tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 02

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 02


Clutching tightly to the note she had found in her locker Haley continued looking for Brooke. It was lunchtime and she was very hungry, but she was also pissed and wanted to face her tormentor far more than she wanted to eat.

Finally spotting the girl she was looking for walking into the girls bathroom Haley followed her inside. As Brooke used the facilities Haley checked they were alone and when Brooke came out of the stall and washed her hands she confronted her.

"What is this?" Haley demanded softly.

Brooke looked at what was in Haley's hand and grinned, "Erm... paper... possibly a note... ooooohhhhh, does tutor girl have a secret admirer?"

"It's not secret if I recognise the handwriting." Haley grumbled, opening up the note and showing it to her friend who hadn't stopped grinning at her.

"Mm... I don't know Hales, that could be from anyone. I mean, you are really cute." Brooke said softly.

Haley took a deep breath, "This has to stop."

"What has to stop?" Brooke inquired innocently.

"THIS." Haley said, shaking the letter in frustration, "The text messages, the flirting, and now a note in my locker, it has to stop Brooke. What if Nathan had been there when I found this thing? What if he borrowed my phone and found the messages you send me? Or heard you flirting with me? What would he think?"

"That a girl is trying to seduce his wife?" Brooke guest with a shrugged, "He's a boy, he'd probably like that... wait a minute, you kept my text messages?"

"I... I... I just haven't deleted them yet." Haley said weakly as she blushed furiously, "I'm going to... I just..."

"Going read them a few more times when you're all alone when Nathan isn't around?" Brooke finished for her, her grin wider than ever, "Maybe slip your hand into your panties while doing it... imagine me and Peyton fulfilling all the little things those messages promise to do to you?"

"It's not like that." Haley protested.

"Oh, then what's it like?" Brooke asked.

There was a pause and then Haley said, "Look, I'm flattered, really but I just can't do this. I'm sorry. I... I tried, but I just can't tell Nathan that... that I want to sleep with someone else."

"Hey, look it's fine. I'm sorry I've been coming on so strong, I just didn't want you to forget about my offer." Brooke apologised.

"Forget it, it's all I can think about." Haley practically wept in frustration, "Every time I close my eyes, every time Nathan touches me, every time I see you and Peyton... especially when I see you and Peyton... but, I just can't lose him, and I just can't see him being cool with it."

There was a pause and then, taking a risk, Brooke said, "So don't tell him."

"What?" Haley asked softly.

"Don't tell him. If you can't stop thinking about me and Peyton then being with us is something you want, and if you don't at least try it you might regret it for the rest of your life. If you don't tell him, try it and don't like it then we can forget it and it'll be like it never happened. And if you like it, well, wouldn't it be better to explore that side of yourself with people you know and trust? I mean, with us it would be just sex. No strings, no heartache, just you getting your needs fulfilled so you can get back and be happy with your hubby." Brooke said.

"So, what he doesn't know won't hurt him?" Haley recited the cliché bitterly.

"As lame as it sounds... yes." Brooke said, quickly adding, "The alternative is a lifetime of not knowing, and possible regret, or worse, somewhere down the road you hook up with some random chick in a drunken accident and end up leaving Nathan and possibly a couple of kids and a life you have together for her.”

"So better I cheat on him now than later?" Haley questioned in disbelief.

"Look, do it now and it's a dumb, meaningless experimentation." Brooke said, "You could even blame it on hormones or, oh, we could get you drunk. You, me, Peyton, some booze, memories you can repress if you want later, and possibly revisit on lonely nights."

There was a long pause and then Haley said, "I don't know about this Brooke."

"Hey, like I said if you want me to back off I will and we can pretend this never happened." Brooke assured her friend.

After more silence Haley sighed, "Why me?"

"What?" Brooke frowned.

"Why me?" Haley asked, "I mean, I know I stumbled across you guys and everything, and ok, I kind of liked watching, but... why go to all this trouble just for me? Your... your Brooke and Peyton. You two could probably seduce any girl in school you wanted, especially you. Why are you trying so hard to seduce me?"

Brooke shrugged, "Because your hot."

"I'm serious." Haley said.

"So am I." Brooke insisted, "You're a total hottie, and you barely even know it which is just so cute. Plus your just such a good girl, makes me want to fuck you even more."

