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TV Temp: Mila Kunis


January 15, 2011

I was in a content place as I drove through Hollywood on this particular Saturday. The temp agency hadn't called about a new job yet, but I didn't expect them to right now. My regular freelance work was earning me more money than ever, and I had even finished a draft of a book. So I felt I earned a nice sight-seeing drive, especially since this was the day before the Golden Globes and the town was gearing up.

Many of the actresses I had met would be nominated and/or in attendance, so there was always the chance of noticing them on the streets while they were preparing. But instead, I turned a corner and saw someone working on what looked to be a broken down rental car on the side of the street.

I slowed down and noticed a young woman who was getting frustrated near the car. My Good Samaritan side kicked in and I found myself stopping next to her. "Ma'am?" I asked to get her attention, although it looked like she was about the same age as me.

"Oh! You wouldn't know how to fix this engine, would you?" the woman asked in a voice that sounded a bit familiar. However, I brushed that aside to try and answer her question. "Well....I'm not really an engine expert, sorry?"

"Damnit! Now I have to call them to pick me up and I'll still be late! That's what I get for wanting a regular day to myself, I guess." The woman sighed in frustration, which pushed a few more of my Good Samaritan buttons. Since I wasn't in any hurry today and I still had this sense of recognition about the woman, I wound up asking "Well, where do you need to go?"

This got the woman to focus back on me instead of her car. "Oh...I don't think it's that far right now. Just a...place in Hollywood where I need to try on something. And I need to be at a few more places after that."

"And you don't want to call someone to come get you?" I asked.

"I could, but I said I didn't want to take a limo. I wanted to drive myself and try to have a regular day on the road before tomorrow," she hinted at again. "But I'm sure they'll take me back once I call them."

"But you need to be at these places on time?" I asked and she shrugged. "Well....if you're in a hurry and you can't wait to be picked up, I can take you. I have time on my hands, and since you seem to have a phone, you can still call someone if I get on your nerves."

When I started talking, I was just focused on the conversation and how I could actually help the woman. It didn't immediately strike me why she might ask for a limo if she wanted, and why she kept referring to tomorrow. But by the time I finished making my offer, and by the time the woman actually brightened up, it all fell into place; plus I figured out why I thought I recognized her.

By a twist of fate that had never happened outside of my jobs before, I had just offered to drive around Mila Kunis.

She had the limo option because she was an actress, and she had a busy day tomorrow because she was a nominee at the Golden Globes. Obviously she needed to try out her dress for the ceremony and was running late, and obviously had other errands to prepare herself as well.

And now it seemed I had gotten myself along for the ride, although I was the driver in this case."Thank you, thank you, I promise I won't take long!" Mila exclaimed as she went to enter my car.

"It's, um, it's not a problem," I stuttered a bit now that I recognized her. "Like I said, I'm completely free as long as you need a driver."

"Well, I'll still try to make it easy for you," she promised as she got into the seat next to me. "I'm Mila, by the way....in case you didn't know."

"No, I...I figured it out," I assured, before introducing myself and shaking her hand. I then started the car and got her to be more specific on where we needed to go, which wasn't too far away. In fact, I got to park near the shop where her Golden Globe dress was being held about 15 minutes later.

"Should I wait here until you get back? How long should you be?" I asked once I parked.

"I was gonna take about 30 minutes, get everything in order and all. But I can get it down to 20 so I don't keep you waiting," Mila offered.

"I can wait. I temp for TV shows all the time, so I'm used to waiting around for projects," I filled her in.

"Wow, some small world...." Mila reflected. "I should ask you to come in with me, but you'd probably be bored." Getting to see her in her Golden Globes dress a day in advance actually wouldn't be boring to me. But I didn't want to be forward, and I was cautious just in case the paparazzi were around to see us; this was one of their holiday weekends, after all.

"I'll tell you what. I'll give you 25 minutes, and if you aren't back by then, I'll come in to check on you. I'll just wait around or take a walk until then, okay?"

"Well, all right. You've had good ideas so far, so you've earned a little leeway," Mila conceded.

"Good. Go on, I got you here on time, might as well take advantage of it." Mila chuckled and made sure to smile right at me as she got out of the car.

