tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTurning The Tables Ch. 02

Turning The Tables Ch. 02


Chapter 2: An Unforgettable Trip Begins.

A couple of months passed after my first experience at the hands of my wife Jacqui and her friend Hilary. The subject of me becoming Pippa again just didn't crop up. I was reluctant to suggest it in case Jacqui thought there was something wrong with me. In truth I was more than a little disappointed that she didn't suggest it, but c'est la vie.

Spring had arrived and Jacqui and I had a week's vacation. We hadn't booked anything, we were just going to head off and see where we ended up; or so I thought. I was on my way home from the office, when my phone bleeped to alert me to a text. It was the latest model, capable of taking pictures etc and it was my latest gadget.

The message was from Hilary. It was a picture. Of me. As Pippa. The message said "A souvenir of last time. Do exactly as you are told when you get home or all your mates at the office will be sent this text xxx H."

As I thought back I recalled Hillary playing about with her mobile, but at the time I didn't realise that she had one that took photos. With a mixture of apprehension and, I must confess, anticipation I completed my journey home.

The ladies were sipping wine in the sitting room when I arrived home.

Hilary asked if I had got her text. I nodded. She explained that they had a plan, but I wasn't to know about it before it happened in case I got cold feet. If at any time during the next week I didn't do as I was told the texts would be forwarded to my mates at work, leading to much humiliation. The thought of being completely in their hands gave me mixed emotions. I didn't mind submitting my self to their plan but I was a little nervous about Hilary. From what Jacqui had told me about her I knew that she could be very impulsive. What if she went too far?

I didn't have time to wonder. I was ordered to shower and put on the pink bathrobe laid on the bed for me. I showered and tried to imagine what they had in store for me.

I didn't imagine excruciating pain.

Jacqui was determined to extract maximum revenge from turning the tables on me once again. One word: waxing. I had in the past made comments about the hairiness of Jacqui's legs. As they applied the wax and ripped off the strips, pulling what felt like a layer of skin with the hair, I regretted every one of the comments I had made. When they moved onto my chest and back, well all I can say is I didn't actually pass out. How women cope on a regular basis I don't know, although I suspect I may get to find out. Luckily I am not the hairiest guy so the ordeal was over quite soon. The rubbing in of moisturising lotion was like a gift from heaven. Especially as they both helped! My stiffening cock told of my recovery from the pain.

Hilary gave it a stroke, but then disappointed me by telling me to put it away and learn to control myself as they were in charge now. Although disappointed I did as I was told, tucking it awkwardly between my legs and pulling up the pink pair of silky panties, which Jacqui gave me to put on. They were quite tight but felt wonderful.

I thought about the pain again to aid my self-control. It worked, helped by the fact that the pain was back, this time across my forehead. Eyebrow plucking and shaping. This was getting serious I thought nervously, my appearance is being thoroughly prepared.

I was about to discover how thoroughly. With a towel round my shoulders Jacqui went to work on my hair. Now since my first cross-dressing experience I will admit that I have read a few of the stories that I found on the Internet. Often the hero (heroine-to-be!) has long hair, which can be easily adapted. I don't. What on earth were they planning, I wondered as I sat listening to the snipping. Eventually I was rewarded for my patience with a view in a mirror. I was staggered. My own hair had been shaped into a sort of elfin haircut, a bit like the Vulcan chick in that sci-fi programme. My hair was undeniably feminine. Jacqui explained that I couldn't wear my wig 24/7 so I had to have a suitable style underneath.

Next I was dressed. The ladies explained that I was to have two types of outfits. One type where my feminine appearance was paramount and the other where the clothes themselves were the key. As we were going to set off that evening I had to look my most feminine.

A short while later I was ready. My going out look started with the undies. I was trussed up in a waist clincher, a sort of corset thing that gave me a fabulous waistline! Over my silky panties I wore another pair of panties made of tight Lycra, which squashed my cock into submission as it was tucked between my legs. If I had a problem with slippage the use of tape was threatened. Over this I wore a pair of sheer tights. Then my false boobs were stuck in place, supported by a bra that matched the Lycra panties. With the added curves I had a very feminine silhouette! I wore a flowing pale blue dress. It was tight enough to show off my new figure but loose enough not to cause embarrassment. As I might have to walk I had on a pair of strappy white sandals, with a low heel.

My make-up had taken a while since the ladies insisted I learnt how to do it. A couple of times the cleanser and cotton wool had appeared to give me a second and third chance, but I had finally mastered the foundation, blusher, mascara, eye-liner and eye-shadow to their satisfaction. On my head was the crowning glory, Pippa's shoulder length blonde wig.

Carefully, checking the coast was clear, we slipped in Hilary's car and sped off towards our first destination. It felt strange sitting there, looking so totally feminine. In the boot was our luggage, a case each; however, I had nothing in my case. A shopping trip was promised for tomorrow.

After about an hour we pulled into a motorway service station for a break.

"Time for you first trip to the ladies' loo" squealed Hilary as we drew up.

I was reluctant and tried to make excuses. The others were having none of it. Dreading the experience I was escorted firmly but unobtrusively into the ladies' loo.

