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Annie was at the mall when she ran into them. There was a bunch of school children being escorted around the mall by three adults, presumably their teachers. Now that she'd run into them, she vaguely remembered signing a permission slip.

She spotted David, her son, amongst the throng, but not wanting to embarrass him amongst his friends did no more that wave to him.

Still, now that she was here and they were here it wouldn't hurt to have a word with one of his teachers. She was just a little worried about his current scholastic performance.

She drifted over to where the male teacher was standing. He was young and handsome and looked approachable.

"Hi. I'm Annie Jackster. David, over there, is my son. I was wondering if I could discuss his performance seeing that you're here."

The teacher turned to look at her. Annie was still on the right side of thirty and quite a pretty woman. She kept herself in shape and still drew the eyes of men.

The teacher smiled. "Hi. I'm Tony Braid, maths teacher, and temporary chaperone. Listen, we can't really talk here. The kids would drive us mad. Why don't we just duck out to the school bus for a few minutes. The others can watch them for a while."

Tony guided Annie out to the bus and let her into it. Sitting next to him, Annie tried to explain her troubles, her fear that David might be kept down a year.

Tony nodded. "I know where you're coming from," he said. "David's not too hot on math, is he?"

Annie sighed. "I know. Do you think I should get him some extra tutoring."

Tony casualty placed his hand on Annie's knee, and smiled.

"I'm sure that I can come up with some ways to help him and I'll almost guarantee he'll pass."

Annie wasn't a fool. She knew what the hand and the smile meant, and she was determined that David would advance with his friends. She left the hand where it was while replying.

"Really? Are you sure you can help him?"

Tony's hand slid further along Annie's leg while he replied.

"I can give him some personal attention. Personal attention is best, you know."

Acutely conscious of the hand and what it implied, Annie ignored it.

"Will personal attention guarantee he passes?" she asked.

Tony's hands brushed across the front of Annie's panties.

"I will guarantee it. Why don't we sit in the sun on the back row and discuss this further?

Tony strolled down to the back of the bus with Annie following meekly behind. He sat to one side of the long bench seat, but held up a hand to delay Annie before she sat down.

"I can teach your son about subtraction," Tony said as he reached up Annie's dress and removed her panties. Turning her to sit next to him he started undoing her blouse and bra.

"I can show him the correct way to deduct things," he murmured, pushing bra and blouse off, exposing a pair of very fine breasts.

"I'll teach him how to get the feel of things," continued Tony, as he started stoking Annie, exciting her breasts and agitating her pussy.

Annie giggled. "You'll make sure he gets a good grip on things, no matter how hard they are?" she asked, undoing his zip and taking a good grip on the hard cock she found.

"I'll show him how to get the lay of the land," smiled Tony, pressing against Annie's breasts, pushing her to lie on the bench seat.

"I can assure you," he said, as he carefully aligned his cock with Annie's expectant pussy, "that I'll show him how to get deeply involved with the subject."

With a hard thrust, Tony then became deeply involved with Annie, his cock nailing her to the bench with one vigorous thrust.

Annie gasped, feeling deliciously naughty. Both of them knew that the pact they were making was wrong, but as long as David benefited and no-one got hurt, who'd care. She pressed urgently up against Tony.

"I can't take too long teaching you about maths," he murmured, thrusting hard and fast into Annie, gratified by the way she eagerly rose to meet him.

"That's OK," gasped Annie. "Just drill into me what you can. I'm sure I'm capable of handling it."

The pair of them found they could handle it, coming together quickly and repeatedly, enjoying their illicit sex session. The touch of naughtiness about it excited Annie, while Tony was just happy to have a willing woman to screw.

With Annie eagerly meeting his every effort, Tony thrust hard and fast into Annie, driving her quickly to a climax. Her scream echoed through the bus, combining with Tony's shout. Startled by the noise they both fell silent, looking at each other and laughing, hoping no-one outside the bus heard.

Then they were quickly gathering their clothes together, Tony to return to his chaperone duties with the school and Annie to continue her shopping, feeling a little glow of satisfaction that she'd done her part to advance David's school work.

That night, Annie was talking to David.

"I met that nice Mr. Braid, your maths teacher, today," she told him.

"Who?" asked David. "My maths teacher is Miss Chandler."

"Mr. Braid. Tony Braid. He was with your school outing at the mall."

"Oh, him. He's not my teacher. He teaches at St. Peters. He was just on loan to us for the excursions, 'cause one of our teachers fell sick and he had some free time. It was funny on the excursion, mum. Someone wet the back seat of the bus, and we were all trying to guess who might have done it. We reckoned it was one of the girls, 'cause you could see that the boy's pants were dry, but we weren't allowed to check the girls panties."


- - - - - (Please note if you're thinking that this story is far fetched, it's based on a genuine incident where a mother did screw a teacher from the wrong school.)

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