TV Temp: Reunions


"Oh fuck...." I groaned as my loose bed pants were getting far too tight. My moan probably gave that away, before I realized it wasn't appropriate for a regular phone conversation; if that's what this was. "I guess I know what your other hand is doing now," Emma said to shatter the illusion.

"No, no it isn't...." I insisted. But after Emma didn't say anything, I took the chance and said "I can't promise it won't, though."

"Do I make it break promises like that a lot?" Emma asked curiously. Now crafting some lines of my own, I responded "It doesn't hold it against you. It just wishes I wasn't the only thing it could touch."

"Like my red hair? I know your hand liked touching that. It liked getting a hold of my ass too....and even my boobs somehow."

"It liked feeling every part of you.....every soft, gorgeous part," I revealed as my free hand finally touched my free cock and didn't intent to let go for a while.

"Don't sell yourself short, you had a lot of hot parts too. Maybe you're not Ryan or Andrew....but I only pretended to fuck them on screen. I fucked you and let that explosive cock in me, and let that talented tongue warm me up first. That's gotta......mmm, tell you something," The "mmm" in the middle of that didn't escape me, and neither did the two little ones a few seconds later.

"It tells me you're going right to thinking about my cock first," I guessed. But Emma shot back "No....I'm just playing with my pussy, not fucking it yet. We can keep talking about your tongue for a while." I almost remembered to question where she was and whether phone sex could be overheard at her location. Yet a few more little groans over the phone erased that concern.

"Don't just pretend it's on there. Try to imagine it trailing up those creamy legs of yours.....maybe before dabbing a bit over that sweet, pretty ass too. Then I'm sure you remember what it did to those nipples of yours." Emma's groans were a little more frequent, before saying "Great, now I have to work my nipples and pussy while I'm holding the phone. If I was in my room and not my trailer, I could put this on speaker, but I just had to call you now, didn't I?"

"Okay, okay, I'll give you a minute to put the phone down," I offered, hoping her frustration was more comical than serious. ", I just tweaked them good enough to hold them up, I'm good there," Emma promised. "Maybe that made your tongue too tired to carry the load....unlike the thing that actually carries the load. I even made you release it all over my back the first it really wanted to land on me."

"It would have already if you were here," I got carried away enough to admit. Emma followed up by saying "Then I really should pretend to ride you while I have the chance." I let her do that while I leaned back on the recliner and imagined Emma's naked body on my cock instead of just my hand. I almost felt tempted to stick my tongue out and circle the nipples where I imagined they would be. But I just stared straight ahead of me, where I imagined Emma's glorious green eyes and smirk were.

I even pictured her mouth moving while the Emma I heard on the phone said "Yeah....yeah, pretend to fuck me....make me miss the real thing more...."

Fueled by her saying that she did miss it, I stroked myself harder while listening closely for the sounds of Emma playing with herself. "The real thing....lasted longer back then than it might you know...."

"I'll just....have to work harder to keep up with you, then," Emma panted as her breathing got quicker.

"Just picture my imaginary dick going in deeper.....your imaginary pussy is certainly doing the job. Just like the real one did....did it so good while it was so tight and so wet...." I rambled.

"Jesus, and you said my voice was good! I gotta up my game in that too!" Emma strained to say.

"You don't have to be that over the top.....just say and do whatever you want, whether you're trying to beat me or not," I said as my hand worked harder on my shaft and head.

"Okay....what I want is to breathe on the top of it, lick it, kiss it, whisper it and beg it to shoot off. If it's bothered by hearing me talk right into it....all it's got to do is cum and fill me up to keep me quiet. Come on....I've already got you cumming all over my lips and mouth in my mind.....that's gotta get you close too...."

"More than even you know....more than....." With that, Emma heard the proof of my words as I loudly came; gripping my cock and my phone so hard that I thought I might break them both in half. But they stayed intact as I eventually relaxed my grips, right as I heard Emma bring herself close to the finish.

