tagInterracial LoveTurning Her Out

Turning Her Out


She was a little white chick I had wanted to bone for a long time. She was one of those too damn sexy bitches that make most men drool just by walking into a room but she was married to a biker friend who had placed her strictly off limits. I knew her story, she was one of those teen virgin types that he picked up when she ditched her boyfriend after her high school prom. Three hours later he had her draped over the seat of his scoot while he was popping cherry doggy style in the parking lot of our clubhouse. She followed him around like a puppy after that, fucking him anytime he wanted a little piece but absolutely refusing to do him in public.

The club lost both our party ladies, the snow sniffing bitches that did any of the guys on Saturday night. We had gone several weeks without any and J.D. decided he would turn his wife over. "Anything for the cause," he said, "besides, I need me a little something strange from time to time and she needs some serious fucking while I'm doing somebody else."

"Come on down Saturday," he said. "I'm going to make her pull the train and you're going to be the first in line. She's never had any black dick, anyway."

I walked into the party room about 8 that night. He was sitting on the couch, the one that's reserved for showtime fucking. She was sitting at his feet, wearing one of those school girl wrap skirts and a loose fitting white blouse. "Here's the man who's going to fuck your ass off," he said as I approached.

She turned and slowly looked up at me. Her face was a mixture of nervousness and fright. She knew she was about to become one of the sluts she so often sneered at, a bitch whose every hole was open for fun. "He's so…" her voice trailed off as she went pale, then blushed furiously when I dropped my jeans, standing completely naked in front of her.

"Black?" J.D. said.

"Big," She whispered, staring at my half hard dick.

For the record, I am big. At six feet eight inches tall, I was a foot and a half bigger than she was. At 280 pounds, I was almost 200 pounds heavier. My cock fits the physique. It looks normal on me but I know it's a lot larger than average.

"Show him what you're giving him."

Blushing even more and no longer looking up at me, she raised her knees to her chest, then slowly spread them. The skirt fell to her waist, exposing a perfectly shaved pussy. It was already a little wet. Maybe he was playing with her before I arrived, maybe she was just excited about what was going to happen to her.

I knelt down in front of her. She kept her face buried against his leg to hide her embarrassment. Her chest was rising and falling with her every breath. I could see one of those frilly little bras under her blouse. It did nothing to hide nipples that were already little bullets.

"Shit, man, J.D. really is turning out his bitch," I heard someone say. "Black dude's gonna stretch that pussy way out of shape," said another. Several of the brothers gathered, discussing who would get her cute little ass next.

I rubbed my index finger across her mouth then inserted it, feeling her tongue, thinking my finger was probably as big as his cock. I slowly traced down her throat until I hooked the top button of her blouse. It took just a little tug to pop the button loose. I went to the next button, then the next until her blouse was completely open. I could see the brownness of her nipples just peeking over the top of her bra. I reached for the center clasp and opened it.

The bra was a little too small for her growing breasts. Combined with a quick intake of breath, it popped open, revealing her tits to a crowd of cheering men. I caressed the sides of those tits with my fingertips, then palmed one. For the first time, she reacted, turning her face toward my hand and kissing my wrist. Her mouth felt incredibly hot. I couldn't wait to feel it wrapped around my cock.

My hands slipped down to her ass, Cupping one cheek in each hand, I lifted her pussy up to my mouth. The way her skirt slipped down her thighs slowly exposing her pussy was damn fucking hot! I held her suspended like that for a few seconds as I savored what I was about to eat. Her head and shoulders were on the couch next to her old man. Her ass cheeks were in my hands.

"Fucking A! Look at that little pussy. You ever seen anything that wet and wide open before?" said one of the guys.

I kept my mouth just off that pussy for a minute, letting my breath tickle her cunt and enjoying the aroma. I looked up and marveled at the way her tits looked, rising and falling, framed by the open blouse and bra. Quickly, I moved in, capturing her clit between my lips. She screamed and bucked upwards, trying to bury that little bud in my mouth. She hooked her legs over my shoulders and I reached up with my hands to grab her tits. She was thrashing and bucking her ass, coming hard and suddenly oblivious to the crowd that gathered.

JD quieted her by covering her mouth with his. She devoured his tongue, sucking it in as hard as she could, moaning under the oral assault on both sets of lips. I was pushing my tongue deep inside her, at least as far as white boy husband's little dick had ever reached, I thought. I let her come down a bit then brought her back to an almost orgasm three more times. She was crying in frustration, needing my cock or any cock at that point. She reached down and undid the button at her skirt waist, letting it fall to the floor and leaving her totally exposed from the belly down. If she had any doubts about becoming our new party whore, they went away with that single act. She was already a cock-crazed slut and everyone in the club knew it as well as she did.

I draped her face down across the arm of the couch, her cute little ass spread and waiting. I grabbed her blouse and bra and ripped them off. I took my cock in hand and drew it down the crack of her ass. "Raise it up, bitch, don't make me work for that pussy."

She raised up on her tip toes, desperate for relief. I raked my cock head over her clit and watched as she shivered in anticipation.

"He's going to do it," she whispered to J.D. "He's going to fuck me in front of all your friends. He's getting ready to. . ."

He grabbed her hair, lifting her head off his lap. Freeing his cock form his pants, He lowered her face onto it. As she sank her face around his cock, I slowly penetrated her pussy. When I was half way in, I suddenly thrust forward as hard as I could, burying myself entirely inside her, raking her hard little clit with the last few inches of my cock. She came almost immediately as J.D. thrust upwards into her mouth. She was getting the first double-dicking of her life and loving it.

I picked up the pace, enjoying the little yipping noise that came from her mouth every time I was all the way in and enjoying the way her pussy lips stayed around my dick as I pulled back. "Damn, look at that!" Somebody whispered. "His dick is turning her inside out."

Then I came, flooding her tight little cunt with a couple days worth of cum. J.D. cut loose with his wad a few seconds later, coating her jaws and chin with his juice. I held my cock in place, deep inside her for a few minutes, then withdrew as quickly as I entered the cunt.

I stepped back and one of the guys pointed out that her pussy lips remained wide open. In a few more seconds, my come started to drip out of the hole. Slowly her cunt closed up and she sagged to her knees.

"Can we have her next?" asked the Banyon brothers. They did everything together, even fucking.

"She's warmed up and ready," said her husband. The boys made a bitch sandwich out of her, one sucking on her tits from the front as the other began probing her asshole. She was going to be wasted after tonight, I thought.

I grabbed a beer and my pants and watched them perform a d.p. with her on the floor. An Oreo sandwich never looked that tasty.

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