tagMatureTuscany Ch. 01

Tuscany Ch. 01


Lori was one eighth Italian. Her all Italian great grandmother and all English great grandfather married in the early 1900's. She had light skin, brown hair and looked much more English than Italian, yet she thought of herself Italian. When in college she spent two summers in Italy and became fluent in the language. Twenty five years later she was rusty but with the help of the Rosetta Stone system she was relearning the language again.

She was so excited. Her husband, John and her were going to fulfill one of her dreams. They had rented a villa, well more a house, in the hills of Tuscany for a month and a half. It was very much like the house in her favorite movie Under the Tuscan Sun. She felt comfortable leaving now that her children were both away at college. John had done very well in his business endeavors so a sabbatical would not be a problem. All of August and much of September was for them to rekindle their love, see central Italy and leave the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley behind them.

The villa they found through TuscanyNow rentals was two bedroom with a great room. A large table, open air kitchen and couches filled the room. A master bedroom large for a European room was on one side. The house was up a windy dirt road and fairly isolated. The pool was fenced in for privacy and the home was less than 2 miles from San Gimignano, a small walled town like Siena but not quite as touristy. It came with one of the newer 'sexy' Fiat automobiles in the car port. The one JLo promotes in commercials.

Lori was forty seven years old and still quite attractive. Her auburn hair hung to her shoulders framing her pretty face. She weighed a few pounds, maybe five, more than when in college but she was religious about her workouts. When twenty two and first dating John she could eat anything and not worry about work out regimes, but now she knew if she wanted to fool father time she had to work hard at it. Her breasts, a little on the small size were still perky and she could get away without wearing a bra. He best asset, in her mind were her long legs. She stood five foot eight and she seemed all legs. She knew she wasn't competition for the young girls anymore but still prided in herself when she would see men of all ages eying her.

Her husband John hadn't faired time quite as well. At fifty the pressures of HiTech and long hours associated with start ups, had made his waist thickened and his hairline recede. He loved Lori and wondered at times why he was so lucky to have found her. Their sex life was fair, considering twenty three years of marriage and long work hours for John at work and Lori raising their children. They freely shared their fantasies and Lori was often happy to role play with John. All of his fantasies were centered around his wife being with other men. Unlike their rather vanilla life, he dreamt of her being used by an alpha male while he watched or waited at home for her to return.

Of course, this could never happen; neither of them were willing to risk their professional and family reputations. John loved to enact these scenarios and Lori would play along. She admitted to her husband she was excited by the thought of public display and humiliation. Proud as she was and being a woman's advocate she was a bit embarrassed to admit the thought of being degraded, abused and humiliated by a strange man appealed to her. John found her orgasms strongest when she talked about these things. Unfortunately more times than not they would end up giggling; both knew John could never be that type of man, even in their games.

They had rented the villa almost a year in advance, giving Lori time to relearn the Italian language. It also gave John time to formulate a secret plan. He spent hours, at night and at work searching chat rooms on the internet. He was looking to find a man who might be able to fulfill Lori's dream and of course his own. The first three months were very disappointing; mostly spent talking to men who probably never left their computers to venture into the real world. John's idea was iffy at best. He wanted to find someone in the Tuscany region who would be interested in seducing his wife. The clincher was Lori would not know of the plan. John admitted to himself, even if he found the right man chances were slim at best Lori would welcome any advances.

Finally he met a man in a D/s chat room that lived in San Gimignano! Less than two miles from their villa. His name was Bruno and was a builder in the area. He knew of the villa they were to live in, being friends with the man who did the remodel. He assured John he understood submission games and had played them for years. He was thirty eight years old and spoke English well. Bruno asked many questions about Lori and responded well to the G-rated photos John sent. There was a nine hour difference between the west coast and Italy so they had to plan their online meetings. After a few weeks online John finally felt comfortable talking via phone with Bruno. Next they went on to Skype and John and Bruno hit it off very well. He looked very fit and had that Alpha male Italian aura about himself.

John opened up with all of the fantasies Lori had divulged to him in confidence and added his wishes to the chats. John wanted to watch Lori taken from her conservative persona and blossom into the submissive slut she has kept under wraps her entire life. The hard limits were discussed and John made sure to emphasize no photography was allowed unless he were to take the pictures. Bruno accepted the fact it was highly probable his first meeting would be met with resistance and things would go no further. John was very clear to him that Lori should never know his part in setting up this 'chance' meeting.