If she really was in a trailer, she probably shouldn't have been as loud as she sounded, yet maybe the phone just amplified her voice. However loud she was, she started to sound quieter after a particularly passionate moan, which meant she had cum too. My guess was that she didn't let it spray and land on a blanket or her pants like I did, however.

"Fuck, that was intense," I heard Emma get out. "Are you still breathing?" Eventually I lifted the phone back up and answered "Yeah....kinda messy now, but I'm fine. At least this is the good kind of mess....I was due for one of those."

Only I could allude to depressing stuff in the afterglow of a phone sex session with Emma Stone. Perhaps my brain went on autopilot while in a masturbation fog or something. "You know if I could....even though I probably can't....I wish I..." I figured I should stop Emma from sounding more depressed herself now.

"I know. You still helped me by letting me know you were thinking about me. And in....other ways as well," I tried to chuckle. "If I could let you get in the middle of a tabloid scandal for me, I'd do that too. But this will have to do."

"Okay....I guess I'll just keep helping by thinking about you. It's gotten pretty hot results so far.....which I should wash off before I go back on the set." Maybe I was wrong about her cum spraying after all; but I could save that thought for later. "You think about me as much as you want until you get through this. And if you need to do it longer, I guess I can live with that."

"All right, I'll let you know either way if I can," I assured before we said goodbye and hung up. But a few seconds later, that phrase sounded a bit crueler in my mind. Maybe it was because I remembered that after this mess, this phone sex chat was probably the last time I would share anything, sexual or otherwise, with a celebrity.

Those rotten thoughts kept me from washing my hands and changing my pants for about 15 minutes. Then I finally got too tired from it all and tried to force myself to sleep. I always slept in my regular bed upstairs, but I just didn't have the energy to go up.

The next thing I knew, I was being woken up from my recliner nap again at around midnight. This time it wasn't by the phone, but by a knock on my front door. My parents and friends knew not to bug me at this time of night, so I had to assume the paparazzi thought they could get to me while I was weakened by sleep.

If they wanted to tempt a sleepy man frustrated by a wrecked temp career, various hormones and tabloid infamy, I supposed I could yell at them at the top of my lungs for a few seconds. I went to the front door and tried to peek out the side window to make out who it was, but I couldn't make it out. So I'd have to open up and identify the figure before tearing him up.

Only when I did open up, it wasn't a him who was waiting for me; it was a her. And the her looked a lot like Alison Brie.

After realizing it was because this was Alison Brie, my voice wasn't ready to yell anymore. All it could get out was a "What?" before I remembered to step aside and let her in.

"Don't worry, I made sure no one saw me," Alison assured as she walked up into my living room. She took off her hat and was left with a white t-shirt and blue jeans on. But I was still too stunned and groggy and a bit worn out from phone sex to check her out; at least as much as usual. "What are you doing here? Did anyone see you look up where I live?" I managed to ask.

"You really haven't been on your computer, have you?" she answered; even though that wasn't really an answer yet. "Not since I finished my work....I'm trying not to tempt myself into reading blog headlines about me. Or read anything from entertainment websites or Facebook or Twitter."

"So that means you didn't read today's Tweet I had about you. And I guess you didn't check my e-mail asking if I could come by. Since you didn't read it, now I'm less guilty about being here without your permission."

"I, you....just, just make yourself at home, okay?" I finally offered as I went up to my room to actually check my laptop. When I got on, I looked up Alison's Twitter page for the first time since the night before my exploits were exposed. It seemed she had posted two items today; both of them about me.

The first started with her saying my Twitter name and then "is my ex-assistant, a great Community fan and my friend, not a tabloid sex joke. You mess with him, you mess with me and all my other cool friends." The second Tweet said "You wanna know who he really is and why he can really get lucky on a set, read this" and then she had posted a link to my content page on the freelance site.

Before I took that in, I remembered she said that she also sent an e-mail, so I went to my account. I assumed that Alison looked up my e-mail address from my temp resume, although I briefly wondered why she didn't use it until now. Yet I ignored that when I got on and read her e-mail, which said "Check my Twitter for a big surprise. If you like it, maybe I could come over and see how you like it in person, if it's okay."

