tagFirst TimeTutoring The Tutor Ch. 02

Tutoring The Tutor Ch. 02



Janet Has Her First Man...Nancy's Dad. Please don't read if you if overweight females offend you.


Nancy and I made tender beautiful love the remainder of the weekend, and I will always cherish my wonderful friend for allowing chubby little me to experience such ecstasy and bliss.

The Reynolds returned from their visit to the Grandparents in North Carolina around 7:00 p.m., and Dr Reynolds gave me a ride home to my mother's house. Since I never knew my own father, I adored Dr Reynolds who often filled my fantasies of being the father I never had.

I snuck shy glances of his magnificent body as he drove on, getting lost in his wonderful smile as he spoke in his melodious baritone voice that made me melt.

Aside from him having a perfect body and a full head of wavy jet black hair, he also had a brilliant mind. He had a private practice as one of the most popular OB/GYNs in our small town. I would often fantasize about him examining my young pussy, but I was too shy to let my best friend's Dad see my chubby body naked, so I chose another doctor. This did not stop me however from having the biggest crush on the man since I was 12 years old.

That is what led to Nancy shocking me to death the very next day when we met at school. Before Home Room started, she pulled me aside and said "Come with me Jan; I've got to talk with you."

She nearly dragged me along, filled with obvious excitement, out to the vacant bleachers except for a few kids having a last smoke before class.

Stopping abruptly, she looked around to make sure we were alone, and then she looked at me again with a huge grin on her face, looking as if she would burst from excitement.

"What the hell is with your Nance? You look like you just won the lottery."

"It's a thousand times better than that Jan. I know you have always had the hots form my Dad; am I right?"

Embarrassed, I looked down at my feet and silently said, "Has it been that obvious?"

"Well dream no more Cupcake, because Daddy has agreed to fuck your brains out."

I must have stared at my best friend for at least five seconds, totally convinced that she had lost her mind, and in a lowered voice blurted out, "Have you gone insane Nance?"

She dragged me around to take a seat on the empty bleachers, and turned to me and excitedly said, "It's true. It took some doing, and coaxing, because at first Daddy had the same reaction you did, so just hear me out."

"Nancy Jane Reynolds, you have lost your marbles and are certifiably nuts."

"You won't think that Babe when you've heard this."

"Okay, I'll humor you and listen to your grand scheme, but I still think you have a screw loose."

"Well...Dad and I were alone, and after telling me about their trip to my Grandparents, he asked how our weekend went. Aside from the fact that I have never been able to lie to him, and being still high from our lovemaking and having to tell someone, I confessed and told him that we made love all weekend."

I exclaimed, "Oh God Nancy! You didn't! I will never be able to face your Dad again."

"Relax Jan. He was a little shocked at first, but overall was pretty cool with it. And that's when I got this great idea. The sex was incredible between us over the weekend, but you really need to experience it with a male, and not just any male. You need a male with experience, and one that understands the female body. What better man could you ask for than a gynecologist; alias Dr Mark Reynolds, my Dad, and the man you have fantasized about for years?"

"That is the craziest hare-brained schemed you have come up with Reynolds."

"Well it took an hour to convince my Dad, and we have an hour before class starts, so hopefully before Home Room, you will be convinced that it's a can't miss plan, and will be calling me a genius.

I just shook my head and said, "I don't know why, but I am still listening."

"Great Jan..... Okay, here's how it will work. Next Saturday, Mom and I will have an all day 'girls day out.' We'll take in a movie, and then shop 'til we drop. You park down the street and when we pull out of the driveway to take off, you go in our house and let my Dad just take it from there."

After another 40 minutes of coaxing and pleading, for some crazy reason I caved in and agreed to her plan, and we returned to the school building for class to start.

The whole week was torture, with time passing incredibly slowly, but Saturday finally arrived, and I sat in my Mom's car, two blocks down from the Reynolds' house. Finally, around 9:30 a.m. Nancy and her Mom came out of the house and got in the car and pulled out of the drive.

I waited five minutes, possibly to try and calm my nerves, and partly to be sure Nancy and her mother hadn't forgotten anything and returned home.

Finally, I took a huge breath, thinking it was now or never and started the car. I pulled into the driveway with my stomach in knots, my thoughts racing a hundred miles an hour, and my body shaking in nervous anticipation.

