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First a bit of info about Oni, for those who've never heard of them:

Oni (鬼) are creatures from Japanese myth, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres or trolls. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature and theatre. Statues of Oni can be found throughout Japan.

Depictions of Oni vary widely but usually portray them as hideous, gigantic creatures with fangs, sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing from their heads. They are humanoid for the most part, but occasionally, they are shown with unnatural features such as odd numbers of eyes or extra fingers and toes. Their skin may be any number of colours, but red and blue are particularly common.

They are often depicted wearing tiger-skin loincloths and carrying iron clubs, called kanabō.


Once long ago, there were two Oni of friendly character, one was red and the other blue. The red Oni longed to be friends with the town's people but they recoiled in fear and revulsion at the sight of him each time he tried to intervene. The blue Oni decided to help. He was to attack the town and the red Oni was to come and save them. The plan worked and the townspeople loved the red Oni. Over time it was the blue Oni who became the town's mascot as his act of kindness had changed people's opinion about Oni in the first place. To the present day now and the blue Oni had decided that the time had come for him to return to the little town he remembered from that age long past...

Takamatsu was the capital of Kagawa Prefecture, the smallest prefecture in Japan. Caitlin was living on the northern side of the island of Shikoku. She'd been working here for six months now teaching English and had settled in well. Her small flat overlooked the beach. The beach itself provided quite a view of the sunset and in the warm summer months a great place to sit and listen to music and think.

On her way back from work, Caitlin passed by the cake shop by the station. The cupcakes always looked so tempting though she'd resisted buying some. Today was different and she bought a box of four to enjoy. To hell with dieting, you had to have some pleasures in life.

Caitlin decided to take the scenic walk home for a change. Being cooped up in a stuffy classroom all day had left her feeling stifled. The high humidity of Japanese summer was a world away from the cold and damp of the UK. Though it had been hard work, she didn't miss London and its stressed-out way of life one bit. She was still getting used to the customs and quaint little ways of her neighbours. There had been a lot of talk about strange demons or ogres called Oni this week. Caitlin found the stories of these beings amusing but hadn't read too much into them. Walking through the park she passed the large stone Oni statue that had greeted her many times before and headed towards the river.

She could smell the clean, refreshing scent of the water before she could see it, and then hear its gentle babbling voice just before it came into view. A peaceful sensation washed over Caitlin as she watched the river in its urgency, continuing down its path without cessation. She looked round. Unusual for this time of day, the park appeared to be completely deserted. In a sudden burst of spontaneity, she set the box of cupcakes down and kicked off her shoes, wading into the shallow water. She gasped at first at the frigid temperature, a prickling of goosebumps pimpling over her flesh at the unexpected cold. She shook her long blonde hair, took a few deep breaths as her body adjusted, giggling a little as her toes settled into the squishy black river mud and sent up little puffy clouds of debris that travelled down-stream and were washed away out of sight.

A songbird broke into its chipper melody somewhere in the trees above her, and she looked up, a sincere smile slowly spreading itself across her lips. She waded a few feet over to a large, flat stone and sat down, feeling peaceful and content as the water rushed about her calves. There had not been a moment's peace since last weekend.

She made a little game of sweeping her foot as rapidly as she could through the water and then kicking high, sending an arc of droplets through the air to land on the opposite bank, making a sound like rainfall as they hit the foliage. The river wasn't overly wide, and she laughed again, trying to beat her own record and make each splash of water travel further than the last. Sometimes you just had to let go and act like a kid again.

A low growl pulled her from her reverie, and she stood up, startled, the water pooling on the surface of the rock as it dripped from her legs and the hem of her dress. She looked around her surroundings in apprehension, trying to still the flutter of her heart by insisting that it was only someone's dog she'd heard.

It was then that she saw the Oni...

He was kneeling at the bank on the other side of the river, and he was very still. Blue-skinned, white haired...it wasn't someone cosplaying but a real creature. She inhaled quickly, her hands flying to her mouth, frozen to the spot in sheer terror.

"Oh my God...who...what the hell is that?"

A small cry escaped her throat, and the Oni tilted his head to one side very slowly, almost as if in curiosity. I'm going to die, she thought, and the idea made her tremble. I'm going to die. Her breathing was rapid and tremulous, her hands quaking as she stared at the Oni that would be her killer, and he stared in return, like a great cat stalking its prey.

Suddenly the nearby bird belted forth its jovial song once more, and for a split second the creature's eyes shifted upwards. In that moment, Caitlin found her courage, and her feet, and she turned, grabbed her shoes and ran as fast as she could towards the exit of the park. In her haste, she'd forgotten the box of cupcakes on the riverbank...

