tagFetishTut Tut Ch. 02

Tut Tut Ch. 02


He called me around mid afternoon the next day to report that the trip to the Field Museum was well worth it. Of course, the day began ideally he also commented, as I had stopped by his motel room on my way to work at the bank. I had stopped on the way and picked up two coffees and some Danish. He wasn't leaving for the museum for another hour or so, but I was due at work pretty quick, so, much as we wanted, the visit consisted of enjoying the coffee and pastry and each others' company. His description of the Tut exhibit was so detailed I could almost see each relic and artifact he described. The one disappointment he had, but as a public exhibit, he knew it would not be included, was the absence of the history of ancient imaginative sexual practices that took place in the time of the Pharaohs. He was well read on the subject, a fact that surprised me not at all. Of particular interest was the high degree of incestuous behavior by royalty. Never-the-less, he had enjoyed himself and was anxious to tell me all about it.

I had been working long days of late and so, not getting home until 9:30 or so was very common. As far as the rest of the world knew, that would be the case tonight as well, although my 'overtime' would not be at the office. I even managed to leave early for a change and told him I would stop and pick up something. I suggested Chinese and he agreed saying that he hoped I could get by using a single chop stick. I laughed and asked if he meant before, during, or after eating, to which he replied, "Any old time you want."

I was soon in his hotel room and we sat casually downing barbecued ribs, Kung Pao Chicken, and Fried Rice. I didn't attempt the single chopstick trick, deciding to put it off until later.

Typical of any Chinese take-out, they had included two Fortune Cookies. The one I opened said, "This is a fruitful time for you and things will blossom as you wish."

He read his to me, saying, "You shall be triumphant under a full moon."

We both looked to the window, but it was still light out so we grabbed the day's paper and went to the weather page. Amazingly, the phase of the moon was reaching full this very night.

"You know something?" he asked, "Before I broke that cookie open, I held it so I could see where the edges of the two sides joined, and I wanted to lick it."

"In that case," I replied, "I wish Chinese restaurants also served éclairs for desert."

"Aha," he grinned, "And you'd suck the cream right out?"


We gathered up the boxes and plates and dumped them in the trash, stacked pillows up against the headboard and lay down side by side to watch a little TV and let our meal digest. I snuggled close to him and we began a kissing adventure oblivious of what was on the TV screen.

"You know something?" he asked between kisses.

"What?" I replied.

"I meant to tell you yesterday that I appreciated something you did. At least I hope you did it for me."

"And what's that?" I asked.

"You once told me, long ago, that you shaved. Last night I was delighted to see that you have let a bush grow back. Not sure you did that for me, but I thank you anyway."

I had to laugh at that. "Actually I do tend to shave fairly often. If I let it go it gets far too bushy. But yes, for you I let it grow back, but if I let it go too long, I won't be happy with it."

"Well, it's not wild now. You have let it come back just enough to please me, and again, I thank you."

We were still laying there dressed, at least I was. He had on a polo shirt and what looked like gym shorts. I pulled up my skirt and lowered the front of my panties.

"So this is OK?" I asked.

He reached down and began to softly brush his finger tips back and forth across my bush.

"It's perfect," he answered, lowering his lips to mine as his tongue slowly slipped between my lips to engage my own tongue.

We lay there for some time, continuing to explore one another's mouth and while he kept up the gentle stroking back and forth across my pubic hairs, I let my hand rest on the hardness I could feel under his shorts. We didn't feel rushed and just maintained the slow and steady petting we had started. It must have gone on for some ten or fifteen minutes, just a wonderful experience of kissing and softly touching each other.

"Oh, and another thing," he said as he sat up. "You remembered to wear these thigh highs today and it makes you look even sexier."

"Just for you," I smiled.

He rose to his knees beside me and pulled me up to a sitting position. He reached for the waistband of the top I was wearing and slid it up and over my head. He even surprised me when he left the bed and gently spread it on the other bed. Returning to me he slipped his fingers under the waist of my skirt and as I lifted my hips from the mattress, he slipped it down my legs, again laying it neatly on the other bed.

I sat up and reached to unhook my bra and slipping it from my arms and handing it to him, I said, "You may also lay this neatly with the others."

