tagInterracial LoveTurtle Bay Golf Ch. 02

Turtle Bay Golf Ch. 02

byTravel Girl©

This is another true story and continues where Chapter 1 left off. I am normally conservative sexually, but sometimes when I travel there have been "adventures". This experience occurred about 6 months after my first submission – "Hilton Head Massage". I was playing golf on a Hawaii layover and some flashing on the golf course from betting was followed up by nude sunbathing with the guys I met golfing. After they left, I was joined by a charming black beachcomber. My writing starts out to reflect on my experiences, but I share the details in the hope others will also enjoy it. The writing style is not so much what would make up the best story, but rather what actually happened. Just a word of warning though, I am sure the buildup is too lengthy for some. So if you have low patience, this is perhaps not the best story. But at least, know this is the way it actually happened.


What an amazing day! I had only arrived in Hawaii a few hours ago from Japan. I had driven up to the North Shore for some golf before heading to the beach and then driving up to Waikiki. I could have never imagined meeting Mike and Jimmy. I was probably a little jet-lagged, and combined with the beer and the joking around; maybe my judgment had been a little compromised. But the truth be told, I also have to admit I had grown to like the guys and I realized no one knew me there and that I would never see them again either.

I also realized a gradual buildup of sexual tension had also contributed. First, a seemingly innocent bet on the golf game – financial only. Then had come a little more to make it interesting, just the loser having to flash. This had been followed by an almost embarrassing series of wins on my part which led to the guys being less inhibited than me, which had been further escalated by Mike getting obviously aroused. Then finally when I had lost one of the bets causing me to stand there topless in front of them, it occurred to me in hindsight this gradual sexual buildup had ended up being a series of small, trivial compromises which by themselves were no big deal rather than some deliberate conscious major decision to have sex.

Maybe by the time we went out to the beach and started swimming nude, I could have realized there was a good chance of losing control. Again honestly I have to admit I did not regret having sex with them. It was totally hot having them both at the same time, a totally unusual situation for me. I can still recall the details vividly of sucking one guy while being fucked by the other. I had a couple of strong orgasms and I had no trouble getting the guys off. After they left, I felt really tired and took a nap on the beach.

I dozed off for a short time. I heard voices approaching and I looked up to see the middle aged couple with the massive backpacks I thought were camping apparently heading back. I looked at my watch and guessed I had dozed off for no more than 20 minutes. The difference from when I had seen them before was that now I was alone and nude. I had been lying on my stomach, but I sat up now as they approached. I had my knees up and my arms wrapped around them. They could obviously see that I was not wearing anything, but I had some cover.

The woman called out, "Don't worry about us; we were doing the same back there."

I smiled and commented it was a beautiful day. Their path was fairly close to me. I leaned back on my elbows as they went by and the man was certainly making no attempt to conceal his gaze. They continued the slow walk back as he smiled at me. It was about 4:30 pm by then, but even my little nap had made me feel refreshed. I waited for the couple to get about 100 yards away and I went to have a swim.

On a hot day like this, when you are used to snow, the heat will sap a lot of energy out of you. The ocean felt wonderful and I enjoyed the soft waves and emerged refreshed. I was no longer alone.

As I got out onto the sand I noticed the black guy who had passed by earlier and asked questions about the beach was standing on the ridge. He was standing and watching, I had no idea how long he had been there. I squeezed the water out of my hair and walked back to my blanket and laid down. I was sitting with my knees up as when the couple had passed. He came walking toward me in a full sweat; obviously the hike had been considerable exertion.

He said, "I apologize for staring. As I came over the hill and you were getting out of the water, you looked like something out of a magazine."

I was glad to hear he had not been there very long and that he had the good sense to think about how it could have appeared.

"No problem, it is not like this is a private beach or anything."

He said he wanted to thank me for the info on the beach hike. He had seen the one couple with the backpacks and then another couple camping about a mile up, but no one else and it had been really magnificent scenery. He had seen some kind of beached baby whale which had apparently been attacked by something; maybe a shark and he had been nervous to go swimming because of it.