She remained inside her locked apartment for the rest of the day, trying to comprehend what she'd seen earlier. That night Caitlin tossed and turned, restless on her bed, the humidity wasn't helping one bit and no matter how hard she tried, was unable to put the memories of the park out of her mind.

A couple of hours had passed and an uneasy sleep had finally claimed her. However she was woken by a low scratching sound, like a dog's paws upon a hard floor. Caitlin sat bolt upright in bed, surprised that she was sheathed in a cold sweat. As her eyes adjusted to the inky darkness she froze in mortal fear. Something huge and hulking stood at the foot of her bed, looming over her.

Caitlin opened her mouth to scream, but her scream died of fright before it even left her throat. She fumbled for the lightswitch, pressed it and was confronted with her intruder. Tears welled up in her eyes. It was the blue Oni.

"No...no, please!" she pleaded, as he moved closer. She drew in a breath and looked up at him as he stopped in front of her. He towered over her by at least a good two feet, his massive black horns rivalling her entire arm in length. How the hell had he found her and managed to enter her flat? Supernatural abilities? She tried to disguise the fear in her eyes, but knew she did a poor job as such. Still, she squelched the fear in her belly as best as she could and addressed him.

"Please...if you're going to kill me, do it quickly."

The Oni lifted up the box he was holding, which she'd failed to notice until now. With a soft, growling noise, he placed it gently in front of her. She recognised it immediately as the box of cupcakes.

"Oh...." With trembling fingers she opened the box and discovered that only one cupcake remained.

"Is this to be my last meal before death?" she wondered. Suddenly the Oni extended reached out with one large, clawed hand, and she began to tremble. His hands were enormous, and could easily crush a man's skull in one palm. She clenched her eyes shut and braced herself for the blow she was sure to follow, one with perhaps enough power behind it to end her life.

A gentle tickling sensation travelled the length of her arm, and she shivered, reopening her eyes and looking down to where the Oni had placed one finger at her shoulder and was now deftly tracing the delicate outline of her bicep. He made a series of what sounded like low guttural grunts, and it took her a moment to realize that he was chuckling.

She moved her hand as his continued to travel the length of her arm, and she closed her fingers over his wrist as best as she could, given the width of arm was nearly twice of hers. A shudder went through him at her touch, and she could see his corded muscles ripple with sinew. His power was simultaneously frightening and beautiful, and Caitlin found that she couldn't take her eyes off him. He was incredibly rugged. A tiger-skin loincloth wound about his waist, falling almost to his knees, and his chest was bare. He wore thick gold bands round his wrists and ankles.

He moved his hand again, towards her head, and lifted a lock of her pale gold hair in his palm, examining it closely, going so far as to sniff at it with his wide nostrils. Caitlin stumbled back in abrupt panic, withdrawing her hand and wondering if he intended to eat her after all. The Oni dropped the strand of her hair in apparent surprise, mouthing some grunts she didn't understand.

"What do you want with me?" she stammered, wondering why he hadn't attacked her already.

The Oni pointed to the cupcake and mouthed in barely audible speech, "Cake...good. Good offering. Oni enjoyed."

Caitlin blinked. He thought the cupcakes she'd accidentally left behind had been an offering to him? Then she remembered how it was custom to leave little gifts at shrines.

"D-didn't you want this last one?" she said.

The Oni chuckled again. "We share...yes? I like."

She nodded. She wasn't going to disagree with a seven foot ogre-like being. Maybe in sharing this cake her life would be spared. Was this some kind of test to see if she was of good character?

Caitlin broke the cupcake in half. Her fear had destroyed any kind of appetite she possessed and the thought of eating the sugary treat made her feel nauseous. But she had no choice. With a trembling hand she offered him the other half of the cake. He took it gently from her hand and ate it quickly. She gritted her teeth and did the same. When they'd finished, the Oni took her hand again and she gulped, fearing what was to come next.

I'm to be the second course. She thought.

Then to Caitlin's great surprise, the Oni placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand.

She instantly blushed, feeling a sudden heat spread across her cheeks and into her ears. She opened her mouth as though to speak, but no words, not even a sound, came from her lips.

The Oni looked up at her with a bashful grin, straightening but not letting go of her hand. It seemed to Caitlin that the deep blue of his face was tinted with a delicate shade of red as well. She realised her mouth was still hanging open in utter shock, and she closed it quickly.