I rang the bell, and after a brief pause, the door opened and Dr. Reynolds stood before me in a knit pullover shirt and Dockers, smiling warmly at me.

I had no idea how to dress for my first fucking, so I wore my most provocative sundress, with no bra, and I knew that my massive 38 D breasts were jiggling with the rest of me as I entered nervously, trying to walk in my half heels.

Dr Reynolds closed the door, then turned to me, smiled and said, "You look great Jan."

I looked down shyly at my plump body and whispered, "Thank you Sir. Um, you look very nice too Dr. Reynolds."

"Well Jan, I guess we both know why we're here, thanks to my silly daughter."

I gave a nervous giggle and said, "Yes Sir, she can have some pretty wild ideas at times."

Dr Reynolds chuckled and said, "That's putting it mildly. Well, I'm a bundle of nerves, and I thought you might be a little nervous too, so I got us a bottle of wine to help ease the tension. Why don't you have a seat on the couch?"

After I sat, he handed me a glass of wine, then moved around the coffee table to join me.

I drained my glass in 3 gulps, and not being a drinker, it hit me fast and I began to relax a bit.

"Were you telling the truth when you said you were a bundle of nerves Dr Reynolds?"

"Of course Jan Honey. I've been faithful to Nancy's Mom for 20 years, and even though this is more like a tutoring session than a real affair, it still involves having sex with a very young cute, voluptuous young woman, half my age."

Although I felt he was just putting on an act and feeding me some lines, a part of me was thrilled that his handsome man could somehow be attracted to my soft pudgy body, so I let him proceed, hoping he would continue to control our actions.

"Jan Baby, in the few love relationships I have been involved with over the years, I think most of the tension is centered around the disrobing act, so what I thought we might do to start is both getting naked, then sit on the couch and just talk and have a little more wine, as we get comfortable with each others' body."

I inwardly panicked at the thought of this beautiful man seeing my full, Rubenesque body, and bit my lip as my thoughts were at war with themselves. Finally, feeling like I had no choice, with a shaky voice, I whispered, "Okay Sir."

Following his lead, I slowly stood, wringing my hands in each other, and then said, "Um, Dr Reynolds, could you please unzip my dress? It's hard for me to reach back there."

"Sure thing Honey."

After he unzipped me, I moved to the leather chair across from the couch, and with my back to him, slowly began to draw the dress over my head. I silently told myself, 'Dr Reynolds has seen thousands of naked women. Just pretend you are disrobing for an examination.'

I now regretted having not worn a bra, because my massive breasts were now flopping around, hanging loosely as I bent to remove my heels.

I had worn the skimpiest pair of sheer panties I owned, and as I bent forward, I knew that three quarters of my large round ass cheeks must have been exposed for him to see.

I thought I must be dreaming when Dr Reynolds said "My God Jan; You have a beautiful bottom."

I had examined my big bare butt before I left home to be sure I was clean back there, and whereas it was full and round and jiggly, there was no cellulite or wrinkles. I just inwardly cursed myself for it being so fucking big and jiggly. How could any man admire it?

I chose to accept his compliment however, as I slowly turned and said, "Thank you Dr Rey......."

My words were cut short by the magnificent vision standing before me. My eyes were instantly drawn to his massive dangling cock and perfectly formed ball sac. I had devoured every picture of the naked male anatomy on the internet, but nothing prepared me for seeing my first live male dick in the flesh. And what a dick it was.

My eyes slowly travelled up his rock hard flat stomach, covered with a thin line of sparse brown hair, leading to his muscular chest, topped with brownish nipples and areola.

The peaks of his broad shoulders led down to his bronzed flawless arms, bulging with powerful muscle.

When he reached out a hand, in a daze I walked across the room and took it, and he led me once again to sit on the couch.

I took another glass of wine he offered and gently sipped as I shyly stole glances at his crotch. We talked and drank, and finally I couldn't stand the suspense any longer, and nervously said, "Um, Dr Reynolds; would you mind if I touched your penis?"

"Sure Honey. Whatever you feel you would like to try is why we are here."

I replaced my glass on the table, licked and bit my lower lip, and slowly rose and moved between his spread legs. When I knelt between them, my face was a mere six inches from his beautiful cock and huge dangling balls.

