tagLesbian SexTurning Contest: A Cute Maid

Turning Contest: A Cute Maid


Summary: Teen seductress MILF molests temp maid in her kitchen.

Thanks to: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea suggestion.

Thanks to 2: Robert, cuckdynasty, goamz86 and Wayne for editing this story.

THE TURNING CONTEST is a week-long competition between five MILF best friends over who can turn more straight teens, college girls and women.

The prize: The winner gets a weekend with the other four women's submissive 18-year-old daughters.

Note: This series is based on a few things:

a) Quick seductions (Each story will likely be under 5000 words... give or take); these are sex stories and thus lacking the detailed character development I often have)

b) Some are inspired by the Japanese molestation videos that are so popular in Japan.

c) This will be, if people enjoy them, a multi chaptered series about five women who seduce straight women.

Although each story definitely stands on its own, this is the second seduction scene. The first was called:

Turning Contest: A Beautiful Blonde, in which seductress VERONICA STONE seduces a teen in her clothing store.

Turning Contest: A Cute Maid

Seductress 2: Mrs. Carol White

Carol drove home from the luncheon with her friends, mulling over the bet the girls had just made. The idea of the bet: a week long battle to see who could seduce the most women was quite a fun challenge, although she was the only submissive in the group.

She really had no idea who to go after first... as seduction wasn't her forte.

Although she loved her husband, she really preferred women. She regularly hooked up with her friends, often pleasured her maid, and had a few women who willingly allowed her to lick them.

She wasn't submissive per se, she just loved eating pussy. She also loved fucking women with a strap-on.

She regularly fucked her daughter and her maid... she even more regularly licked her daughter, her maid and all four of her best friends.

Alas, she was frustrated; her maid was on holiday for two weeks, meaning her guaranteed pussy was not there.

Then it hit her.

The temp maid was perfect.

She was cute, subservient, and didn't speak English well.

She would be very unlikely to disobey her.

She got a text. She looked at it and saw she was invited to a new Kik chat room. She laughed at the title: LALezContest.

She logged in and saw that Veronica already had one seduction. She sighed, this wasn't going to be easy.

She made three more stops and arrived home at 3:45, just in time to find the maid in her kitchen beginning to prepare dinner.

Carol complimented, "You look very nice today, Anna-Marie."

"Thank you, ma'am," Anna-Marie replied, thinking the compliment odd. The woman of the house had barely spoken to her the past two days, other than to give her instructions. This wasn't unusual in these rich white women's homes, where the maid was usually seen as a second class citizen.

"I mean, you look really hot today," Carol added, her hand moving to the young woman's arm. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, ma'am," Anna-Marie answered, feeling awkward from the compliments and the questions.

"A girlfriend?" Carol asked, continuing the soft caress.

"God, no!" Anna-Marie answered, surprised by the assumption.

"It's 2016, my dear, eating pussy instead of cock isn't frowned upon anymore," Carol said bluntly, as she moved behind the bewildered woman and began to feel her up.

"Ma'am," Anna-Marie protested, shocked by what was happening.

She had been hit on by the men of the house on occasion, but this was new.

Carol whispered, "Keep prepping the chicken, my dear."

Anna-Marie wanted to protest, but was in utter shock at what was happening. Plus, she couldn't afford to lose this job... it was her fourth temp job, and once done, she would qualify for a permanent contract.

So... she kept prepping the chicken.

"Such nice big tits you have," Carol complimented.

"Thank you, ma'am," Anna-Marie absurdly replied, trying to remain respectful in the bizarre situation of being felt up by a female employer.

"I bet you have some big nipples too," Carol purred, kissing the maid's neck, as her hand went under the woman's blouse.

"I do, ma'am," Anna-Marie admitted, while trembling, then wondered why she had revealed that.

Carol said, "Let me feel." She expertly unclasped the bra, pulled it out from underneath the blouse, and then moved both her hands to the maid's nipples.

Anna-Marie's head was spinning in shock as she allowed herself to be felt up by her employer. She was also confused by the feelings inside her. Her vagina was enjoying this.

"Nice hard nipples," Carol whispered. "I bet you love having them sucked, don't you?"

Anna-Marie indeed did love having them sucked and hadn't had that pleasure in a long time... not once since moving to America six months ago.

At her last job, she had sucked the cock of a college boy at a house she was cleaning in San Diego. He had coerced her to do it, and was fired when they were caught in the act.

