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Turning the Tables


"No, no, no! This will not do!" Mistress Irene snapped, surveying the wreckage that had been her favorite lamp. She and her loyal slave, whom she merely called Pet, had been playing a vigorous game of fetch, with him scampering around the room after a soft rubber dog bone. She had enjoyed watching him hurry back and forth every time she set the bone free with a snap of her wrist. Then, his shoulder had bumped the end table, and her most precious lamp had come crashing down.

"I'm so sorry, Mistress! I didn't mean to break it!" Pet whined as he cowered before her, low on his knees, head bowed guiltily. His thick blonde hair hid his face, and his lean, muscular body trembled in fear of her anger. Mistress Irene, however, trembled out of rage. Her red mane tumbled around her shoulders in wild waves, and her face was flushed almost as bright a shade of red with frustration and anger. As she took in a deep breath, her ample breasts strained against the black leather of her favorite bodice. She tapped one high-heeled shoe on the floor, considering his punishment.

"What you meant to do doesn't matter, stupid animal!" she almost snarled at him. "What happened is you broke something very dear to me. And now you will suffer for it quite dearly. Get over my knees."

Whimpering, Pet crawled to her, and began to kiss her shoes, adoration and penitence oozing out of his every gesture. If that lamp hadn't been a gift from her late grandmother, Mistress Irene might have smiled, might even have forgiven him. But that was not the case. His forgiveness would have to be well earned. She reached down and twisted her fingers in his hair, seizing a fistful and pulling him up from her feet. His lip trembled, and his eyes were beginning to dampen.

"What is this? I give you an order, and not only do you disobey me, but you forget your dignity as well?" she raged at him, spit almost flying from her full, red lips. "You beg and snivel like this, why? Because you think I'll let you off easy?"

"No, Mistress. I'm just so afraid of my punishment for this, even though it was an honest accident..." he was cut off by a brisk slap to the face, and Irene pushed him down to his knees.

"Your punishment...Indeed. For starters, I'll repeat my last order." she said as she went to her favorite plushy easy chair and sat down. "Get your ass over my knees, now."

Pet crawled to her quickly, not daring any more of her wrath. He stood as he reached her, then bent over her knees, placing his hands against the nape of his neck, as she always told him to do when he was to be spanked. The blows came quick and hard, and Pet bit his lip to hold his pained cries to himself. As he felt the red heat rising in his ass, he felt the slaps of her hand begin to slow. He silently thanked God for giving her tender hands, that she might only spank him for so long. The humiliation he felt in those moments was staggering, and he was often reduced to tears by it. Tears that she had always kissed away, to date. But this time...he couldn't be sure of anything this time.

"Get up, and kneel at the foot of my bed." Irene ordered sternly, pinching his bright red ass as an incentive. With a startled gasp, he seemed to spring up, and he trotted quickly to the bed. He knelt quickly, keeping his head low, and his eyes on the floor. "I will need just a moment to prepare for the last of your punishment. Then, you'll get what you deserve for breaking that lamp!"

He dared not look up as he heard her rummaging through one of the drawers of her dressing table. He heard rustles and thumps from it, but if she should look his way and see him watching her, she would be incensed even further. After a moment, he felt her presence behind him, then her hand on his head, fingers digging into his hair. She drew him up, so that he was belly-down on the bed, his legs draped down over the foot of the bed, his sore red ass high in the air. He quickly clasped his hands on his nape again, and was treated to a soft caress down his back. Then her nails drew lines of white pain against his ass cheeks, and he gasped deeply.

"Now, Pet, the last of your punishment. You broke something of mine, and now I'll break something of yours. I wonder why I didn't do this a long time ago, really. Maybe it's just the lesson you've always needed." she began, as one of her tender hands, slick with an oily lubricant, began to massage the crack of his ass. At first, he relaxed into the massage, feeling pleasure, but then realized the purpose of that oil, and what she meant to do to him.

"Mistress, please! Mercy, I beg you, anything but this!" he pleaded, trying to crane his head far enough around to see her.

"Mercy? Oh, no, I've been too soft on you for too long." she said firmly, pushing his head back down on the soft comforter. "Now, you're going to suffer, in order to learn that we all have things we value greatly. And to learn what it feels like when those things are broken."

