tagLesbian SexTurning Back Time

Turning Back Time


After that first night when I popped Lydia's girl cork, she was insatiable. It was as if by introducing her to the delights of sapphic sex, I had created a completely new person. She turned her back on her old bohemian lifestyle and had little time for the men that had been such a bad influence on her. I was not complaining, but I could help missing Jenny, my own muse, who was on an extended business trip to Australia. I continued to insist that Lydia's cunt be shaved smooth at all times, as Jenny had done for me. She particularly enjoyed having her arsehole shaved as a prelude to anal oral.

Despite my regular passionate nights of with Lydia, I could not help thinking that something, apart from Jenny, was missing. I was increasingly thinking of sex with men. Less than a year ago, I classed myself as a straight female who occasionally enjoyed plain vanilla sex when the opportunity arose, although I admitted to being a little bi-curious. Now, after months of nothing but amazing sex with girls, I could not deny that I had a strong lesbian leaning but, if truth be told, I still yearned for real cock: not just cock but all the sticky emissions that came with them. I had tried to talk to Lydia about possibly bringing something more realistic into the bed but, not being the 'sharpest knife in the drawer', she had misunderstood and simply bought ever more realistic dildos, some of which were very anatomically correct indeed, although also very large.

One evening, when I was ploughing Lydia with a huge thick-veined black rubber phallus while a small smooth pink vibrator hummed gently in her anus, the phone pinged indicating that someone was trying to Skype us. I knew it must be Jenny from Australia and interrupted our fuck session to answer. She appeared on the screen with what looked like an airport check-in desk in the background.

"Hi gorgeous," she said. "I'm finished here and heading home, I should be back by tomorrow evening."

"That's great," I replied. There was a long silence followed by a loud squeal.

"What the fuck are you two up to?"

I realized that I was appearing on her screen dressed in nothing but a large strap-on dildo with Lydia's splayed legs in the background.

"Oh we were just warming up for your arrival," I replied nonchalantly while moving the phone lens to show the smaller dildo protruding from Lydia's arse and her glistening shaved cunt. I turned the lens back onto the strap-on and pushed it into Lydia's wet hole again.

"Hey, save one for me!" Jenny said plaintively. She then went on to give her flight details so that we could pick her up from the airport. Lydia was apprehensive. She and Jenny had never got on very well as flat mates. Jenny was critical of Lydia's hippy lifestyle and Lydia did not approve of Jenny's relationship with me. A few months earlier, I had removed most of Lydia's long unkempt hair and introduced her to the concept of regular showers and lesbian sex. I had no doubt that Jenny would approve of the changes but Lydia was still worried. I held her face in my hands and kissed her while reassuring her that everything would be fine. I noticed how much her hair had grown and realised that we were both overdue a haircut but that could wait until later because there was still a vibrator buzzing in her arse and a wet cunt to attend to.

The next day, we met Jenny at the airport in the afternoon. She looked different. Her face was tanned and her hair had lightened in the sun. She clearly had not had it cut in the six months that she had been away. We embraced and kissed passionately in the arrivals area and, as I ran my fingers through her collar length hair, I could not help wondering if she had let her bush grow too. Jenny then turned to Lydia who smiled awkwardly and held out her hand and weakly mumbled,

"Welcome back."

Jenny paused briefly and then exclaimed,

"Christ! Look at you. You look so cute with short hair." She spread her arms and hugged Lydia tightly. "You look so amazing. I could eat you and I probably will."

Lydia glowed and stood rigidly still as Jenny took her head in two hands and planted a kiss on her lips. Jenny talked excitedly as we drove home through the rain. She explained that she had not had much time for sightseeing because she had spent most of her time working.

"All work and no play makes you very horny," she sighed wistfully, "especially knowing what you two sexy sluts were getting up to."

We continued catching up over a bottle of wine in the kitchen until suddenly Jenny announced that she needed a shower. "Anyone want to join me?" she asked. I was just about to say yes when Lydia jumped and shouted, "Me!"

The shower was only big enough for two and the look of disappointment on my face must have been obvious. Jenny moved close to me and took my hand. As she forced it down the front of her skirt and into her knickers she whispered, "I've got another job for you." It was then that I felt the thatch of pubic her that was covering Jenny's crotch. I had never known her to be so hairy and smiled while whispering our familiar refrain, "it's about time all that came off."

Jenny nodded slowly before turning to Lydia and saying, "Let's see how good you are at carpet munching. " They disappeared to the bathroom while I went to make preparations in my bedroom.

I laid out a towel on the bed and plugged in the electric clippers, then I fetched a bowl of warm water, the shaving soap and a new razor. Finally, I stripped off and slipped into my dildo harness while selecting a large dildo from my collection which I lubricated generously. At that point Jenny and Lydia burst into the room, naked and giggling.

