TV Temp: Finale


We moaned into each other's mouths as we kissed, while she stroked me, I palmed her tit and I started to wonder if she was trying to finger herself too. If she was, she was nowhere near as close as me, as Jenna's faster strokes and faster tongue finally pushed me overboard. Before I could plan out where my cum would land, I felt it go off; then opened my eyes at last when I felt some of it land up on my chin.

Since my erection was sticking right up, it was shooting into the air and landed on me and my clothes. Luckily for Jenna, she backed away before it landed on her dress; which was fortunate since she would have to leave in that dress later. For now, she stood back and watch as my cum stained my suit and pants, although it avoided getting on my face again.

I didn't fully take in the mess I'd left until I could breathe again, and even then I couldn't bring myself to worry about how I ruined my nice clothes. I needed to take them off soon anyway, and they could stay in my suitcase until I washed them back home. So with that, I got up and took them off like I should have done earlier.

Jenna's dress was somewhat down already, although I hadn't actually looked at the results. I heard her lower the rest of her dress down while my back was turned, and I decided not to appraise her until we were both naked. Once I had my clothes off and threw them to the floor, I turned my head to the left and saw Jenna's dress and a pair of purple panties landing on that pile. With that, I steeled myself before turning to see her standing in front of me and fully naked.

As it had been four years since I last saw Jenna naked, and she had a baby just under a year ago, her body did look a bit different than before. However, she still had the same supple breasts and gorgeously rounded ass; perhaps a bit more so after having a baby. To top it all off, she still had the same long legs and well defined curves as well. And of course, there was still that lovely face that still looked both shy and eager as I gazed at her naked form.

"Still so fucking beautiful," I let out at the end of my inspection. To further show it, I went over and kissed her again, pressing our naked bodies together. While the last make out session helped get me off, this one unleashed more passion that built up after four years of being apart. Jenna snuggled herself into me, her ample breasts pushed right against my chest, as my hands slid down to her soft backside and I noticed that her pussy was brushing up on my resting cock.

I couldn't help but think about how a baby came out of that opening 10 months ago. But with that thought, I then had no doubt on how I should start this off. Who knew if she was a bit more self conscious and more uneasy about her pussy after a baby came out of it; yet on the off chance she was, I would try to turn that around.

"Stay right where you are," I requested after breaking our kisses, as I didn't want her to sit down just yet. Instead I went down to my knees in front of her and grasped her hips as I lined my face up to her pussy. I didn't really get to eat her out until the end the first time, and I wanted a bit more face time here to make up for it. Plus I would get a better chance to keep feeling the rest of her while she was standing up.

Once I was in place, I stuck out my tongue all the way and put it over as much of her pussy as I could. I dragged it up slowly over her for my initial taste, then was encouraged enough by her subsequent long moan to put the tip inside her. It slid up and down her a bit more rapidly before I went to work simply eating her out. I went back and forth licking her outside and inside as my hands went to work going up and down her hips and thighs.

Soon I landed my hands on her ass while my tongue and face went deeper onto her pussy. Jenna kept moaning long and loud, perhaps still being a bit more sensitive down there. It didn't seem to bother her as she placed a hand on the back of my head to drive me in even further. Before long, it felt like my head was in the middle of a sandwich between her hand and her pussy.

Yet I had other delicacies to feel as my hands left her ass and trailed up her waist before grasping both of her tits this time. I bounced them up and down to go along with my tongue going up and down her pussy at the same time. When I got a hold of her nipples, I suckled and even nibbled a bit on her pussy lips, to stimulate how I would have done the same to her tits.

"Oh, I missed this," Jenna admitted as she grinded her pussy against my face. "And to think you're even more experienced than before....God, it shows...." I was glad she noticed as my tongue worked fast to show its experience. I just hoped it was too much of a veteran to tire out as it kept dancing in, out and around her.

"Fuck, I feel even better that I was your first! Is there any first you can try now?" Jenna called out. "Something you can do with me that you didn't do to the others?" With that I finally pulled my head back and breathed regular air again.