He smiled and did as I requested, saying, "And now the panties, but leave the stockings on, please."

"Such a gentleman," I teased him as I handed the panties to him. This time, however, he did not lay them on the other bed. Instead he held them to his face and I heard him inhale slowly.

"These I would like to keep," he said, as he walked to the dresser and after taking one last long breath as he held them to his face, he neatly folded them and placed them in a drawer.

He returned to join me on the bed and his fingers started brushing back and forth through my pussy's crowning triangle again. He lowered his face to mine and we continued the soft slow tongue waltz. Every few minutes he would part his lips from mine and they and his tongue would explore my cheeks and neck, not forgetting to have his tongue to also explore the contours of my ears.

I returned to rubbing his shorts over his hardness and feeling it grow even harder. From the time that we had spent just gently petting, I knew that he wanted to move slow and methodically, but I wondered just how long he could hold back from moving on. As much as I was enjoying the slow laid back approach, I also had that urge to take things further, even though I knew that we soon would. I decided to accelerate our pace, and slipped my hand up to the waistband of his shorts, and then down under it. Almost immediately my finger tips brushed against the head of his cock and I found it already heavily coated with precum.

"You may be moving slowly, but it seems your cock has other ideas," I kidded him.

"Damn thing never did exhibit much self control," he laughed.

"Good, I'm glad," I said.

"Seems like the Rubicon is crossed," he said, and with that his lips dropped to one of my nipples.

I heard him moan just an instant before I did the same and he sucked hard on my stiff nipple.

He looked up at me for a second, and releasing the nipple from his mouth, said, "Damn I love these things. Reminds me of the last chapter of "The Grapes of Wrath."

"Why, what happens there?" I asked.

"The hero, Tom Joad, is a fugitive, and his transplanted Oakie family is hiding him from California law officers. He has been on the run and is starving and very weak. The family has nothing to give him, so he is suckled by his sister, Rose-of-Sharon, to keep him from dying. I'm not sure he got the same pleasure out of it that I get with you, though."

"Well, honey, you just keep sucking, and when you get tired of that one, its sister is waiting for you."

"Never fear," he said, "I have it in my plan to see that each nipple receives equal attention."

With that, he returned to sucking and licking the one while he began squeezing and tugging at the other. I reached further down inside his shorts until I had his entire length in my grip. I'm not sure if it was the pleasure his lips and my tits were sharing, or the feeling he got from me having his cock in hand, or both, but he began to stir more and the finger tips that were playing in my cunt hair were now slowly moving down to slip between my cunt lips. It felt wonderful to have his middle finger slipping up inside me while his thumb trailed behind and began massaging my clit.

"Yes, Baby, see how wet and warm you have me?" I sighed.

"Uummm," was all he replied and he continued the oral assault on the nipple.

"Remember, I do have two," I teased him.

"Um huh," he moaned, and he withdrew his middle finger from my pussy. Reaching up, he rubbed the finger, wet with my juices, all around the aureole and nipple of my second tit. In just a few moments it was glistening with my wetness and he released the other nipple from his mouth and moved over to the second one. His tongue lapped at the wetness he had coated it with and then drew the stiff nipple into his mouth. As he sucked at it, the tip of his tongue continued to lick the entire surface and his hand returned to my cunt.

"Just a minute, Hon," I said, sitting upright on the bed. I turned to him and pulled his polo up over his head. I didn't bother with the same care he had given my clothes, and just tossed it over onto the other bed. I then took hold of his shorts began sliding them down his hips.

"Cooperate, you," I told him, "Lift your ass so I can get these off."

He did, and I showed them the same attention I had given his polo. I just tossed them over to the pile.

"Now, let me have what I want," I said, and turned my body so that I could lower my face to his cock. I adjusted my position so I could take him into my mouth while allowing him to comfortably use his fingers to enter my pussy again.

