tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTurning The Tables

Turning The Tables

byBig Gunz©

"You're late." Ben said with his usual arrogant smirk as the apartment door swung open.

"I said around noon, it's twelve-twenty. Deal with it." Kristina replied acidly as she shot past him.

"Miss Manners as always," he countered quickly, under his breath, but loud enough that she would hear it.

"Oh, grow up," she sighed as she dropped her purse on the couch and turned to face him.

Clearly the hostility was still as abundant as ever between the two, almost a month since they had split up and she had moved out.

"Is your little girlfriend over?" She asked, her words dripping with venom.

"She's not my..." he stopped himself mid-sentence, "fuck you, I'm not doing this again."

"Oh I forgot she's not your girlfriend," she glared at him with loathing in her eyes, "you just fuck her."

"I told you, I didn't..."

"Well you could've fooled me, and anyone else who saw the two of you going at it in the club."

"Whatever," he sighed, already too exasperated at the thought of rehashing this argument for the countless time.

"Whatever, right. Typical fucking response from you." She turned away from him, shaking her head in frustration.

Kristina squeezed her eyes shut, trying to fight back the tears. He had broken her heart that night when she had caught him with that little slut on the dance floor at that salsa club four weeks ago. It had felt like her whole world had come crashing down around her when she saw him making out with her, their hands all over each other, their bodies grinding up against one another to the music. She hated him.

"You wanna fight, or do you want your shit?" Ben finally said.

Turning back around to face him, the pissed-off expression on her face indicated that she would prefer both.

"Where is it?" She asked impatiently.

"Right there," he snapped back, motioning to a small box in the hallway.

She just glared at him in response, her eyebrows arching. An expression he knew all too well. He shook his head and walked over to the cardboard box of her belongings.

"Right away, your majesty," he mumbled as he passed her.

"Asshole," she hissed back at him under her breath.

Kristina watched with folded arms and an irritated frown as her ex-boyfriend went to retrieve her things. She had put off coming over and getting the last of her stuff because she did not know how she would react to seeing him. The last time they were in the same room was a couple of weeks ago, and she cried for a day and a half afterwards. As much as she hated him for the way he had betrayed her, the problem was that she still missed him, was still attracted to him physically.

She watched as Ben picked up the box. The muscles in his well formed arms strained slightly against the short sleeves of his old grey t-shirt as he lifted it up. Despite herself, she could not help but stare at his bad-boy shaved head and stubbly cheeks, remembering all too well what it felt like to press against them, what it was like to be wrapped in his strong arms and held tight against his body. Suddenly, she felt her pussy dampen just a little and her head begin to spin. Cursing herself, she forced her eyes off of him and vowed to strengthen her resolve.

He was an asshole she told herself. He cheated on you. You hate him.

Setting the box down by the door, he turned to her and shrugged his shoulders in irritation.

"Anything else?" He questioned sneeringly.

There really was nothing else for Kristina there, but she found herself unable to just pick up the box and walk away.

"Why did you do it Ben?" She asked, her eyes burning a hole in him as she did.

"Oh for fuck sakes," he groaned, rubbing his bald head in disbelief. "How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?"

"Sorry for cheating or sorry for getting caught?" She snapped back.

"I didn't fuck her!" He bellowed. "You may not wanna believe that, but I didn't."

"And I should believe you?" She howled back. "I suppose you weren't all over her at that club either?"

"Now who should grow up Kris?" He asked, wandering away from her and shaking his head. "I fucking made a mistake, but God forbid someone as perfect as you could ever let me be forgiven!"

"Oh that's right, you cheat on me and I'm the bitch for not forgiving you. That sounds right."

"Fuck off."

"Oh, what's the matter, the truth hurt?" She quickly moved to follow him as he continued to wander around the apartment.

"You're so fucking self righteous." He countered, stopping his pacing and turning to face her. "Like you've never made a mistake?"

"At least I never cheated on you."

He turned away from her, so angry that he could not find the words. She knew she was getting to him.

"Was she the only one Ben?" She pressed on, trying to rile him further. "How many other sluts did you fuck while we were together? Is that what it was, huh? I wasn't slutty enough for you, so you had to pick up skanks at clubs? I wasn't a big enough whore for you? You wanted dirty little tramps to fuck? I didn't let you fuck me like a slut enough?"