She moved to Boston after being blacklisted in San Diego and had finally found work after searching for the past month.

So she was definitely going through withdrawal, both financially and sexually.

Carol pinched both hard nipples and Anna-Marie moaned.

"You do like that," Carol whispered, before moving her hands out of the blouse and under the skirt of the maid, "What else is for dinner?"

Anna-Marie couldn't believe the woman's brazen behaviour, nor such a question considering what she was doing. Yet, trying to act natural, even as her panties got damp, she answered, "Rice and salad, ma'am."

Carol smiled as she caressed the maid's big pantyhose clad booty. The fact that she hadn't freaked out, or moved away, proved Carol right, she was submissive.

Carolyn complimented, "What a great booty you have."

"Thanks, ma'am," Anna-Marie trembled as her ass cheeks were squeezed and caressed.

"I bet you look great bent over," Carolyn continued, already envisioning bending the maid over and fucking her.

Anna-Marie didn't speak, as she tried to focus on finishing marinating the chicken.

Carol slipped her hand inside the maid's pantyhose and moved around to the girl's clit.

"Ohhhh," Anna-Marie moaned, shocked, but too aroused to protest now that she was having her pussy touched.

"Your pussy is so wet," Carol whispered. "Is that because of me?"

"Yes, ma'am," Anna-Marie admitted, as the woman tapped her clit.

"Do you want to come?" Carol asked, always loving getting a girl off.

Anna-Marie considered lying and being as dignified as she could, but she did want to come, her orgasm was rising incredibly fast, and the woman's fingers were like magic. She admitted, "Yes, ma'am."

Carol rubbed the girl's clit rapidly, knowing from experience that the girl was close.

Anna-Marie just closed her eyes and gave into the pleasure, as she put the knife down and used the kitchen island for balance.

Carol then reached for the cucumber on the counter, ripped open the pantyhose and ordered, "Spread your legs."

"Ma'am, I..." Anna-Marie began to protest as the woman of the house spread her legs and slid the cucumber in her pussy in one hard thrust.

"Just enjoy," Carol ordered, as she pumped the green make-shift cock in and out of the maid.

"Okay, ma'am," she weakly moaned, her orgasm growing quickly... humiliated that it was happening with a cucumber.

"Come for me," Carol whispered after a couple of minutes, as she nibbled on the girl's ear lobe and furiously fucked the maid with the cucumber.

Anna-Marie obeyed, not out of obedience, but necessity, as her orgasm hit her. She moaned, and her legs gave out, "Ooooooh, God."

Carol whispered, "Good girl," as she continued to pump the cucumber in the girl's pussy even as she came.

Anna-Marie felt shame and euphoria, stunned that she came from getting fucked with a cucumber, and her body giving in completely to the pleasure as she leaned against the dominating woman.

When Carol pulled the cucumber out of the trembling maid, Anna-Marie collapsed to the floor.

Carol, not done with the maid, dropped to the floor, rolled the maid onto her back and ripped the pantyhose apart at the crotch a bit more to get complete access to the maid's pussy.

Anna-Marie looked up weakly and confused, just in time to see the woman of the house pull her panties to the side and bury her face in her pussy.

Carol loved the taste of pussy, especially the sweetness of cum, and wasn't surprised to discover the maid's pussy was heavenly.

Anna-Marie moaned involuntarily as she questioned, "Ma'am?"

Carol licked hungrily for only a few seconds before the front door to the house opened and closed.

Anna-Marie quickly stood up, wobbled briefly, and looked down at Mrs. White.

Carol whispered, "Keep working, and don't let him know I'm here."

Anna-Marie nodded, shocked that the woman wasn't worried about being caught. She watched the woman move slyly under the island.

The man walked in and asked, "Is Mrs. White home yet?"

"No, sir," the maid answered, just as she felt a finger slide inside her pussy.

"Okay," he shrugged, as he walked out oblivious to the sexual debauchery going on right in front of him and to his usual spot on his recliner.

His back was to the maid, but she was not out of view if he should turn around.

Carol began licking the maid, the excitement that her husband was in the next room only enhancing the thrill. Plus, there was no way she was going to stop eating that sweet ripe pussy.

Anna-Marie couldn't believe the woman kept licking her even as her husband was now in the next room. Yet she wasn't going to protest as it felt really good to have a tongue on her pussy. And, after all, Mrs. White was the boss.

