tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 04

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 04


"Hey tutor girl, what kept you?"

Haley James Scott had gotten very used to hearing those words come from her friend Brooke Davis. Haley had been expecting to hear them when she arrived at Brooke's house because patients had never been one of Brooke's virtues and now they were having sex on a regular basis the IT girl of Tree Hill High had only seemed to become more impatient. It was like Brooke thought that seconds after calling her Haley should be kneeling before her ready, waiting and eager to please. The last time Haley had come here Brooke had been so impatient that she pushed Haley down to her knees the second she was in the door, pulled down her mini skirt and shoved her wet pussy in Haley's face. Haley had been hoping for a repeat performance of that, her own pussy burning at the thought of it. What Haley got was hearing those familiar words which was now her usual greeting from Brooke out of the mouth of Brooke's roommate Rachel Gatina.

"You..." Haley blinked, her surprise and confusion quickly turning to anger and annoyance, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Last time I checked, this was my home, soooo." Rachel said sarcastically.

Ignoring the redhead Haley asked, "Is Brooke here?"

Rachel smiled, stood back and opened the door wide, "Why don't you see for yourself?"

"BROOKE! BRRRROOOOOKKKKKEEEEE!" Haley screamed into the house as she entered it, hoping Brooke would come quickly so she wouldn't have to spend any longer than necessary alone with Rachel.

Haley heard Rachel locking the door behind her, but thought nothing of it. After all with creepy stalkers and God knows what else lurking around Tree Hill no one was leaving their doors unlocked at this point. What did get Haley's attention however was the sound of Brooke's voice moaning, "Oh fuck yeeeeessss tutor girl, mmmmmmm fuck me. Oh God Haley, fuck me with your little dyke tongue!"

As soon as she heard Brooke's voice coming from behind her Haley froze. She remained rooted to the spot for a few horrifying seconds, then Haley turned around just in time to see Rachel turning off a little tape recorder she was holding her hand.

There was a moment of silence, then Haley took a step forward.

"You really think this is the only copy?" Rachel quickly asked.

"Well you are pretty dumb." Haley spat.

"Not really, but you are a cheating little dyke whore, and this little thing proves it." Rachel countered, then quickly adding as Haley took another step forward, "But if you're half as smart as you think you are you'll back off. Unless you want me to give Nathan a call and let him hear Brooke moaning your name? Or maybe let him hear you begging Brooke to fuck you? I don't know, which do you think he'd prefer?"

As she mentioned Haley's husband Rachel pulled out a phone, showed Nathan's number was already set to speed dial and then pressed the phone and the recorder together threateningly.

"That's Brooke's phone." Haley murmured almost to herself, "You texted me."

"Clever girl." Rachel said in a tone one might use on a small child, "I keep hearing about how smart you are. Nice to finally see it, even if it is only basic calculus."

"You mean that thing you're failing?" Haley snapped back.

"Actually I'm doing fine with that now, thanks to you being a dumb ass who leaves keys lying around." Rachel grinned.

"I knew that was you!" Haley almost yelled.

"Too bad you can't prove it." Rachel said mockingly.

"Well, I can just smack you again. That was fun." Haley shot back.

"You could, and I could let your husband know what a dirty little cheating lesbo slut his supposedly innocent little wife turned out to be." Rachel countered, allowing her threat to hang in the air for a second before adding, "Or maybe we can come to some other arrangement."

There was another pause and then seeing no other option Haley sighed, stood back and softly asked, "What do you want?"

"Nathan." Rachel said without hesitation, adding once Haley was glaring at her, "But not just for a revenge fuck to spite you, which is all I'd probably get if I played him this little tape. And you know, it would probably be worth it. But if he finds out from someone else that his wife has been fucking another girl behind his back and I'm the one who's there to comfort him, maybe I'll have a real shot with him."

"You, you want me to break up with my husband?" Haley gulped.

"Well, it's not exactly fair on him if you're lezzing it up behind his back all the time, is it? But, if he ever found out I had anything to do with pushing you to telling him he'd probably be mad I didn't just go straight to him or whatever. Yet if I did, or even if I just helped him learn indirectly he'd probably want nothing to do with me. Ironic, huh? So I think I'd rather just sit back and wait for all this to blow up in your face. Besides, Brooke's been good to me lately, and as much as I think her reputation could do with a little spicing up she'd probably be upset if I released this tape." Rachel explained.

