tagGay MaleTurning 'Em Out Ch. 02

Turning 'Em Out Ch. 02


Part 2 (My Revenge/Gettin' Cuz)

I was riding through the old neighborhood when I caught my cousin's boyfriend, Greg, hollering at some other chick. I had told my cuz when she first started talking to old boy that he was no good. Everybody on the block knew that he was a pussy ass nigga, and I was going to prove it. This muthafucker was gone wish that he never fucked my fam over.

I knew one of the kats that Greg rolled with, Bobby. My free bag came from Bobby because that nigga fucked around and was sweet on me. I had let him slob me up a couple of times, but he wasn't really the type that I saw myself fucking. Maybe he could prove himself to me.

"Yo, B! Let me holla at you for a minute."

"Wassup, Sahid?"

"Ay, I need you to do me a favor."

"Anything for you, nig. You know that."

"Your boy, Greg, has been fucking off on my cousin. I can't have dude playing my fam like that, so this is what you gone do..."

Bobby & I thought of something that make sure that nigga wasn't gone be playing my cuz or any other chick. I had Bobby get Greg to come over to his crib to chill and smoke some bag. They were on the couch talking bullshit while I had a digital camera set up in Bobby's close on a timer. It was time for my plan to get underway.

"Ay, G, we got to talk about some shit."

"Like what?"

"You are fucking off on Lisa. That shit ain't cool, man. You know if Sahid found out about that shit, it wouldn't be pretty."

"That nigga, Sahid is full of shit. He all talk. Ain't nobody worried about dude."

"Aight. Don't say shit when you get another cap bussed in that ass. I'm trying to keep your ass out of some shit."

"You think that Lisa's fam would try some shit like that, yo?"

"Try? Nigga, they would. Sahid & Lisa's brother don't bullshit with nobody. I got a way to keep you in the clear, though. First, suck this dick."


"Suck this dick. I got ways of keeping you from getting your ass whooped or worse, but you gots to help me. Pull my dick out and suck it. Deal with them or you deal with me."

"B, man, I ain't down with any shit like that."

B pulled out his gun and put it on the coffee table. Greg, being the pussy ass nigga that he is, reluctantly went down on Bobby. That nigga had gotten jumped too many times to not do what was asked of him.

B's 10 inch dick was already hard, so he rammed it into Greg's mouth. He gagged, all the while spit was running down his chin. Bobby grabbed the back of Greg's head and started to fuck his face, hard. Tears ran down Greg's face as he was getting bitched out by his homeboy.

"Relax your muthafucking throat, bitch! Suck this dick like you want to before I blow your fucking head off! Yeah, that's it."

Greg relaxed and got into the groove of sucking Bobby's dick. He even started to lick on that niggas balls. I knew that hoe ass bitch would fuck around if given the chance. Now, he was.

Greg was sucking dick like a pro. B felt a tingle in his nuts and shot all over dude's face. My digital camera caught everything.

Soon, the whole block had pics of Greg's punk ass giving head and having nut all over his face. That would teach that mangy ass nigga not to fuck anybody else over.

It was time to give B his reward, but I had a few surprises for him...

B more than proved himself for me. We got that nigga, Greg, for cheating on Lisa. Now, it was time for his reward. I headed over to my cousin, Alonzo's house to smoke with him. The wheels began to turn in my head...

"Yo, Sahid, thanks for getting that nigga, Greg, for me. The fuck that bitch ass nigga think he is trying to play my sister? Lisa deserves way better than that."

"Yeah, she does. You think that's you?"

"Nigga, what the fuck is you on? That's my sister! Incest is some disgusting shit, yo!"

"Zo, this me you're talking to. I already know about the nasty thoughts you be having about Lisa. I remember you telling my about how you listened to her fuck Greg all the time. Your dick getting hard thinking about how good her pussy felt."

"Cuz, I told you that shit in strict confidence. Don't be going around telling nobody that shit, man."

"You know that all of your secrets are safe with me. Won't nobody find out that you wanna Wife your little sister."

"I actually don't, my nigga. I just wanna fuck. Turn her ass into a cum guzzler only for me. She can fuck other kats. I just wanna be able to tap that ass whenever I want."

"I hear you. What if I told you that I could arrange that for you?"

"You bullshitting."

"Naw, I ain't. Lisa has tried getting at me a few times while she was tipsy. She said that it makes her pussy wet at the idea of fucking her favorite cousin. I may take her up on the offer soon. You can join in if you want to."

"On what? Lisa been after you?"

"She just wanna fuck, man. We can dog walk her together. But, first, you gotta help me out with something."

