tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 05

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 05


"Tonight, I'm going to fuck this cute little ass. I'm going to ass fuck you, tutor girl. I'm going to pop your little anal cherry and make your cute little ass all mine!"

Those words had echoed in Haley's mind all day long ever since Brooke had whispered them into her ear this morning.

They had both been in the toilet where Brooke had first fucked Haley, reapplying make-up after Brooke had insisted on some before first lesson fun. As had become routine with them one minute they were acting like normal friends, like nothing had changed between them, then Brooke was pressing up against Haley from behind, poor little Haley blushing as the other girl grinded her hot centre into her butt and growled in Haley's ear, "Has Nathan ever told you what a cute little ass you have?"

"N, no." Haley had whimpered.

"Well he should. Your hubby should tell you just what a cute, fuck-able little ass you have." Brooke had whispered before gently kissing Haley's neck and nibbling on her earlobe.

Wherever her lips had touch felt like they were burning all day, the ghosts of those kisses lingering as Haley remembered herself softly responding, "Brooke... we... we ohhhhh... we have to get to class.

Completely ignoring her Brooke continued kissing and grinding, eventually adding squeezing into the mix as one of her hands gripped onto Haley's butt. It was then Brooke finally spoke again, whispering huskily, "Tonight, I'm going to fuck this cute little ass. I'm going to ass fuck you, tutor girl. I'm going to pop your little anal cherry and make your cute little ass all mine!"

After that Brooke had let go of her, turned and walked away like nothing had happened, leaving Haley just standing there like some kind of idiot, as horny as she'd ever been despite cumming hard on Brooke's fingers only a couple of minutes before.

It wasn't really surprising. Brooke Davis and her secret girlfriend Peyton Sawyer were surprisingly good actresses, continuing to act as if they hated each other and there was nothing weird going on while Haley found herself secretly terrified their secret love affair was going to be discovered at any moment. Brooke wasn't helping given her insistence on fucking Haley in toilets, closets and even empty classrooms during lunch, but it wasn't like Haley could stop it from happening. She could never say no to Brooke, especially when giving in was so rewarding. Which was why Haley knew with every second that past she was closer to losing her anal cherry.

Good girls like Haley didn't take it up the butt. Anal sex was wrong. Forbidden. Gross. Disgusting. And yet Haley had never been happier than when she was being a good little lesbian fuck toy for her best friends and as nervous as she was after all her obsessing Haley found she was actually looking forward to Brooke butt fucking her.

She'd been looking forward to it before, but Brooke's words actually awoke the slutty side of Haley like never before, which was really saying something given what a lesbian whore Brooke had turned her into.

This time not even fingering quenched Haley's lust, the poor girl barely able to concentrate in class all day as she counted down the seconds to the end of the day when she could run over to Peyton's house and become lost in the lesbian debauchery which had become the highlight of her life.

When the torturously long school day was finally over Haley barely took the time to mumble some lame excuse to her husband before she rushed over to Peyton's. To her surprise Haley was greeted at the door not by a naked Brooke, which she had almost become accustomed to seeing, but by a fully clothed Peyton who proceeded to wellcome Haley into her home without a hint of teasing or sexual innuendo. It was so... normal that for a brief moment Haley wondered if she'd woken up from some kind of extremely vivid sex dream.

Then Peyton said, "Listen, I just wanted to make it clear that no matter what Brooke says you can say no at any time, ok?"

"Ok." Haley smiled warmly.

"I'm serious." Peyton said firmly, "Any time you feel uncomfortable-"

"I'll say something." Haley said, again smiling warmly, "It's ok, I trust you guys. And, I really want this."

Peyton returned the smile, leaned in close almost like she was going to kiss Haley and said, "Good... follow me."

With that Peyton turned and walked up the stairs, allowing Haley to follow her of her own accord. Once they reached the blonde's room Haley let out a gasp and blushed a little as she was greeted by a sight she had expected to see at the door, that being a naked Brooke. Well, a almost naked Brooke, the thing that was in between Brooke's legs making Haley blush even more.

It wasn't like this was the first time she'd seen a girl wearing a strap on, or even a girl wearing a strap on that she intended to use on her, yet still the sight of Brooke Davis wearing a strap on that she intended to use to fuck her virgin ass with was definitely something that made Haley's heart skip a beat.

"Glad you could make it tutor girl." Brooke grinned as she advanced on her prey.

