TV Temp: Finale


"So you have to get going," I concluded. "Thank you for wanting to wake me for that, then." I genuinely didn't want that to be taken the wrong way, since I did want to be up to have a proper goodbye. But I hoped it wasn't too easy for her to see that differently.

"Are you going to be okay?" she asked. The first response that came to my mind was "Me? After what we did, I have more of a reason to ask you that." That was the most delicate method I had to ask about the condition of her ass.

"I can walk and I'll be able to sit, don't worry. You left an impact on me, but not quite like that," Jenna reassured.

"Good. Then I guess this is...." I trailed off before I said the "g" word.

"Let's not say that yet. We're old friends who caught up on old times....maybe we won't do it like that again, but we can't say we won't see each other again. Once NBC or some other network or studio hires you, I'm sure we will." That was as much of an optimistic way to look at it as any, I supposed, so I just nodded and walked with her to my door. In case she was wrong, however, there was no point holding any words back.

"Maybe we would have....gotten to where we are now without knowing each other," I started. "I know you'd have done that even if I didn't. But being with you meant as much to me than it did with the others, if not more did even before tonight and it would have even if you weren't my first. I just thought you should know."

"I already had an idea, but thank you. And I hope you know how much you helped me and got me on my path too. Now four years later, I have special people to get back to and so do you. Whatever part you had in that....thank you for it. And I accept your thanks for getting you on your way too."

Jenna put an exclamation point on those final words by leaning in for a final kiss. I didn't act fast enough to return the first one, but I got into it for the second. Yet by the time I realized it might be our last one, she broke off and reached for the door. In somewhat of a panic, I put my hand on her face and went in for one more kiss, fully ready to savor it as a last one. After we went back at it for several seconds, I stopped myself and broke off before I went for a few more final intimate acts with her. On that note, Jenna just laughed warmly, opened the door and kept her eyes on me until she left my view.

That image filled me for the next several minutes as I went back to bed; not caring that I was still naked. But before I drifted off, Jenna's comment about going back to special people finally registered; as did who she was probably referring to on my part.

I woke up again about four hours later and eventually made an effort to get dressed again. Once I did that, cleaned myself off and thoroughly brushed my teeth, I went down to the hotel lobby to get a newspaper and a few snacks. When I got there, I saw none other than Alison sitting nearby, right before she noticed me and waved me over. I braced myself and went over to sit next to her.

"I had a pretty good night with the guys. How about yours?" Alison asked as if it was a normal question.

"It went just as you hoped....or at least expected." Alison smiled and nodded, yet I thought I should clear up some things in case it wasn't all genuine.

"You should know that although I loved this....little favor, you don't need to go overboard with favors like that again. If....what you set up made you uncomfortable or jealous in any way, I'm sorry. But I won't ever need anything like that again. After that, now it's all out of my system....whether or not that was one of your goals. I'm not a temp anymore, I'll hopefully start some kind of career on my own two feet soon, and I've been with every celebrity crush I can name. Basically, I'm out of the sex with actresses game least sex with multiple actresses. I just thought you should know that."

"I....appreciate you sharing that with me," Alison started to respond. "Of course, we can't say what'll happen in the future. Hell, we didn't see stuff like this happening a few years ago, how could we? But whatever stuff comes out of nowhere later, I do want us to be there for each other however we can. I guess I don't need to be that....thorough in the future.....but I can be there in smaller ways too."

"I never doubted that for a moment," I stated honestly, as Alison let out her bright smile. Looking back one last time, it did make sense that this all started with Jenna, and ended here with another NBC comedy scene stealer that played a funny, bright, adorable, gorgeous and secretly sexy character; while also being all of that and more off screen as well. Of course, Alison's beauty was more openly flaunted on and off screen than Jenna's, but I could ignore that nitpick. In any case, the premise of how the beginning influenced the end still stuck.

"Well, um....I originally came here to get the paper, read a bit and then pack up before checkout. But I can fit in a little walk and sight-seeing with you before we get going. If you're not too tired," I offered.

"If you're not that tired for some reason, I guess I shouldn't be too," Alison answered. "But I should go back to my room and get fixed up first. Maybe get in a little packing so that doesn't bug me later."

"Yeah, I'm too anal to let that go too," I stated, trying desperately to ignore my choice of words. But it helped when I proposed "Come on, I'll escort you to your room and then meet you back here," to Alison. She nodded and then got up with me, as I resisted the urge to do another "Milady/Milord" reprise bit with her; albeit barely.

We headed to the elevator and just had to wait a few seconds before the doors opened. I signaled for her to go in ahead of me, then I got in and pushed the button for Alison's floor.

I then stood there with my hands behind my back as the doors closed; as if the last four-and-a-half years of sex, celebrity wish fulfillment, secrets, infamy, getting a foot in the door and winding up with Alison Brie standing next to me hadn't just gotten their exclamation point.


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