"You want to be my first in something else this time?" Jenna just nodded, a bit flustered that my mouth wasn't still covered up by her. "I've pretty much done everything I could with the others. I tit-fucked them, sixty-nined them, used doggy style and reverse cowgirl, did them against the wall.....the only thing I can't recall is....."

With that my hand went down to her ass again as it came to me. There was one technique and one body part I hadn't played around with yet; one even more intimate and secret than a woman's pussy. I almost hesitated to bring it up with Jenna, yet with that squeeze, she figured it out. "You want my ass, don't you?" she guessed.

" don't have to give it up just because no one else did," I offered. "You're already my first in more important ways, you don't have to increase your lead. Besides, I'm not finished with your other hole yet."

"You could play with them both at the same time. That should finish me down there and get me warmer up there.....probably mean I'll last longer the next time too." That could well be a fair compromise.....and I didn't put as much effort into giving her a way out like usual. "Then let's test that out....bend over and lie on the bed."

I stayed on my knees as Jenna walked over to the front of the bed and laid down on her stomach. Her ass was sticking up with her legs hanging down the bed, spread far enough so that I could still see her pussy. Since I still needed to work on that, I knelt down in front of her legs and ass and resumed eating her out, this time from behind her.

I worked faster to help get her closer and to help get her juices flowing; since they would be needed for later. But I conceded that I'd have to let my fingers finish the job, so I pulled my face back and started to let them work. In the meantime, I put my focus onto Jenna's ass and used my free hand to brush over it. When I got my feel, I leaned down and started kissing and licking her full right cheek, with my left hand on her left cheek and my right still fingering her pussy.

I soon put my left hand on her pussy and worked to get my forefinger lubricated enough with her juices. When I felt it was wet enough, I had it trail up her pussy and keep going until it entered the bottom of her ass crack. It then trailed further up, making the inside of her ass wetter with her juices; although I wanted to save enough for the center.

For the first time, my finger was placed on top of a celebrity's asshole. I worked to get Jenna ready by fingering her deeper with my right hand and kissing back across her right ass cheek. Finally my left forefinger used its remaining lube to make it easier to inch inside her ass. It had to go very slow, although Jenna's groaning suggested she didn't mind; or that she wanted it in faster.

I stuck with the slow mode as the tip of my finger went slowly in and then slowly pulled almost all the way out. It repeated the pattern several more times, as her tightness down there began to get clearer. Soon I decided it was warmed up enough for the next step, as I pulled all of my fingers out and ate her pussy out again for a while. This was to get her juices on my tongue before I licked up her pussy and glided it up into her ass.

Fingers from both my hands were playing with her pussy, as my tongue circled her asshole and further lubed up the outside. Since Jenna was now moaning louder and pushing her ass right into my face, I now safely assumed she wanted me to get on with it. So I took the plunge and plunged the tip of my tongue into her ass, burying my face inside as well. With my tongue working her ass and my fingers working her pussy all at once, I figured it was a matter of time before Jenna blew up; hopefully just from her pussy.

"Yes....oh God, keep fucking my pussy and my ass," Jenna demanded. The way her pussy was going, I wouldn't have long to finger fuck it before it went off. So I circled my fingers inside of there while my tongue circled inside her ass, then it pulled out to lick up and down her crack. It kept going down until I moved my fingers away and stuck my tongue back in her pussy; hopefully having it go from up her ass to up her pussy would be the final blow.

My theory turned out to be quite correct, as Jenna further pushed herself onto me right when her pussy went off. Her cum soon drowned out the taste of her ass on my tongue, as I licked up and swallowed her for the second time ever. On the other side, Jenna's mouth was free to cry out and draw out her ecstasy as mine finally stopped moving. We both took a while to rest our lips and tongues as we stayed in place, my face still up against her backside.

"Oh are some first timer. But I already knew that," Jenna finally got out. "Do you want to sit down now?"

"I don't mind staying like this for a while longer," I quipped.