As expected, her oblivious husband turned on the television to watch sports, turning the volume up so high there was no way he would hear the moans.

Carol licked and probed the maid for a couple of minutes, knowing exactly how to please a woman.

Anna-Marie couldn't believe how amazing this woman was making her feel, the thrill of the husband in the other room somehow making it more exciting, even as it meant a major risk to her job.

"Hand me the carrots," Carol ordered.

Anna-Marie obeyed, grabbing the baby carrots in a bowl, even though she couldn't fathom why.

Carol grabbed the bowl and slowly began inserting all ten inside the maid.

Anna-Marie shivered as the cold carrots were inserted in her.

By the time they were all inside her, Anna-Marie felt so full... her head spinning with shock and excitement.

Carol returned to licking, when her husband suddenly called out, "Could you bring me a beer?"

"Yes, sir," Anna-Marie called back her voice breaking, her orgasm imminent.

Carol said, moving the panties back in place to hold the carrots in, "Go get him one."

"Yes, ma'am," she nodded, all hot and bothered, and unsure she could walk with carrots inside her.

Carol went upstairs, and the wickedest idea ever popping into her head. She went to her daughter's room and grabbed the strap-on cock her daughter often used to fuck her.

Anna-Marie went to the fridge, each step creating new pleasures and stimulation coursing through her. She grabbed a beer and went to give it to him, trying not to moan as she did.

Carol put on the strap-on harness and returned to the kitchen to see the maid now putting the chicken in the oven.

Carol walked over and said, "I got your oven pre-heated too."

"Ma'am, your husband is right there," Anna-Marie pointed out the obvious.

Carol grabbed a knife and dropped it on the floor, "You should get that."

"Yes, ma'am," Anna-Marie obeyed, finding that odd... although everything about the past twenty minutes was odd. She was also curious what the wicked woman may have in store for her next.

As Anna-Marie knelt down to pick it up, Carol lifted up her skirt to reveal her cock and ordered, "Suck it."

Anna-Marie was stunned, but obeyed as usual, wondering if the woman really planned to fuck her with it. She took it in her mouth and began bobbing on it.

Carol watched for a couple of minutes, enjoying the voyeuristic scenario while occasionally glancing over to her husband, who was entranced by the television.

Anna-Marie hadn't had a cock in her mouth since she got fired and instantly wanted it in her pussy... it had been so long.

"Make the salad," Carol ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Anna-Marie nodded, standing back up, her legs wobbling slightly.

"And use the cucumber that was already in that cunt of yours," Carol instructed.

Anna-Marie gasped again, yet obeyed, in awe of how wicked and twisted the woman of the house was.

Once the maid was back at the island cutting the cucumber, Carol moved behind her and whispered, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, ma'am," Anna-Marie nodded, as she felt the cock between her legs.

"With my husband right there?" Carol asked.

"You're the Mistress of the house," Anna-Marie answered, so horny that getting fucked was more important than the job. She had been so close to coming when the Master of the house had called her for a beer that her pussy was leading her decisions. The carrots inside her also stimulated her in a way she couldn't even begin to explain.

"Good answer," Carol nodded, as she knelt down and began to retrieve the carrots from the maid's cunt. She ate the first one, which was delicious as she pondered, 'maybe this is how we should get all kids to eat their vegetables.'

Anna-Marie struggled to cut the cucumber as fingers explored her pussy, making the carrots shift all around inside her... literally driving her wild.

Carol put the rest of the carrots back into the bowl, struggling to get the last couple of carrots and amused at the moans from the maid.

Once she had all the carrots out, she stood back up and put one in the maid's mouth.

Anna-Marie was so horny, her mouth was already open when the carrot was put inside. She was surprised by how good she tasted as she chewed the carrot.

Carol resumed rubbing the cock up and down the maid's pussy before sliding it deep inside the maid's cunt with one hard, deep thrust.

"Ohhhh!" Anna-Marie moaned, quickly biting her lip as the cock filled her, not wanting to alert the husband.

"Don't worry," Carol said, as the cock filled the maid completely, "We could fuck beside him and he would likely not notice."

Anna-Marie just moaned as the woman of the house began fucking her.

Carol started slow, wanting to get the young slut begging for it.

Anna-Marie wanted it hard. The slow fucking was a crazy tease and she not only wanted to come, she wanted to come before they got caught.