Following the others lead I checked my make-up in the mirror and then hurried into the relative safety of a cubicle. I did need to go and had the tricky task of tucking my self back in afterwards. I managed and felt quite proud. Checking that my dress wasn't tucked into the back of my tights, (it wasn't) I emerged and washed my hands. Jacqui was already waiting and Hilary rejoined us a moment later. Soon we were back on the motorway. I sat quietly in the back feeling quite pleased. I had ventured into that most feminine of places, a ladies' loo and escaped detection.

Our base for the holiday was a hotel, one of a well-known chain. I did my best not to draw attention to myself as we checked in. The entrance to the hotel was quiet busy, mostly businessmen with a few couples.

"The guy over by the newspapers is checking you out!" Jacqui whispered in my ear. "No don't look!" she held my elbow as I began to turn.

"I don't believe you," I replied, "he's more likely looking at you and Hilary."

"Well if he's in the bar later we'll see!"

Our room was large enough for the three of us, with a double bed and a sofa bed. I had assumed that Jacqui and I would have a room to ourselves, but when I questioned this Hilary insisted we had to be 'all girls together'.

By this stage I just wanted to crash out and remove the restrictive clothing. The waist clincher was giving me a figure, true enough, but after a few hours it was quite uncomfortable. However the girls had other plans. Having checked my makeup I was lead firmly, along the corridor to the lifts so we could go downstairs for a snack and a drink.

As we walked through reception to the bar I was sure several of the men were staring at the three of us. I mentioned this to Jacqui and Hilary. I was worried that my disguise had been seen through. Jacqui reassured me and said she could tell by the looks on their faces they had no idea.

"Of course they are looking, silly! We are three hot chicks and they are like wolves on the prowl. Get used to it Pippa." laughed Hilary. This made me wonder. Much as I liked my appearance, could I get used to being looked at lustfully by men. More to the point why didn't I seem more bothered by it. Our food arrived and distracted me from my musings. I found my underwear affected not only my posture but also my appetite and the way I ate. Smaller more ladylike mouthfuls were the order of the day. However, since we were hungry we had soon polished off our meal and were sipping our chilled white wine

"May I join you ladies?"

I looked up to see a smartly dressed man smiling at us.

"Sure," replied Hilary waving a hand at the empty chair next to me.

He offered to get another bottle of wine and while he was at the bar, Jacqui told me it was the guy who had been staring at me earlier in reception.

"Staring at us you mean."

"No Pippa dear, at you." She teased.


Before I could say anymore he had returned. He introduced himself as Clive.

I tried to say as little as possible. Noticing my discomfort Hilary monopolised the conversation and Jacqui took me off to the loo. I was so relieved to be away from Clive I hardly noticed that we were in the ladies loo, waiting for a free cubicle. I copied Jacqui and the other occupants, studying my makeup in the mirror, pushing strands of hair this was and that for effect while the loo emptied of users. I was very happy when Jacqui emerged from the cubicle and asked if I would like to return to our room.

I was just starting to undress when Hilary joined us.

"You ran away Pippa!" she said accusingly.

"It was my idea," said Jacqui, "I didn't want to see Pippa chatted up by a guy... yet."

I turned and stared at the added 'yet' but couldn't find any words.

Hillary came over and stroked my arm. "She's right Pippa my angel. Tonight you are all ours!"

Finally I was allowed to remove some of the restrictive clothing and prepare for bed. Jacqui leant me a nightdress. I recognised it as one I had bought her a couple of valentine's days ago. It was red, silky and short. Jacqui only wore it occasionally, but it was usually a good sign when she did. In it I looked strange as my cock, freed from its restraining panties popped up, bulging the nightdress in a very unladylike way. The contrast between the erect cock and the breasts I still wore was striking.

Jacqui lay back on the bed and manoeuvred me so that I was knelt astride her, but facing the opposite way. Knowing what to expect I lowered my head and began to run my tongue along her pussy lips, whilst she took hold of my cock and began to lick it like an iced-lolly. Things took an unexpected turn as Hilary began to stroke and squeeze my bum. I remembered the flood of pleasure she had given me last time by gently inserting the tip of her finger as I fucked Jacqui. I was tingling with expectation. As Jacqui and I carried on 69-ing Hillary went to work, easing apart my bum cheeks and smearing some cold gel stuffy round. Gradually she began to push harder with her fingertip and soon my hole opened to admit her probing finger. She didn't stop there this time. In a flash what seemed like her whole finger was up my bum. I squealed.

"That's right Pippa, squeal like a girl as I finger-fuck you."

"And don't stop licking me!" ordered Jacqui.

Hilary began to slide her finger back and forth, each movement sending waves of pleasure over me. Sometimes she stopped the in-out movement and wiggled or twisted her finger. I was overcome.

"Sorry Jacqui, I'm coming!" I squealed, squirting my cum in a stream into her mouth. I collapsed on the bed.

Jacqui wasn't finished with me. She moved swiftly and knelt astride me. As she bent to kiss me I realised that she hadn't swallowed my cum! As our lips met she forced my own cum into my mouth as we kissed passionately. It was a very strange sensation. Before I could stop myself I had swallowed a huge amount, to the accompaniment of cheers from Hillary.

Laughing Jacqui got off and began to kiss Hillary! As I lay there watching my wife and her best friend snogging and fondling each others bodies, while I wiped my own cum from my lips I reflected that this was going to be an interesting week...

To be continued...

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