TV Temp: Finale


This is the official finale of the series, but it is not the final episode. In between crafting Episode 12 and this finale, I did come up with a bonus chapter to follow this one up. I suppose I'm like Peter Jackson when he just wouldn't let Lord of the Rings end....a bit of movie humor from the TV guy.

In any case, while an extra chapter will be up soon to officially put a bow on this, this is still technically the final episode of the temp's journey. And it kind of resembles the first one as well. To those fans who came in from the beginning of that first outing and to those who came in along the way, thank you again.

July 2012

I was back in New York and at 30 Rockefeller Center much earlier than usual this year. To add to how different this was, I wasn't here to temp for "SNL" or "30 Rock" especially since they hadn't resumed filming yet. In addition, I was actually a plus one guest at a party held above Studio 8H and in the actual offices of NBC. Being Alison Brie's plus one also added a final kick to it as well.

I envisioned none of this three months ago when I was caught having sex with Lea Michele on the "Glee" set and made tabloid infamy. But thanks to some encouragement from the actresses in my past; and some in-person encouragement from Alison; I weathered the storm in the end. Alison plugged my work and my clothed talents every day on Twitter, while I used my account and my writing skills to counter the tabloids and blogs. Eventually they backed off; either because I beat them back or because they had other scandals to cover soon enough.

I did get a few words in to defend Lea and "Glee" from the criticism they were getting. The scandal did still stick longer to them than it did to me, yet I commented on every online article or editorial I could to stick up for them. Soon enough, it was safe for Lea to call me and assure me that she would be okay and would get through it. I still offered whatever help I could, whether online, over the phone or in person. I chose to be encouraged that she didn't need to call that much after that, although my lines were always open to her.

Lea still had a lot ahead of her no matter what, while I had a more uphill battle. Determined to make sure that this scandal wouldn't define me for the rest of my career, I hunkered down on every book idea or script idea I could think of. With no temp jobs on the way, I had more time to work on them and submit them everywhere I could. And fortunately, Alison had a few connections she could use to get them to the right people.

This brought me back to New York in July, as I would try to further sell my services to NBC at this party with Alison's help. The network's bosses and its various stars would all be there, so I had a few avenues to plug myself in. NBC was in dire enough strengths that they could possibly need me for something, whether to submit pilot scripts or give them rights to adapt my future books or to join a writing staff. Given that they finally brought "Community" back for Season 4; which helped Alison get invited to this and make me a plus one to begin with; maybe the network's decisions were getting better.

Regardless, I couldn't pass up another chance to go to 30 Rock, although my trip wasn't all expenses paid by the temp agency this time. But I paid my own way with only a little bit of help from Alison. She still had enough for a sparkling gray dress to wear, while I used my spare bucks on a nice light black suit.

Since I was a plus one, this couldn't technically be called a date. Technically we weren't dating, although Alison made an effort to hang out with me in between "Community" work and promotions. Once the season ended and the show was officially spared, we did have a bit more time together; which included a couple more sex sessions. While we weren't an item, at the least we were certainly friends; as she was actually more like my manager too in some aspects. So as a manager and friend, she got me this trip back to New York and assured me that the NBC bosses and stars wouldn't just focus on my scandal.

I did get the occasional question and comment about it from the other guests, but I usually steered the topic back to the rest of my resume. I offered that with my experience at NBC and in this building, I could be a full time asset in some capacity for some show. I gave them business cards, told them where to find my online work, and made sure to plug my work and devotion to NBC shows in particular.

After all, this was the network that, for all its faults and bad decisions, aired many of my favorite comedies. And on a more personal level, it did play a part in about half of my trysts with actresses....including the one who took me here and the one who began it all for me.

With that train of thought, I thought I was seeing things in the ballroom when I glanced at Alison; the actress who brought me here; and saw her talking with Jenna Fischer; the one who began it all. But after rubbing my eyes three times, I realized it wasn't an illusion. At about that time, they finally noticed me and waved me over to join them.

