tagLesbian SexTurning Contest: A Drunk Bride-to-Be

Turning Contest: A Drunk Bride-to-Be


Turning Contest: A Drunk Bride-to-Be

Summary: Sexy MILF seduces drunk bride and chubby girl at club.

Thanks to:Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the story idea suggestion.

Thanks to 2: Robert, Sophia, Wayne ad Tex Beethoven for editing.

THE TURNING CONTEST is a week-long competition between five MILF best friends over who can turn the most straight teens, college girls and women.

The prize: The winner gets a weekend with the other four women's submissive 18-year-old daughters.

Note: This series is based on a few items:

a) Quick seductions (Each story will likely be under 5000 words... give or take); these are sex stories and thus lacking the detailed character development I often have.

b) Some are inspired by the molestation videos that are so popular in Japan.

c) This will be, if people enjoy them, a multi chaptered series about five women who seduce straight women.

Although each story definitely stands on its own, this is the seventh seduction scene. Here is a quick refresher of what has happened so far.

1. Turning Contest: A Beautiful Blonde, in which seductress VERONICA STONE seduces a teen in her clothing store.

2. Turning Contest: A Cute Maid, in which reluctant seductress (she is more a submissive) and rich wife CAROL WHITE seduces and dominates her temporary maid.

3.Turning Contest: A Delicious Model, in which seductress and casting agent, PORTIA JAMES, seduces a cute nineteen year old model who is auditioning for a part in the new Matt Damon movie.

4.Turning Contest: A Desperate Asian, in which a black professor, CRYSTAL WATSON, seduces a shy Japanese student in her office.

5.Turning Contest: A Dominated Thief, in which store owner, VERONICA STONE, molests an 18-year old who tried to steal from her store.

6. Turning Contest: A Drunk Bday Girl, in which married seductress, JASMINE JONES, molests, seduces and fucks a 21-year-old birthday girl at a club.

7-Turning Contest: A Drunk Bride 2 Be

After enjoying an orgasm that took longer to achieve than usual since the drunk redhead who had been munching ineptly between her legs had definitely not been a natural lesbian, Jasmine returned to the club ready for her next conquest.

The redheaded, Lori, mortified by what she had done, had fled the club to race home, terrified at the prospect of facing her friends after participating in such a spectacle... especially Amanda, who had actually caught her in the act of getting fucked by a woman! Everyone she knew was going to think she was queer!

Meanwhile, Jasmine placidly scanned the club and spotted Amanda on the dance floor talking with her friends. Jasmine returned to her table, where a drink was already waiting; almost all of the waitresses here had been turned, if they had not already been bi or lesbian, and they all knew it was a good idea to keep Jasmine happy.

Jasmine sipped her drink as she watched the Amanda the chubby blonde, the much-ignored one among outcast the rest of her anorexic friends, and knew that Amanda would usually be an easy target. Now that she had been scandalised by witnessing her friend Lori fucking a woman (Jasmine herself), it could go either way. Either she would have been repulsed by what she'd seen or, and this was more likely, having seen her friend in the throes of lesbian sexual submission, especially since she had been so clearly enjoying herself (if a tame word like 'enjoying' could even begin to describe the ecstasy Lori had been embracing so enthusiastically), the idea of a lesbian encounter was planted enticingly in her subconscious... and if that was indeed the case, Jasmine planned to delve deep into that subconscious and harvest some delicious fruit.

Jasmine finished her drink and nodded approvingly as another one arrived within seconds. Meanwhile she also noticed a cute blonde in a wedding gown, partying with a group of women. Ahhhh, brides.! Jasmine loved brides! They were often the easiest turns there were (let's be honest, Jasmine pondered, almost half of all married couples cheat on their spouses and the other half at least fantasize about doing other people. And this bride hadn't even pledged her vows yet! Theoretically she was about to begin a life of monogamy, and tonight was likely often their last night of sexual freedom before she said 'I do.' It also amazed Jasmine how many women didn't think it was even cheating if it was 'only' with another woman, and this theory was a ploy that Jasmine often found very useful in her seduction strategy.

As she vacillated back and forth between the chubby Amanda, who clearly felt out of place among her stick-people friends, and the bridal shower party that was already quite out of hand (the bride-to-be was currently waving a dildo around in one hand while using a cock-shaped straw to drink her cocktail). 'Ahhhh, so many choices'. She looked at her watch. There might even be time for both. It was seldom achieved, but a target of three turns in one night was an exciting possibility. Her record was six, but that had happened in a considerably less challenging situation, during a sorority pledge activity that played smoothly into Jasmine's carefully spun web of turn.

