tagIncest/TabooTurning 'Em Out Ch. 01

Turning 'Em Out Ch. 01


My name is Sahid, and this is the first of many stories about me turning niggas out. When you're a sexy muthafucker like me, you can get dudes to do just about anything to please you. I had no idea how strong my power was until one night I was chillin with this one kat named Reggie.

Me & him had been kicking it for a while, but we hadn't fucked yet. It wasn't that I didn't think he was cute. Reg had it goin on. 5'9, caramel complexion, hazel eyes, full pink lips, and ass for days. He lived with his older brother, Johnny, who was just as sexy. It was kinda wrong for me to be checking his brother out, but the nigga was hot. I looked at the both of them, and it got the wheels turning in my head....

"Ay, Reg, didn't you say that your brother fucked around, too?"

"Yeah, Johnny is bi. Why?"

"Just asking. I know that niggas be at the 2 of ya'll on a daily."

"Many try, but they fail."

"Are you & Johnny real close?"

"Of course. He's my brother. Why wouldn't we be?"

"Shit, I can't stand my brother. Me & him butt heads all the time. Have ya'll ever caught each other fucking?"

"Yes, we have, but it was cool. We don't have any secrets between us. No harm, no foul."

"So, ya'll talk to each other about your se lives?"


"It doesn't turn you on when your brother talks about fucking?"

"It does."

"The fact that he's talking about sex, or the fact that he's your brother?"

"Well, a little of both."

"Would you fuck your brother if the opportunity presented itself?"

"OMG! NO! That wouldn't be right."

"Who gives a fuck about what's right? I asked if you would do it."


"Cool. I'm finna make it happen for you."

I knew that Johnny had a serious crush on me, so it was time to use it to my advantage. Reg put a flick on and asked his brother if he wanted to come join us. They had watched flicks together before, so Johnny didn't think anything of it and came to watch with us.

As time went on, the flick got my dick hard, so I pulled out my thick 8.5 inches and started beating it. Both of the brothers gazed at my pipe with amazement. My shit had some serious weight on it.

"Why don't ya'll join me."

Reg & John both pulled their dicks out and started to stroke. Their dicks were decent. John was packing about 9 and Reggie was carrying a cool 7.5. I walked over to Johnny and kissed him deep. While doing that, I signaled Reg to come over. I pushed Reggie's head down on Johnny's dick and forced him to suck it. He was reluctant at first, but the taste of a hard dick in his mouth calmed him down.

Before John could react to his baby brother slobbing him down, I shoved my thick pole down his throat. Damn, this nigga was a pro at giving dome! John's moans gave me the feeling that he was about to nut, so I got Reggie up off his dick and onto mines. The sight of two brothers sucking me up at the same time sent chills down my spine. This was some nasty immoral shit, and I loved it.

They both were taking turns sucking, then licking my shaft. Working their way up my dick, they both got to the head, then the hottest thing yet happened. Their tongues touched each other, which lead to them French kissing. I pulled my dick from between them and watched them go at it.

Reg sat on Johnny's lap and started grinding his ass on his big brother's dick. I reached in my pocket and got a rubber, then slid it on John's dick. They both looked up at me, then Reggie's slid onto Johnny's dick. Lust came over them as they fucked like animals.

I beat my dick watching them. Johnny then pulled out and put Reggie on his knees. He shoved his little brother's face into the love seat, fucking without regret. They banged it out for about 20 minutes, then John pulled out and nutted on Reg's back.

I made Johnny lick up his own nut, then I had them sit side by side. My nut shot over both their faces, and I made them lick it off of each other. Me & Reggie are still cool, but him & his brother are still fucking each other on a regular basis. I know that it was wrong to have brothers fucking each other, but oh well. Sex is sex, as long as it's hot. This started me on a path to get niggas to nasty shit to please me....

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