"When you're done and ready to sit, let me I can move and suck your cock before it goes into my ass." That helped give me the kick start I needed to move around again. After getting up on my feet, Jenna rolled over and got on hers as I sat down right where she bent over. This time, she went on her knees in front of me and quickly got to work sucking my cock.

Like me, she didn't get to oral work last time until the very end, so I did wish this could go on faster. Especially as she trailed her tongue all over my shaft, which was necessary to lube me up anyway. She soon went to bobbing up and down my cock and using the moisture from her lips to get me wetter. I tried not to throw my head back so I could keep looking at her go, but it was a losing battle on at least one instance.

Since I came not too long ago and working on her ass and pussy couldn't have gotten me that close to going again, I could let her keep going a little longer. I was ready to follow through on that before she took her mouth off of me with a pop. "I think you're lubed up least enough for you to last longer in me." That evil little minx.

Since she wanted to get under way and probably didn't want her saliva to dry on my cock, Jenna hurried and bent over in front of my room desk; which fortunately happened to be in front of a mirror. Now I could see the reflection of the front of her body while I fucked the very back of her; like I did with Christina, except I didn't work her ass. But it would be different with my very first redhead as I stood up behind her to let her take my anal celebrity virginity.

First I worked some fingers on her pussy and collected up whatever wetness I could, then placed the wetness over her asshole to further prepare it for what was coming. I put some spare juices over the head of my cock just in case, then figured I needed to go in before my dick got dry again. With that, I gripped the table with my hands placed right next to hers, as my head made its initial push into Jenna Fischer's ass.

I just kept the tip of my head in for a few moments and then tried to put more of it in. Jenna whimpered a bit, so I tried to soothe her by kissing her shoulder and going up to her neck. I wanted to kiss her on the lips, but then I realized why that couldn't happen. "Dammit, I should have brushed my teeth before now. Then I could have kissed you and you wouldn't have had to taste so much of yourself."

"Too late now.....I'll just have to risk it," Jenna concluded before she turned her head to kiss me. I didn't know how to feel that she might be tasting her cum and her ass on my tongue; yet her tongue didn't recoil as it touched mine. Eventually it relaxed me and it even relaxed my cock as the head slipped completely in.

I started to very slowly thrust it into her ass as we kept kissing slowly. Kissing like that while my cock was starting to invade her ass was a contrast that I found pretty arousing. I added to the sensation by once again getting a hand on her tits, as I worked on them while I was working inside her mouth and ass. By the time we broke our kisses, my shaft was halfway inside her and beginning to more easily move in and out.

"Okay fuck my ass, baby," Jenna all but whispered. I never wanted to refuse the request of a lady; despite this very un lady like position. But I made the best of it as both my hands cupped her tits while I steadily increased my thrusts into her ass, despite not going all the way in yet.

I had to flash back to summer 2006, a year and a half before I met Jenna. Back then, she was in a nude photo for Jane Magazine in which she stood sideways, with a sheet covering her front while the side of her back and ass was exposed. Seeing how full and round and deliciously curvy that part of her ass was helped me through a few summer nights; and now here I was thrusting inside that same ass. So at the least, I was coming full circle in a way that predated March 2008.

But I didn't want to come full circle yet, as I still had work to do. However, it would get a little harder to hold off now that my cock was almost all the way inside. Jenna did the rest by pushing her ass up again, covering the final inch of my shaft and putting my balls right near her pussy below. After all that happened, there was no way she would be able to cum before I did, so the least I could do was warm her up for now.

My left hand left her breast and slid down her stomach until it reached Jenna's pussy. Once again, I would work both her holes at once as my finger teased its way inside. But I also still had a spare hand for her tits, with her right still grasping them and bouncing them up and down. With my cock in her ass, my finger in her pussy, my free hand going over her tits and my eyes trailing over the reflection of her face and body in the mirror, it was a major whammy for both of us.

I capped the multitasking off by leaning forward and placing my chin on her head, planning to then kiss the back of it and bury myself in Jenna's red hair like I did with Emma. Jenna wasn't able to multitask as much, as she could just grasp the table and press her ass back against my groin while she groaned; although less was more on these occasions.