I told him I thought every kind of sea animal is possible around here; I had seen whales and dolphins jumping, and while I had never seen a shark, it would not be surprising if there were lots of them. It was one of the reasons I swam here, because of the reefs. In fact, the water where we were standing was clear and not too deep, with rocks on both sides and out a ways as a breaker.

The sweat was dripping off of him as he wiped his brow with his hand. I asked him if he would like some water, he looked like he was going to keel over. He asked if I had enough to spare, he had drank all his during the hike. I had brought two decent sized bottles and still had one left.

I reached back into my duffle to pull out the full one, and I poured about half of mine into his bottle. He had been kneeling down while I had been filling his water, I think to rest. He readily accepted and drank about half of what I gave him right away.

"Wow, I guess you were thirsty."

"Thanks a lot, that hit the spot."

He then continued, "I'm sorry to intrude on your privacy, but would you mind if I took a swim here to cool off. You are right about this beach being protected."

Maybe it is silly on my part, but I have this attitude that I am good about reading people and I did not feel threatened by him.

"I don't mind."

He spread out his towel a few feet from mine.

Then he looked over at me, "Do you mind if I lose the suit? I had been laying out nude myself a way's back. Or would you prefer I keep it on?"

"No problem, whatever you like."

Before he stripped down however, he came over and said, "By the way, my name is Jeff. Thanks again for the water and the advice before."

I introduced myself, "Nice to meet you."

He then added, "Weren't you with people before, or was I having sunstroke?"

I laughed and explained that I had been golfing, and they dropped me off before heading back to the hotel. Jeff had his back to me as he lowered his suit. He never looked at me as he walked down to the water and then dove in. I will say that his ass and legs were as muscular as what I had already seen of the rest of his body.

While he was swimming, I had relaxed and laid back to rest on my elbows. He did not swim too long before walking back up to his towel. I had already seen that he had ripped abs, but it was also clear he was big like Jimmy had been. He was hanging totally limp, but must have been as long as Mike even in this state.

"That felt fantastic! I feel a lot better now."

I just nodded in acknowledgement. He took another drink and laid down on his stomach with his head facing me. We talked for awhile, the circumstances of how I was returning home and how I knew about this place, etc. I learned he was staying with friends about 30 minutes from Turtle Bay, but they were working today and he was looking to explore the North Shore.

I finally needed to put on sunscreen. I did not mind getting a little bit toasted as I needed the color, but I had been out long enough including the time with Mike and Jimmy without sun block and I realized I had had enough. We had continued to talk while I put on the sunscreen, but there seemed to be a pause in the conversation while I applied it to my breasts.

I laughed and said, "You don't look like you need any sun block."

Jeff laughed, "Sometimes black people burn you know. But I think I am OK."

His skin color was medium brown, definitely not dark black and also not the light, fair-skinned black. He somehow reminded me of a young Michael Jordan in his face, but his build was more muscular and he was about 6 feet tall. He said he was here for a couple of months, would maybe stay longer if he could find decent work.

That led into what I do, and after some questions about the type of technology he said, "I would never have pegged you as a techie. When I imagine scientists, they don't look like you."

I thanked him, but also told him that he had probably not seen too many female scientists anyway.

I was ready for another cool off and I walked out for a quick dip. I waded in far enough and then kneeled down to wet my body and then walked back up to my blanket. Jeff had rolled over and was sitting up now; I guess he wanted to watch me. I laid down on my stomach facing Jeff. He asked if I wanted sunscreen on my back.

I did not reply right away, but I said, "Thanks, but wait a minute for the sun to dry me off first."

We were both silent, and Jeff was looking out at the surf. He looked over from time to time; I think to check on when I was ready. The fact was I needed the sunscreen anyway and I always hate putting it on my back myself anyway.

Jeff came over and kneeled beside me. He squirted the sunscreen onto my back and then started rubbing it in. He did not try making it a massage, but he definitely took his time.

He started with my shoulders and the back of my neck, and then gradually moved lower. He stopped at my lower back, I had wondered how bold he was going to be, and squirted more lotion onto my calves. He smoothed that in too, and then did the same thing to my thighs. The whole time he had been very respectful.