"No, no problem." Haley stammered, her mind going blank for a second before she added, "So, how come you beat me here?"

"Oh, we skipped our last class especially to set up for you." Brooke explained, "As you can see I'm ready for you, but you seem a little overdressed, don't you think?"

Again blushing slightly Haley nodded and began stripping off her clothes. Oddly enough Haley found it comforting that Peyton started doing the exact same thing, the two of them sharing a couple of glances while mostly focusing on Brooke and her fake cock while they stripped.

Brooke stayed quiet throughout this, just enjoying the sight of the other two girls getting naked in front of her. When their last items of clothing were off Brooke grinned and said, "So... since you're an anal virgin Peyton thought it would be a good idea if we only used our little 8 inchers on you. Personally I think you could handle a 10 incher, but what do you think Haley? Is this cock big enough for you?"

Haley blushed and nodded, "Ye, yes... that looks fine."

"Are you sure? It's not as big as it looks." Brooke assured, reaching out, gently grabbing hold of Haley's hand and pulling it towards her strap on, "Here, have a feel."

Instinctively Haley wrapped her hand around the shaft and began stroking it up and down. The dildo was a very realistic model but it was cold to the touch, or at best room temperature, Haley becoming lost in the feeling of it for a few moments. This didn't make her blush as much as it did turn her on. What made her blush was looking up into the smirking face of her friend.

"How about you get a closer look?" Brooke suggested, that smirk never leaving her face.

Getting the hint Haley slowly got down on her knees, barely pausing her stroking of the fake dick as she got eye level with it.

"Good, now how about you see how big it feels around your mouth. That should be a good indicator of how big it's going to feel inside your cunt and ass hole." Brooke grinned, that grin becoming wider as Haley surprised her by not hesitating to swallow the head of the strap on, "Oh that's it tutor girl, suck my cock! Nice and wet for your fuck holes. Unless you want a bigger cock stretching those tight little holes of yours, in which case we can definitely accommodate you. Make sure we give your pussy and butt hole a proper stretching out."

Haley blushed and tried to block out Brooke's words so she could concentrate on sucking the fake cock. It wasn't easy as Brooke continued murmuring all sorts of filthy things, each one of them unfortunately making Haley hotter.

Nathan never talk to her like this, and she could never ask him too, but Haley loved hearing it from Brooke, and Peyton... and Rachel.

Haley had been trying unsuccessfully not to think about the redhead a lot over the past week and now she was on her knees and sucking on a strap on while another girl talked dirty to her it was impossible for Haley not to think about that bitch. Fortunately there were a few big differences, like Brooke was only gently stroking her hair instead of yanking on it, and Brooke's words were far more complementary than Rachel's had been, although Haley didn't want to think about their differences. She didn't want to think about Rachel at all. She wanted to concentrate on what mattered, and that was making Brooke's cock as wet as possible.

"Wow, great job tutor girl." Brooke said, genuinely impressed with how much dildo Haley was taking down her throat, "Suck my cock just like that, mmmmmm, Nathan is a lucky man. Your husband is so lucky to have such a great little cock sucker for a wife. Mmmmmm, but tonight you're my cock sucker. Tonight you're going to give up all your tight fuck holes to my dick. Be an orifice for my cock! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, you're my own personal cock depository tonight Haley! I'm going to fuck your pussy and ass nice and hard, so you better put that great little cock sucker mouth of yours to good use and suck my cock you dirty little cock sucker!"

Brooke could see out of the corner of her eye that her girlfriend was giving her a look of slight disapproval, but Peyton was mostly concentrating on the same thing Brooke was, that being Haley eagerly sucking strap on cock.

Peyton had warned Brooke not to push Haley too far, but if Brooke hadn't pushed at all they would never be in this fun position of having Haley as their lesbian fuck pet. Besides Brooke's words only seem to be having a positive effect, making Haley suck more easily and take even more of the dildo down her throat, so as much as Brooke loved Peyton and respected her opinion she felt she was inclined to disagree and ignore her girlfriend on this occasion.

It wasn't like Peyton even bothered to openly complain, the two of them far to wrapped up in watching Haley's head bob up and down on the dildo until much to the delight of particularly Brooke every inch of the cock disappeared down Haley's throat, the innocent little married girl deep throating every inch of the strap on cock. Of course that meant they were ready to move onto the next step, but Brooke waited on that for a while just so she could enjoy the little show Haley was putting on.