Bruno on his part prodded John to turn up the heat in the bedroom. He wanted him to tell Lori this was their chance to live out both their fantasies and if the occasion arose he wanted her to know he was a hundred percent behind any decision she made. He would always love her and felt their bond would be stronger, if anything, if something were to happen. Lori never actually agreed to his wishes for her to entertain the thought of finding an Italian lover, yet she never outright refused. As August approached she often would talk of how John would have to watch her lover use her in ways he just couldn't.

They both were excited about their trip to Italy. Lori had no reason to believe there was a man wanting a forty seven year old mother of two. She was just excited about being back in Tuscany and enjoying John and their time off together. John knew chances were slim but hoped something may come of all the work he and Bruno had done. Bruno knew all of Lori's likes and dislikes, her fantasies and desires. He knew what John wanted to happen and was ready to do all he could to see it come to fruition.

They flew fist class to London from San Francisco and spent two nights there to adjust to the time. Next off to Rome and the train to San Gimignano where they met the realtor who drove them the short distance to their home for the next six weeks. The house was everything promised by the photos and more. It was nestled into the Tuscany landscape and isolated from neighbors. The pool was small but perfect for the hot August weather. The place was not air conditioned, which was Lori's choice. She told John she wanted to sleep with the windows open, she wanted to smell the flowers and experience the land. John only hoped there were fans in the house.

That night they made love with the windows open and fell asleep in each others arms. John knew tomorrow their 'accidental' meeting with Bruno was to happen and he was at peace with himself if nothing came of it. In fact he secretly hoped nothing did. This little bit of paradise was enough for him.

The morning was beautiful. The two of them sat in the courtyard and drank coffee and took in the beauty of the land. Lori had slept naked and wore only a silken robe . John took in her beauty and felt a pang of regret when he found himself thinking of her dropping the robe for Bruno. He told her they would drive into town to get the lay of the land and find somewhere they could have dinner. She laughed and told him to have a late lunch because he would have to get use to eating their dinner meals much later in the evening then they do in California.

It took John a bit to remember how to use a manual transmission but soon he was able to negotiate the short drive into town. They found a restaurant, Le Vecchie Mura, that Bruno had suggested to John. It was a bit dark and Bruno was sure his friend at the desk seated them in a back booth. The wine flowed freely and John was sure not to leave Lori's glass empty. She smiled and asked if he was trying to get her drunk. They both laughed and enjoyed the meal. John insisted they walk the streets of the town and they stopped at a little outdoor bar with a Jazz combo playing. It was dark and not very crowded. Lori enjoyed the music and did not refuse another drink. After a few minutes an Italian man about their age walked up to the table. He was in good shape and sported dark black hair with a bit of grey on the sides. Lori thought he looked a little, especially through alcohol induced eyes like George Clooney.

"Are you Americans?" he asked in a slight accent.

"Yes, are we that obvious," asked John, "we arrived from California just yesterday."

"Excuse me, it is just your wife's skin is so pale I knew you were not from around here. This part of town is not where many tourists come, especially so late. Oh, I am assuming this sexy lady is your wife?"

She blushed at the compliment and Lori replied she was indeed his wife in Italian. As her nervousness about the language subsided she was soon conversing with Bruno as if they were old friends. They both ignored John and after a few minutes she turned to her husband.

"I hope you don't mind but I invited Bruno, that is his name, to sit with us for a bit. He is surprised at how well I speak his language."

She had a broad smile and John gestured Bruno towards the empty chair. Their eyes met for a second and both realized their chances were perhaps improving. Bruno sat down and motioned to the bartender for another round of drinks. The three of them spoke in English for some time laughing and acting like old friends. John got up to use the restroom and left the two of them conversing in Bruno's language. After awhile he was giving her, what she interpreted as a compliment when she became confused. He said something to the affect he hoped her 'pussy fica diabolica' was as pretty as the rest of her.

"I am sorry, I don't understand that term," she said in English, "what does it mean?"

Bruno looked first at her breasts then slowly moved his eyes to hers and smiled. "How do you say it in English? Cunt? I said I hope your cunt is as pretty as the rest of you."

Lori's cheeks and neck turned red. His eyes never left hers and she thought to herself how could a stranger use such a vile word in front of a woman he just met. She thought something was lost in translation because he seemed not the least put out for using the term. She hated the word!