"Sure, cuz. It's whatever..."

I told Zo about how B has been trying to get me to fuck him for the longest. Since he proved himself, I wanted to give him a little treat. That kat has been after Zo for the longest. But, you know how some niggas are. They try to act all hard, but the right dude can come along and turn them into a nasty, dick sucking little bitch. My cuz was about to be that and more.

Me & Zo hit the corner store for some Tequila and wraps, then I called B and told him to head to my crib. While we waited, I started asking Zo a few questions to kinda feel him out. Prepare this kat for what was about to happen. I ain't want to have to whoop his ass for stepping out of line. It's happened a couple of times with scary niggas that wanted to get down, but couldn't muster enough nerve to do so.

"Ay, Zo, have you ever fucked with anther nigga before?"

"Naw. This one kat played with my dick when he thought I was drunk sleep. That's it, though."

"Cool. I just wanna make sure that your okay with what's about to go down."

"It's all good, Cuz. I always been curious about fucking around with other niggas, but just never got up enough nerve to do it. Plus, I will do whatever I got to do to get up in Lisa's ass. I know that's my little sister, but my dick could give two shits about that."

It's crazy the shit that niggas will do for some pussy. I've never had that problem. Even my own moms has threw some ass my way (but, that's another story, LOL). B finally got to my crib and we had a few shots, then smoked. I popped in a straight porn to set the mood.

"Aight, B. You been wanting this dick. Come get it."

"Nigga, what the fuck is you on? Your Cousin is sitting right here!"

"Don't worry about Zo. He's gone give you some dick, too. We are going to wear that chocolate booty out. Yo."

B pulled my dick out and started working his magic. Zo watched in awe as I got my thick pole deep throated. Damn, this nigga wasn't all that cute, but he could slob a dick down! I pulled my shirt off as B eased my jeans & shoes off. All the while keeping my dick deep in his throat. Zo followed by taking all of his shit off. My cuz had it going on. Nice, yellow complexion. Toned, muscular body. Fat, juicy ass with a big dick to match. That monster had to be about 10 or better.

Zo helped B out of his clothes, then started to play with that tight ass. I looked deep into Zo's eyes as he fingered B's booty with two digits. Lust washed over our faces, wanting to get rid of this kat and fuck each other. I grabbed some lube from under my couch and passed it to my cuz. After he eased the third finger in, it was time to go in for the kill.

B moaned on my dick as Zo eased his vanilla rod into him. I started to match Zo stroke for stroke. He banged that tight asshole while I drove my dick as deep as I could into that nigga's mouth. Spit ran out the sides of B's mouth. Tears ran down his face, which only turned me on even more. He took my dick out his mouth, then started to give my big balls a hot tongue bath. He juggled them bitches in his mouth like a pro. After a while, B had to stop because Zo was long-dicking that nigga too good.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head. B was in pure ecstasy getting that good dick down. Zo bit his bottom lip as he dug deeper in that ass. Dude had some thick, pink lips. Perfect for eating pussy, ass & dick, yo! I walked around and kissed him passionately. Our tongues twisted together. I sucked on my cousin's bottom lip, making him moan and damn near fuck a hole in the floor with B. Zo pulled his dick out and shot all over B's back with my tongue shoved down his throat. I wasn't done yet. I shoved my dick back into B's mouth and fucked his face. I told Zo to go under B and play with his dick. Whenever I do threesomes, all parties have to nut, or there's no point.

B's dick wasn't real long, but it was thick as hell. Zo took it upon himself to stuff that muthafucker in his mouth. It felt like my caramel piece got harder as I watched my cousin try his best to slob down my homeboy's knob. My nuts felt that oh, so special tingle. 6 thick strips of nut shot into B's mouth and down his throat. That little bitch drunk every last drop like he had a thirst that needed to be quenched. Zo moved out of the way just in time for B to nut all over my floor. I guess he wasn't having that shit. He would soon enough, though. I saw the pool of nut on my floor and made B lick that shit up. You always clean up what you fuck up in my house.

Zo & B fucked again while they showered and cleaned up. My plan worked out perfectly. I successfully turned my fine ass cousin out and gave B what he wanted without having to fuck him. Now, it was time to get Zo what he wanted. Little did he know, I was planning on turning him and his little sister into my personal cum-guzzling hoes.

"Ay, Lisa? This Sahid. Yeah, I was wondering if that offer was still on the table. Oh, really? That's wassup. We gots to set that up then. I wanted to add a third, too, if that was cool. Who? Your brother..."

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