"Brooke... I... really?" Haley asked.

"Totally." Brooke grinned, slowly advancing on her friend, "I'd love to fuck you... I'd love to push you into one of these stalls, tear off those pants and panties of yours and just fuck the hell out of you right here, right now. I'd make you cum so hard on my fingers, and then I'd go down on you, fuck you with my tongue until you came in my mouth!"

"Brooke." Haley whispered softly as she found her back pressed against the toilet stall. She hadn't even been aware she had been moving backwards, nor was she aware until now that she was trembling with anticipation as Brooke moved in for the kill.

After gently moving so that her body was almost but not quite pressing against her friend's Brooke reached out and placed her right hand just above where Haley's right shoulder was so she could lean into her, that grinned seeming to become impossibly wide as Haley got a up close look at it.

"I have permission you know." Brooke said huskily.

"Permission for what?" Haley asked softly.

"Permission to fuck you." Brooke said simply, pausing momentarily as Haley squeaked nervously before continuing, "I can fuck you as long as I tell Peyton all about it. And I mean all about it, in detail... right down to how you taste..." another pause so Haley could whimper, "It can be only one time though. I don't want to make a habit of fucking other girls without my girlfriend around to watch and join in on the fun."

"Brooke I... I..." Haley softly trailed off, totally unsure what to say.

"How about this Hales..." Brooke said after a brief pause, "I'll kiss you and if you don't like it this whole thing can end here and we can act like it never happened... but if you like it... well, we'll see where we go from there..."

There was another long pause and then Haley gulped, "Just a kiss?"

"Just a kiss." Brooke assured her friend.

After another long pause Haley softly said, "Ok."

Grinning perhaps wider than she ever had before Brooke slowly lent in and pressed her lips against Haley's in what immediately became the softest kiss Haley had ever had. It was so soft it seemed like Brooke wasn't even touching her, although her eyes told her differently... or at least they did for a little while before they fluttered closed as she surrendered to the kiss. Haley told herself she had to, that there was no point to it if she didn't give it at least a try. That thought didn't alleviate her guilty conscience entirely, but it was her only justification for herself kissing back.

As Haley started pressing and caressing her lips back against hers Brooke grinned into the kiss. This was a clear sign Haley liked what she was doing, as was the soft little moan the other girl let out as Brooke slowly brought her left hand up to the other brunette's side to pull her in, their bodies now pressing together more firmly, Brooke grinning again as she felt Haley's nipples hardening against her own as the little making out session continued.

Pushing her luck Brooke slid her tongue over Haley's lips, the other girl gasping out which was normally the point Brooke would have shoved her tongue inside the open mouth in front of her, but this was not an already eager lover she was dealing with but a sexually curious wife who was feeling guilty and conflicted. So Brooke continued sliding her tongue over Haley's lips, waiting patiently for them to open again, which to her delight they did, this time as an invitation for Brooke's tongue.

At the moment Haley cautiously gave the other girl that invitation Brooke's tongue was eagerly accepting it, that tongue sliding into her mouth and caressing her own. Pushing her nerves aside Haley massaged Brooke's tongue with her own, the other brunette clearly being patient with her, but at the same time gradually encouraging the kiss to become a little less soft. It wasn't long before it did, Haley becoming lost in the making out session as Brooke's hands began caressing her body, coming close but never actually touching her more sensitive areas while the whole time making sure those touches were just adding to the stimulation of the kiss, not distracting from it.

By the time Brooke slowly pulled a way she had out done Nathan and any other boy who had ever kissed Haley, the poor girl panting for breath and practically shaking with a mixture of arousal and confusion.

"I knew you'd like that." Brooke boasted with a huge grin on her face.

Haley blushed and then asked, "So... so what now?"

"Well... we could continue making out here and run the risk of another girl coming in here and seeing us, or we could try making out in the stall instead." Brooke said with a mischievous grin on her face, her dimples showing as she opened up the toilet stall next to them and practically dragged Haley inside.

While that was probably the best choice out of the two options Haley was sure there should have been a third option for her to leave. After all, Brooke had said just one kiss, right? So why was she being pressed against the toilet wall with Brooke's tongue getting shoved down her throat?