Once she was in the shop, I exhaled since I had time to reflect on everything now. I had actually met and was spending time with an actress without the temp agency's help or influence. What's more, it was one of the rising stars in the business; and someone that a lot of people were fantasizing about after seeing her sex scene with Natalie Portman in "Black Swan.

I was nervous to meet a movie star like Anne just two months ago; yet leaving aside how I overcame that and then some with Anne, Mila was a TV veteran and movie star all in one. One that happened to have perfect eyes, flawless skin and a lovely, petite form as well. Plus I now remembered that she announced her separation from long time boyfriend Macaulay Culkin just 12 days ago; and that they had been separated for months beforehand.

Although this wasn't like my usual situations, I went into my usual knee jerk attempt to contain myself. This wasn't a case where I had a week or more to be noticed, as I just had to drive her until her car was fixed. In addition, she had better things on her mind right now, like the freaking Golden Globes and a likely invite to the Oscars in a month.

So once I talked myself down, I further cleared my head by taking a walk down the street. When I got back, I saw on my cell phone clock that it had been 25 minutes since Mila left. I supposed that no one would be suspicious if I went in there now, which inspired me to walk inside the shop.

I asked the nearest clerk about Mila and whether she was expecting me. Apparently she had said she was, so I was led over to a nearby dressing room. When we got there, I saw Mila standing in front of a mirror, studying herself until she noticed us. "Oh, there you are! I guess I took too long, huh?"

The results of taking too long left Mila in a long green dress from Vera Wang, with one strap on her left shoulder, a bare right shoulder, and a bare upper back save for a green strap across it. She had also done her hair up in a bun and had put on some eye shadow, as it seemed like she wanted to perfect her full look for the show before tomorrow. To that extent, she had done quite a job.

"No....no, it's perfect. Really, really perfect," I praised. "I can, uh, wait in the lobby while you finish up."

"Okay. Now that I know it's perfect, I guess I can put this away until tomorrow," Mila reasoned as she smoothed her dress down. I took that as my cue to nod, smile a bit nervously and head over to the lobby.

It took Mila between 5-10 minutes to change back and return to the car with. Once she gave me her next destination, I drove in silence, unsure of how to follow up. After practically drooling over her in her red carpet attire, there weren't many options on where to go from there.

"Okay, now you've got to tell me who you've worked for before." Apparently Mila's strategy was to change the subject. "If you're an expert on helping TV people, what's your resume?"

"Oh....well, I've been on the sets of The Office, 30 Rock, Mad Men, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Modern Family and SNL," I explained while trying not to sound too braggy. "I was Kaley Cuoco's personal assistant for a week or so, and I just helped SNL when future Oscars host Anne Hathaway hosted."

"Whoh, you've worked with half the TV people at the Globes!" Mila joked/half-joked. "Maybe I should tell them you said hi after the show!"

"That's not necessary, they probably don't remember me," I dismissed, even though I knew a few of them still might. "I certainly don't have the biggest resume in this car. I mean, look at all the milestones you've had lately."

"That is what I've been thinking about for months now. The Golden Globes tomorrow, then the Oscars if me or the movie gets nominated; or both of us do! God, it's still nuts just thinking about it. I guess that's why I wanted to go out alone today and get myself ready."

"I'm sorry you got stuck with me instead," I said to be genuine and a bit self-deprecating.

"No, it's cool. Maybe talking about stuff like this helps more, and I probably wouldn't have chatted up a limo driver. Now I can talk with you and get some dirt from my favorite shows," she offered.

"That's all right, I wouldn't have many bombshells to explode. I don't kiss and tell much anyway, they kind of warn you against that on the job." I stated while trying to ignore the irony and how I really did have big secrets to keep.

"Come on, please?" Mila asked with fake pleading, going so far as to bat her eyes. While she was kidding, that gesture could have been enough to make me spill some beans, so I decided to spill some small ones. "Fine, I'll dig up small dirt, but I won't say what show it's from! That's the best I can do!"