Unable to take anymore of her verbal assault, he spun around quickly and glared at her with a look so full of fury that she immediately stopped talking. The thing was, as angry as her words were making him, there was no denying that hearing her speak in such a vulgar way was an incredible turn on, as clearly indicated by the growing bulge in his pants.

He stared at Kristina intently as silent tension replaced the venomous vocal conflict between them. Her face was flushed a bright red, her eyes narrowed and her pouting lips were pursed in rage. Her brown hair was a mess from all of her head shaking and manic rustling of her hands through her mane, making her usually well kept curls intermingle wildly into an untamed bohemian look. She was breathing hard, and Ben was struggling to keep his eyes off her big, supple tits as her chest heaved in and out with each gasp of breath. The thin white tank top and lacy bra beneath struggled mightily to contain the top of her overflowing bosom. Even though he was so mad he could not even speak to her at that moment, the only thought running through his mind as he looked at her was of all the things he would like to do with her wonderful breasts right then and there.

They glared at each other for almost half a minute until she finally began to lose her nerve. The look in his eye was chilling, something she had never seen in him before.

"Goodbye Ben." She finally spat out as she bent down and picked up the box.

Kristina turned and began to walk away from her ex, carrying her belongings down the hallway towards the front door of the apartment. She did not make it more than a few steps before she felt him come up behind her.

She let out a startled gasp as he grabbed her from behind, his fingers tight around her arms, holding her there. Her heart began to race as his hands squeezed her flesh and his body pressed against hers.

"Let me go Ben." She demanded.

Suddenly he forcefully spun her around, the box crashing to the floor as her body helplessly pivoted at his demand.

"What the fuck?!" She cried out as she came face to face with him, the wicked look still in his eyes.

"Fucking sluts? Is that what I've been doing?" He whispered to her, his voice eerily cold and low.

"Ben, what the fuck?" She replied, struggling against his grip. "Let me go, you asshole."

"Fucking whores and sluts?" He asked again, ignoring her demands to be released. "Well, I was fucking you."

Before Kristina could even respond, he shoved her strongly against the wall and pressed his body tightly against hers.

"Maybe you weren't a big enough slut for me." He whispered as he stared into her now anxious eyes.

"Ben..." she began to plead, feeling the bulge in his pants pressing against her crotch and guessing at what he was after.

"Maybe you will be now."

He reached up and grabbed her by the back of her hair, yanking back on her tangled curls and eliciting a painful yelp from her in the process. Quickly his other hand moved to her chest, gripped the front of her tank top, and pulled back. It tore easily, exposing her lacy bra covered chest, and she whimpered in anguish.

Pushing her head back to face him, he pressed his body hard against hers, pinning her against the hallway wall with ease. His lips attacked hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth as she struggled to get out of his grasp.

"Ben, no..." she began to protest once his mouth slipped off of hers.

Finally releasing his grip on her head, he quickly moved his hands back to her bosom. Grabbing a cup of her bra in each hand, he pulled them apart, popping the crosspiece and releasing her amazing tits. Her nipples were erect and stood at attention in the centre of her impressive jugs. Ben felt his cock harden even further as he cupped her breasts in both hands and leaned forward to flick one of her nipples with his tongue. She groaned as he bit down on the rock hard flesh.

"You always did like your nipples bit, didn't you whore?" He said in between nibbles, more telling her than asking.

Kristina's face began to flush as she began to get turned on by the situation. He was roughly grabbing at both her breasts, alternating licking and biting each nipple. She groaned as he sucked on her heaving jugs, switching his mouth back and forth between her heaving twins. Unable to ignore the pleasure she was experiencing from the attention being paid to her chest, she arched her back, sticking her tits out further.

"Stop it." She pleaded weakly, suddenly coming to her senses after allowing herself to momentarily enjoy her ex-boyfriend's uninvited advances.

Her words falling on deaf ears, one of his hands moved down to her jeans, and quickly slipped under the waistband. She cursed to herself, knowing that he would find the fabric of her panties already dampened as he began to press it harder against her tender pink flesh. A soft moan escaping her lips, she could not stop herself from slowly grinding her crotch against his hand. He pushed the thin fabric to the side and slipped beneath her thong, forcing two fingers into her wet slit. She did nothing to stop him or even make an attempt to. As he began to move his fingers in and out of her snatch, she began to buck back against his motions.

