tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06

Tutoring Tutor Girl Ch. 06


Things were going well for Brooke Davis. Her dream of becoming a fashion designer was slowly becoming a reality as she had finally got her website up and her clothes were selling like hot cakes. She was on track to graduate with not spectacular grades but enough to get her by. Best of all, she had the one person she'd always wanted as her lover and a little pet of their own. And not an animal, a girl. She and her girlfriend Peyton Sawyer were now the proud owners of Haley James Scott, a.k.a. tutor girl, a.k.a. the best lesbian fuck pet a girl could ask for.

Brooke beamed with pride and lust as she thought of her pet, submissive little Haley on her knees before her begging to eat her pussy or be fucked, the seemingly innocent girl now using all sorts of filthy words to describe what she wanted her mistresses to do to her and how exactly she wanted to worship them. Which of course made Brooke think of her girlfriend and all they had been through together to get to this point of blissful happiness.

There was only one problem, Brooke was still living with her frienemy Rachel Gatina. She didn't want to anymore...no, scratch that, she'd never wanted to live with Rachel. She had moved in with the redhead out of necessity and now she was only still living with her to keep the truth about her and Peyton, and Haley, from getting out. But in a couple of months they would be all graduating and then Brooke would move in with Peyton, and maybe their pet, and everything would be perfect.

As Brooke reached her 'home' for a night without Peyton or Haley she told herself to make the best of it. All things considered things between her and Rachel hadn't been that bad lately. It might even be fun to hang out with the bitchy redhead, especially if Rachel chose to walk around scantily clad as usual. She would never show it as it would inflate Rachel's massive ego but the truth was Brooke very much enjoyed that, the cheerleader captain having to use all her self restraint to not stare at that admittedly rocking body.

Sure enough Rachel was wearing a nice low cut top and kind of tight fitting pants which really showed off her assets, however it wasn't what immediately grabbed Brooke's attention when she entered the room she shared with the bitchy redhead. It was the fact that one of her many strap on dildos was sitting right there next to her, the toy positioned so that the shaft was pointing straight up in the air, Rachel no doubt positioning it like that to be as menacing as possible.

"Hey roomie, lookie what I found." Rachel smirked, casually putting down her magazine and picking up the sex toy, "Not that it was that well hidden, so I'm thinking you wanted me to find it."

"Don't flatter yourself." Brooke rolled her eyes, "Besides it was under my ugliest clothes, the ones my Dad bought me, and since there's no way you'd try and steal any of those I've got to think you were snooping through my stuff."

"First of all, those aren't your ugliest clothes. And secondly, you know me well enough by now to know I'm not big on privacy. At least not when it comes to other people. Besides, there should be no secrets between us. Especially since we're BFFs now." Rachel said with an evil smile.

"Since when?" Brooke scoffed.

"Since you started dating Peyton and turned Haley into your rug munching pet." Rachel said coolly, enjoying the look on Brooke's face as it momentarily faltered.

Rachel knowing about the strap on was one thing. Even if she showed it to everybody at school no one would believe she had found it in boy crazy Brooke Davis' stuff. Rachel knowing the truth about her relationship with Peyton, and worse Haley, was a different story. Worse still Brooke was totally giving it away by pausing.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Brooke said, failing to sound remotely convincing.

"Sure you do." Rachel said, getting off the bed and walking over to Brooke, "You and Peyton finally got together, bringing that whole irritating love triangle to it's proper conclusion. Then you realised you're just such a pussy craving slut that one girl just wasn't good enough for you, so you had to turn your precious little tutor girl into a muff muncher to try and satisfy you. And I've got to admit, you didn't do a bad job. That bitch is way more polite now. And really good with her tongue."

Again Brooke couldn't hide her surprise, or the fact that she was more than a little turned on, "You and Haley?"

"Yeah, I let that little dyke eat my pussy. Figured it'd be kind of a pity fuck, poor little thing seemed totally starving for cunt. But truth is, it was the best head I've had since, well ever. So I was thinking, since we're now both each other's only real friend, maybe we could make a mutually beneficial arrangement." Rachel offered, stepping into Brooke's personal space.

Immediately liking the sound of that Brooke grinned, "What did you have in mind?"