"Oh... thank you." Haley said surprised.

"Oh, don't thank me." Rachel said, "See, I was thinking about just dropping it. Then you through that drink in my eyes, slapped me, and insulted me in front of a whole house full of people, only to then hide behind that basketball playing meat head Skills and have him push me out the door so I couldn't give you that ass kicking you richly deserved."

"You stole those tests!" Haley practically yelled, "I knew it was you, and you just admitted it. We could both be expelled for that you stupid bitch!"

"Well, now I can be sure you'll do everything in your power to make sure that doesn't happen, can't I?" Rachel grinned, "Or I could just ruin your life for the fun of it."

There was silence as Haley tried to calm herself down and think clearly. It was difficult because Rachel got under her skin like no one else, but after a while she was able to softly grumble, "There's not much I can do..."

"You can lie." Rachel interrupted, "Like you lie to your husband when you pretend to be straight and like him touching you."

"I don't... I'm..." Haley stammered angrily, honestly not really knowing what she could be labelled as anymore.

"And you know what else you're going to do for me? Anything. If you want to keep curling up to your husband and pretending to be little Miss perfect well secretly being a cheating little lezzie slut then you're going to have to do any little thing I want so I keep your dirty little secret." Rachel explained.

"Fine." Haley said through gritted teeth, "Was there anything you had in mind? Other than helping to cover your stupid cheating ass of course?"

Rachel laughed, "Actually those tests were for someone else. I never even looked at them. So the only cheater around here is your dyke ass."

Ignoring the dig Haley frowned, "If you didn't still those tests yourself who were they for?"

"It doesn't matter." Rachel said, quickly changing the subject, "What does matter is that I own you pain and humiliation. And tonight, I'm going to give it to you. But don't worry, no one will have to know. It won't be public like your humiliation of me. It's just going to be you and me, alone in Brooke's room... you bending over my knee as I spank your little ass."

There was a moment of silence as Haley just stared at Rachel in disbelief before finally Haley softly murmured, "You can't be serious."

"About spanking you? Yeah, I'm serious." Rachel said.

"You're crazy." Haley said.

"Hey, I'll give you that it sounds like something out of a lesbian porno, but it really is kind of perfect." Rachel said before explaining, "I mean, it's not like I can just kick the shit out of you, because if I so much as bruised your pretty little face your husband and everyone else wouldn't stop going on about it until you pointed the finger at me... or they'd just figure it out. And that would be very, very bad for me. But I'm guessing you wear granny panties so as long as you can keep it in your pants for long enough no one should notice your ass slowly recovering from the beating I'm going to give it."

"You're not..." Haley began.

"Besides." Rachel firmly interrupted, "As satisfying as kicking your ass would be it just wouldn't be that humiliating for you. But I bet you'd find it really humiliating to get your ass spanked like the little brat you are. Much easier to get you crying and begging for mercy that way, and probably way more emotionally damaging for you... and more satisfying to me than just about anything else."

"I'm not..." Haley tried again.

"Oh stop you're whining already." Rachel again interrupted, "We both know you'd probably suffer through far worse to keep you're perfect little double life intact. And I could do much worse to you, you know? Like force you to take naked pictures just so I could send them to Nathan's Daddy. Maybe make you write him some very graphic love letters. Maybe even make you beg for him to fuck you, or at least let you blow him. Yeah, that sounds hot to me. Ha, bet you swallow don't you bitch? Well how would you like me to make you swallow Mr Mayor Dan Scott's sticky load right down your throat? Or maybe you'd prefer to have him covering your pretty little face with his white cream? Ha, bet you'd look good covered in Dan Scott's cum. Or would you prefer I sent you after Nathan's Mommy? Have you eat Debra's cunt, make your mother-in-law cum in your mouth and all over your face? Would you like that? How about getting gang banged by the basketball team? Minus Nathan and probably Lucas of course. Because I can make that happen. All we need to do is throw a bag over your head, with a hole in it so you can still suck their cocks. Then I could film it and play it in the middle of school, see if anyone recognises your moans as they watch you being fucked in every hole."

"You wouldn't." Haley said softly, her anger rapidly being replaced by fear.