But since there was a contest at stake, tonight was a time for choosing quantity over quality. This didn't mean that Jasmine felt any of the prospective targets were not sexy, cute, and deserving of a turn, but tonight she needed to select girls who looked like easy turns. At other times she would target the most beautiful woman present, especially if there was with a man to steal her from, and work on getting that one bent over moaning from Jasmine's insistent cock. Although Jasmine enjoyed eating pussies, she reveled in fucking them. She loved hearing the moans growing, the breathing becoming desperate panting, and screams of rapture echoing around the room.

As Jasmine was pondering which was more likely a sure thing, the chubby friend or the bride to be, or perhaps which one to do first if both seemed doable, she saw Amanda heading to the bar... alone.

Jasmine, being the cougar she was, seized at the opportunity, left the table and sauntered over to the pretty, chubby blonde. "I have something for you."

"Get lost," Amanda sneered, recognizing it was the woman who had fucked her best friend.

Jasmine saw that the girl was still in denial, so she pulled Lori's soiled panties out of her purse and offered them to Amanda. "Lori left these on the floor after she finished munching on my pussy," Jasmine declared bluntly. Sometimes she needed to be aggressive physically, like on the dance floor with Lori, other times she was verbally blunt like she planned to be with Amanda. Other times she needed to get subtle and use an intimate touch. Whatever worked.

"Keep them," Amanda snorted, starting to turn away from the rude woman, appalled by the bitch's frankness.

"They're pretty damn wet," Jasmine observed, as she reached over and placed them in the chubby girl's hand.

"What do you think you're doing?" Amanda asked, snatching her soiled hand away, allowing the wet panties to splat to the floor. Yes, they were definitely wet.

"Showing you what I can do to you if you wanted," Jasmine replied, not at all deterred by the disgusted façade of the chubby girl. Jasmine often encountered this look at first, this dismissive behaviour, but often this was just an attempt to conceal a woman's true sexual curiosity bubbling just beneath the surface.

"That will never happen," Amanda insisted, offended by the gall of the older woman.

Jasmine's hand reached out and squeezed the chubby girl's ass as she teased, "You saw how much fun your friend Lori was having, that can be you too."

Amanda batted the woman's hand away, snarling, "You wish."

Jasmine shrugged placidly, "No worries. But when you change your mind, I am drinking white rum and coke."

"I won't be changing my mind," Amanda declared defiantly, unable to believe the nerve of this woman.

Jasmine smiled confidently, leaning in and quickly moving her hand not only under the girl's skirt, but inside her panties and immediately into her cunt, "If you say so. That said, if you do change your mind, I will give you pleasure you have never even imagined."

"What are you doing?" Amanda gasped, so astounded by the woman's aggressive behaviour she couldn't even find the presence of mind to swat the offending hand away.

Jasmine found Amanda's g-spot and tapped it three times, just enough to make the message clear, before pulling her hand back out, drawling, "Just giving you a sampling of what lies ahead."

"I'm going to report you," Amanda threatened, but Jasmine was already striding away, sucking theatrically on her wet finger.

Jasmine returned to her table confident that this chubby straight girl would be at her table within the hour. And if not, the bride-to-be still dancing up a storm was a delicious second option.

Amanda couldn't believe the nerve of the woman who had just molested her in a packed club!! But she couldn't explain why the aggressive behaviour had turned her on. Maybe it was because at least the older woman was paying attention to her, unlike those college boys who kept fawning over her frosty friends. Or maybe it was because it had taken only three seconds for the woman to find her g-spot and awaken a pleasure inside her that she suddenly wanted more of. Realizing she really needed to calm down, and that she had some very serious questions for Lori, she stalked outside, hoping that Lori hadn't left yet.

Serpent-like, Jasmine watched Amanda head outside wondering if she was leaving, trying to calm herself down, or going to find Lori. Either way, she now focused on the bride-to-be, who was now doing a shot at the table with her friends.

