Turning The Tables


It all started normally enough, with an impulse buy. A branch of a store specializing in lingerie and "fun-wear" had opened in the local shopping mall. I noticed, popped in and came away with a sexy little French maid's outfit. Jacqui, my wife, was initially a little reluctant to try it out, claiming she would look stupid. Some reassurance and some wine later there she was in her highest heels, sheerest lace-top stockings and the maid's outfit. The little lack dress barely reached her stocking tops and when she bent over I was treated to a delightful view of her black silk panties, stretched tight across her pert bum. It was, shall we say, an uplifting experience! I could hardly keep my hands off her, stroking and caressing, squeezing and fondling. Before long it was time for the maid to check out the bedroom! Removing only her panties I slid inside her as she bent forward over the bed, turning her head slightly to watch in the full length mirrors on the wardrobe. She watched moaning with pleasure as I thrust deep inside her. In our highly aroused state it wasn't long before we both climaxed and the relaxed on the bed.

The maid's uniform became an occasional but welcome addition to our sex life. Then Jacqui decided to turn the table on me. She suggested that, as in the past I had enjoyed love-making while wearing her silk panties and her stockings, I might like to experience the full pleasure of the maid's outfit. Now the thought hadn't occurred to me before, but the idea wasn't unappealing. We were about the same height and build, so it shouldn't spoil the dress for her later use, I thought. So, trying not to sound too eager, I agreed and allowed myself to be led to the bedroom.

There I got a surprise.

Along with the dress, Jacqui had laid some other items out on the bed. A little lost for words I listened as she explained she wanted me to do it properly, wig, make-up, false boobs, high heels, the whole cross-dressing deal in fact! As I looked at the shoulder-length blonde wig, the boobs and the suitably sized black high heels, the unexplained items on our most recent credit card bill became abundantly clear. She admitted that she had been planning it for some time.

Jacqui took control. She got me to wash and shave. Just my face, I hasten to add. Then she sat me down and applied make-up to my face. It was quite relaxing to sit there and be the canvas for her artistic talents. Next she helped me put on the bra and falsies, before letting me put on the matching black suspender belt and panties. As I slid the black stockings over my legs the effect was quite arousing. Next I stepped into the dress and turned to allow Jacqui to do up the zipper. Finally she gave the high heels, commenting that as I always liked her to wear similar shoes, it would be a nice experience for me. Tottering on the heels as she led me over to the mirror, I was tempted to disagree!

I was shocked by my reflection. Damn I looked good! Too good for my liking. I was expecting to look like a bloke in a short dress, but I could have been my own sister, if I had a sister. I looked so feminine! Then Jacqui told me that for the rest of the evening I was to be her maid, fetching and carrying, tidying and most of all being obedient – just like I made her behave.

For the next hour I became Pippa the maid. Why Pippa? Well, my name is Philip and as a boy my nickname was Pip, so Pippa was a simple feminisation of that. As Pippa I tottered around the house obeying Jacqui. Tidy this, dust that, fix me a drink, that sort of thing. I became quite comfortable in the outfit, enjoying the feel of the stockings, getting used to my new enhanced figure. I particularly enjoyed the casual stroking that Jacqui would give my silk panty clad bottom. It came as a bit of a shock how much I was enjoying my submissive role, to be honest, but enjoy it I did.

Then came my second surprise. The doorbell rang. For a second I feared that Jacqui might make her maid answer the door, but she told me to hide in the bedroom till the coast was clear. A couple of minutes later she called me out. The stood next to Jacqui was her best friend Hillary! With a smirk she said "Hello Pippa". I was very embarrassed and blushed deeply. Jacqui just said "Last summer. Adam. Remember?"

Ah, yes. That night I had phoned Jacqui from the pub and told her I was on my way home and to be wearing the maid's outfit. The night I had brought my drinking buddy Adam home and invited him in. The night Jacqui told me later she had nearly died of shame when he saw her in the maid's outfit. I probably deserved this I told myself and decided to carry on in the maid's role. Once again the tables had been turned on me. Calmly and in my best maid's voice I offered Hillary a drink.

The next hour was a lot more demanding. Hillary was constantly seeking attention and she was very critical of any lapses on my part. She corrected my stance, my walk, my voice. The slightest lapse was punished with a slap across my exposed thighs or bottom. Sometimes the slaps were so hard they left a red mark on the gap of white flesh between my stocking tops and my panties. I had to bite my lip not to cry out. However I had to make an admission. It was very arousing and my cock was throbbing inside the tight silk panties.

Hillary was quick to notice this. Soon her slaps were alternating with strokes. Her hands seemed to be all over the silk panties, stroking my hardening cock through them silk or caressing my bottom. I began to wonder if I could hold out much longer before shooting my load in the panties. The girls realised this too and took decisive action.

Jacqui moved over and sat on the kitchen counter. She slid up her skirt and slid down her own panties to reveal her glistening pussy lips. I was ordered to stand in front of her. Hillary pulled down my panties and my fully erect cock sprang free from the restrictions. In the high heels I was just the right height to enter Jacqui. We began made love with me still (almost) fully dressed as Pippa. It was fantastic.

Then Hillary got in on the act. Standing behind me I felt her begin to fondle my bottom. Gradually she eased my cheeks apart and teased my bum-hole with a finger. The sensation was indescribable. She pulled it away after a few moments and I was sad. Then it returned, covered in something cold and gel-like. She slid it right in with out any warning. As she began to wiggle it around and in and out, it wasn't long before I came. Not surprisingly Jacqui didn't come at the same time as me. Pippa had one more duty to perform. I knelt before her and began to lick at her pussy. Her cum-filled pussy. Soon my made-up face was smeared with an intoxicating mix of pussy juice and cum. Finally she moaned and came, pulling my face hard against her.

I collapsed on the floor.

Hillary left with the parting words "See you soon Pippa."

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