Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 03


Brooke managed to convince herself to switch back and forth between fucking Peyton with her fingers and fucking Peyton with her tongue for a while then came the really difficult task of convincing herself to pull away. That was always a difficult task for Brooke, but considering her own body was burning for attention she was able to convince herself to pull away so she could get ready to fulfil one of her biggest ever fantasies. First however she couldn't resist moving up and kissing Haley again, the formerly innocent tutor girl not hesitating in passionately returning the kiss.

Even in her barely conscious state Haley knew she was tasting Peyton's cum and pussy cream on Brooke's lips. She was tasting the cum and pussy cream of her second ever girl, and she wanted more. Haley wanted to taste Peyton's cum and pussy cream from the source.

What Haley didn't know was that Brooke was only too happy to give her the opportunity.

When she broke the kiss Brooke asked huskily, "Did you like that tutor girl? Did you like tasting my girlfriend's cum on my lips?"

Haley nodded eagerly.

Brooke grinned, "Would you like some more? Would you like some more of my girlfriend's cum you greedy little dyke?"

Again Haley nodded eagerly.

"Well then here, have some more you greedy little dyke slut!" Brooke growled, grabbing a firm hold of Haley's hair and pushing her down so her face was in between Peyton's legs, "Eat my girlfriend's pussy you little lezzie bitch. Eat that fucking cunt and make my girlfriend cum in your dyke mouth. Make her cum like she's made you cum. I wanna see you and my girlfriend 69 and make each other cum like the pair of lesbian sluts you are!"

Brooke's words were unnecessary as the second she pressed Haley's face down against Peyton's cunt the innocent little married girl began eating pussy like the rug munching slut Brooke had successfully turned her into.

The sight had Brooke beaming with pride, and tingling with lust, but while she was sure to always keep at least one eye on the show she was sure to set up the next part of the night's activities before sitting back and watching her girlfriend and her friend fuck each other senseless.

Haley and Peyton weren't aware of Brooke moving around nearby. They weren't aware of anything except the delicious pussy juice they were greedily swallowing, the fact that they were using their mouths, tongues and fingers to get as much of that pussy juice as possible, and the pure ecstasy they were feeling as they fucked each other through orgasm after orgasm.

It was like heaven for both of them. There was no guilt over cheating on their partners, no confusion about their sexuality, and none of life's other little worries. There was only pleasure.

Both girls wished they could have stayed like that forever, of course all good things have to come to an end.

Inevitably exhaustion kicked in, and the more Haley and Peyton found themselves getting tired the more the orgasms seemed to become almost painful. Soon it felt like every part of them was tired and sore, and no matter how hard they tried to continue they just couldn't.

When Haley finally rolled off Peyton it was a relief for both girls, the two of them laying there in a panting heap for several minutes.

For a moment Haley thought she was going to pass out, then she heard something which gave her the strength to sit up and look over at Peyton lustfully, that being her blonde friend moaning, "Ohhhhh Brooke..."

Apparently Brooke had taken it upon herself to clean up any remaining cum from Peyton's thighs and pussy, the blonde writhing on the bed as the seductive brunette dipped her tongue inside her cunt a few times before kissing her way up her body to her lips.

Once she reached her destination Brooke hovered her lips less than an inch away from Peyton's, paused in that position for a couple of seconds, then just smiled wickedly and slid her tongue out over Peyton's cheek. Brooke then began gently licking and kissing Peyton's face, cleaning up almost all of Haley's cum and pussy juice from her girlfriend's pretty face. She would have got all of it but when Brooke was almost done Peyton captured Brooke's lips with her own, making the head cheerleader completely forget what she was doing in favour of making out with the other girl on her squad.

The make out session lasted quite a while, Haley wondering if she should quietly leave and let her friends have the rest of the evening to snuggle. But before Haley could convince herself to get up Brooke broke the kiss, grinned and said, "You know what I want now baby?"

"Uh-huh, and I'm cool with it as long as Haley is." Peyton replied with a soft smile.

"Don't worry babe, you leave tutor girl to me." Brooke grinned wickedly.

Brooke then looked over at Haley, stared at her for a few seconds, and then slowly crawled over to her, that wicked little grin of hers never leaving her face which worried Haley a little.

"W, w, what do you want?" Haley stammered.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head tutor girl." Brooke said, pausing to slide her tongue over Haley's thigh, "Just give me a second to clean you up and I'll tell you all about it."