"Beth, I didn't want to put the lotion on your butt without you saying so."

"Thank you for asking, go ahead."

He did not grope in any way, but his fingers felt good as he rubbed across my butt. After what had happened with Mike and Jimmy before, I was aware that I needed to be careful, because really I did not want anything to happen. However, I was still feeling the glow from my earlier episode and Jeff was really attractive. I was relieved when he finished up.

I thanked him and then leaned up on my elbows while I had a drink. I noticed that Jeff was still hanging soft and I was glad – it meant he was not trying anything by offering to do my back, just being polite.

Jeff went back and laid down on his back. He asked if the beach was always quiet like this and I told him no. I mentioned I had been here many times, usually at this time of the day after golf there were enough people on this part of the beach that I had moved quite a bit farther up over the ridge. I told him that I was not sure whether it was particular day of the week or whatever.

He asked if I went to nude beaches often, and I told him usually only when I travel, maybe 3 -5 times a year. I said that it should be obvious by my lack of tan that it has been a while. He said I was getting some color today, and I replied that I had a long way to go in order to catch up.

"Yeah, I think you have a little work ahead of you."

I like teasing, especially when it is sarcastic. I said I was going to cool off and Jeff said that was a good idea. He walked beside me as we went down. This time I dove in to cool off and swam out a little bit. I floated for a minute. Jeff had waded in and the water was about mid-chest on him. The breakers stopped the big surf but there were some one foot waves that would bring you back in.

Every once in a while, a bigger wave, maybe 3 feet or so, would come in and if you were not expecting it could be a surprise. I had been floating facing the beach when one like that came in. It had been absolutely unplanned, but a wave like that picked me up and I got carried right in toward Jeff. He could see me coming and I sort of crashed right into him, knocking us both over.

He recovered first and was behind me. He lifted me up under my arms and one of his arms was around my waist with my back to his chest. Even though it was just a second, my butt was directly in contact with his groin area.

"Whoa, sorry. Thank you."

I had water all over my face as I had said that and felt klutzy. We were in relatively shallow water now, as I stood up I was in water to mid-thigh. Jeff let go as we both stood up, and he started to laugh, I thought at me. I splashed him while I laughed back. I had done a pretty clumsy thing, and I can take it.

"OK, OK, I won't quit my day job. Thanks for my rescue; I hope I did not hurt you when I crashed in."

"I am fine," he laughed.

We walked back up and I laid down on my blanket. Jeff lifted up his towel and shook off the sand, and spread it back out so that his towel was right next to mine. He laid down on his back also, now a couple of feet from me.

I said, "The water had felt great, but it is also wonderful to feel the sun dry you off too."

He did not say anything in reply and I looked up at him. He had his eyes closed and was trying to relax. Previously when he was lying on his back, his dick had not been visible, sort of hanging between his legs. Now however, while he was not hard, it was laying on his thigh. He looked big even in this state, I could only imagine what he would be like aroused.

I sat up and put my sunglasses on and took a drink of water, looking out at the ocean.

I felt Jeff's hand on my lower back, "Sorry, it looks like your sun block came off during our little adventure out there."

He was still lying down, but he had rolled onto his side. He had the lotion bottle in one hand and was squirting it into his hand and smoothing it in.

"Thank you. Very thoughtful."

He put the lotion on my back and then also rubbed the excess from his hand onto my side. He moved his hand up the side of my stomach and not very subtly on the side of my chest, near but not touching my breast.

Jeff rolled over to lie on his stomach. As he rolled in my direction and our bodies were not touching but were now only a few inches apart.

Jeff said that he was really glad to have met me; this was a lot of fun. I felt the same, and told him so. I felt his leg and mine had touched when he rolled over. He had some sand on his back, not just a couple of grains but a patch a few inches square where he must have laid when he was still wet.

"Jeff, let me brush this sand off."

It came off easily as I used my hand trying to move it to the side away from us. There were a few stragglers and I used my flat palm to move them away, again noting his pretty impressive muscles.