Of course any annoyance at not being given a third option was quickly forgotten as Haley felt herself melt into the kiss, Brooke's lips skilfully overwhelming and conquering her.

This girl was so erotic and sensuous it felt like it was inevitable she would seduce Haley if she wanted too, the idea that she was helpless against this seductive creature actually an incredible turn on to Haley. It really shouldn't have been, and Haley felt ashamed that it was, but she couldn't help it. Brooke's lips just felt so soft against her own, that tongue working wonders, and those hands... those hands were everywhere and yet they weren't even touching her most sensitive areas. They were barely even close, and yet Haley had never been more turned on.

While it was clear this kiss was longer than the last time itself ceased to matter, the bell to signify the end of lunch echoing somewhere in the distance but Haley barely even recognised it, and soon it was a distant memory as she continued letting Brooke have her way with her.

After what felt like a lifetime Brooke's hands finally slid over the side of Haley's boobs through the fabric of her clothes, Haley letting out a soft moan of pleasure before sticking out her chest ever so slightly, submitting the upper half of her body to the other girl's skilful hands.

Brooke grinned triumphantly at this submission before claiming her prize, guiding her hands over the soft flesh of Haley's breasts, massaging them softly through the other brunette's clothes, squeezing more high-pitched moans of pleasure from Haley which only made Brooke grin wider.

If there's one thing Brooke had always loved it was a good seduction. She had always been good at it, then again she had never really had to try very hard to seduce a boy. The prospect of seducing a girl however seemed a lot more challenging, especially a married and supposedly completely straight girl, and the prospect of that challenge had been intoxicating from the moment Brooke thought it up. Now she was actually going through with it, that she was making out with this little lesbian virgin while squeezing her tits, oh, Brooke didn't think she'd ever been so horny. Well, maybe a couple of times with Peyton, that girl just brought out the little lesbo slut inside her, but she'd certainly never been more horny, which for her was really saying something.

Despite her horny state Brooke was able to hold off and not rush into things too much. She was not what most people would call a patient girl, but she could be patient if she needed to be, like now for instance. Haley clearly needed her to take things slowly, which was just what Brooke did, the horny seductress waiting a very, very long time before she slid her hands up Haley's top and began to slide her fingers over the other girl's bra in between the soft squeezes and caresses she had been giving to the other brunette's chest before.

Finally after what felt like a lifetime of teasing to both girls Brooke pulled down Haley's bra just far enough so that she could cup the other girl's breasts in her hands, giving them the same soft squeezing and caressing treatment as before while adding nipple manipulation to the mix.

The touches were so skilful Haley thought she would cum just from Brooke playing with her nipples. She thought the same thing sometime later when Brooke slowly slid one hand down her body until the fingers of that hand pushed in between Haley's legs, rubbing her through her pants for what felt like an eternity before reaching up and sliding into the waistband of her pants but not her panties so she could continue teasing her. After another eternity of rubbing, this time with Haley's soaking panties the only thing stopping those fingers having full access Brooke pushed them aside, leaving Haley completely vulnerable.

At almost the exact same time she slid her fingers over Haley's unprotected sex for the first time Brooke cruelly removed her lips from Haley's, bent her head down and sank her teeth into the other girl's neck. As a result Haley let out a little whimper, and then a loud cry. Blushing furiously for being so loud Haley bit her lip and frantically tried to concentrate on being quiet, but sadly Brooke seem determined to get them caught.

Those wicked, evil fingers manipulated Haley's sex in a way which didn't seem possible. Haley had... experimented in touching herself from time to time...lately more frequently, and that was before she had caught Brooke and Peyton in bed together. To her shame the sight of her two best female friends fucking had made Haley's fingers go crazy, like they were possessed by some freaky masturbating daemon or something, and they had seemingly been possessed ever since. However the work of her own fingers seemed like nothing compared to those of Brooke's, the other girl reducing her to a whimpering wreck without even entering her.

Clearly that last thought had been tempting fate as almost immediately afterwards Brooke pressed her index finger against Haley's entrance and at a breathtakingly slow speed pushed inside, Haley trembling as for the first time in her life her pussy was invaded by a finger not belonging to herself or her husband... a finger belonging to another girl.