"She is good," Jenny enthused with strong emphasis on the last word. "Wow! Look at you!" Jenny eyed me approvingly before wrapping her body around me in a passionate clinch. I pushed her back on the bed and dropped to my knees before her spread legs. My tongue went to work on her hairy slit and soon she was writhing as she oozed into my mouth. She begged me not to stop but I lifted my head and said, "First, we are getting rid of this bush. Lydia, sit on her face!"

As Lydia positioned her cunt over Jenny's mouth, I fired up the clippers. The buzzing caused a frisson of anticipation to flash through my clitoris. I pushed them across the hairy mons pubis and released a fluffy mound of light brown hair. Jenny moaned as she pushed her tongue into Lydia's slit and I allowed the clippers to vibrate on her clitoris. She squirmed and I continued to mow her hairy cunt lips. By this time, Lydia was grinding her cunt into Jenny's face and close to coming, which she did noisily moments later as I spread shaving foam over Jenny's crotch. As Lydia kissed Jenny's cunt juice covered face, I quickly removed Jenny's stubble and wiped off the excess foam. Small beads of moisture had formed on the smooth lips which I added to with my tongue while inserting a finger into the wet hole. Jenny began to move her arse rhythmically and Lydia dropped down to suck her nipples. I inserted another two fingers and increased the speed of my tongue. Jenny came with a gush and a loud, prolonged wail. Without pausing, I stood up and inserted the dildo into the harness. I told Lydia to lie on her back on the bed. Jenny knelt between her legs and began to lick her cunt while I positioned myself between Jenny's legs and pushed the strap-on into her wet cunt. I fucked her hard for several minutes until she froze and absorbed the waves of a huge climax which left her quivering on the end of the rubber dick. I pulled the dildo out of Jenny and moved on to Lydia's cunt which was glistening with cunt juice and saliva. The dildo slipped in easily and Lydia lasted only a few thrusts before coming violently. We all collapsed onto the bed and fell into a satisfied embrace.

After a few minutes, Jenny roused herself and looked at me with a salacious grin on her face.

"That was worth waiting for," she purred, "now who hasn't come yet?"

"Me, I suppose." I replied, as I slipped the harness off over my ankles. Jenny placed a finger on her lips and looked pensive before instructing Lydia to put the harness on and heading off to her room. She returned moments later carrying a large package.

"I picked this up in Sydney," she said. "It's called the didgeridoo." I noticed that she was now wearing a strap-on harness and was holding a enormous black dildo. She laid on the bed with the giant phallus pointing up. After lubricating it thoroughly she beckoned me over and I positioned myself over the huge rubber cock before prising my cunt lips apart and lowering myself slowly down. It slipped in surprisingly easily.

"There you go,. Good girl!" Jenny cooed. "Now bend slightly towards me." I did as instructed thus pointing my bum upwards slightly. Lydia moved into position behind me and began to push a smaller dildo up my arse. I was stretched in two holes and groaned as both girls began to gently move in and out. I was soon lost in waves of pleasure and found myself thinking what it would be like to have a real cock in my mouth. I even considered sucking the dildo that I had used on Jenny as a substitute but it was too big to fit in my mouth. In any case, I was too late and my body tensed as a huge orgasm took hold.

We all slept together in my bed but when I awoke I was alone. Jenny said she was jet lagged and got up in the middle of the night while Lydia went back to her own room during the night. I suspect they ended up together because they both appeared in the kitchen at the same time next day, dressed and giggling.

"Jenny is taking me to get my haircut." Lydia announced. I knew exactly what this would entail; a visit to Mary's barbershop. Mary was an old girlfriend of Jenny's who ran the small barbershop in town, where Jenny had insisted I got my first very short haircut after our first night of sex.

Jenny walked behind me and ran her fingers through my hair which was about two inches long. "I think you should come too," she whispered. "You're looking a bit shaggy."

I turned to face her and grabbed a handful of her hair that clearly had not been cut for several months. With a smile, I replied, "Not as much as you."

I quickly showered and dressed and we set off for town. Mary was not busy and was happy to see us. She immediately turned the shop sign to 'Closed' and locked the door. A young man in shorts and a polo shirt who was sweeping hair off the floor was immediately instructed to fetch some wine. "That, my darlings, is my new toy boy. He is called Henry."

After a glass of wine together with introductions to Lydia and some catching up on Jenny, Mary was ready to start cutting. "Henry, fetch me a cape," she instructed.

"I'm sorry Miss, but I have put them all in the washing machine, as you instructed," replied the young man.

"Stupid boy!" Mary barked. "We will discuss this later." Mary turned to us and held out her hands in apology. "I am sorry but you will all need to take your clothes off to keep them from getting hair all over them."

Jenny responded immediately and was quickly undressed and sitting in the chair. Mary stood behind her and ran her fingers through her hair.

She said, "I like the shaved cunt, but this really has to go."