Eventually though Brooke's desire to fuck Haley took over and she firmly pulled the other girl's head away from the dick and said, "Ok, that's enough tutor girl. Get on the bed and spread your legs. I wanna see what your little hubby sees whenever he fucks you."

With the last line Haley was once again reminded of Rachel and the one night they had spent together, Haley quickly repressing that memory as she got up onto the bed as she was instructed. Luckily shortly after she spread her legs wide apart Brooke crawled in between them with this wicked grin on her face, Haley quickly finding the only thing she could concentrate on was her own desire to get fucked by this beautiful goddess.

Grabbing hold of the base of the dildo in one hand, while supporting her weight with the other, Brooke began to rub the tip of her cock up and down Haley's sensitive little pussy lips, causing Haley to close her eyes and let out a long moan of pleasure.

"Look at me tutor girl." Brooke ordered softly but firmly, waiting until Haley complied before adding, "I wanna look into your eyes as I enter you for the first time."

This confession had Haley whimpering softly but she kept her eyes open as Brooke pressed the dildo firmly against her entrance and then pushed forward, both girls letting out a joyful cry as the strap on slowly slid into Haley's welcoming cunt.

Not hesitating for a second Brooke pushed all the way into Haley and began fucking the other girl with long slow thrusts, Haley instinctively wrapping her legs around Brooke's waist shortly after the founder of Clothes Over Bros began pumping her pussy, hoping to encourage Brooke to fuck her harder without having to say a word.

Again this very much pleased Brooke, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, good girl. Good tutor girl. Ohhhhhhh I love the feeling of your pretty little legs wrapped around me while I fuck you. Mmmmmm yeah keep them there. I like that. Oh, I like that very, very much. Mmmmm oooooooh, keep those pretty eyes open tutor girl. I want you looking at me as I'm fucking you like your little hubby fucks you."

Brooke loved it when Haley blushed for her. It was so cute. Of course despite how it may have looked Brooke was very careful about how much she taunted Haley. After all the last thing Brooke wanted to do was freak Haley out and make her second guess what they were doing as Brooke loved having Haley as a little fuck toy. That was why Brooke always kept a close eye on Haley's reactions, especially when they were fucking.

Of course history told Brooke that she could pretty much push Haley as much as she wanted, and this time seemed to be no exception. No matter what filthy little thing she said Haley just blushed and moaned in response, the look on the other girl's face telling Brooke that her little lezzie pet was enjoying every moment of getting fucked by her strap on. The look in Haley's eyes, her moans, every little thing Brooke could think of only reinforce this belief. However that didn't mean Brooke didn't remain cautious.

After all, this occasion was something extra special, something Brooke had been looking forward to ever since Haley had stumbled across herself and Peyton making love. It was kind of weird because if anything Brooke was a bottom. A power bottom who bossed around her girlfriend and everyone else, but a bottom nevertheless. She felt naturally submissive towards Peyton and most of the women she fantasised about, Brooke always much more comfortable getting fucked with a strap on than using a strap on in her fantasies or the wonderful realities of being with her girlfriend. However Haley just seem to bring out her inner top, Brooke just itching to dominate the innocent little married girl and turn her into a total slut for girl cock.

It helped that Haley seemed so shy and submissive in bed, so easy for Brooke to boss around. Right now for instance Haley was keeping those eyes of hers wide open and her legs were wrapped firmly around Brooke's waist because that was what Brooke had wanted. No matter how many times Haley's eyelids fluttered from the pleasure she was receiving she kept them open, and those legs firmly stayed were they were even though it would have probably been more comfortable for the young tutor just to relax them back against the bed, Haley silently proving what a obedient little bitch she could be. And later she was going to give up her one remaining virgin hole, just as she was now giving her tight little pussy which she was supposed to save only for her husband, Brooke grinning happily as she took all the submissive little thing willingly gave her.

Continuously looking up into Brooke's eyes was difficult for Haley, not simply because each sensation of pleasure was making her eyelids droop but because of that wicked smile on Brooke's face. Of course Brooke Davis had always had a devastatingly beautiful grin but lately Haley saw it in a whole new light. Now whenever she saw Brooke smile, or thought of it, or if just Brooke's name was mentioned Haley would think of the type of wicked smile Brooke was now giving her, the type which made her insides melt and once again made her feel like she would do anything for this girl.