As I walked over, it hit me that this was the first time I'd seen Jenna in over four years. She was one of the actress who called me three months ago before Alison came over, so we were caught up in a way, at least. But seeing her in person was in another ballpark, particularly since she had on a purple dress for the occasion. Although I hadn't seen her in person for so long and she had given birth to a baby boy 10 months ago, she still looked as beautiful to me as she did back then.

That was another reason for me to feel a bit uneasy when I got to her; not to mention the fact that Alison was right there as well. But Jenna broke the ice by asking "Do you need a laptop to type me a hello?" in a tongue-in-cheek manner when I didn't speak up.

"No, no of course not. Hello..." I said with a growing smile as Jenna went over to hug me. I tried not to hug her back too tight or savor the feel of her, especially with Alison there. Yet the fact was that Alison was there and she already knew that Jenna was my first actress; which made me more curious why they were together. "I, um, see you've met my plus-one, Alison Brie."

"And told her I'm happy we're both still on Thursday nights," Jenna filled in. "Don't worry, I'm happy you got through your crappy spring too."

"Yeah, I finally did. I still get bugged about it once in a while, but it won't define my career for long. At least if my shameless promoting goes well tonight," I added.

"From what Alison's told me, you've already met half these people. I'll bet the shameless stuff wins over the other half, too," Jenna predicted. But the main thing I took out of that was that Alison talked to her about my NBC experience; so I wonder what else she mentioned.

"Hey, not everyone has a crappy spring to get past," Alison pointed out. "I know Jenna's been pretty lucky since you last saw her." It took me a second to remember what she was hinting at, but I soon got it. "Oh right, the husband and baby! I already said congrats on the phone, but that deserves a few in person," I realized as I instinctively hugged her again. "Did they, um, make the trip with you?"

"No, I let Lee have some daddy time back in L.A.," Jenna explained. I noted that the corners of my lips almost went up into a smile before I caught myself.

"That's really great, Jenna. It's something how far you've both come from just four years ago," Alison reflected. "I filled her in about you the best I could, but I probably can't tell it as well as you can. So you can try proving me wrong while I go catch up with my friends, K?" Before I could think of anything to say, Alison nodded with a chipper smile and went off to find her "Community" co-stars. This left me all alone with Jenna, in a rather suspicious turn of events.

"So you actually found an actress girlfriend out of all this?" Jenna inquired.

"No....I can't say that exactly," I said when I snapped out of it. "We are friends, and that means a lot to me too. We haven't talked about if we're anything more yet. But as long as she's around me, I'm happy to be whatever we are now."

"And if she wanted to be more?" Jenna went on.

"Oh, that'd be no problem too. I mean, come on!" I exclaimed, pointing at Alison as she caught up to the "Community" gang across the room. Jenna nodded in understanding, stating "I guess I shouldn't be offended. I was your first crush, I knew there were others, even before a few months ago."

"Well, I think you already had an idea years ago," I added, as I now pointed her attention to Tina Fey, who I once again made sure to run into earlier in the party. "I never did thank you in person for bragging about me to her. If you didn't get me that job....maybe you would been the only notch on my actress belt after all."

"I just gave you Tina, you handled those nine others without me just fine," Jenna said, remembering to lower her voice in case people were listening. No bloggers or tabloids could crash this party, yet NBC big wigs and stars could be just as nosy and damaging.

"Nine? That's quite Alison told you a lot before I came over. Sounds like you don't need me to fill in the blanks at all," I mentioned quietly.

"Well, she could only go into detail about you and her. Tina filled me in on you and her, and I read all about you and Lea. It's just Christina, Kaley, Kristen, Sofia, Mila, Anne and Emma that I have less on," Jenna recounted.

"I couldn't do that here....people might here, or they might see the....effect telling those stories has on me," I tried to allude to gracefully. "It's hard enough keeping it down around you and Alison already," I went on before I could stop myself.

"So even after all those other hotties, you still have that....problem around me? Even though you have more on your resume now?" Jenna alluded.