"See? You are a slut."

Snapping back to reality as soon as she heard Ben's words, she immediately tried to push him away.

"I fucking hate you!" She cried out as she pulled at his arm, desperate to get his hand out from between her legs.

"Yeah, but you are a slut." He countered quickly, ramming his fingers deep into her as he spoke. "See how much it turns you on?"

Finally, he relented, allowing her to pull free of his sexual grasp and move away from him. Half naked, her face flushed, eyes welling with tears, and head spinning, Kristina stumbled away from him.

"Fuck you," she muttered as she made her way back into the living room.

"Yes you will."

Her body tensed at his words, but not before he was behind her once again, this time pulling her onto the couch with him in one quick motion. She was breathing heavy and flailing her arms at him in an attempt to stop him as positioned her on her back, pinning her down with his powerful body.

"Ben..." she howled in resistance as his hands moved to her jeans and swiftly undid the button and zipper, then forced her pants down to her knees.

The blood pulsing in his cock, he held her down with one hand while the other one ripped her damp thong off of her, exposing her shaved, wet pussy.

"Ben, please no..." she whimpered, but the look in her eye told him that she did not mean it.

He let go of her and stood up, staring down at her with her heaving breasts and wide eyes. She could not even muster any more words as he reached down and pulled her jeans the rest of the way off of her. Staring in silence she watched as he quickly ripped off his shirt and undid his own jeans, pulling them and his underwear down simultaneously to free his big, hard cock. As he stepped out of his pants and boxers, her eyes could not help but fixate on his dick, bobbing up and down and glistening with pre-come. She began to struggle again as he moved back down on down of her.

"Ben..." she uttered, making one last attempt at stopping him, though at this point she figured what was about to happen was inevitable.

He placed the head of his throbbing member at the entrance to her cunt, barely grazing her swollen pink lips with the tip.

"What? You gonna tell me you don't want it?" He mocked her as he looked deep into her eyes.

Kristina could not even respond. She hated him so much. Hated him for everything he had done and for what he was doing right now. But more than anything, she hated him for being right. A part of her did want it.

"That's what I thought." He continued, answering his own question in her silence. "You do want to be fucked like a slut."

With that he thrust into her with a single stroke, burying his cock to the hilt in her pussy. Her whole body arched and she cried out as she sprang up from the couch. He shoved her back down and took one of her nipples between his teeth as he began to move his dick back and forth inside of her. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, trying to will her body not to respond.

"Don't fight it slut." He said, releasing his lip-lock on her breast. "This is what you wanted wasn't it? For me to fuck a whore?"

Ben pulled his cock out until only the head rested inside her wet hot cunt. She opened her eyes at the sudden change in his pace. As soon as their eyes met, he thrust his hips forward and slammed back into her as hard as he could.

"Fuck!" She cried out and pleasure and pain, an orgasm already building inside of her as he began to pump in and out of her faster and faster.

"That's it whore!" He shouted out as he grabbed her legs and lifted them up over his shoulders, giving him deeper access with every plunge.

She moaned loudly as she began to push back against his thrusts.

"This is what you wanted wasn't it slut?" He asked her as her hips began to buck at a feverish pace against him. "You wanted to be the whore I was fucking didn't you?"

Before she even knew it she was exploding all over his shaft as her drove deep inside her. Her body shook as he reached forward and took a double handful of her tits while her hands grasped her own legs inside the knees, holding herself open as she came thunderously. Her eyes opened wide, looking right into his.

"Yes!" She cried out. "Fuck yes!"

He pulled out abruptly as her thrashing calmed slightly. Grabbing a handful of her brown curls, he yanked her up towards him, forcing their lips together as she gasped for breath. Pulling her up, he manoeuvred himself into a sitting position on the couch as his mouth continued to press into hers. Finally releasing his aggressive lip-lock on her, he positioned her so she was straddling him.

"Now fuck me slut." He ordered.

Kristina looked down and turned her head away, tears filling her eyes again. She had never felt so used and dirty, and she could not believe he was doing this to her. Worst of all she could not believe how much she was enjoying it deep down.