"It's real simple, come graduation I'm getting the hell out of this town and making something of my life. Till then, in exchange for keeping your secret and letting you still live here, you'll be my personal pussy licker." Rachel explained, before clarifying, "That means whenever I want my pussy licked, you come running. I don't care whether you're shopping, sleeping, fucking one of your dyke girlfriends, or even studying, you get down on your knees and lick my fucking cunt until I give you permission to stop."

"Sounds good to me." Brooke grinned even wider than before and stepped closer so the two girls were practically face to face, "As long as you return the favour."

"Hell no, I ain't no dyke." Rachel spat, before quickly sweetening her tone, "No offence. I mean, innocent little tutor girl is so good at eating pussy and I'm guessing all you queers are great at it, and I definitely want to get more head like that, but there ain't no way I'm putting my mouth down there."

Brooke glared, but really Rachel hadn't said anything that offensive. At least not by her standards. Besides, compared to what she had imagined would happen when Rachel found out the truth about what had been going on between her and Peyton and Haley this was downright supportive. Besides, she would totally agree to this deal even if she only got Rachel's silence, continuation of their living arrangement and the chance to go down on the beautiful redhead. Still, if she could get it Brooke wanted more.

"Ok... how about fingers?" Brooke offered. She could totally get off on Rachel fingering her.

"I have something else in mind." Rachel said, briefly glancing back at the strap on which she had left on her bed. Brooke followed her gaze and immediately grinned, finally getting the idea. Still Rachel thought it was important to clarify, "See, after I graciously let Haley go down on me she begged and pleaded for me to fuck her with that thing, and even though I was reluctant at first I've got to admit it was kind of fun. So if you ask really nicely, and I feel really generous, I might just fuck you with that thing. See what all the boys in this town have already seen as they pumped your loose little cunt."

After initially grinning Brooke frowned. She still liked everything Rachel said, not including the insults, obviously, but there was one thing that was bothering her.

"Where did you fuck Haley?" Brooke asked.

It was now Rachel's turn to frown, "Her cunt. Where else would... wait a second, did you... did you fuck tutor girl up the butt?"

Brooke grinned, loving the fact that it was now Rachel who looked surprised, "Yeah, and since I'm guessing you didn't means I totally got her anal cherry too."

"Wow." Rachel murmured, before recovering, "I had no idea she was that much of a slut."

"Totally." Brooke agreed, "Not that it's a bad thing. I mean I'm surprised you of all people don't know that there's nothing quite like taking a cock up your ass. Mmmmm, especially the kind that never goes soft."

"Really... you too." Rachel smirked, sounding a lot less surprised.

"Uh-huh. I love it up the ass. You could totally fuck me back there, if you want." Brooke grinned, before somewhat changing gears as she gave Rachel a shameless look of lust, "Or I could totally fuck you. I'd love to fuck your ass."

"I bet you would." Rachel scoffed, "Too bad I'm not a total whore like you and Miss holier than thou Haley James Scott."

"You could be... but let's put a pin in that for now." Brooke said, moving even closer to Rachel so that their lips were almost touching, "And let's focus on your job offer."

Rachel opened her mouth to say something else but she completely forgot what it was as Brooke closed the gap between their lips and kissed her. As her mouth was already open Brooke took advantage by pushing her tongue inside and sliding it over Rachel's, the redhead momentarily startled before eagerly kissing back, the two frienemies quickly becoming lost in a passionate tongue battle. And make no mistake, it was a battle, the two girls practically choking each other with their tongues to the point where they had to break for air.

"Does that mean you accept the position." Rachel smirked.

"For now." Brooke said, leaning in to kiss Rachel's neck and the side of her face, "I think we still need to negotiate on the terms and conditions, but hey, if you wanted me to eat your pussy... all you had to do was ask."

With that the two girls kissed each other again, Rachel honestly unsure whether she leaned in first or Brooke did. Of course she didn't really care and after a few seconds of Brooke's lips pressing against her own Rachel forgot all about it, the redhead's mind concentrating on much more important things. Like pushing her tongue into Brooke's mouth and trying to make the other girl pull away first this time. Not that she was sure who had pulled away first last time, but again that wasn't important. What was important was gaining control of the tongue battle, Rachel again becoming lost in kissing another girl, this time to the point where minutes, hours or even days could have passed and she probably wouldn't have noticed.

Damn, why did girls have too be so good at kissing? Why did Brooke have to be so good at kissing?