"I would. And honestly, I kind of want too." Rachel smiled, a truly terrifying look momentarily flashing across her face before she softened her tone, "But it would be a lot simpler just to spank your ass, so maybe if you just take it like the little bitch you are, if you're lucky, I'll leave it at that."

Haley gritted her teeth but stayed silent. She wanted to tell Rachel to go fuck herself, slap the redhead across her smug face and leave. But no matter how badly she wanted to do that Haley couldn't. She couldn't, or more accurately didn't want to, imagine giving in to Rachel's demands but what choice did she have?

"Look, this is a done deal, so you might as well just get it over with." Rachel said impatiently, then when the infuriating silence continued push the tape recorder against Brooke's phone again and added, "But, if you need a little push, fine. You now have five seconds to make up your mind. Five... four... three... two... one..."

"WAIT! Stop... please..." Haley protested as she watched in horror as Rachel hit Nathan's number on speed dial and the faint sound of ring-ring fill the room. Despite her pleadings Rachel didn't hang up, for horrifying second making Haley think she had blown her chance to keep the truth from her husband any longer. Then she cried out, "I'll do anything you want, just please..."

"Hello?" Nathan called out through the phone, repeating the word few times with increasing annoyance.

"Hey Nathan." Rachel said after bringing the phone up to her lips, loving the nervous look on Haley's face, "Do you know where Brooke is? I just found her phone and... oh, well if you see her... yeah, I guess she could be with your loving wife. They have been spending a lot of time together lately. Have you noticed? Anyway, I should go. See you around."

Rachel smirked as the moment she hung up the phone Haley switched from looking terrified to furious in a matter of seconds.

"Unless you want me to ring him back I suggest you follow me." Rachel said, her smirk only getting wider as she strode confidently up to her bedroom.

For what felt like an eternity Haley remained rooted to the spot, the tutor feeling so overwhelmed by feelings of rage, despair and half a dozen things that she even couldn't name or didn't want to that the only coherent thought that kept echoing through her mind was how the hell had she allowed herself to get in this position?

After about a minute of this, although it felt a lot longer, Haley heard Rachel screaming out, "Get your dyke ass in here bitch!"

Gritting her teeth painfully hard Haley forced herself up and into Rachel's bedroom where she found the redhead sitting on her bed with a sickening smirk on her face.

"What do you think would be more humiliating for you Hales?" Rachel asked mockingly, "Pulling your ugly pants and granny panties down around your ankles? Or stripping completely naked?"

"Why don't you strip first? That way I could pick up some tips from a professional." Haley quipped.

"Ha, yeah I bet a little lesbo slut like you would just love to see me naked, wouldn't you?" Rachel smirked, and then after a beat added, "Well maybe if I'm feeling charitable after beating your butt I'll give you a little something to fuel your dirty little lezzie wet dreams. But first... you're going to be the one stripping for me. I wanna see that body Nathan and Brooke seemed to love fucking so much."

Again gritting her teeth Haley reached down and pulled her shirt over her head with the enthusiasm of someone facing a strip search and possible cavity search.

"Oh come on, show some enthusiasm." Rachel laughed, momentarily becoming distracted when Haley unhooked her bra and tossed it aside, revealing her very full breasts. It was about five long seconds before Rachel could bear to tear herself away, and when she did she couldn't help notice a smirk on Haley's face which the redhead immediately felt compelled to wipe off, "You know, you've got a decent rack. I'll give you that. But I've seen better. And the rest of you is just plain. I really don't see how you ended up with two of the hottest people in Tree Hill. I mean, Nathan and Brooke could have anyone they want, and they choose you? Seriously, are you blackmailing them? Or do they just feel more comfortable dating down?"

"If they did, they would be dating you." Haley grumbled as she did her best not to show her insecurities over her own body, especially now she had removed her last piece of clothing, the effort to keep her insecurities in check leaving her to foolishly add, "Besides, I'm not dating Brooke."

"Really... so you're what? Friends with benefits? Huh... I wonder if she had the same deal with Peyton before their little fight." Rachel wondered out loud to herself, then noticing the uncomfortable look on Haley's face added, "You know don't you? You better tell me, or else..."

Haley didn't like the way Rachel left back 'or else' hanging in the air. Did the redhead mean she might call Nathan if Haley didn't tell her the truth? Or was she simply going to add spanks or something?

Taking a risk Haley said, "I don't know... maybe..."