Frustrated by her lack of reaction, he quickly moved to speed up her response. His hand made their way to her hips and swiftly hoisted her up, allowing his throbbing dick to rest against her slick pussy.

"Fuck me slut." He demanded again.

Again she looked away, not wanting to submit to his domination.

Irritated and horny, he reached up and took a firm hold of her sweaty and tangled hair. Her back arching as he pulled back sharply, she whimpered as his cock slowly slid inside of her again. He pushed her forward, forcing his penis deep into her and her chest against his face. He sucked in one of her nipples and bit down hard, a shriek coming from her as he did. Driving his dick deep inside her again and again, his hands moved to grip her shoulders and pull her down on to him with each upward thrust of his hips. Unable to maintain her silence any longer, she tossed her head back and screamed loudly as he slammed into her deepest recesses. She was trembling as he fucked her hard and fast.

"That's it whore." Ben said, his breath becoming short as he pumped in and out of her furiously. "Fuck me like the slut you always wanted to be."

She was now moaning loudly, her hands moving over her tits, massaging them as she began to move up and down, matching his movements.

"Yes, yes, yes..." she moaned in pleasure as his manhood slid in and out of her.

Both of his hands now gripped her hips, as he watched her squeeze her bouncing breasts in ecstasy while he continued to pound into her.

"This is what you wanted, wasn't it Kris?" He groaned as her dripping wet hole slammed down on his shaft. "You wanted to be a slut!"

Their hate-filled, animalistic sex too much for her to take, she finally gave in.

"Yes!" She screamed. "Fuck yes! Fuck me like a slut."

His balls slapped hard against her clit as they both increased their fucking pace at her words.

"Yeah, fuck me like the whore you are!" He cried out in between thrusts. "Show me how much of a slut you wanna be!"

"I fucking hate you!" Kristina growled, loving every minute of it.

"That's right slut -- you fucking hate me." He groaned. "Only a real fucking whore fucks someone she hates."

"Is that what you want?" She panted. "Is that what you want me to be? A fucking whore? A slut?"

"That's what you are, isn't it?" He countered. "That's what you wanna be."

"That's right baby, I'm a fucking whore. A big fucking slut."

Ben couldn't take much more. This was the best sex he had ever had. It was fucking perfect. He released her hips and grabbed her hair, wrenching her back painfully.

"Yes!" He bellowed. "Fuck me slut! Fuck me!"

"That's what you like baby, isn't it?" She whispered. "You like fucking sluts?"

He could only moan in response.

"Well I'm gonna be the biggest slut you've ever seen baby."

She could barely control her body by now. It was like she was possessed by hidden whore he had awoken inside her. She was slamming back hard into his cock, fucking him like a complete slut.

"I'm gonna be such a fucking slut." She told him, her tits bouncing and head thrashing from side to side.

"Oh yeah baby," he replied, trying to catch his breath. "Such a slut."

"Oh, yes baby! A giant slut..." She continued. "I'm gonna be a slut and fuck lots of guys. Gonna be their little whore."

He moaned deeply, the thought of his ex-girlfriend fucking other guys both turning him on and making him jealous. Sensing his mixed reaction, Kristina began to elaborate.

"Yeah... I'm gonna be a fucking slut for whoever wants it." One of her hands down to rub her clit as they fucked and she talked. "Mmm... yes. I'll let them fuck me any way they want to. Do whatever they want like a real whore."

He moaned again, trying to hold back his orgasm, as well as his conflicted emotions.

"That's what you want isn't it baby?" She asked mockingly. "You want me to be a slut... and I am a slut. I'm gonna be such a big slut. I'm even gonna fuck guys you know."

Ben almost blew his load right there, but he squeezed his eyes shut and concentrated on slowing his strokes into her.

"Mmm, yes..." She whimpered, closing her own eyes. "I can just imagine all those guys fucking me. Fucking their little slut. Can you imagine your friends fucking your ex-girlfriend?

She felt him trembling beneath her. Sensing that she now had the upper hand, she pushed on.

"Fuck yeah..." She continued. "I can picture your friends fucking me right now. Derek... and Jim... and Pete..."

With each name Ben had to tense his body to hold back his orgasm.

"Ooh, maybe a couple at the same time. That would be really slutty."

She could feel her own orgasm rapidly building.

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