She felt his hand on her face, and he tilted her chin up gently to look him in the eye again. She marveled at the primitive beauty of him, the muscles that ran the length of his arms and legs, his chiselled abdominals and toned pectorals. Moved by her own fascination, she got out of bed and reached up. Even on her tiptoes, she couldn't make it to his face, but he understood her intention, and bent lower so that she might stroke his cheek. His hand explored her visage, running the length of her jaw line with a single finger, stopping at the tip of her chin before moving to brush aside her hair. She shivered as his digits ran through her tresses, a tremble of delight running the course of her spine and throughout her entire body, her flesh prickling at the sensuality of his touch.

His fingers moved to her lips, and she exhaled a shuddering breath, her own hand resting against the side of his face. She interlaced the digits of her other hand with his, and she felt a delicious shudder travel through his body. He leaned in close to her face, and the thought of him wanting to eat her didn't even cross Caitlin's mind; after all, if he'd wanted to harm her, he would have done it by this point.

She caught her breath as his lips closed over hers, and she almost pulled away, not so much out of fear, but for the fact that he was, of all things, an ogre. And yet, she found herself unable to resist, and she melted against him, kissing him back hesitantly at first, but growing more passionate as she realised just how right it felt to have their lips pressed together in that intoxicating and heated moment of affection. He moaned deep in the back of his throat, creating a gentle vibration against her mouth, and she snaked her arms about his torso.

Her heart fluttered in her chest as the massive Oni leaned towards her, gently closing his lips over hers as his eyelids slid shut. This time she kissed him back boldly, and without hesitation. He lay back on the bed, pulling her down on top of him, throwing into sharp contrast how much smaller she really was than him. His hands encircled her tiny waist, their lips locked together in a passionate embrace. Caitlin felt as though the spark that had ignited within her at their first kiss had been fanned into an ill-controlled flame, and the fire threatened to consume her, yet still she kissed him, spurred on by his deep moans of pleasure as she slipped her tongue between his teeth to explore his mouth. His fingers grasped at her hair, holding her so tightly she thought she might break.

She slithered down his torso, breathless with desire, found him erect and ready for her and was very grateful that he chose to wear only a loincloth. She hiked up the hem of her nightdress and moved her hips so that she was situated kneeling above him for one deliciously tentative moment, her thighs parted and ready to receive him, and then she lowered herself slowly onto his massive blue shaft. The Oni's eyes clenched shut and his jaw slackened, expelling a lustful groan of delight as she pushed him further inside her. He arched his back and pressed his hips into hers, his fingers clutching desperately at the cotton bedsheets and his entire body trembling. Caitlin too, realised that she was shaking, but she moved carefully, pleasantly surprised that all of his cock fit inside her. The Oni rocked himself into a seated position, and Caitlin leaned into him, the feel of him moving deep within her causing her breath to intensify all the more until she was practically gasping for air. She had never felt more aware of her own body, of the minute sensations that coursed through her veins like an electrical pulse each time he thrusted. His fingers clawed at her back, tearing the fabric of her nightdress as easily as though it were paper, exposing her milky shoulders and the tops of her breasts. Her own tiny hands clutched and scrabbled at the Oni's flesh, clinging on desperately as though the sheer ecstasy of making love to him would devour her whole. His thrusts were punctuated by lustful growls as he increased his speed, holding her tightly by the waist. Caitlin locked her slender legs around his torso, tossing her head back in ecstasy as she rode him.

"Oh God," she whispered, her voice rising to a powerful cry as she felt herself approaching her peak. "Oh...yes ...!" Her orgasm burst forth like a tidal wave crashing over her and she screamed wildly in euphoria. Her blue lover rolled his head back into a great roar as he released into her, and then she collapsed over top of him, their bodies slick with sweat and their limbs trembling in the afterglow. She snuggled up beside him in the crook of his big arm, resting her head delicately against his shoulder before sinking into a deep sleep.

The sun had already risen fairly high when Caitlin awoke. She felt simultaneously groggy and euphoric, as though she were still trapped in the throes of some happy dream. The Oni and events of last night. It had to have been a dream – right? Opening her eyes she noticed her torn nightgown, the empty cupcake box and felt a slight soreness between her thighs. Then she noticed the large gold bracelet on the pillow beside her. Her eyes widened as she picked it up. It was thick and heavy. It was one of the Oni's bracelets. A parting gift. She clutched it to her chest and flopped weakly against the pillow. It had been real after all. She tried read the kanji inscribed on the side of the bracelet as best she could.

A random encounter will lead to many great things.

Caitlin smiled as she took it all in. She wondered how many other human women had secretly "encountered" the Oni. Maybe she was the only one. Maybe this was just the start of many more encounters...

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