Amanda went outside and looked around for Lori, but unfortunately didn't see her anywhere. She sighed. She really needed to know why Lori had done what she did. The woman's brief fingering had opened a surprisingly intriguing door that she hadn't ever even considered before. Her friends had kissed each other to show off for the guys, but only Lori had ever kissed Amanda on the lips with passion; and that had only been when she was really drunk and teasing a college boy she eventually had gone home with that night. Yet the night air being cool, she hoped that at least the temperature could make headway in calming down her suddenly raging sexual libido and this astounding newfound curiosity. Yet, even as she attempted to take long, slow breaths, an irresistible image popped into her head: Lori, thrashing in the throes of euphoria, crying out passionately in orgasm, said orgasm having been achieved at the hands of this blunt, rude, aggressive, but undeniably beautiful, woman.

Jasmine waved over a waitress and ordered, "Please send over a 'screaming orgasm shooter' to the adorable bride-to-be over there with this note." Jasmine handed her a note she had just written. Congrats on your almost nuptials. Please enjoy this great orgasm, likely the last you'll ever have, on me... Jasmine.

The waitress left with the note as Jasmine kept watching her next target.

Amanda, upset and confused by her feelings, phoned Lori.

Lori, in a taxi on her way home, saw who it was and sighed. Yet feeling her good friend deserved an explanation she answered the phone. "Hi."

"Where are you?" Amanda asked.

"Almost home," Lori lied. The truth was that she was only a couple minutes from the club, since the traffic was horrible.

"Why'd you leave?" Amanda continued, even though the answer was obvious.

"Because I was mortified that you saw me like that and I couldn't bear to face you!" Lori confessed.

"Lori, if you're gay, I'm fine with that." Amanda was trying her best to behave calmly and reasonably.

"I'm not gay," Lori protested. "I've never done anything like that before!"

Amanda asked the obvious question, the question she was really curious about, "Then why?"

Lori gave her truthful answer. "I honestly don't know. One minute I was being groped on the dance floor and then fingered. It got me super horny. Then I ran to the bathroom feeling like a slut and this woman followed and just took control."

"Why didn't you say no?" Amanda wanted to know... needed to know.

"I can't explain it, but it felt like I was in a trance, and truthfully when she found my g-spot I thought I was going to explode from pleasure," Lori admitted.

"So it was good?" Amanda asked, her own pussy tingling as she recalled her own mysterious g-spot being found so easily.

"You saw me," Lori replied, "I couldn't stop coming and coming, even though I could see you watching me and I was completely mortified."

"It's okay," Amanda offered, wanting to comfort her friend.

"No, I'm completely embarrassed! I couldn't control myself," Lori blurted.

"It's okay," Amanda promised. "I'll keep your secret and tell the girls you went home not feeling well."

"Thanks, I owe you." Lori breathed a sigh of relief.

"No worries," Amanda said, as she hung up and tried to make sense of all she'd just learned.

Jasmine watched the bride-to-be accept the shooter, and when the waitress pointed to her, she just waved.

The bride gave a strange smile, finding it odd to receive a drink bought by a female, before shrugging, deciding it was a free shot so why not, and shot it. She then read the message. She looked back at the pretty older woman, wondering what the message meant. Curious and wanting to thank the woman for the shot, she walked over to her... well wobbled actually, the back to back shooters in the past few minutes really doing her in.

When the bride-to-be reached the older woman, she said, "Thanks for the shot."

"You're welcome," Jasmine smiled, impressed at how quickly the cute blonde had come came over to her... this might it may have been a record. "I just wanted to be the last one to ever give you a real screaming orgasm."

"What do you mean by that?" the bride-to-be askedpuzzled.

"Men can't really give women screaming orgasms," Jasmine said bluntly said.

"You haven't met the right man," the pretty girl braggedresponded.

"Join me for another drink," Jasmine offered, as she patted a spot beside her and waved over to the bar.

Carrie didn't know why, but she took a seat where offered, although kind of thankful to be sitting down after all the dancing and drinking. The room had been starting to spin a bit.

"What's your name?" Jasmine asked.

"Carrie," the bride-to-be said.

Jasmine followed up, "When is the wedding?"

"Tomorrow," the drunk Carrie admitted.

"Really?" Jasmine asked, surprised. It was rare for bachelorette parties to occur the evening before the wedding... although not so rare for the bachelor party to be held the night before.

"Yeah, it's the only day that two of my bridesmaids could fly in," Carrie explained, not sure why she was sharing all this information with the older woman.

"Well then, thank God I sent you that shot," Jasmine said.