"I'd have that problem around any one of them. And no matter who the others are and what I did with them, you were my first. Even if I got to do more with some of them, you set the bar no matter what. I can never repay you for that....even though you're the one who said you owed me one over the phone."

"Well, I meant that too," Jenna said after a while. "I probably would have moved on and found Lee if I never met you. But you helped settle me down before I was ready to do that. Just like Alison settled you down and helped you through that mess a while back. You would have found a way through on your own, but it would have been harder without her. And a bit less fun."

She had me on those points; especially the last one. "Well, she is fun, and I'm glad you still think I am," I thanked.

"I do. That's why I was interested when Alison told me where you were staying. And that she wasn't staying in the same room." I had offered to get a double room for us, yet Alison insisted we take separate rooms and save money. Now her insistence was starting to look more suspicious and puzzling, as I thought over why Jenna would bring this up. "Wait, did she tell you why she brought that up?"

"No, but I had some ideas." I had a few things to say about that, but Jenna kept going before I went on. "You don't have to say anything now. I can come over there after the party and we can talk.....and only talk if you want to. Until then, you can go back to being shameless for NBC."

Jenna smiled and headed away without doing anything suspicious like kiss my cheek, squeeze my hands or hug me again. That was at least one less worry as I tried to make sense of it all. But I did still have to plug myself to NBC brass, so that kept me distracted for the rest of the party; to a point. At least I didn't think about the situation and what Jenna may have been offering without getting a notable boner.

When there were no more executives, show runners or stars to target, and when I couldn't put it off anymore, I finally went back to Alison. "I heard good things about you tonight. You must have made a good impression....probably went all out to do it too. You should probably get some rest in your hotel room to cool off."

Now I had to get some clarity, although I didn't know how to phrase it; so I went with stammering. "Are you trying to....I mean, me and Jenna....why? And what about you and me and....."

"There's no you and me yet, not officially. I'll be happy if there is eventually, but we don't have to worry about that now. You have a career to establish, and I have to help make sure fans didn't save my show and make thousands of fake goatees for nothing. So I can't be mad or judge you for....getting closure on some things before we do anything. Now, I'm going go out on the town with the guys, and we can talk about how our nights went tomorrow. K?" Alison kissed my cheek and headed off before I could say anything.

That answered both everything and nothing, yet there was nothing I could do about it but leave along with most of the party guests. I didn't see Jenna, so she was either heading to my hotel or was already there. After saying goodbye to everyone else I'd talked to, I took a cab and headed back to the hotel. Jenna wasn't at the lobby, and she wasn't at my door when I got there, so I figured I'd have to wait around for her.

I stayed in my suit so I could keep looking my best for her when she got there; and I just had to wait 10 minutes before I could impress her. I heard a knock on my door and jumped out of bed to open it, seeing Jenna there in her same clothes as well. I greeted her and offered her a chair while I sat on the edge of my bed.

"For the record, Alison acted alone in....whatever she said to you about me. She's doing more to tempt you to cheat on your husband than I am," I explained.

"Did she tempt married women like Tina and Christina before they cheated with you too?" Curse her for using my own lack of moral authority against me. "You didn't make them leave their husbands or ruin their marriage. I think I can take those odds this one time....for closure."

"There's that word again. Why do you and Alison seem to think I need it? I'm just fine with our last time, especially since it spawned....all this!" I insisted.

"It wasn't a blessing a few months ago. But now that that's over and you're on your way now, Alison thought you deserved a blast from the past. Well, she explained it better when she called me last night." Now that shot up to the top of things that needed clarity. "How could she have called you?"

"It wasn't hard for her. She looked up my cell number from NBC, made sure I would be at the party, and then told me you were coming. Then she filled me in on how well you're doing and all the things and people you've done. It got me anxious to see I told you on the phone, I wished I could have come up and helped you back then. But she beat me to it, so I'm glad you were in good hands. At least hands that were willing to loan you out."

"And you're....sure you want to take that loan? Just to revisit an itch from four years ago and help me come full circle?" I triple checked.