We talked a little more like this; he asked what I was doing this evening. I was planning to watch the sunset here and then drive back to Waikiki for dinner and to check-in at my hotel. He offered to buy dinner if I wanted to eat in Hale'Iwa instead.

I thanked him for the offer, but I was hoping to drink a little bit tonight – hopefully a nice red wine – and that I would never be able to make that long drive afterward. He was going into Waikiki tomorrow night with a bunch of his friends, but he could not come in tonight.

I said that I would be flying out tomorrow evening, and I was planning to get a run in up to Diamondhead and maybe spend the day by the pool. He asked about my running, and I said that was my main exercise. He commented that he noticed my legs had good tone, my overall body too.

I thanked him for that, and I said it looked like he worked out a lot. He said he got to the gym a couple or three times a week. I told him that is almost unbelievable – he looked great and I thought he was going to say he worked out every day. He was gracious in thanking me for the comment and admitted the couple times a week was enough to keep him fit but he had to put in a lot more effort at the beginning.

I laid back down on my back and closed my eyes. We were quiet for a minute and then Jeff asked if he could have a little more of my water.

I said, "Sure, let me get it."

"No, no, don't worry, I can reach it."

The water bottle was standing up in the sand at the top of my blanket over my shoulder away from him. My eyes were still closed, but I could feel his leg brush against my calf and I could tell he was shading my face as he leaned over to get the water. He was leaning back with the water when I felt something drop on my chest.

"Geez, I am sorry Beth. The bottle was sweating and some sand fell off. I am so sorry, let me get it."

I opened my eyes and lifted my head.

"Don't worry, no big deal."

I lifted my arm to brush it off, but Jeff was already in action.

"C'mon Beth, I won't touch you, I am going to use my shirt."

I laughed, "That was not the reason, OK, OK, go ahead."

I should say that part of my hesitation was that some of the sand and water had gotten on my breast, the side away from Jeff. I have 34C natural breasts, but I should also mention that they are in no way the floppy kind you sometimes see. When some women with large breasts lie on their back like this, they separate and flatten. That is inevitable to some degree, but mine are still very firm and they rise over my chest.

Jeff had gotten up on his hands and knees and used his t-shirt to brush away the sand. He got a lot that way, but I had on sun block and some was sticky.

"Not as easy as I thought," he said.

"I can always take another swim, don't worry."

"I got most of it already, hold on."

I had already closed my eyes again while he was trying to clean me off, but I could feel that he used his finger tip to move some away, but he was careful and only did that on my chest between my breasts. He then used his shirt again, and then used the side of his finger on the far side of my breast.

All of this was pretty quick, but of course I could feel my nipples harden up. On a hot day like this in the sun, that is unusual for me. They had been hard getting out of the water, but that was only for a short time. This time, they were getting harder. I knew there was no way Jeff would not notice that.

Jeff said, "Sorry for making the mess, but you are cleaned off now. You may need to put on some more sun block, I am afraid I wiped it off with my shirt, and that is not exactly where you want to burn. Let me get it for you."

I replied, "Yeah thanks, I have been out a while now and I don't have your resistance."

He laughed at that, "You don't need much, just a few spots between your breasts. If you want, I can get it without hitting pay dirt."

"You are a funny guy; I don't think I have ever heard them called that before."

Jeff said, "Beth, believe me. I meant no offense, your breasts look great."

He took all that banter as a 'go ahead' which was not my intention, but I felt him squirt a little of the sunscreen right on my chest in between my boobs. He took two fingers to smooth it out, but he had used too much and he pulled the excess down to my upper stomach and then smoothed it out with his palm. He used his flat hand to smooth out the lotion on my chest too and touched just a little bit of my breasts.

"No offense Jeff, but I think I had better do the rest."

"Yeah sorry, I used a little much. If you want, I'll do it, but I understand completely if you would rather do it yourself."

I was silent while I thought how to answer that. It would be a lie to say I did not realize what I was saying, but I had to admit the situation was somewhat of an opportunity and I said, "No, it's OK, go ahead."

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