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TVB Episode 01


Disclaimer: Although ages are not stated, all characters are intended to be 18 and over. This story is based in a world where STIs don't exist and women merely exist for comic relief and breeding purposes so please fuck responsibly and respect women.

Lexxie =)

Episode 01: Jay Does a Pilot

I feel his balls tighten in my hand and the large, nine inch cock tense all the way from my lips to the back of my throat. I give an involuntary moan of pleasure at what I know is about to happen and...

Just wait, I think I've gotten ahead of myself. I'm Jay and welcome to TVB which stands for Top, Versatile, Bottom. TVB is about me and my two best friends; Brent and Joey. As suggested in the name; Joey's a top I'm versatile and Brent is a bottom.

The only problem with being versatile is that all the guys I've ever dated have taken that to mean "I don't mind if you want to be on top all the time". So for all my claims to be versatile, I've only ever been a bottom.

It's not that I don't like it, in fact, my favourite thing is to receive a nice load of cum in my mouth (just imagine if that was one of Oprah's Favourite Things) but the cocks in my asshole is kind of a give or take for me.

Brent, on the other hand, will often try to convince both me and Joey that being a bottom is the way to go. Brent's five foot five, has hair that changes every week and somehow manages to make everything he wears look like it was made for a stripper so he's kind of the king of bottom-land.

Me -- I'm five foot eleven and I will grow that extra inch if it kills me dammit! My hair is dark brown and I usually let it grow until it's long and shapeless (much to Brent's dismay) before I cut it all short and start again. I'm meant to wear glasses but I don't like them so I either go without or wear contacts. Joey says I look cute in glasses but Joey got a six pack from fucking everything that moves so his opinions tend not to count.

Joey tends to be the "hot one" of our group (although just as many guys are into Brent, I'm always just the "cute friend") and with blonde hair, bright green eyes, a nice tan and a body to die for I can see why. He will fuck any hole that you put in front of him. We actually have tried this theory and he ended up fucking Brent (not for the first time) while he was asleep (that was for the first time).

The three of us all met freshman year at the McAllister Academy for boys. Originally founded by Joey's Great-great-grandfather Jeddediah (yep Jeddediah, I know, I thought it was Jebediah or Jeremiah but no, it was Jeddediah) purely for the purpose of his descendents having easy access to a whole lot of horny guys.

Yep he created a school for sex.

I'm not going to complain.

Anyway, the school is in California and I live in Maine so at the end of every break I have to hop on a plane and fly back to California. Normally it's pretty boring but this particular trip was quite eventful ;)

I get off the plane at LAX really needing to piss so before I headed to the baggage carousel I make my way to the bathroom. Now for such a busy airport, the bathroom was strangely deserted, so I make my way over to a urinal, unzip and begin occupying myself with the sign above the urinal advertising crotch deodorant.

I am mentally questioning the necessity of crotch deodorant and how such a product could be marketed without sex references when I hear the bathroom door open and someone else enter. He assumes the position at the urinal next to me and I can see out of the corner of my eye that he is a pilot.


He then proceeds to unzip his pants and reveal a large and tasty-looking cock.


Somewhere between nice and nicer I'd stopped pissing but I was yet to put my stiffening cock back in my pants. I just keep watching the pilot's cock in his hand. After what seems like a long time, the pilot finishes pissing and then asks "You like what you see?"

I look up to his face for the first time and realise that I'd been caught staring. Then it clicks that behind his aviators, the pilot is looking just as hungry for my meat as I was for his. Or to get his meat in me. It didn't really matter. He is a pilot and he wants some man on man action involving me and my penis in some fashion.

I'm not the calmest person when it comes to sexually attractive men as you may have noticed.

The pilot jerks his head towards one of the stalls behind us and I eagerly follow him in, both of us still with cocks hanging out. Once the door is closed, he pulls me forward and kisses me passionately, his tongue penetrating past my lips and into my waiting mouth.

Apparently that wasn't the only thing he wanted to get in my mouth as he begins to push down lightly on my shoulders and I got what he meant and I am all too happy to oblige. I get down on my knees and bring the thick cock to my lips. It's long, thick and uncut.

My favourite.

I take it slowly at first, allowing my throat to adjust to the welcome invasion. After the first time my nose hit the patch of brown hair at the base of the cock I hear a gasp of pleasure. That was a good sign as I still hadn't picked up my bag and I didn't want it being detonated by the bomb squad purely because I can never say no to a man in uniform.

Not that I've been with a man in uniform before, but if they'd offered...

I feel a hand on the back of my head and noticed the pilot thrusting his cock slightly. I stop moving, leaving him invitation to fuck my face as he pleased. He takes it slower that I had been going but I begin stroking his balls and swirling my tongue around his cock so once again, he is overcome with moans of ecstasy.

I feel his balls tighten in my hand and the large, nine inch cock tense all the way from my lips to the back of my throat. I give an involuntary moan of pleasure at what I know is about to happen and the vibrations send him over the edge. I taste his cum -- mainly salty like precum but slightly bitter -- as it shoots into my mouth and down my throat. As he fires his last shots I shoot my load from my hand onto the bathroom floor between the pilot's legs.

Once I'm satisfied that his cock has been thoroughly cleaned, I let it fall from my mouth and look up at him. He reaches down and puts his arms around me then lifts me back onto my feet easily. I'm a little unsteady after the orgasm but I'm securely wrapped in a pair of muscular arms. The pilot kisses me again but this time without tongue and I instantly feel affection for this man. Most guys would just leave afterwards.

"That was amazing," He says, and then kisses me again.

I blush but I'm back to my nervous/embarrassed state so I'm stuck a bit speechless.

He takes off his hat and glasses and puts them on me. "To remember me by," he says.

I nod and kiss him again before he finally releases me and walks out of the stall.

I put my cock back in my pants and walk over to the mirror, admiring my new accessories. I recall the man's steel-blue eyes and kind face as we kissed that last time and can't help thinking that he was the kind of guy I'd like to marry someday.

Then as I walk out of the bathroom to collect my bag, all I can think of is: wait till the other guys hear about this!

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