Haley wanted to insist that Brooke tell her now, but she was too busy softly moaning and whimpering as Brooke's tongue slid all over first her right, then her left thigh, then her pussy lips. By the time Brooke's tongue was sliding inside of her cunt again Haley didn't care what Brooke wanted because she would give her anything if Brooke gave her more of this wonderful pleasure.

Sadly the pleasure didn't last for long this time as once she was done cleaning up any left over cum from Haley's pussy Brooke moved up to Haley's face and clean that of Peyton's cum. Having Brooke licking and kissing her face was a little weird, but Haley welcomed the kiss that followed it, the young tutor quickly becoming lost in her latest lesbian lip lock before Brooke broke it and grinned at her.

"You remember this, don't you tutor girl?" Brooke questioned, reaching over slightly to grab the strap on dildo which was lying nearby and then holding it up in front of Haley's face.

In response Haley nodded, gulped and then asked, "Are... are you going to fuck me with that?"

"I'd love too." Brooke said, her eyes lighting up before then adding with a sigh, "But Peyton said if you agree to our little proposal we should save using toys on you for a different night. That way we don't overwhelm you or whatever."

"You know I'm right about that sweetie." Peyton said as she finished tightening the other strap on cock Brooke got out around her waist.

"Maybe. But no toys for you doesn't have to mean no toys. So, if you just want to relax and watch, or even go home, that's cool. As you might remember, Peyton's really good at fucking me with a strap on. But..." Brooke paused, and then suddenly sped up her words, "I always wanted to try a little DP action, so I was hoping you wouldn't mind being one of the pieces of bread in a Brooke Davis sandwich. Just the bottom piece which doesn't have too move around. Please?"

Despite Brooke talking quickly Haley heard everything the other girl said perfectly and found it intimidating and nerve wracking, and yet very exciting.

After a few long seconds of lip biting Haley replied with a soft, "Ok."

Brooke beamed happily and said, "Lift your hips."

Haley frowned for a moment, then blushed slightly as she realised why she needed to do that. It wasn't as awkward as she thought it would be though. One moment Haley was lifting her hips and the next Brooke had strapped the cock around her waist and was greedily sucking on it.

Before Haley even got the chance to lower her head back down Brooke was bobbing her head on half of the dildo, and when Haley lowered her hips Brooke didn't let the fake dick get away, the cheerleader captain making sure to keep the cock in her mouth the whole time.

Not long after that Brooke was allowing the head of the dick to slid down her throat so her lips could reach the base, the brunette cheerleader deep throating the big dildo with ease.

Haley had always tried to ignore the rumours about Brooke, or at least choose to believe those rumours were blown way out of proportion, but after watching her friend bob her head up and down the entire length of that big shaft it seemed pretty clear that the rumour about Brooke being the best cock sucker in Tree Hill must have been true. She was certainly better than Haley, and the young tutor couldn't imagine how anyone could be better.

As if she was reading her thoughts Peyton suddenly said, "She's a great cock sucker, isn't she?"

"I, I guess." Haley stammered.

Removing her mouth from the cock Brooke said in a more than slightly exaggerated offended tone, "You guess?"

"No, no I didn't mean it like that. You're an amazing cock sucker. The best ever. Really, I..." Haley rapidly replied, worried she had offended her friend.

"Relax tutor girl. Relax and breathe. I'm just messing with you." Brooke reassured with a smile.

"Yeah, no need to tell Brooke how great she is at sucking cock." Peyton said dryly, grinning at Brooke as she glared at her, "But sometimes it feels like she does seem to be reminded those aren't the type of cocks which will give her a yummy treat if she keeps sucking on them long enough. Those are the type of cocks she just needs to get a little wet before fucking."

"And suck clean after fucking." Brooke added with a grin.

"True, but Haley's cock is more than wet enough for your slutty little pussy, so if you don't start taking that dick inside your hot little cunt soon then I'm going to go get some non-edible lube and cover my cock in it. That way you won't get to suck my cock while riding Haley's." Peyton threatened softly.

"Spoilsport." Brooke grumbled before splitting on Haley's strap on dick and then quickly crawling up Haley's body.

After positioning her pussy over the dildo Brooke reached down and grabbed the shaft, making sure it was firmly pressed against her wet and ready love hole before sliding down. She let out a long groan of pleasure as the first few inches of the strap on easily slid into her, Brooke waiting a few seconds as she enjoyed the initial penetration before slowly but surely sliding the rest of the way down.

"MMMMMMM, I'm ready for your cock now P Sawyer." Brooke moaned, and then just to clarify added, "Bring it over here so I can suck it. Please? Please give me your big cock. I wanna suck on your big fat cock."