Jenny had let her Chelsea crop grow out and her hair now hung below her ears and collar with a long fringe at the front that she parted either side of her face. She looked at Mary and said, "You're right. Buzz it all off and bleach me. Just like you."

Mary smiled. She still sported a very short crew cut that was bleached platinum blond. She picked up the clippers and ran them quickly over Jenny's head leaving a trail of stubble and a pile of hair in Jenny's lap. I stared in amazement as my friend's face slowly emerged from under a mop of brown hair. When she had finished, Mary instructed Jenny to move to the sink where Henry was preparing the bleach. She turned to Lydia and said, "you're next new girl and I'm thinking it will be same again." Lydia moved reluctantly to the barber chair but was halted as Mary ordered her to remove her clothes. She then turned to Henry and instructed him to undress too.

"I don't want you to get bleach all over your work uniform," she chided. She then turned to me and said, "You and I may as well undress too and Henry can bleach you next while I cut this girls hair."

In an instant, Jenny was up from the sink with a plastic sheet wrapped around her head. I was sitting naked with my back to the sink watching a naked man mixing up a bleach solution and the now nude Mary was ploughing a strip along the top of Lydia's head with the clippers. I did not know where to look, but high on my list of priorities was Henry's magnificent cock. As he stood over me brushing the bleach paste onto my hair, I could not resist stroking it and he responded by becoming semi-erect. I glanced at Mary, who was now clippering the sides of Lydia's head, and she smiled knowingly.

"See anything you like?" she asked. "Just help yourself."

I needed no more encouragement and as Henry lifted my head up from the sink I directed his magnificent cock into my mouth and gently sucked. He was soon fully erect and I worked my mouth urgently up and down the thick-veined shaft. I began to taste the first silky smooth drops of pre-cum on the tip of his cock and it was as if a drought had ended. All too soon though he had finished applying bleach to my hair. I was wrapped in plastic and sent to wait with Jenny while Mary finished shearing Lydia's head. Mary looked across at me and said, "looks like someone has been missing cock."

I fidgeted in embarrassment and said, "well just a little but I still prefer cunt."

"I'm glad to hear it," Mary replied, "because if you want more boy action, you will need to please me first."

With that, she sat in the barber chair and spread her legs while indicating that I should kneel on the floor in front of her in among the clumps of hair that had been sheared from Jenny and Lydia's heads. I was soon running my tongue along her wet lips and sucking gently on her clitoris until she announced that it was time to finish the haircuts. I stood up and brushed the hair from my knees. My mouth was wet with Mary's cunt juice and I was as horny as hell so, while Mary supervised the bleaching of Lydia's hair I engaged tongues with Jenny. She responded eagerly and was nibbling on my tits and fingering my cunt until Mary called her back to the chair to wash and finish trimming her hair. She looked fantastic and I could not stop myself from fingering my dripping cunt as I watched. However, I could not help noticing that Henry, who was bleaching Lydia, was gazing at me with his cock standing rigidly to attention. I had to take him in my mouth again and was soon eagerly gobbling his ample cock. Once again, Mary called a halt to my pleasure by instructing him to begin washing the bleach out of my hair.

I was so worked up that I hardly noticed the transformation that had taken place on my head. My dark brown hair was now platinum blonde. Mary dried it into a longish brush cut and then reduced it to a short crop with her clippers.

"Now," she declared, "let's have some fun. Let's take stock first. Four horny women and one cock. We probably need to even it up a bit." We followed Mary to the back room where she had a sofa and a drawer full of sex toys.

"Welcome to the staff recreation room. Help yourself to the toys." Mary and Jenny were soon strapped up and fucking me and Lydia from behind as we knelt over the back of the sofa. I spied Henry and reached out to grab his cock and direct it into my mouth. I think he knew that nothing would stop me now and he resigned himself to the furious blowjob that I was about to inflict on him. I drooled saliva all along the delicious length of his cock and then devoured every inch of it into my mouth before frantically bobbing my head up and down while sucking and slurping. At the same time, Mary sensed my urgent need and increased the pace of her thrusts into my cunt. Suddenly, Henry groaned and his cock twitched. I paused and waited as his cock pulsed and a long stream of spunk hit the back of my throat. I withdrew my mouth to the end of his spewing cock and was rewarded with another pulse that sent fountain of sticky liquid all over my face. I grinned in ecstasy but he was not finished and another shot hit me and spread across my newly shorn blonde stubble. My own orgasm then unleashed itself on me and I shuddered as Mary sent the dildo thrusting into my quivering cunt.

The other three girls helped to clean Henry's sticky man juices from my face and hair and continued to enjoy each other until he had recovered enough to give each of them a good shafting with his cock. I was spent and could not summon the energy for more. It was agreed that we would return in three weeks for our hair to be retouched and more of Henry's marvellous cock.

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Dude it said in the title it had dick in it

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not too bad a story

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