It was overwhelming, as was the feeling of that finger beginning to move in and out of her... fucking her... Brooke... Brooke was fucking her. Brooke Davis, arguably the most popular and beautiful girl in school... the most beautiful woman... no, the most beautiful creature Haley had ever seen was now fucking her. It was so wrong but Haley felt... flattered. Brooke was a Goddess compared to her, and yet this Goddess was playing with her, taking her, fucking her, and it felt good. It felt so very, very good.

As Brooke worked her magic she was mindful of many things at once. Firstly and perhaps most importantly she was listening beyond Haley's now constant moans to try and detect even the slightest sound which might indicate they were no longer alone. The opening of a door, footsteps, anything like that, but luckily the only sound that could be heard were coming from Haley's mouth, and they were sounds Brooke was very much enjoying.

Brooke enjoyed the feeling of Haley's pussy clamping down on her finger even more than she was enjoying the sounds the other girl was making, that soft little hole squeezing down on her like a vice while drenching her finger in juice. The amount of liquid tutor girl was producing was a testament to Brooke's skills but she couldn't take credit for the equally enjoyable tightness, that tightness itself coming as something of a surprise. Brooke had fucked Nathan before he had gotten together with Haley and was surprised his big dick hadn't done a better job of stretching her out. Oh well, Haley's little love hole being tight was only going to make things more fun.

Encouraged by her thoughts Brooke inserted another finger into Haley, pushing it in much faster than the first and then resuming the fucking at a much steadier speed, something which Haley seemed to both very much appreciate and be very much alarmed by. These reactions caused Brooke to grin triumphantly, her dimples on display as she observed the other brunette as she fucked her.

Of all the things Brooke was paying close attention to Haley's reactions were her favourite. There was Haley's soft moans which grew more high-pitched when Brooke gave her a quicker and/or harder thrust than usual, the way her pussy clampdown on her fingers even tighter whenever Brooke gave her a little extra something like curling her fingers inside her, but above all else it was the reactions on her face. That cute little face awash with pleasure while Haley clearly tried to fight against it, or at least tried and quiet herself down. It was so adorable Brooke nearly couldn't stand it.

Haley's face only got cuter as she got ready to cum, Brooke choosing to push her over the edge by suddenly rubbing tutor girl's clit with her thumb while whispering in her ear, "Mmmmmm, you're so wet for me tutor girl. You've got such a wet, tight little pussy. I love fucking it, and it clearly loves being fucked. It clearly loves being fucked by me, another girl. Your pussy loves being fucked by me tutor girl. And you love it too, don't you? Tutor girl loves being fucked by a girl."

That voice. That sexy voice. Heaven help her but Haley was helpless against it, those soft words probably powerful enough to send her over the edge, stars exploding in her eyes as she experienced the strongest climax of her life.

As Haley's body began convulsing Brooke grinned widely, increased her finger fucking pace and whispered, "That's it, cum for me tutor girl. Cum from another girl fucking your tight little pussy."

Haley's mouth fell open in a silent scream as her pussy clampdown hard on those fingers, coating them in her cream as her body shook helplessly under the assault of the orgasm rocking her body. Just when it all became too much the fingers finally began slowing down, Brooke expertly bringing Haley down from her high before slowly pulling her fingers out of her and bringing them up to her mouth.

When she was sure she had Haley's full attention Brooke slowly slid her middle finger into her mouth and sensuously sucked the juices from it with a long, drawn out moan before she pulled the finger out and whispered huskily, "Mmmmmmmm, you taste sooooo good tutor girl. Even better than I thought you would. Mmmmmm, you have got to try this."

With that Brooke pressed her finger to Haley's lips, Haley opening them immediately either to tell Brooke no or simply do as this Goddess said she wasn't sure but the other girl didn't give her much time to think, the head cheerleader of Tree Hill High sliding that cum coated finger into Haley's mouth, giving her no choice but to taste herself.

It... it wasn't so bad. Haley would have never have done something like this on her own, she didn't even suck her husband's cock after it had been inside her unless he washed it first, but to do so now just seemed so... erotic. And the taste... it really wasn't bad, and sucking on her finger brought a huge smile to Brooke's face and the idea that she had been responsible for that smile made Haley feel good. She suddenly long to make Brooke happy... to make her smile again... to make her feel like she just made her feel... to... to maybe even return the favour Brooke had just done for her.

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