"Well, only since you asked so nicely B Davis." Peyton murmured, positioning herself so she was kneeling in front of Brooke with the dildo pressed only a few inches away from the other girl's lips.

Brooke wasted no time in greedily swallowing the head of the fake cock, those soft lips of hers sliding up and down the shaft as, not for the first time, Peyton wished the cock was real.

Peyton was as happy with herself as she'd ever been. A big part of that was being with Brooke who made Peyton feel wanted, loved, and sexy in ways previous boyfriends never had. She had absolutely no real desire to be a boy, but Brooke was such a passionate and dedicated cock sucker that whenever Peyton found herself watching her girlfriend sucking on a dildo the blonde couldn't help for the briefest of moments wish she could know what it was like for all those boys Brooke used to suck off.

These thoughts of course led Peyton to feelings of jealousy, which luckily quickly passed as she reminded herself that Brooke was hers now. Brooke Davis was now her girlfriend, just like Peyton had always secretly wanted her to be, and it didn't matter how many cocks Brooke had sucked, or how many boys she had fucked, or even how many times she intended fucking Haley, because Brooke was hers and that's all that mattered.

Of course if Peyton wanted to keep Brooke happy she would have to make sure to fulfil all her slutty little desires, which under the current situation was very, very easy.

"That's it you dirty little slut, suck that cock!" Peyton said, hoping to fulfil her girlfriend's desire for dirty talk, "Suck that cock you nasty little cock sucker! Suck it like you used to suck all those boys. Suck my cock while you've got Haley's dick inside your slutty little cunt! Mmmmmmmm, yeah, take both those cocks like the slut you are!"

"Oh fuck yeah, I'm a slut. A nasty little cock sucking slut. A nasty, filthy little whore who loves taking two dicks inside her at the same fucking time!" Brooke moaned after she took the dildo out of her mouth and began gently jerking it up and down as if it was real, "Mmmmmm, I'm a dirty slutty whore who loves taking dick in her pussy and in her mouth at the same time. Oh yeah, I love the feeling of Haley's big dick inside me as I suck your fucking cock Peyton!"

"Well why don't you bounce on it baby? Why don't you ride Haley's cock while you're sucking mine? Show me and Haley what kind of a slut you really are?" Peyton challenged.

"MMMMMmmmm yeah, gonna, ooooooooh, mmmmmmmmm, yeeeeessssssss, sooooooooo goooooodddddddd!" Brooke moaned shamelessly as she started bouncing up and down on Haley's strap on dick.

Instead of concentrating on trying to say something coherent Brooke simply stuffed Peyton's strap on back into her mouth and started giving that fake dick an even harder, wetter blow job.

Brooke salivated on the toy, allowing her saliva to drip out of her mouth and down the shaft only to catch up to her spit by sliding her lips all the way down the cock, taking the head of the man-made meat into her throat so she could get her lips wrapped around the base. She repeated this several times in between fucking her throat on Peyton's cock, while she slammed her pussy up and down on Haley's dick.

Being with two guys at once had always been one of Brooke's hottest fantasies. Of course outsiders of being with Peyton threesomes in general were a big part of Brooke's fantasies, whether it was boy-girl-girl, boy-girl-boy, or all girl. Living out her all girl fantasy had been amazing, with Peyton no less, and technically she still was, but equipping her girlfriend and friend with strap ons meant that Brooke was getting to fulfil her boy-girl-boy fantasies too.

Sucking on a cock while bouncing up and down on another was just as hot as Brooke had imagined it would be. Her pussy was so wet from watching Peyton and Haley go at it, and from going down on Peyton herself, but there was barely even any uncomfortableness when she took the dildo strapped around Haley's waist inside her. And when she started moving up and down the pleasure had been incredible, and it had only got better with every bounce. The feeling of the cock in her mouth only heightened Brooke's enjoyment, however as much as this was a dream come true there was another hole on her body she wanted Peyton to stick her cock in, a hole which would give Brooke a lot more pleasure when it was filled and fucked than her mouth.

So, after a long while of enjoying the feeling of cocks filling two holes, Brooke took her mouth off Peyton's dick and moaned, "Please P Sawyer, fuck me too. MMMMMMMM, FUCK MY ASS! Oooooooh, fuck, ohhhhhhh, fuck my slutty little ass. AAAAHHHH, ohhhhhhh, fuck my butt hard and deep. Please, mmmmmmmmm, DP me, DP my slutty ass!"

"Sure, just let me go get the lube." Peyton said, quickly moving off the bed.