"Why?" Carrie was curious: there was something intriguing about this woman she couldn't quite put her finger on.

The waitress delivered two drinks and Jasmine announced, "A toast."

"To what?" Carrie asked.

"To a life-altering night," Jasmine declared.

Carrie laughed, "How so?"

Jasmine put her hand on the pretty, drunk, and pretty drunk girl's leg and smiled, "Because you only have tonight to experience one last screaming orgasm."

I think you already gave me one," Carrie joked, noticing the woman's hand on her leg, which felt oddly nice.

"That was just an appetizer," Jasmine promised, as she took a drink. Carrie took one too, as Jasmine moved her hand up Carrie's legs.

"What are you doing?" Carrie asked, as the woman's hand drifted slightly under her dress.

Jasmine ignored the question as she asked, "So tonight is literally your last night of freedom?"

"I guess," Carrie nodded, moving her hand down to stop the lesbian's hand from moving further under her skirt.

"No, I know," Jasmine smiled, putting her other hand on top of her own and the pretty bride-to-be's.

Amanda walked back into the bar, unsure what she was going to do. She was confused as her head and body argued over what to do next. Yet the fact she was back in the club probably meant the body was arguing more convincingly. She looked at the table the older woman had been at earlier and saw her still there, but with another woman. Ironically, her first feeling was jealousy.

Jasmine glanced over and noticed Amanda watching. She smiled at her, but then leaned in to kiss the pretty bride.

Carrie was startled by the uninvited kiss, yet was also impressed by the tenderness of the lips, so instead of pushing the woman away, she returned the kiss.

While kissing the bride-to-be, Jasmine moved her hand completely under the woman's skirt and directly to the surprisingly panty-less girl's sex. She slid her finger inside the completely shaved pussy and began fingering the surprised girl.

Carrie moaned into the older woman's mouth out of both pleasure and distress. She broke the kiss and asked, even though she didn't pull the hand out, "What are you doing?"

"Giving you one last screaming orgasm," Jasmine gloated, as she found the girl's g-spot and tapped.

"Oooooooh," Carrie moaned loudly, intense pleasure hitting her like a soft hammer.

"Do you want me to stop?" Jasmine asked, teasing the g-spot.

Before she could respond, even though she couldn't formulate an actual answer to the question, two of her friends showed up.

"Are you okay, Carrie?" Tiffany asked, peering at her friend, who was looking rather flustered.

Carrie stammered, scooting closer to the table to hide what was happening, really not wishing to get caught with another woman's finger in her pussy, "I-I-I am just visiting an old acquaintance."

"I'm Jasmine," Jasmine greeted, reaching out in a friendly gesture with her right hand while the left was otherwise engaged. Nothing turned her on more than enjoying something like this while others were oblivious... it was quite the rush.

"Tiffany," Tiffany said, adding, as she shook the older woman's hand, "and this is Zelda."

Zelda just waved.

Jasmine waved back, even as she thought she looked like a perfect target, sweet and innocent, Jasmine's favourite. "Hi, Zelda."

"Hi," Zelda said back.

Carrie explained, "These are two of my bridesmaids; they're the ones who flew in today."

"Nice," Jasmine nodded, as she secretly and slowly continued to finger the nervous bride-to-be.

"How do you know Carrie?" Tiffany asked, sensing something wasn't right.

"She's friends with my mother," Carrie quickly answered, lying.

Jasmine nodded, "Yes, we go way back."

Tiffany asked Carrie, still puzzled, "Want to come dance with us some more?"

"In a couple of minutes," Carrie prevaricated, not seeing any easy way out of this awkward situation, "I still want to catch up a bit and finish my drink."

"Okay," Tiffany said doubtfully, glancing over at the older woman with a curious look before turning and returning to the dance floor.

Zelda followed her.

Jasmine said, quickly tapping the g-spot again, "I don't think Tiffany likes me."

"She's very protective," Carrie moaned; the pleasure this stranger was giving her was driving her out of her gourd!

"I can be protective too," Jasmine purred, stopping quickly. The give quick pleasure and quick stop technique was one that almost always drove straight women to reconsider their orientation because they wanted that pleasure back... that pleasure that until moments earlier they usually didn't know had even existed.

"I wonder if she saw us kissing," Carrie said, suddenly worried, even as her body was burning with desperation to start feeling that pleasure on her g-spot again.

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