makes for such an easy entry. Haven't changed your mind, have you?"

"I-I don't know." I glanced down at him, still breathing hard. "Convince me?"

"Sit up." He helped me into a reclining position, then gently took my hands in his and guided them downwards. "Here, feel me. Explore." His head bent forward and his teeth grazed my ear. "Use those sweet little hands." He blew gently over the shell. "Convince yourself."

My hands curled very gently around the impressive length resting against my palms. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Incubi aren't so easily hurt. Still, no teeth if you please."

The blood rushed to my face in a mortified blush as I suddenly pictured myself going down on him. I wasn't quite ready for that. Instead, I ran a finger down the length of him, marveling at the soft skin over the hardness. He was very big to my limited experience, but I hadn't seen all that many examples.

His hand curled around mine again, tightening my fingers around his shaft. Then, holding my eyes with his, he began to slide my hand up and down. The skin really was like silk against my palm, so very soft.

"Now imagine feeling that inside of you," he said in a low, husky voice, golden eyes watching me hungrily. "Do you want it? Do you want me?"

"Yes," I ground out, my free hand reaching out to wrap around his neck and pull him down for another deep, hungry kiss. I pushed forward to rub myself against the tip of his cock, getting a deep groan for my reward. "Please yes."

He pulled my hand away and kneed my legs apart until he was kneeling between them. His hands swept over me in one spine-tingling caress, then slid under my hips, lifting them up and shifting himself until the head of his cock was pressed against me. He wrapped my legs around his narrow waist, and all the while his mouth fed at mine as he lowered himself lightly onto me.

"Sure?" he asked once more, shifting his hips meaningfully.

"Do it!" I cried, lifting myself against him. "I want to feel you, please!"

He groaned again and braced himself over me, grinning. "Sweet Bacchus, I love a lusty virgin."

His mouth swooped down and caught mine as he thrust into me with one, smooth stroke. I knew it was going to hurt, and I did tense as a bolt of pain shot through me, but he held still after the first thrust and whispered encouraging little murmurs near my ear as he stroked a comforting hand over me. The pain quickly subsided and was forgotten completely as he began to move slowly, his thrusts eased by the recent orgasm, just slow, teasing thrusts that quickly drove me wild as I got used to the invading presence inside of me. It didn't take long before I was begging him to go faster, harder. My legs were wrapped around his waist tight enough to hurt, my arms tight enough around his neck to choke, and yet he rode on, plunging in and out, fucking me with a wild rhythm that should have been hurting like hell. But it just felt unimaginably beautiful.

I felt an already familiar surge of pleasure start to build low in my stomach, like a bud that was about to bloom. The flush on my cheeks was moving onto my scalp and down over my breasts until I imagined my entire body should have looked like one big blush. He suddenly slipped his hands underneath me and lifted me up until he was kneeling on the bed and I was straddling his lap. He leaned back a little, his hands working my hips up and down as I clung like a monkey, whimpering and gasping.

I came again as he gave a particular rough shove on my hips and thrust up at the same time, pushing himself so deep in me that my clit hit his groin. The sensation drove me over the edge again, the orgasm breaking over me like a strong, hot wind until I was screaming from the intensity. I was blind from the pleasure, blind and deaf and dumb. My body shivered and jerked against him as if I'd been electrocuted. No wonder these were known as little deaths.

When I came back to myself I realized I was lying once again on the bed with the incubus reclining at my side, his cheek propped on one fist as he looked at me.

"Well?" he finally asked, stroking his free hand over my belly. "Worth losing your virginity?"

"Uh-huh," I said weakly, brushing a hand over my forehead. "I think I can turn 25 happy now. Happy, ecstatic, thrilled, exhausted, sore-but thank you. I doubt any of my other presents are gonna be this good."

"Hey, my pleasure!" he said with a grin. "And yours, of course. I'm not going to eat for a week, I'm so stuffed."

"Huh? What does that mean?"

"Trilby didn't tell you?" He suddenly looked a little embarrassed. "Uh, you do know what an incubus lives on, don't you?"

"Trilby said something about lust-feeding?" I made it into a question.

"Yup, and virgin lust is an incubus' version of a really rich, fattening food. We're fed for a week on a virgin...if we can find one, that is." He scooted closer and pressed himself along my side, draping one arm, leg and wing across me as he nuzzled my neck. "You were as much a present for me and I was for you."

I wasn't sure how to take that. Part of me felt I should be insulted, but then I remembered that this wasn't some sort of relationship. I'd gone into this thinking of him as nothing more than some supernatural male prostitute. Now here I lay thinking of myself as a virgin sacrifice.

"Oh. Well, um, happy birthday."

I felt him chuckle against me. "Same here, beautiful. Same here."

I really was exhausted. Already I could feel the weight of sleep starting to pull my lids down. Wasn't it guys that are supposed to fall asleep afterwards? Wasn't I supposed to demand cuddling? Wait, I was getting cuddled. Now I wanted sleep. Something told me I needed to tell him I wanted to go to sleep, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Just before I dropped off altogether, I felt lips brush lightly over mine.

*** *** ***

"Wakey wakey, birthday girl! You should see the smile on your lips, kiddo. I take it Zekiel was his usual incredible sex god self last night?"

I opened my eyes to find the hobgoblin Trilby perched on my headboard like some freaky, purple-and-blue-haired vulture. Her wide, painted mouth was stretched in an evilly mischievous grin, her long, pointed ears laid back. I realized I was lying with the covers around my waist and yanked them up before grinning in reply back up at her.

I then gave a happy little stretch and slid my arms under my head. "Well, I know what I want for Christmas now."

"Good, 'cause that's what you're getting." She hopped onto the bed and smiled as she curled up against me, much like the incubus had the night before. "I love having friends that are so cheap to shop for. Happy birthday, kiddo."

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