"Awww, come on baby. I can't wait that long." Brooke whined, "Just shove that wet dick up my slutty ass. I'm so horny and your big dick is so wet it'll just slide right in."

"Maybe next time." Peyton said, quickly grabbing a bottle of anal lubricant from out of one of her drawers and then returning to the bed.

Without needing to be asked Brooke had stopped bouncing, lent forward and stuck her ass out as far as she could to allow Peyton to lube and then shove her strap on in her ass. Clearly not content just wait around for Peyton to do that Brooke had also started kissing Haley, the perhaps now once innocent married girl happily kissing back with no hesitation whatsoever.

Peyton couldn't help just watching the pretty sight for a few moments, her eyes darting back and forth between Brooke and Haley making out and her girlfriend's inviting ass, before eventually kneeling down behind Brooke and beginning to cover her fingers in lubricant. Once they were well coated Peyton quickly pushed one of her fingers inside Brooke's butt hole, the other girl moaning as the finger entered her back passage with ease.

"How does that feel baby?" Peyton asked curiously.

"Fucking amazing." Brooke moaned as she quickly broke her kiss with Haley, "I can feel your finger rubbing against Haley's cock. Mmmmmm, fuck, it's almost like there's nothing between them. And it feels so fucking goooooodddddd! But I want more. I want your cock in my ass. Mmmmmmm, please Peyton, stick that big fat cock up my fucking ass and fuck me. Ohhhhhh, I wanna get both my slutty fuck holes fucked sooooo bad!"

"Patients baby, just let me stretch your ass hole out a little first. Then I'll fuck you. I promise." Peyton said softly as she pumped her finger in and out of Brooke's back door.

"Mmmmmm, hurry it up baby. Please, oooooooh, I wanna get double fucked!" Brooke moaned softly, loving the feeling of pleasure she was getting from the finger fucking, even if it wasn't stretching her ass as much as she would have liked.

Peyton did start stretching Brooke's ass a lot more though as she added first a second finger, then a third, and then finally a fourth, twisting them around inside the brunette's butt as she thrust these fingers in and out of her back passage. With each and every additional finger Brooke moaned in pleasure, and while Peyton knew her girlfriend well enough to tell when she was hiding a little pain and discomfort the blonde also knew from past experience the pleasure Brooke was receiving far outweighed anything else. However this wasn't exactly like all the other times she had fucked Brooke's ass, so Peyton was in no hurry.

Besides, it wasn't like Peyton wasn't used to ignoring Brooke's begging. She did it all the time, and Peyton knew while Brooke might claim to hate it it made the eventual pleasure of getting what she wanted all the sweeter.

So Peyton took her time finger fucking Brooke's ass, switching between slow thrusts to pounding her fingers in and out of her girlfriend's butt hole, sometimes gently twisting and curling those fingers inside Brooke's bowels while at other times moving around inside the other girl's rectum as hard and as fast as she could. Peyton finger fucked Brooke's butt until she thought her girlfriend was ready to take her strap on cock up her ass. Then she anally finger fucked Brooke some more, wanting Brooke to be practically desperate to get that fake cock in her ass before she actually gave it to her.

Eventually Peyton felt Brooke's begging had become desperate enough so she quickly pulled her fingers out and replace them with her strap on after she had used her left hand to squirt a little lube all over it. Once the head of the dildo was pressed firmly against Brooke's butt hole Peyton asked, "You want this cock in your ass baby?"

"OHHHH YES! GIVE ME THAT BIG COCK! SHOVE YOUR BIG COCK UP MY ASS P SAWYER OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!" Brooke cried out joyfully as she felt the dildo finally pushing through her ass hole, "Oooooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss mmmmmmmmmm, fuck me. Oh Peyton, fuck my ass."

Brooke sighed in relief as she felt her butt hole snapping closed around the head of the large cock. She then moaned joyfully as her greedy back door swallowed inch after inch of dildo with ease, Brooke experiencing no pain whatsoever as the first few inches entered her rectum. Taking the rest of the strap on wasn't quite as easy, but the pain was minimal.

It always had been for Brooke. Ever since she had lost her anal cherry Brooke had found she could take a nice big dildo up her butt just as easily as she could take it in her pussy, and taking it in the ass made her feel like such a dirty little slut she often preferred anal. Sure, there were times Peyton would make love to her pussy with a strap on which was so amazing Brooke would literally be brought to tears with the pleasure, passion and love she felt, but this wasn't about making love. This was about naughty, slutty, three-way lesbian sex, and Brooke intended to enjoy it.

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