Carol whispered as she stopped fucking her, the cock lodged deep inside her, "Do you want it hard, my maid slut?"

"Yes," the maid moaned.

"Bounce back on my cock," Carol ordered.

Anna-Marie obeyed, using the island for balance, as she began bouncing back on her employer's cock.

"Good, slut," Carol purred, watching the shy maid behave like a bitch in heat.

Anna-Marie's second orgasm continued rising and she let out a yelp when the woman of the house bucked forward meeting her backwards thrust.

Carol ducked down, the cock sliding out of the maid's cunt.

Anna-Marie, her cheeks flushed, tried to remain casual. To her surprise, the man of the house didn't hear her, or didn't care as he didn't look back.

Carol slowly moved up and chuckled to herself. She whispered, as she slid her cock back into the maid, "He really is oblivious."

"Oh, yes, ma'am," Anne-Marie moaned, as the woman of the house resumed fucking her.

Carol pushed the maid forward onto the island and began fucking her hard.

Anna-Marie's head went light as she closed her eyes and just allowed herself to be fucked...the pleasure overriding the risk.

Carol watched her oblivious husband as she slammed furiously into the maid, knowing she was going to come soon.

"Don't scream, slut," Carol ordered, as she fucked her new slut silly.

Anna-Marie's breathing was getting heavy and she was trying her best to control the scream as her orgasm hit her.

Carol put her hand over the maid's mouth just in time to catch the scream, even as she kept slamming into her.

Anna-Marie's orgasm was intense, and if the woman of the house hadn't covered her mouth, she would have definitely alerted the man of the house to what was happening directly behind him.

Carol pulled out, spun the maid around and guided her to her knees.

The still trembling maid opened her mouth and took the cock, coated in her own cum, in her mouth.

"Good, slut," Carol smiled, as she pulled the cock from the maid's mouth, undid the harness and then grabbed the maid's head and began to grind her cunt up and down the maid's face.

Anna-Marie tried to lick the best as she could, having never tasted pussy before this moment, other than her own on the carrot a few minutes ago, and was surprised by both the strong, yet enticing scent and the very appealing taste.

Carol kept an eye on her husband while she used the maid's face for her own pleasure.

Anna-Marie explored the woman's pussy, trying to get her off.

It didn't take long: the thrill of the domination and the thrill of the act with her husband so close was hot. She came hard, flooding the maid's face with her cum.

Anna-Marie felt like she was getting her face washed as cum coated not only her lips and tongue, but her entire face.

Carol let go and smiled, "I think we have just added to your duties."

"Yes, ma'am," Anna-Marie nodded, as she remained on her knees.

Carol ordered, "Now finish making dinner."

"Yes, ma'am," Anna-Marie obeyed, standing up as the woman of the house walked away with the strap-on harness in her hands.

Carol went to her room, cleaned the cock put it back away, feeling a rush at being the dominant and not the submissive for a change.

Carol went to her phone, clicked on the Kik app and typed:

Carol is on the board.

Anna-Marie was finishing the salad when the front door opened.

Carol's high school senior daughter, Rose, walked in and to the kitchen. She grabbed a carrot and tossed it in her mouth.

Anna-Marie wanted to stop her, but what could she say, 'Please don't eat that, it was just in my pussy.'

Rose gave a strange look and asked, "What did you marinate these in?"

"A family recipe," Anna-Marie quickly replied thinking on her feet.

Rose nodded, taking a second carrot, "Well, it's delicious."

"Thank you, ma'am," Anna-Marie nodded, feeling giddy with the reality the 18-year-old had just complimented her pussy.

Carol came downstairs and saw her daughter eating a carrot. She could barely contain herself. "Can't wait for dinner, Rose?"

Rose handed her one of the carrots, "Try this. It's unexplainably yummy."

Carol took the carrot and popped it into her mouth. "Wow, you're right."

Anna-Marie explained quickly, "It's a family recipe."

"Well, it is one of a kind," Carol responded.

Rose took the bowl of carrots and said, "I'm taking the rest. You better make more for dinner."

"Yes, ma'am," Anna-Marie nodded.

Carol went to the fridge, grabbed the bag of carrots, and said, as she moved behind the maid and began to insert more carrots in her pussy, "Family recipe. That is delicious."


Carol: 1

Veronica: 1

Crystal: 0

Jasmine: 0

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