Tentatively I took hold with my shaking thumb and the tips of my fingers. He sensed by apprehension and calmly said, "You won't hurt me Baby. Just take a firm grip and squeeze and stroke it."

I did as I was told, completely amazed by his huge organ. Up and down I stroked, then I surprised even myself by lightly grasping his balls in my other hand and giving them a much gentler squeeze, causing him to moan, "Oh yeah Baby. That feels so good."

That was music to my ears, and encouraged me to continue exploring his manhood. I had read countless articles on giving men blowjobs, but I was scared to death that if I attempted one, I would end up doing it wrong.

My squeezing and stroking had made Dr Reynolds grow to his rock hard 8 inches, and glistening precum covered his the purple head of his amazing dick. I could no longer listen to my fears and I just had to taste him, so I moved my head in for a tentative lick.

Encouraged by his continued sighs of pleasure, I continued to stroke him as I let my tongue, lips and teeth join the exploration. The male musky scent of him was incredible, driving me higher as I took long slow strokes with my tongue on the underside of his huge length. I stopped at the tip of his dick and sucked in the large head as my hand returned to squeeze his man meat.

The taste and scent were driving me wild with lust. I tried to relax my throat, just like I had read, to get more of him in my mouth, but was only able to take three inches of his delicious tool before my gag reflex kicked in.

Harder and faster I stroked with my firm grip, as I sucked, licked, and lightly bit his meat with my hungry mouth.

Dr Reynolds' breathing became harder and faster and his moans turned into feral low growls as I sucked greedily, and I knew he was close to cumming.

I had read how bitter and salty a man's cum tasted, and how most women refused to swallow it, but I just had to taste this glorious man and judge for myself.

I pumped and sucked harder, driven by this desire to taste him, and within a matter of seconds, heard a deep moan of pleasure, and a huge load of hot cum was released into the back of my throat. The foreign taste was a little startling, but after a brief period of adjusting my mind to the taste, I began to enjoy it, and continued to suck down every delicious drop as I continued to milk him with my strong grip.

His dick began to soften as the tension in his body began to simultaneous release, and he repeatedly sighed, "Oh my God; that was so good Babe."

Seeing and hearing the sheer pleasure in his voice made me happier than I had ever been in my young life.

When he finally recovered, he smiled and stood, drew me up from my knees, took my hand and seductively said, "Come with me Kitten."

I followed him into the huge bedroom; the same bedroom where Nancy and I had experienced passionate love together just one week earlier.

He gently guided me to lie back on the bed, and then slowly peppered my face, ears and throat with electric kisses and love bites.

After a brief pause, he said, "Jan I would really like to try something with you that I have never done before. The one time I suggested it to Nancy's Mom, she said a flat 'No way' and I never brought it up again, but it is still a strong desire I have.

I bit my index finger, scared to death over what he might want to try, but at that point I was almost willing to try anything with this wonderful man, and said, "Okay Dr Reynolds, you can try it with me."

"Thank you dear. If you don't like it, we can stop at any time. Please roll over on your tummy, and just try and relax."

I did as I was told, still not knowing what to expect.

I began to feel his large strong hands slowly begin to stroke and knead my ass, and to myself that a nice massage couldn't be too threatening. I was a bit surprised that he seemed to concentrate on my large full ass though, and then was totally shocked when I felt the tip of his moist tongue at my ass crack. Instinctively I clenched the muscles of my buttocks, but Dr Reynolds calmly said, "It will be okay Baby."

Slowly I relaxed my muscles, but my mind was still frantic. I had heard of rim jobs before, but always thought they were for the dirty and kinky sex freaks. Dr Reynolds was an intelligent, oral pillar of the community, yet he wanted to do something totally nasty, which 99% of the male population wouldn't even consider.

Slowly he licked all around my fleshy twin globes, and then began to lick up and down the crack of my ass.

All I could think of was; 'What if I smell? Please God, don't let me smell bad.'

Repeatedly he wiped my ass crack with his warm tongue, from bottom to top, and then gently began to insert the tip of his tongue within my opening, with each passing stroke.

My mind screamed out, 'Close your legs slut, but instead my ass muscles relaxed further, and my ass cheeks spread open for him to explore. My hips began to rock up to his mouth as he moved his tongue deeper until with one final thrust he came into contact with the puckered opening of my ass hole. A man was actually licking my nasty private hole....and it felt so wrong, yet so wonderful.