Pet then felt the cold, hard length rubbing against his burning ass, sliding wetly along his crack. She had brought out the one toy that she had previously only threatened him with. He had never seen it, but was feeling it now. Her strap-on dildo. He took a deep, resigned breath, trying to relax as his own body heat warmed the firm, rubbery toy that slithered against him with each movement of his Mistress' hips. Swallowing hard, he tried to brace himself, but each time she would press the tip against that tight rear pucker, she would let it slide away again, torturing him with uncertainty. In spite of himself, he felt his own cock begin to rise, pressing against the foot of the bed. How this threat of violation, of total claiming of his most intimate of places, excited him, he would never be able to explain. But the feeling was as real as his burning asscheeks.

Finally, Mistress Irene tired of teasing him. With a smile, she took the shaft of her toy in hand, and guided it to his virgin ass. She pressed gently at first, twisting her hips to work it into him with a spiraling motion. He gasped and writhed beneath her as the dildo, which wasn't even the thickest that she owned, opened his rear passage and began to sink into his depths. He choked back a cry of deliciously mixed sensations, burying his face in the comforter, hands gripping each other tightly behind his head. She pushed with her hips and leaned down, placing her mouth next to his ear.

"If you need to, you may moan. But if I hear the word 'No' out of you, even once, I'll drill you like this every night for the next month, do you hear me?" she whispered into his ear, her voice husky with her own lusty passion. His only reply was a vigorous nod of his head, and a long groan that had been held in with no small amount of discipline.

"Good Pet, make some noise for your Mistress. Let me know that you feel it." she said, stroking her hands down his back as she pushed the toy even deeper into him, burying it completely now. His gasps and moans were an almost constant rhythm now, and he lifted his ass to her, all the better to take this strange, but deep sensation that she offered. With a loving smile, she began a slow rhythm with her hips, beginning to slide the toy in and out of him, only a couple of inches each way. She didn't want to tear her poor boy in half, after all. Just teach him a good lesson.

Pet moaned and grunted beneath his Mistress' invasive attentions. The toy felt huge inside him, like it was stretching him wider than was possible, but the wet friction of it against his inner walls was sending electric shocks through all of his nerves. He wasn't even conscious of the fact that he was moving his hips in time to her thrusts, which grew stronger now, more forceful. "God help me," he thought. "She's actually fucking me, and I think I'm enjoying it..."

Irene thrust into him harder now, holding his hip in her right hand for support. He was being very responsive, bathing in every new sensation that this punishment was flooding him with. Her free hand wandered her own body. Her fingers pinched lightly at her nipples, then stroked her own soft ass. Then they played their way from her body to his, rubbing the backs of his thighs, where they brushed against his engorged cock. She smiled wickedly and traced her nails over the rock hard member, and watched Pet squirm and groan loudly. Using her fingertips, not her nails, she gently plucked at the soft, hot skin that sheathed his steely member, drawing a rising cry from him as her hips went from thrusting to pounding.

Listening to his rapid breathing, she could tell that he wouldn't last long now. Everything she was putting him through was too much all at once for him to be able to stand anymore. She spat in her hand, and wrapped it around his hard cock, stroking it in time with the hard, deep hammerblows of her hips, which drove the toy deep into his bowels. Pet tipped his head back and cried out louder than she had ever heard him before, his body jerking and spasming. His cock throbbed in her hand, and hot cum pumped out of it in thick pearly jets that pooled on the soft pink throw rug. As he came, she held her hips tight against his ass, holding the dildo deep in him, wanting his rectal muscles to get a good workout by squeezing the toy with all their strength.

When it finally passed, he slumped forward, weak, limp, and sweaty. As she slowly drew the toy out of his deepest chamber, he shuddered and broke down into helpless sobs. In seconds, the strap-on hit the floor, and Irene cuddled up next to him, drawing his arms around her. He hugged her desperately, sobbing apologies and promises to her, and she wiped his tears away tenderly. Her brave, strong Pet had taken his punishment well, and she could finally show him the tenderness that she knew he needed. Soon, the tears stopped, and the two of them fell into a lazy slumber in each others' arms, roles forgotten until the next morning.


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