Of course the answer to that was plenty of practice, but that wasn't exactly much comfort to Rachel when she realised her top was being pulled over her head. Not that Brooke gave her a chance to complain, the brunette crashing her lips back against Rachel's the first chance she got and once again clouding the redhead's mind with her evil lesbian ways. When Rachel became conscious again she was lying on her bed with her bra off and Brooke gently covering her neck in kisses, although it really didn't do much good as she couldn't think of something witty to say. It was the same story when Brooke moved lower to her boobs, Rachel crying out loudly in pleasure when Brooke had finished sliding her lips over the right tittie to take a nipple into her mouth.

Even when they couldn't stand each other Brooke had to admit, Rachel had a great rack. Hell, she still wasn't fond of her, but now Brooke had made peace with her sexuality she was a lot more comfortable with noticing just how full and juicy Rachel's tits really were. And now of course she was getting a real good look at them. And taste. And touch.

Brooke loved boobs. Actually she loved every part of a woman's body, but there was just something about boobs. Something she hadn't really appreciated until hooking up with Peyton. Sure, she had a pretty great pair and Brooke knew exactly how to use them, but embracing her lesbian tendencies had given her a whole new appreciation for boobs. She had certainly been appreciating Rachel's rack a whole lot more, and Brooke was taking full advantage now that she'd finally got her hands on them. And her mouth and tongue too.

Using every trick she picked up during her time with Peyton, and perfected with her and Haley, Brooke attacked Rachel's tits with gusto, sliding over the full flesh while zooming in on her roommate's nipples. Those nipples were already rock hard when Brooke started taking them into her mouth and sucking on them, the brunette trying to make the redhead's teats even harder under her skilled mouth. Of course it wasn't long before she added her tongue into the mix, sliding it all around Rachel's nipples and flicking them, going back and forth between them while using her fingers to massage whichever one she wasn't working on with her mouth and tongue, the whole time her roomie moaning joyfully.

Rachel also grabbed a handful of Brooke's hair and started offering up verbal encouragement, "Yes, oooooh yes, mmmmmm, suck my tits! Lick them! Suck them! Ohhhhhhhh fuck. Oh Brooke, mmmmmm, I always knew you were a slut, but I had no idea aaaaahhhhhhhh fuck! Yes bite me! Bite my fucking nipples you bitch! Harder! Mmmmmmm fuck!"

Brooke wasn't sure whether Rachel was trying to piss her off or not. Normally calling her a slut and bitch would do that, but Brooke loved dirty talk during sex so it only turned her on even more. At first that meant working even harder to worship Rachel's big round tits, but as much as Brooke loved boobs there was something she loved even more and inevitably the brunette made her way down the redhead's body until she was in between Rachel's legs, Brooke undoing and pulling down the other girl's pants and panties so she could get to her prize. Then, after taking a few moments just to admire the sight and smell, Brooke lent forward, stuck out her tongue and slid it across Rachel's pussy lips.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh! MMMMMmmmmm that's it, eat me you fucking dyke!" Rachel screamed, kicking off her pants and panties with joyful jerks of her body when she finally felt Brooke's tongue sliding across her cunt, "Eat my pussy! Eat it you fucking rug muncher! Mmmmmm fuck, that feels good, that feels soooooooo gooooooodddddd, oooooooooh lick me, ohhhhhhhhh lick that pussy, mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, eat me you fucking dyke bitch, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Rachel continued talking trash, but she had no idea what she was saying. It was probably mostly gibberish as her mind pretty much melted from pleasure. That ridiculous overwhelming pleasure she was receiving just from having another girl's tongue sliding from the bottom of her pussy to the top, over and over again, those gentle licks driving her crazy. Literally. Or at least it felt like it. Rachel literally felt like she was being driven crazy just from her pussy lips being gently caressed by another girl's tongue.

When she had got used to the sensation enough to think coherently Rachel comforted herself with the thought that this wasn't just any girl. This was Brooke Davis. Her rival. Her friend. Her dearest frienemy who was the most popular girl in the whole of Tree Hill. The hottest too, although Rachel would never admit that out loud. So to have the prettiest girl around going down on her was incredibly thrilling. The fact that she had such a colourful history with that girl only made things so much sweeter. However there was another reason Rachel was really getting off on this.