Since I didn't get the chance to answer if it was, it seemed she had taken matters into her own hands. That reminded me she was still in the house, so I went back down and saw Alison sitting on my recliner. It was hardly the most sanitary place to sit after today, yet I couldn't tell a guest that she couldn't sit in a comfy chair; especially this one. As such, I sat on the couch next to the recliner and tried to get my questions for Alison straight. "Why, exactly?" I asked since it was the briefest question.

"Someone had to. They were making you into tabloid fodder and that wasn't right! And with all the actresses you were with, I thought one of them would have stuck up for you first, but they didn't! So I wanted to do it and cancel out their silence!"

"Actually....a lot of them called me today. They offered to help, but I didn't want them caught in the middle of this. Jenna, Tina, Kaley, Emma....oh, that's right, you don't know about Emma Stone since she was after you!" I corrected myself.

"Emma Stone, too? Not bad," Alison stated, taking it pretty well. I went on before I could dwell on why I thought that was a relief. "Yeah....she and the others are worried about me. But I'd be more worried if they spoke out for me and they found out they had sex with me too. And....I guess I would have told you that if I noticed earlier....before it was too late...." I trailed off.

"No big deal, I can keep a secret. You were my assistant for a while, you did a great job and we're friends on Twitter. That's a good enough reason to explain why I stuck up for you," Alison concluded.

"But don't you have other things to worry about....over at Greendale?" I nitpicked, since "Community" was finally running off its delayed second half of Season 3 and remained on the cancelation bubble.

"Hey, me speaking out for you won't make a difference to NBC," Alison responded. "If Community gets six seasons and a movie after all, it won't be because of us or in spite of us. Besides, I'm sure the other Community fans would love to defend one of their own.....or use your mess to plug the show some more."

"At this point, anything would help on that end. So I guess that is good...." I admitted. "How else did you think this would work?"

"I didn't think it through that much at the time," Alison admitted. "I just wanted to help turn your image around. You weren't doing it and no one else was either, so I took a shot. I can keep going by posting links to your other stuff online, and maybe I can talk Dan and the cast into saying something nice on Twitter too. I should have enough pull with Joel to make him go easy on you and Lea on 'The Soup' too, if I have to."

"And you're sure you want to use that pull for me?" I had to make sure. "I'm not saying I didn't need the help....I mean, I'm not doing anything but hiding and whining. But if you do all that for me, someone will wonder if I fucked you too. If they figure it out, or they pretend they did, I couldn't let you get caught up in my shit storm."

"You're still thinking too much, I see," Alison needled. "There's a time and a place to be overprotective, like there's a time and place for certain sex stuff. This isn't the time to worry about me more than you, okay?"

"Even if you're doing all this for someone you haven't seen in person for a year? And someone you only knew for two weeks and one big night last time?" I nitpicked further.

"And yet I said all that truthful stuff about you on Twitter anyway. What does that tell you? It tells me you should stop selling yourself short, admit you're special and help me dig you out of this!" I wondered if apologizing for getting Alison flustered would make me look better or more spineless. But she took a breath and filled in by saying "Sorry, just had to get that out there," and giving me a reassuring smile.

"You know, that's just another reason why I haven't been a good host," I said to help change the subject. "Let me find something to help you wash that fury down."

So I led Alison to my kitchen and got out a drink and snack or two to help us relax and catch up. Twitter conversations couldn't really fill in the gaps, so she filled me in with "Community" set stories from the last year and their experience on that cancelation bubble. Then she railroaded me into spilling more about my times with Emma and Lea, and about my phone calls from today; although I did leave out the phone sex parts.

As we shared a few more laughs while sitting together at the table, my overactive mind spoiled it with another few thoughts. But these ones were a bit more pleasant than before; and ones I had to speak out as well.

"I do know I'm kind of special, I know. It took me a while to accept I was special enough to see so many actresses naked. But I guess I go overboard in having sex with them, or to protect them from scandal, because I know it's the only chance I have with them. We went through this last time....I may get more than one shot at them for a night, but a night's all that I get. I accepted that and that's why I try to make them really count....because I know I'll never see them again or be that close to them again. And yet, a lot of them still called me and offered their help....and you actually gave it."