He continued to tease my hole with gentle circles around the opening, and then in one slow firm motion, he thrust his tongue deep into my hole, causing me to shriek out in shock and ecstasy.

Over and over he thrust his long hard tongue into my hot hole causing me to grasp the sheets and scream out once again in a mind-blowing orgasm, without him even touching my hot sopping pussy.

I slowly turned to my back after the spasms ceased, and was exhausted and out of breath, but was floating with a feeling of total satisfaction and sheer bliss.

Dr Reynolds moved to my head and stroked the blond curls from my forehead, then whispered, "Thanks you so much for making a dream come true Kitten."

Still out of breath, I couldn't respond, but realized that as he moved lower, he still wasn't finished with me.

He gently parted my legs and slowly moved his head in to plant tender kisses on my inner thighs and the swollen lips of my steaming pussy.

It was almost unheard of that a male would 'suffer' the fishy smell of a woman's pussy to go down on her, yet this handsome Doctor not only licked my nasty asshole, but was about to lick my torrid cunt.

Slowly he licked, kissed, and gently bit around my blond muff before he once again moved to the base of my moist slit and moved his tongue languidly up and down my hot lips. I had no time to recover from my previous orgasm, and when he thrust his tongue deep inside of me over and over, while gently squeezing my clit, my whole body contracted once again as I grabbed the back of his head and smashed his face deep within my hot cavern.

Finally I released him and looked up to see him holding his massive hard dick in his hand with a sly smile on his face.

I didn't think I could take anymore, and tried to tell him so, but he ignored my pleas to recover and slowly moved his body between my thick plum thighs.

Silently I thought, 'What would it feel like to actually have a dick inside me...especially one as big as this incredible man possessed.'

Placing a towel below my ass, Dr Reynolds slowly rubbed the head of his cock over my now super sensitive pussy opening.

Knowing I was a virgin, Dr Reynolds took every precaution to go very slowly. In by inch he entered me, and at about 3 inches, I felt a slight tear, with a bit of pain, but other than that and a thin trickle of blood to the towel, my body recovered and adjusted fairly quickly.

The skilled Doctor continued to move cautiously to make sure I was alright, and once satisfied for my well being, he moved in and out of me, each time going a little deeper.

My pussy began to cling to his hard flesh and ache for more as he began to push harder and faster into me.

I was thrashing around the bed like a wild animal and cried out, "Fuck me Doc! Please give me all of you!" and with a mighty thrust, he rammed his hard tool fully into me.

I slung my legs up and around his waist in a death grip as he pounded away at my pussy in earnest. Both of us were losing control as out hot flesh slammed into each other and as I shrieked and threw my hips up to meet his wonderful dick, both of us exploded in ecstasy, almost losing consciousness.

Before this experience with this wonderful dream man, I had no real conception of how incredible making love could be, but now my only worry was that it was a onetime occurrence and this would only remain a pleasant memory.

After coming back to earth, we slowly dressed, mainly in silence, with me feeling awkward and sad knowing it was over, and with Dr Reynolds wrestling with his unspoken thoughts. Perhaps all he wanted was just a nice fling with a young chunky piece of ass, and now he was satisfied and would never repeat it.

When we were dressed, Dr Reynolds removed something from his medical bag. Slowly he moved toward me and said, "I love my wife and family Jan, but love you just as much...and I really want to make love with you again...if you want it too."

I couldn't believe my ears, and the tears of joy started to flow from my eyes. "It was the best time of my life Doc, and I love you too."

"In that case, we took an awful big chance having unprotected sex, so I want you to have these. They are birth control pills."

I took them and put them in my pocket with a wonderful smile on my face as both of us walked to the front door.

After Dr Reynolds placed a warm tender kiss on my lips, I returned to my Mom's car and suddenly broke into a huge smile after getting behind the wheel. I came to the conclusion that a onetime fuck might just be a "charity fuck" but having him want to love me for a second time had to prove that there was a love connection there. I was on top of the world thinking that a man could actually want my chubby body.

It was just so hard to decide if I liked Dr Reynolds' magnificent cock more than Nancy's delicious pussy. Oh well, I had six months until I graduated and left for college, so that left lots of time to explore further, and try to make a decision.

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