"You're lying. Terribly." Rachel said bluntly, "Tell me the truth. Now!"

Haley sighed and quickly tried to think of a way out, but she wasn't good at thinking on the spot and as much as she knew she would hate herself forever for this it felt like she had no choice, "Brooke and Peyton are dating."

Rachel's eyes lit up, "That makes a lot more sense. And are you just Brooke's piece of ass on the side, or did they both make you their plaything?"

"They, it... I, I guess Brooke seduced me. But Peyton helped." Haley blushed.

"And now you're what? Their bitch? Their slut? Their whore?" Rachel asked mockingly.

"Little lesbian fuck toy." Haley blushed, mistaking Rachel's mockery for a genuine question, blushing even more as she continued, "Or little lesbian fuck pet. Sometimes just fuck toy, or little pet, or something like that... please don't tell..."

"Don't tell anyone about Brooke and Peyton fucking each other? Or don't tell anyone about Brooke and Peyton fucking you?" Rachel questioned, another smirk crossing her face as she added, "Don't worry Haley. I'm not the type of girl who would use blackmail to get what she wants. Now why don't you be a good girl and bend over my knee?"

When Rachel had initially brought up the spanking Haley had hated the idea, but now she had sold out her friends' secret to the most manipulating bitch in Tree Hill the young tutor felt like the spanking was too good for her. She deserved some much worse form of punishment, but as this was all she had right now Haley slowly did as she was told and bent down over Rachel's knee, her ass left vulnerably stuck in the air.

"Good girl." Rachel praised mockingly, "Now, normally I find your attempts at trash talk amusing but I really don't need any more backtalk from you, so just shut the fuck up and take this!"

A loud smacking sound followed by a scream of pain echoed throughout the room as on the word 'this' Rachel brought her hand down hard onto Haley's right ass cheek. Shortly afterwards the room filled with the sounds of flesh repeatedly smacking against flesh, along with screams, whimpers and cries.

For a while Rachel continued her trash talking, although that mostly consisted of constantly yells 'and this'. Eventually that was all Rachel was saying, and shortly after that she wasn't saying anything at all.

The redhead had imagined giving Haley half a dozen swats to her backside before sending her on her way. It would have been humiliating enough, and Rachel could always threaten to do it again whenever Haley needed to be put in her place. And thanks to her little tape Rachel could make Haley submit to another spanking if the tutor pissed her off enough.

What Rachel hadn't imagined was that she would enjoy spanking Haley. At least not this much, but it was so very... therapeutic. Wonderfully so.

Rachel hated Haley. Haley was just some doe eyed plain Jane who had somehow stumbled into the cool crowd of Tree Hill High, and far more amazingly the stuck up bitch had married one of the hottest guys in town, and become the fuck buddy of two of the hottest girls in town. How was that fair? Rachel knew she was at least ten times as hot. She should be the one married to Nathan while fucking Brooke and Peyton on the side. Not that she wanted to fuck Brooke and Peyton, but if those two hotties wanted another girl in Tree Hill they should have been begging Rachel until the redhead would just have to give in, and then the following red-hot sex would mean Rachel wasn't gay or bi or anything like that because she would be just helping out some friends. But they had gone after Haley instead, and Rachel just couldn't wrap her head around it.

Of course it wasn't just what Haley had done recently which made Rachel hate her. It was everything about her. Her tacky clothes, her average at best body, her supposedly nice and innocent persona which Rachel always knew was a lie, and really just the way Haley walked and talked made Rachel hate her. She hated her as much if not more than she hated anyone. So Rachel really enjoyed the hell out of hurting her.

Every little sound of pain out of Haley's mouth was the sweetest music to Rachel's ears. And the feeling of the bitch squirming beneath her, and watching the soft but firm flesh of Haley's ass change colour under the force of her blows, were indescribable. Literally. Rachel couldn't even think of a word which accurately described how sadistically happy spanking Haley made her.

Every second that ticked by made Rachel want to spank Haley harder. And for a while she was able to do that, but it wasn't long before she was smacking Haley's ass with every ounce of her strength. After that she had to settle for the same brutal pace, Rachel becoming completely lost in abusing the other girl's butt, the redhead happily turning the flesh beneath her pink, then red, then finally a darkly bruised colour. Then Rachel spanked Haley some more.

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