He did just that with one hand and used the other to return to playing with my nipples, one after the other. I loved the solid feel of his cock in my mouth, and as I slid my lips up and down its length, my tongue bathed its entire surface. Each time I reached the head I would pause and capture all the precum there with my tongue. Every few strokes, I would release his cock from my mouth and lick his balls, taking one of them into my mouth as I licked at it. Then I would return to sucking his cock back into my mouth. The tip of my tongue would probe at the opening at the head as if trying to draw even more precum from him. Alternate sucking and licking achieved what I wanted and the precum kept oozing from him. Then I would return back to his balls, drawing the second one into my mouth as I treated it as I had done the other.

He now had two fingers inside me and was rubbing my wetness back and forth over my clit. He was even able to reach his pinkie behind me tease my anus.

Baby," I said, releasing his ball from my mouth, "Jack off for me. Jack yourself off into my mouth."

"I will if I can keep finger fucking you with my other hand," he replied.

"Well, go for it," I grinned.

First he slipped three fingers into my wet pussy and got them nicely covered in my juices. Then he withdrew his hand from me and replaced it with his other hand. The free hand, now soaked with my wetness, he wrapped around his cock and began stroking. His movements were synchronized so that his finger fucking my cunt matched the movements of his hand as he jacked himself off. His movements made it hard for him to keep his cock positioned in front of my mouth, so I grabbed his hips and held him in the position I wanted him. This also enabled me to reach my fingers into his ass crack and I gently rubbed back and forth over his tight asshole.

His stroking became more deliberate and faster as he got close to coming. I kept my mouth open in front of the head of his cock and on each stroke the tip brushed between my lips. I wet the tip of one of my index fingers and returned it to massaging his anus. As he gave sign of being on the edge, I pressed my finger tip against him and tried to push in. It was very difficult as his hips moved with his increasing stroking, and suddenly he shot a stream of delicious cum into me. I was tempted to swallow it but knew that if I did I would probably close my mouth in the process, so I just lay there as he ejaculated several more ropes into me. When it appeared that he had shot his full load, I moved forward and sucked his cock into me, sucking to draw every last drop of his cum into my mouth. I could feel it in my mouth, warm and tasting just as I had remembered it.

I held back from swallowing and released his cock from my lips. Turning around, we lay on our sides, face to face. I moved to him and he laid back on his back. I climbed on top of him and lowered my mouth to his. Our lips joined and as my mouth opened over his, I slipped my tongue inside him, carrying with it some of the cum he had just delighted me with. We lay there, lip locked together and I felt his hands slide down my back and return to playing with my ass, as his cum and our saliva blended into what can only be called a marvelous cocktail.

I rolled of him and we lay silently side by side and he propped himself up on one elbow and looked right at me.

"Fuck, that was intense. You have such an imagination, and I thought I was creative."

I smiled up at him and answered, "I think we complement each other pretty well, doncha think?"

"No question. And I have a few ideas to complement what might be on your mind. Let's jump into the shower."

He got off the bed and offered me his hand. I slipped the thigh highs from my legs and he led me from the room. We walked into the bathroom. As he turned the shower on, I sat on the commode.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"You turned that water on and I suddenly felt I needed to pee."

"Whoa," he said grabbing my hand and pulling me up. "Let's use the shower for that, don't waste a drop."

He turned the shower water back off and had me sit on the side of the tub, facing the shower wall. He reached down and spread my legs and knelt before me. His cock was now in front of me and a bit higher than my pussy.

"I think you will have to lean back to pee up onto me," he said, "But I'll hold you so you don't fall back."

He placed a hand on each shoulder and I leaned back, trusting in his hold to support me. I reached down and spread my pussy lips apart and relaxed so my pee would start. It trickled at first, running down the inside of the tub, but as the pressure increased, I let loose a stream that splashed over his balls and up onto his cock. As my pee ran over him, his cock rose to full erection and I soaked it, his balls, and his pubic hair. We both stared at the stream striking him and smiled.

"Ooh, that's hot," he commented, "Must be ninety eight point six degrees."

"What did you expect, ice water?" I teased him.

"Nope. Just what I am feeling, and you'll feel the same when I pee on you."

I ran a bit more and finally the stream fell back to a trickle and finally stopped. As the stream ran down and through the tub drain, his hands pulled me back to where I could support myself.

"Do we switch now?" I asked.

"Nope. You stay right where you are, but slide forward a little so your pussy is all the way into the tub, not on the surface."