John knew how much she hated it and how in their games it was used to degrade her; this he had told Bruno often. She should yell at him but through her alcohol daze she was trying to decipher what he was saying to her in Italian.

The words sunk in slowly. He said such a pretty woman should be proud of her body. American women were too hung up on youth, he told her. Italian women do not become sensual until well into middle age. He said he wants to take her to Bibbona Beach a few hours away. It is one of Tuscany's nude beaches. Most european beaches were topless but this was one of the few with complete nudity. He said the Vatican was much too close and laughed. He reached out and gently touched her arm as a long time friend would. Rather than pull away and admonish this man something kept her seated. She could not believe it but she felt herself getting turned on.

She looked around the room for John and noticed him at the bar buying another round of drinks. Again Bruno's Italian voice penetrated her consciousness and she could not believe what he just said! She was not mistaken at all. He had just told her, not asked but told her to go to the ladies restroom, 'toeletta' and remove her panties for him. She started to protest when his finger went up to her lip and he slowly shook his head.

"Go, do it for me, my lovely Lori. I can see you want to do it. Go."

As if in a trance she stood on wobbly legs and slowly walked towards the restroom. She could not believe she was doing this and knew the alcohol was clouding her judgement. What harm will it do she asked herself. This is what John wants and what they have talked about for years. He was handsome and so cocky, she felt like she had to comply with his wish. She sat in the cubicle for a moment wondering if she had the nerve.....

John sat at the table and pushed Bruno his drink. He raised his eyebrow as if asking how things were going. Bruno smiled and said they would know in a few minutes and explained what he had asked his wife to do. John could not believe Bruno had pushed things so far so fast. He was sure Lori would be upset and any chance they had was gone. Bruno smiled and said he didn't think so. He explained she had not protested his language, his gentle touch or his talk of showing her off at a nude beach. He was sure she was as submissive as John had described. He raised his glass and clicked glasses with the American.

"To beautiful women, world wide!"

As they drank both saw Lori emerge from the restroom. John knew immediately she had complied. The assertive wife he knew was now walking slowly, eyes down, her neck and face flushed crimson. She sat down in the chair next to Bruno and kept her eyes downcast. He said something in Italian and she looked around briefly before opening her purse and handing him her panties rolled into a tight ball.

John could not believe how hard he was and did not think Lori could get any redder until he heard another command and understood exactly what was asked as he saw his wife's knees part and her hand pull up her summer dress until her pussy was on display to both men. Bruno waited what seemed like an eternity then nodded his head. Lori's knees slammed shut and she pulled the dress down quickly. She looked around and was pleased no one was watching her. Except her husband and this man. He took the balled up panties and smelled them. He smiled and his white teeth contrasted with his dark olive complexion. He shook hands with John and stood. Before he left he said something to Lori and walked away. He placed her panties in his pocket.

John reached across the table and smiled, "well I guess someone besides me finds you attractive. He could be the one we have been looking for. To paraphrase someone, 'what happens in Italy, stays in Italy'. What did he say. Is he coming back?"

"Not tonight, he wanted us to discuss things. He said, God, John, he said he wants to use me. Not make love to me, he said use me!!" She shuddered and John could tell she was confused and excited. "He said for us to meet at three by the towers in the old part of town. John, he said if we come tomorrow I must shave for him. He said that without blinking an eye!"

They walked through the town until the alcohol left their system. It was almost sunrise when they drove to the villa. John shut off the engine and reached across to grab his wife's hand. He looked at her in the dim early morning sunrise. Their eyes met and he said only one word.


"I want to, if you do. I'd never jeopardize what we have, but if it okay with you. It is up to you John. This may never happen again, and I will always think 'what if?' What do you want to do?"

He smiled, squeezed her hand gently and said, "I think we have some shaving to do!"

No more was said. They both had exhausted all the possibilities over the years. They knew it was what both wanted. They were thousands of miles away from family and friends. What harm could a little affair cause? Their love was strong and this would only make it stronger. Their daughter was engaged and before they knew it they could be grandparents. This was their last chance and they were ready to go forward. John reasoned they could stop at any time but wondered why he had such an uneasy feeling. This was what he wanted but why did he feel so bad about it. They went to bed and both slept dreaming of the adventure ahead.

End of part 1.

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