It went on like this during our drives, as I teasingly laid out little tidbits of my time on the various sets; while not revealing my other activities. Mila tried to make it even by sharing a few things from the "That 70's Show" and "Family Guy" sets over the years; the "Family Guy" parts of which I geeked out over a bit more. This helped tide me over when we did arrive at her destinations and I did have to wait for her to get back. I killed time by reminiscing, taking a few walks and almost wishing I could take a few cold showers at some points.

But by the early evening, Mila announced she was done for the day and I could finally take her home. Since she didn't live in Hollywood; which was obvious since she needed a rental car that broke down; she was staying at a hotel for Golden Globes weekend. I parked nearby and readied myself for whether this would be the end of the night, or the beginning.

"You'll be okay getting around tomorrow?" I inquired to cover my bases. "Yeah, me and about 1,000 people have our rides comped. That makes traffic jams the big problem, really."

"Well, if professional limo drivers can't get around that, what chance do I have?"I laughed off. "But I guess I can still go get the door for you."

"Do you want to come in there for a while?" Mila asked before I could leave the car. "I've had you drive me all over town, so you should sit somewhere other than your car seat for a while. I think a hotel chair wouldn't be too bad."

"Are you sure? I mean, I'm sure you want to start resting up for the Globes soon," I pointed out.

"Oh, I'm gonna be too excited to sleep much tonight! At least having company will help kill some time. Come on, you'd have to do it if you were temping for me, right?"

She did have me there. So to make sure again that no one would spot me, she told me her room number and told me to go inside and meet here there in 10 minutes. Once she left afterwards, I spent one more stint sitting in the car and pondering my options. Eventually, one of these incidents would have to end in innocent time together and not sex; but since this wasn't one of my normal situations, perhaps that didn't apply here.

I took a deep breath at the 10 minute mark and left the car. When I got into the hotel, I went to the elevator and up to the fifth floor like I was instructed. Soon I found Mila's door, knocked on it, and after a few knocks she was there in the same clothes as before.

This signaled that she at least didn't set this up to seduce me; not at the moment. In any case, I sat down on a chair while Mila took the bed, as we browsed through the TV and talked some more for a little while.

"Are you really more excited than nervous for the Globes?" I asked for clarification.

"About 20% more excited, probably. I mean, I know Melissa or Amy or Hailee have my category in the bag," referring to Best Supporting Actress favorites Melissa Leo, Amy Adams and young Hailee Steinfeld. "And I know Natalie's got her Globe wrapped up, so I don't have to be nervous there too. I just hope nothing else goes wrong other than me losing. That's why I thought it was a bad sign when my rental car went out. I mean, if a fucking rental car can break down on you, what does that tell you?"

"My hearing's never had to be that good, so I wouldn't know," I admitted.

"Well, mine told me something better when you got there. I mean, I got picked up by someone who helps TV people for a part-time living. What does that tell you? Tells me that at least one of us is lucky, that's for sure."

"Make that at least two," I said in my brain before I realized I said it out loud too. With that I blushed and turned away a bit, although I could just see her reflection from the mirror in front of my chair. So I got up and announced "I'm pouring another soda, you want one?"

"No thank you," I heard her say behind me. I focused on putting ice in my plastic cup and then pouring my drink. But I found that a mirror was near me there as well, which let me see her still sitting at the bed; and that she may have been checking me out. With my back turned, she had ample opportunity, to coin a phrase.

I discreetly coughed and went back to my chair, drinking absent mindedly from my cup. Eventually I glanced back at her and saw that she was still looking at me. Anyone else would have gone to her without a second thought, but I was still worried that I was reading it wrong. This is why I usually let the actresses make the first move to completely cover my bases, and it had usually worked.

Yet that also left the danger of making her impatient and annoyed, if she really was sending me signals. If this was going to happen, there was no way I could let it get off on that note; and she already had to salvage a bad start to her day. So I took a tentative move by finishing my drink, then getting up to make my way to the bed.

When Mila slid to the right and patted the space on the bed next to her, I figured I could violate my rule just this once.

I sat next to her before leaning in and kissing her, but I closed my eyes tight in case I had read it wrong. After a second of nothing happening, I opened my lids and saw Mila's big caramel eyes gazing back with a seductive tint. Once she closed them, we both let our lips do the rest.