"See, there you go! No mere one-night sex god could inspire all that!" Alison encouraged.

"I guess not. I don't even know how I do all that...if I actually knew, I'd just over think and screw it up," I reasoned. "I suppose I just worship television, worship actresses, try to treat them like Goddesses and appreciate every bit of them without thinking. It must be some kind of inner instinct."

"I'm glad you're the last one to get that," Alison said. "That explains everything about your phone calls, my Twitter campaign, and why I'm seeing your epiphany in your house."

"The fact that you're even in my house for anything...." I trailed off without an adequate way to end that sentence. "I mean, I got lucky with the sexiest women on television, and with women who are actually being my friends afterwards! It makes me....really makes me want to live up to the pedestal you put me on. And if you have enough faith in me to do that, I should have faith in your help too. So with your help, I'm going to get through this thing, keep working, and make sure I'm remembered for something better later."

"Yay! You could give Joel a run for his money with those speeches!" Alison cheered before standing a bit, reaching over and hugging me. I was still in a newfound chipper mood, so I hugged her back without any hesitation and wondering what it might mean. That only started when I noticed how my cheek was brushing against the side of her silky hair, and how I remembered the last time my arms were around her shapely body. Luckily she sat back down before I got too conscious of how my pants felt just now.

With that, I started to clean up the kitchen table to distract myself and settle down. Once I did that, I felt secure enough to sit next to her again, figuring I should say something nice to balance out my pervy thoughts. "Alison....nothing I do could make us even for, well, everything you've done. But I hope I give it a good shot."

"You're more than welcome to try," she told me. There was one idea I had to start off, but as usual, I just smiled and waited for her to signal it was okay. I passed the time by studying her bright, beautiful face; which made me take a while to realize it was coming at me.

I started to say "Wait" to ask my customary question of whether she was sure about this, and that it wasn't necessary if she didn't want it. But those lessons about thinking too much, and being worth another go-around with someone like Alison after all, stopped my voice. When they let go, I just said "Never mind" and closed the gap myself.

We started slow, which let me fully savor her full pink lips pressed softly over mine. I added to the sensation by placing a hand on her equally soft cheek and slowly moving it across back to her hair. We pushed our kitchen chairs closer together as our tongues got into the mix, allowing Alison to snuggle right up against me. As I put my arms back around her, I got in the habit of suckling her bottom lip, which made me break off and make my way toward suckling her neck.

"God, I have imagined this a few times, I gotta admit...." Alison confessed. "How about you? How much have you thought about this? Or last time too?"

"Hmm," I started against her throat. "If I say I thought about it more than any other night, I'll sound cheesy. If I don't, you might be offended. So I'll say something in between...although it is closer to the first one."

"That wasn't so least one thing isn't," Alison noticed as I saw her glance at my shorts. Since they were bed shorts, it was easier for her to see that one thing which was hard.

"Before that gets out of control, we should take this somewhere else. The recliner had too much of a workout many aspects. But I can let you be the first actress to see my bedroom."

"Ooh, I am in! Although that's probably gonna be your line soon." I would likely be more descriptive than that, but I wouldn't ruin the mood by saying that. So I got up from my chair, took Alison's hand and said "Milady"; a Community running gag reference I couldn't believe I forgot to do the first time.

Alison didn't mind, as she got up and recited "Milord" on cue and walked out with me hand in hand. It was exact moments like this that made my luck and my abilities hard to believe at times. On top of quoting TV lines, having Alison here and having her about to get naked for me again, we were actually going to do this in my room. Instead of a TV set or a hotel, I was taking an actress to my actual bed; which did signify how special this really was. As if I wasn't motivated enough to make it that way myself.

We reached my bedroom door and I opened up, making sure that the floors were clear and that I had taken the laptop off my bed. Once I cleared that up, Alison sat at the front of the bed and I walked over to join her. "So I guess I left off here," I reminded her as my finger brushed the parts of her neck I had kissed.

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