tagErotic CouplingsTurning the Tables

Turning the Tables


After our last encounter left me exhausted and totally spent, I vowed to be better prepared for the next time we met. I found that I couldn't get out of my head the images of him moving me, holding me, using me, fucking me every way imaginable. I started doing my strip aerobics tape more often, and bought a sensual belly dancing dvd to get my body more limber and ready.

Not quite a week passed before my cell phone rang. "I need you. Now." I had to laugh.

"Never one to beat around the bush are you?"

"Same place, room 214, how long will it take you to get here?"

I checked my watch, and the document in front of me on my computer. "I really need to finish this and get it out today, give me 5 minutes to do that, then it'll take me 15 to get there."

"See you soon then," and he disconnected.

I hurried through the rest of the proposal I was working on, printed it and dropped it by my secretary to fax and put in the mail and ran out the door yelling I had an appointment I had to get to. She called me not a minute later and told me I had forgotten to sign it. I laughed, "Sorry, I guess my mind was elsewhere, just sign my name for me, ok?"

Traffic slowed me a little more than my promised 15 minutes, but not too much. I walked up to the door marked 214, and had barely knocked when it swung open. He grabbed me and pulled me into the room, crushing me to him as he kissed me until I was dizzy. He tried to pull my clothes off as quickly as possible, but I slowed him down. Pushed him away. Pushed him to the bed, and told him to sit down. He did, but he reached for me, I stepped out of his reach. He had already begun undressing and was left in only his dress pants. His shirt was draped oh-so-neatly across the back of a chair across the room – wouldn't do to have them wrinkled. I told him to take off his pants.

He smirked at me and said, "take them off yourself."

I leaned in closer and barely touched my lips to his bare stomach, traced my tongue through the hair that grew there, straightened up and said, "I said, take off your pants."

I think my in-control attitude threw him, he was used to being the one in control, of everything in his life, all the time. He wasn't going to get it today. He stared me down for a minute, then pulled his pants down to his ankles. I picked them up off the floor and laid them across the chair with his shirt. He was now completely naked. "Forget your boxers today?" I asked.

"No, knew I'd be calling you so I left them at home."

"Hmmmm, just for ME?" I purred. He again made a grab for my waist, but I pivoted and backed further away.

"Tsk tsk you naughty boy you. No touching yet" He groaned in exasperation. I don't think anyone had ever told him no before. I slowly unbuttoned my white men's style shirt, taking as much time on each button as possible. When I finished, I pulled it apart to reveal my latest lingerie purchase, a very lacy, very transparent bra. I looked down and could see very clearly that my nipples were quite visible through the thin material having already hardened to small points. I ran my hands over my smallish chest, teasing my nipples with slow circles.

I glanced over to the bed, and noticed that he had his now very stiff erection in his hand. "No getting started without me – hands off mister" I chided. He groaned again, but released his hold. I slipped the shirt off my shoulders, and stepped away from it, one step closer to the bed. I reached behind me, and slowly slid the zipper down the back of my skirt. I held onto the skirt on each side of my hip, and inched it down my hips. As it slowly cleared my shaved pussy, it was his turn to laugh.

"You didn't know you were going to see me today, just feeling free today?"

"Nah, just kicked them off in the car on the way here."

Once my skirt had cleared my hips, I let go, and let it drop to the floor. I stepped out of the circle on the floor and took one more step closer to the bed. Left in nothing now except my lacy bra and my heels. I reached up to the front clasp and opened the bra and let it drag across my nipples as it fell back. I let it drop to the floor behind me. I stood there, letting my hands wander across my body, lingering to caress, to arouse, to stimulate as the urge struck me. Once again, he sat up and reached for me. This time, I let him grab me, but when he went to cover me with his body, I placed one of my stilettos on his thigh and shook my head no. I pushed him back onto the bed and let my hands wander his body like I had let them wander my own just a few minutes before. I touched him everywhere except his dick, standing at proud attention, begging to be touched. Finally, I leaned down, and with only my tongue, I slowly traced around the head, then down the shaft, and around and around until I was back up to the top. He tried to thrust upwards and put himself in my mouth, but I dodged again, and began my slow tease back down the shaft and then back up again.

I crawled up his body, bending to run my tongue very softly across his nipples. I reached up and held his arms down. Not that he couldn't have very easily taken control by brute force, after all, he was far stronger than I was, but he let me take the lead, at least for now.