I had gotten good at lasting inside an actress's pussy, to an extent. But since this was my first anal experience with one and since this was Jenna, I knew I'd probably go sooner than usual. And that sooner felt like it wasn't far off. "Mmm, God, oh.....gotta pick a place to shoot off soon....."

"Keep it right there! Keep going and keep right there!" That order did make sense, since Jenna was probably extra careful about getting cum in her pussy so soon after her pregnancy. Plus there was no chance in Hell I was letting her suck me off after this event; not unless she asked. She didn't, so that left me only one option.

I pulled my head from her hair and focused back on her ass to help drive me to the finish. My hands left Jenna's tits to get a grasp on both her cheeks, moving them around to help push me closer. In between, my gaze also went to the mirror, where I could see Jenna's flushed face, gaping mouth and her tits bouncing. I moved my head to my right so she might see my flushed, nearly orgamsic face in the reflection as well.

From that angle, we looked at each other without actually looking at each other, giving silent encouragement to reach our climax; or at least mine. Then it didn't become silent as we both groaned while she clenched her ass tighter around me, even as I was already clenching it with my hands. I heard Jenna mutter "Come on" in between her groans, and soon enough, I became so driven to the edge that my yells drowned out hers in my mind.

With the noise filling my ears and my eyes almost seeing stars; which was preferable to a tabloid flashbulb; I finally managed to fill her ass to the brim. I hugged her backside against my groin as I nearly collapsed against her back, which made it fortunate that she stayed upright as well. "I think...the bed looks pretty good again," I mustered, as I carefully slipped out of Jenna, backed up and let myself fall back onto the bed. After a few seconds, I heard Jenna do the same next to me.

"Now I guess you'll have to fuck 10 more celebrity asses after mine," Jenna spoke out.

"I think a formula like that only works once," I pointed out, playfully tapping her on the top of her right leg. I then turned to my side to see the rest of her, looking up and down and stopping at her pussy. At that point, I remembered I was ahead of her in orgasms by 2-1. I figured what I just pulled off had to gotten her close, so it shouldn't take that much to make us even.

I reached my left hand over to start working on her other opening again. For added stimulation, I finally decided that my hands had enough fun playing with Jenna's tits, as I put my mouth back on them again. After a few moments suckling her right breast, I positioned myself on top of her to get easier access to both her boobs, as my fingers kept doing their job.

After the intensity of the last several minutes, I reasoned I needed a slower approach to relax the both of us. So my fingers circled around her pussy, rubbed her outer lips and occasionally went inside her without rapidly going in and out. In the meantime, my oral tactics on Jenna's breasts also felt like they were paying off.

Since Jenna was vocal enough earlier, her moans were a little softer this time, but she still looked and felt plenty aroused. In case she was close, I decided to stimulate everything else that I could before it was too late. In addition to kissing her tits, I went up to her upper chest, neck and throat in the next minute or two. Finally I reached her lips, given how we established that this didn't bother her.

While we were making out slow and steady, Jenna's muffled groans were increasing in frequency as my fingers picked up the pace. Our tongues worked a little faster, as I tried to lick her tongue and the inside of her mouth like I would with her pussy. But when Jenna started to try and clench her jaw, I realized I should probably pull back before she bit my lip or tongue involuntarily. And it was the right call, as I felt her spasm into my hand several seconds later.

Once again, Jenna slowly came down after an orgasmic peak, only this time it was her own. With her ass worked out and her pussy now worn out for a second time, it was clear she was exhausted by now. Therefore, I brought my hand over and tried to lick it clean, then leaned back on the bed a little tired myself. With that exhaustive workout and the fact that our little sexual reunion was over, there was little we could say as we each decided to get a nap.

When I woke up, I found that it was almost 4 a.m. and Jenna was no longer next to me. Instead, she was standing up in front of the mirror again, only now she had her dress back on and was fixing herself up. "Oh! This saves me a few seconds waking you!" Jenna explained as she saw me get up from the mirror. She sounded no different than she did before she had anal sex with me, so at least she appeared rested.

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