Even though she really, really hated to admit it, even silently to herself, Rachel knew in that moment she had a teeny tiny girl crush on Brooke Davis. She would rather die than admit that out loud, and she would probably go back to denying it to herself later, but God damn this girl was just so hot and sexy, and she licked pussy like no other. As surprisingly skilful as she had been little Haley James Scott hadn't been this good, and guys didn't even compare, Brooke able to make Rachel incoherent with just a few gentle licks.

Not that Brooke stopped there. No, shortly after Rachel was getting used to having Brooke Davis licking her pussy the brunette allowed her tongue to travel ever so slightly upwards to touch the redhead's clit. Until now Brooke had deliberately avoided it, but when she finally touched that sensitive bundle of nerves Rachel couldn't help but cry out joyfully. That soft wet muscle lingered there for what felt like an eternity, the slightest movements causing Rachel to cry out again. Then she went back to gently licking her downstairs lips, sometimes touching the redhead's clit, sometimes not, but either way continuing to drive Rachel crazy.

Brooke and Rachel had been driving each other crazy since they met, except now it was in a very good way they were both clearly enjoying. In fact Brooke's favourite part may just be how much Rachel was clearly loving this, and not just because she always enjoyed hearing moans of pleasure from her lovers. No, it was extra thrilling to reduce Rachel Gatina to a moaning mess, so much so she couldn't even get a word out let alone a bitchy comment.

That wasn't the only sign Rachel loved having another girl go down on her as her body was not only trembling with joy but the redhead was thrusting her cunt into Brooke's face. At first Brooke was pretty sure the thrusting wasn't intentional but as it gave Rachel extra pleasure, something the brunette new from both her own experience and how loudly her friend moaned, the redhead clearly began doing it on purpose, even reaching down to push Brooke deeper into her pussy.

Of course Brooke's favourite sign of how much Rachel was loving the girl on girl fun was just how much pussy cream was covering her tongue. Brooke wasn't even trying that hard to lick it all up at first, at least by her standards. There just seem to be such a steady flow of yummy cream it seemed impractical not to wrap her upstairs lips around Rachel's downstairs lips, allowing that heavenly liquid a more direct path into her stomach. That led to Brooke regularly pausing the pussy licking to not only swallow the yummy treat she was being given but to gently suck Rachel's sex, which in turn led to her bitchy friend miraculously finding her voice again.

"Fuuuuccccckkkkkk! Mmmmmm, lick me, suck me, ooooooooh, fuck me you bitch!" Rachel cried, tightening her grip in Brooke's hair as she tried to push the other girl deeper into her cunt, "Ohhhhhhh fuck, eat me! Eat my pussy! Oh fuck yeah you dirty little dyke, eat it! Mmmmmm fuck, eat my fucking cunt you filthy little rug muncher! You fucking muff diver! You carpet cleaner! You nasty little cunt lapping lesbo whore! Ooooooohhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, fuck me you dyke! Fuck me with your mouth, fuck me with your tongue, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk, yes, fuck me, fuck me you queer little bitch, mmmmmmm Gawwwwwwd fuck me, fuck my pussy with your girl tongue you skank, ooooooohhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me you skanky lesbian whore, oh God, fuck me Brooke! Brooke! Brrrrooooooookkkkkeeeee!"

Again the dirty words pushed Brooke onwards, at first just rapidly increasing the pace of her licks and then she ultimately gave Rachel what she was begging for. Namely pressing her tongue against the entrance to Rachel's pussy and then slamming that wet muscle as deep inside the other girl as it would go, Brooke smiling wickedly once she had fully penetrated her rival/friend with her tongue, enjoying the exquisite feeling of Rachel's inner walls clamping down on her. She loved hearing another girl screaming in pleasure, which was exactly what she got.

Brooke pushing her tongue into her pussy felt like an attempt to shut Rachel up again, something which worked as it made the redhead so overcome with ecstasy she thought she was going to pass out. When she didn't she became desperate for more. Desperate to be fucked by a girl tongue. Brooke Davis's girl tongue. Unfortunately Brooke had cruelly stopped in her tracks, that little dyke tongue of hers buried in Rachel's twat but not moving an inch.

Frustrated by this turn of events Rachel begged angrily for more and was surprised to immediately receive it. That caused her to become incoherent again, and while she briefly regained the ability to string a few words together they were just a series of insults in a tone too full of joy to be taken seriously. Not that Rachel cared, again the pleasure she was receiving overwhelming her, this time so much so she could feel herself racing to climax with every well timed thrust of Brooke's tongue.

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