I still felt the need to add one by placing a hand on her cheek and another on her upper back to feel her neck and hair. Mila responded by placing her arms around my waist and cuddling close to my chest as our mouths opened. Soon our tongues were getting into the mix, making my growing erection even harder to deal with.

I broke the kiss to start working on the rest of her face, yet Mila pulled it away. "Nope....I've had you do things for me all day. Now I want to treat you for a while. Especially since I know you'll just pay me back....in full, anyway." She emphasized the full by patting my clothed groin as she leaned in to kiss my ear.

"Oh, don't try and stop me...." I got out as she started suckling on my ear. To balance it out, she moved down to suckle on the side of my neck while her hands started to lift up my shift. They then started to rub my chest while her lips rubbed against my Adam's Apple and throat. Along the way, she got my shirt up to my neck, then quickly dipped her lips down to my chest so that she had room to lift my shirt right over my head.

Mila did most of the work in getting it off, although I tried to help. The shirt did block my view as it went over my head, yet when it was off I saw Mila kiss down my chest while she was looking up at me. I could have gone then and there, since to me, one of the hottest parts of her "Black Swan" sex scene with Natalie Portman was how sexy her brilliant eyes looked while she was eating her out. And now from the looks of it, she might be giving a repeat performance soon enough.

"If you're gonna go lower, please keep looking at me," I insisted. Mila just smiled as she got off the bed and then went down to her knees in front of me. Indeed, she didn't break away from my eyes as she unbuckled my belt and I lifted myself up so she could pull my pants down.

When they were down to my knees, Mila reached into my underwear and finally gave my cock room to breathe. But its freedom was short lived as Mila sank it right down her mouth, then slowly pulled off of it and gave it a few teasing licks. She followed up by suckling on the head and very slowly going down lower, while never breaking eye contact with me.

After going halfway down, Mila started bobbing up and down as she gradually sucked harder, then stopped to slowly go down even lower again. Finally she got virtually all of it in her mouth, but just as quickly popped off so she could lick it from base to tip. Once she did this a few more times, she went back to sucking the head with a quasi-innocent look on her face.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! Do you want me to go off now, cause you're really getting there!" I warned.

"You kept saying you were free all day," Mila reminded me when her mouth was free. "If you're free all night too, it shouldn't matter if you cum soon.....or even right now. Right?" She breathed the question right onto my head before engulfing her lips with it again.

After a few more seconds of this, I was inclined to agree with her last statement. I only wanted to hold on so I could see her work on me as long as possible. Yet Mila seemed determined to put herself out of work as she wrapped her tongue all around me. And after her fingers brushed my balls to boot, she officially fulfilled her job description; with my cum as her severance package.

She swallowed most of it, yet a few drops went out of her mouth and back on my shaft. Still, once Mila finished swallowing she went back and lapped up the rest for good measure. After getting it all, she gave me one more wide eyed look as she audibly gulped down what was left in her mouth.

I finally broke eye contact with Mila when my upper body fell back onto the bed. While she was actually out of my sight, I did hear her get off her knees and feel her laying besides me on the bed. Although I was barely recharged, I turned to my right and saw her next to me, licking her lips and saying "Sweet boy."

Given how that paraphrased the ending of the "Black Swan" sex scene, it made it less erotic than funny; although it was still both. Yet my first response was to laugh a bit, and Mila then did the same as we both laid back. Once our chuckling stopped, I actually noticed that I was virtually naked and Mila was still clothed.

I started to correct that by pulling down her shirt collar so that her right shoulder was bare, like it was in her dress. "That dress inspired a lot of naughty thoughts about this shoulder," I filled her in as I reenacted those thoughts by kissing up and down that shoulder.

"Mmm...payback already, I see," Mila recognized. She helped me along by getting her shirt off so that her entire upper body, save for a pink bra, was bare now. This left me with a few options on what to do next; and I was in the mood to draw this out until I got through every one.

"You know, you think you paid me back for all I did today," I started. "But working and talking with gorgeous stars is payment enough for me....although I do like the bonuses. Still, the work is its own reward.....I don't mind doing what others say, as long as we both get something out of it."

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