"She was right, you do like to take every way out before you give in. You weren't that hesitant with me last time....I hope you weren't more insecure after me. But I did hear you weren't restrained at all after that," Jenna hinted.

"Well....I told Alison enough for her to get that idea," I admitted.

"Like I said, she painted quite a picture. I still want to hear your take on it. Come on, at least give me that....let me know what kind of sexy monster I created," Jenna tried not to plead. Given that way of phrasing it, I figured I owed her that much.

"Okay.....I assume Tina already told you about our masturbation on Election Night." Jenna nodded at that, so I concluded I could move on to the events only Alison briefed her about. "After that was Christina....the seeds were planted when I heard her masturbating and she caught me. Me promising not to tell anyone helped things....proceed from there."

"God, of all the people to be your second celebrity redhead," Jenna pointed out.

"Yeah....I had a lot to devour that time. The only other actress with a figure like that is Sofia, and that started because she caught me masturbating that time!" Jenna laughed as I started to chuckle from the irony again. "Those incidents started differently, but their endowments were the same....along with how much I worshipped them."

"I can imagine, and I have. You were pretty thorough with me, think how you must have been afterwards.....and with those women at that," Jenna trailed out.

"I was thorough with actresses who weren't voluptuous, you know. Like Kaley....that was the first time I'd been that intimate with someone after you. We experimented with positions, she actually gave me my first tit fuck, and she reversed cowgirled me into an explosion or two," I mentioned as I started to stop censoring myself.

"Mmm, so blondes are more fun in bed after all? Like Kristen too?" Jenna asked as I began to notice her legs crossing.

"Kristen and I made our fun in back of the 'Glee' auditorium. If those bloggers saw what we did there too....mmm, she'd have shattered their ears and they'd have better thing to do than post dirty pictures," I reflected as my pants got more uncomfortable. "But it's not just redheads and blondes...brunettes are smoking hot too. I ran through three of those in a row with Anne, Mila and Alison. Anne was my first full fledged movie star, and what a star she is. Then Mila....that was by complete accident, but what a sensual and exotic accident. And Alison.....fucking sexy and gorgeous Alison...." I reflected before I finally noticed the tightness in my pants. That helped me notice how Jenna saw it too; as well as how her hips were shifting around in her chair.

"So I noticed...." she finished for me as she inched her chair closer to me and my bed. "I already read all about Lea.....but before that you had Emma Stone, am I right?"

"Uh huh.....she rounded out the sexy redhead trilogy," I confirmed, more clearly noticing that Jenna was putting a hand near my pants; and starting not to care about it. "I even had phone sex with her before Alison came over my house. I forget if I even told her that."

"But you remember everything else?" Jenna softly asked as she unzipped my pants and used her other hand to help unbuckle them. "Yeah....if I heard that voice more clearly through the phone, saying all those things, I never would have lasted as long." Now it seemed Jenna wanted to test how long I could last from sexy words; by pulling my cock out and beginning to stroke as she gently asked "Did you last long with Lea before you got caught?"

"Uh huh....took a lot of effort, but I did. And.....ugh, now you know the whole story."

"That's a hot story....and you're sure I was one of the hotter chapters?" It didn't sound like she asked because she doubted her hotness; as if I could with her hand on my cock and a much clearer view down her dress.

"God yes.....those other chapters wouldn't exist without you....your hotness and beauty made it all possible. I did wish I could have kept in touch more and thanked you more afterwards....but I didn't wanna give too much away or look like too much of a pig...." I confessed as Jenna started rubbing my dick head.

"You just gave everything away and you're not a pig to me. I don't want to hook up with a pig....let alone fuck him twice." And she apparently didn't kiss them in the meantime either, as she was now doing to me.

Now that I was fully into Jenna and closure, my lips and tongue responded in a hurry. As she jacked me off, the heat of her hand and the sweetness of her mouth provided a double whammy on me. I wanted a triple whammy, so I placed a hand down her cheek and to the shoulder of her free arm, where I lowered her dress strap. I then helped her arm slip out of it, and although I couldn't see her now bare breast since my eyes were closed, I was able to feel it.

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