I did as he told me and watched him take his cock in hand and point it at me. I waited and waited, but nothing happened.

"Too hard to piss with this hard on," he said. "Let me sit beside you until I get a bit soft and then we'll try it."

He sat beside me on the edge of the tub and we tried to talk about subjects that were not sexually based. We discussed politics, baseball, a trip he took to watch a shuttle launch, and I filled him in on several funny stories from the bank. His cock did get soft and was hanging down in its normal unexcited position.

"OK," he said, "I think we can do it now."

He stood in front of me and held his cock pointing at my spread legs. Almost immediately his stream began and he proceeded to bathe my pussy with his pee. He was right, it felt hot, just as mine felt to him.

I spread my pussy lips open again and his pee splashed all over my exposed cunt and my fingers. It really was a strange sensation as it showered over my clit. He then raised his cock so he could soak my nipples. That was a weird feeling, but I loved it. He even tried to aim higher toward my neck and chin, but the stream wasn't strong enough to reach that high. Finally, while he was still going, he reached for my hands and had me stand and press against him. He reached between us to adjust his cock so that it was pointing straight up and his pee flowed up and covered both of our abdomens. He turned me around and had me lean against the wall. Sensing what he wanted, I reached behind and spread my cheeks and felt the last of his stream splash all over my ass. He finished and I turned back to face him. Pulling me to him he pressed his lips on mine and our tongue became reacquainted. Our bodies were soaked with pee from both of us. Reaching behind me he turned the shower on and the shock of the initial spray of cold water made me jump. He pulled me back against him and adjusted the taps until the hot water was splashing over us.

We reached for a washcloth and proceeded to wash each other head to toe, interrupted by frequent kissing and fondling, until we rinsed, left the shower and toweled each other off. We returned to the room and he handed me my stockings, asking me to put them on again.

We got back on the bed and resumed our kissing and fondling. In just a few minutes, he turned his body and lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and as I drew his growing cock into my mouth I felt his wicked tongue begin to probe my cunt. We worked slowly on one another and just took full pleasure in the experience. I felt his hands spreading my ass cheeks and soon his tongue was travelling from the bottom of my pussy back to my ass. I wanted to do the same for him, but found that I couldn't. It was impossible to reach his ass with my mouth at the same time he was rimming me. However, I could still suck his cock deep inside my mouth and nothing stopped me from using my fingers on his ass.

My usually tight anus sensed the pleasure presented to it and relaxed enough that his tongue could probe me. Likewise the spittle I let dribble down under his balls and onto his ass enabled me to slip a finger tip inside him. He made muffled guttural sounds as he continued driving me momentarily insane.

Suddenly I felt an intensity build inside me and a sudden release as what we were doing triggered an extended orgasm. As it receded, his tongue slipped from my ass and moved to my soaked cunt. He licked and licked, wanting to catch every drop of my wetness.

I released his cock from my mouth and asked if he was ready to cum as well. He said he was close but wanted to save it for my pussy, so I rolled off him and turned so I was straddling him. Lowering down onto him, I felt his cock, wet with my saliva and his precum, easily slip inside me. We began moving slowly and he seemed to get harder. I leaned toward him and offered a nipple to his lips. Sucking it in, he continued his upward thrusting into me. He treated both nipples to a wonderful sucking, and as he released them he asked me lift off him and get on my hands and knees. I did as he asked and felt him move behind me and thrilled to feel his cock slipping back into me from behind. His hand reached up and under me and pulled on each nipple as he began marvelously pounding into me. I was able to support myself on one elbow and reach my free hand under me so I could play with my clit and sense the movement of his cock in and out of me against my hand.

Suddenly he called out, "Oh, babe, it's now, it's now," and with a hard thrust into me I felt his cum shooting deep inside me, and then a few seconds later, as he still pumped into me, I felt the cum oozing out of me and getting on my hand and on the sheet. As he drew from me, I felt a large amount of our cum drip into the palm of my hand and on my fingers. I fell forward and rolled to my side as he lay facing me. Our lips met once again and as we broke the kiss, I reached my cum covered hand up into the small gap between our lips. Our tongues reached out and licked my hand clean, pausing occasionally to tangle together.

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