I wrapped my hand around his dick and slowly and gently scraped my nails up and down the shaft. Then, without warning, I sat with all my weight pushing down and impaled myself on him. I wiggled until I had him completely inside of me. He came up off the bed. He expected to be teased for much longer. He made a move to grab my hips, but I gently pushed them back down to the bed. I started riding him, so very slowly, enjoying the control, the sensations, the pleasure I was giving myself with his body. I ran my hands up my side until I cupped my breasts in my hands, and I squeezed and rubbed my nipples over and over. I'd pull on them, and gasp at the feelings. I let my right hand drift down and leaned back enough to let my nimble little fingers begin teasing my clit. All the while I continued the slow rocking motion, raising myself every so slightly off of him, and then lowering myself back down.

I glanced his direction, and saw a pretty satisfied smile on his face. He was enjoying this as much as I was. I winked at him, then threw my head back as I felt the stirrings of my orgasm start to overtake me. My fingers quickened their pace, and my hips began rocking subtly faster. Soon, I could do nothing but grind myself down on him as I felt the spasms surge through my body. Those great little PC muscles grabbed him and wouldn't let go.

I sat for only a second recovering before he growled deep in his throat, as he finally forced control back into his hands. "You had your fun little girl, now it's my turn" he said as he flipped us both over so that he was pushing my smaller body into the bed with his weight. He held my hands up above my head with one hand, and placed the other under my back as he lifted so that my back was arched underneath him. He began almost savagely fucking me. Like all the torture I'd put him through couldn't stay bottled up any longer. "Cum for me baby, come NOW" and he knew I could do nothing but comply. I screamed my release as I bucked underneath him. He never let up his pace, continuing to pump into me with all his might. One orgasm melted into two and then to three, and then I quit caring about counting.

He'd pushed me from the force of his thrusts to the edge of the bed. He didn't stop 'till my head was hanging off the bed, then 'till I had no choice but to put my hands down on the floor to keep from falling or hitting my head. This increased the arch in my back, and had my clit rubbing directly into his body. The blood began rushing to my head but I couldn't seem to care at the moment. He held onto my hips and ground himself into me one last time and grunted as he began shooting his seed deep into me.

He regained his composure as he looked down and realized exactly what position I'd ended up in, and he reached down and quickly scooped me up into his arms, pulling me back up onto the bed. "I'm sorry baby, I didn't even realize what I'd done to you."

"Do you hear me complaining?" I laid there allowing him to caress me, his rough hands gently running up and down my body. His hand could span the width of hips that I always thought of as a little too wide, but with his fingers touching both hip bones I felt small and a little fragile.

My phone began ringing, and I sighed, "Back to reality" I flipped it open and had to laugh as I viewed the caller ID. I wasn't sure I could talk to a previous lover while I was still slick with sweat from the recent fucking I'd just received. I answered the call, and asked him very quickly if I could call him back. I dropped my phone back into my purse and crawled over to find his growing erection in his hand as he readied himself for another round. "Excited you that I answered the phone did it?"

"A little, knowing that if whoever was on the phone could see you like I did, would probably be shocked."

I laughed, said, "Or something like that" and helped him turn a growing erection into a full blown hard-on.

He gently crawled over me this time, and slowly, languidly stroked himself into me. He held my hands, not holding them down, but holding them in his as he gazed down at me and fucked me so slowly. I wrapped my legs around his hips and met him thrust for thrust. It wasn't very long before we both knew we were so close. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him down to me. I whispered in his ear, "Cum for me baby, NOW" mimicking his words from earlier. He too complied almost immediately, and that pushed me over the edge as my body was wracked by the slow and easy orgasm that overtook me.

I knew I needed to get up and get cleaned up pretty quickly, I needed to go pick my girls up from the sitters, and go home. I stretched lazily and then rolled over to climb off the bed. "Are you leaving me so soon?" he asked.

"Yeah, got to get back to the real world today." That day it was me that dressed quickly and walked out the door, stopping to blow him a kiss over my shoulder as he remained sprawled on the bed

As I got in my truck and pulled out of the hotel, I grabbed my cell phone and couldn't suppress my laughter as I returned the call. "Hey, sorry, I was, umm, busy, did you need me?" I feel so wicked. So sensual. So alive. Aaaah, what a great feeling. I can't wait 'till next time, whoever that ends up being with.

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