That she was receiving this type of grin while being fucked only made what Haley was feeling that much stronger, everything that was Haley James Scott melting away until the only thing that remained was Brooke Davis' submissive little lesbian fuck toy. That's all Haley was in this moment. Brooke's little fuck toy. A warm body this goddess could lay on top of an thrust into for her pleasure, Haley almost feeling like she should be content with just bringing joy to this magnificent creature and that it was unfair that she should also be receiving pleasure from the fucking. Almost.

Yet despite the fact Haley should be concentrating on the goddess on top of her she was unable to stop thinking about a demoness. But at least Haley was thinking about how much better the goddess was compared to the demoness. How wonderfully slowly Brooke was fucking her. How Brooke was slowly building up the pleasure. How Brooke was gently caressing her body, going out of her way to make her feel good, perhaps feeling like they were everywhere, those eyes... staring down at her with such lust and dominance... the look in the other girl's eyes telling Haley that she owned her, that right now her body was hers, that she was Rachel's bitch, Brooke's! She was Brooke's bitch!

Haley blushed at her mental slip and desperately tried to push the thought of Rachel out of her head. It wasn't easy, but Haley just about succeeded as she repeated over and over all the many reasons why Brooke was better than Rachel. Unfortunately as the phrase 'Brooke fucks you better than Rachel' entered Haley's head it was quickly followed by the very true phrase of 'Brooke fucks you better than Nathan' which again made her blush, and all this blushing did not go unnoticed.

"What's the matter tutor girl? Do you want me to stop?" Brooke asked cautiously, hoping the answer was no.

Haley quickly gave Brooke the answer she wanted, "NO! Don't stop, ooooooohhhhhhh, please don't stop!"

Smiling with relief Brooke found herself asking, "Then what's the matter tutor girl? Why are you blushing so much?"

"I, I, I..." Haley stammered, not sure what to say.

Brooke knew she shouldn't push the issue, but she just couldn't help it, "Are you embarrassed by just how much you love my girl cock? Is that it tutor girl? Are you embarrassed that your little married cunt likes my cock better than your husband's? That your straight girl pussy loves the feeling of girl cock inside it, fucking it so good, turning it out, making it a little queer girl pussy, mmmmmmmmm, is that why you're so embarrassed Haley? Are you ashamed how easily I'm turning your straight little pussy queer?"

"Yeeeeeeessssssss!" Haley admitted, blushing perhaps more than she'd ever done before in her life, "Oh Brooke, I love feeling your girl cock inside me! Ohhhhhhhh God, it feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big hard girl cock! Fuck me hard and make me cum! Oooooooooh Gawwwwwwwd, oh Brooke, Brooke, fuck me Brooke, fuck my queer girl pussy! Mmmmmmm ooooooohhhhhhh Brooke, you turned my pussy gay Brooke. You fucked me with your tongue and fingers, mmmmmmmmm, made me crave you, ohhhhhhhhh, turned me into a lesbian fuck pet, oh God, I'll give you anything you want Brooke, please just fuck me hard and make me cum like only you and Peyton can! Mmmmmmmmm Gawwwwwwwwwd, you fuck me so much better than Nathan, oooooooohhhhhhhh Brooke, I'll give you my ass Brooke! I would have never taken it up the butt for a boy, but you can have my virgin ass hole because you fuck me sooooooooooo goooooooooodddddddddd! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Brooke! Fuck me Brooke! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER THAN MY HUSBAND EVER COULD!"

It hadn't really been a lie. Certainly Brooke had made Haley feel more pleasure than Nathan ever had, and made her cum so much harder, however as gentle as Nathan was with her there was always a point where he would fuck her hard. That usually happened a little while before he came, Nathan forcing himself to hold back long enough so he could make Haley cum first. Haley had always loved that about him, and while his initial fucking couldn't compare to the build up she had received from Brooke that hard fucking she received from Nathan sort of made her two lovers equal, at least for a little while. Then Brooke started fucking Haley hard, unknowingly taking away the only thing Haley's husband had over her in the bedroom department.

Not that it was a total surprise. Haley had quickly learned that Brooke really got off on being told she was better in bed than Nathan, and that she was turning an innocent little straight girl into a little lesbian slut. Of course the fact that Haley had succumbed to Brooke's rather blunt seduction and enjoyed the lesbian sex so much suggested she was not as straight as she or anyone else had originally thought. That might even explain why Brooke was out doing Nathan, although Haley didn't like to dwell on that.

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