tagGay MaleTVB Episode 02

TVB Episode 02


Episode 2: Joey Does Nobody

Disclaimer: Although ages are not stated, all characters are intended to be 18 and over. This story is based in a world where STIs don't exist and women merely exist for comic relief and breeding purposes so please fuck responsibly and respect women.

Lexxie =)


It feels good to be back in my old dorm room.

Then I look across to Casey's empty bed and realise that once again I am stuck with another year of being hopelessly in love with my roommate.

As one of the many benefits of being a McAlister, I get to move all my shit in and out of my dorm room whenever I like because my house is right next to the school grounds. This usually results in a whole lot of mess being on my half of the room up until the point when Casey arrives and cleans everything up for me.

What would I do without him?

I hear a knock on my door and before I can open it, my best friend Brent races in and tackles me onto my king sized bed (another family perk). His hair is scarlet and spiky which is a look I haven't seen in a while (I think Brent exhausted all possible hairdos halfway through sophomore year). He kisses me on the cheek then shouts as loudly as he can in my ear:


Brent is very much like one of those puppies that always want to play: most of the time he's adorable and loads of fun but there are times when you want to strangle him.

I push Brent off me and hope for his sake that my hearing comes back when I notice my other best friend by the doorway. I smile and say loudly, "I still can't hear a thing!"

"You'll get used to it!" Jay replies. He wanders over and kisses me on the cheek as well and this time, as he isn't shouting in my ear, I kiss him back.

As many times as I have fucked Brent, I feel that I can do it without impairing the friendship because we'd never work as a couple. Brent, as cute and sexy as he is, isn't really my type. His high-maintenance personality and look aren't exactly what I look for in a boyfriend and he'd prefer someone more manly and attentive than me. That's also why I've never fucked Jay even though when he wears his glasses it takes all my self-control not to take him then and there. Jay is exactly my type and during freshman and sophomore year I had a huge crush on him. We dated for a week before, as much as I liked Jay, I realised that I couldn't maintain a monogamous relationship and decided to end it before we both lost a best friend. Apparently he'd been thinking along the same lines as well and even though I've still hated every boyfriend of his since, I don't have any intention of getting back with him.

"So why don't I get a kiss?" Brent asks, pretend-pouting.

"Cause you're gonna make me deaf," I reply before kissing him square on the lips.

Brent, playful as ever, pushes me back down onto the bed and mounts me again, kissing me as he does. His pierced tongue dances around my mouth as my hands find their way to the seat of his jeans. I'm getting pretty into it when I hear Jay say "Hey Casey, don't mind them, they're just getting reacquainted."

I sit up slightly, setting Brent of balance to see Casey standing in the doorway, looking hotter than I remember. Casey looks like he belongs at an Ivy League school for actually having the grades to get there rather than just knowing the right people like my family. His light brown hair is always neat and his glasses and clothes are always fashionable yet classy. He's probably less perfect for me than Jay in terms of what I would like my ideal man to be but, the way I see it, where's the fun in a relationship if there's nothing to learn about the person?

I realise at this point, I'm not in the best position if I'm going to continue my plan to convince Casey that I want him and only him so he should ditch whichever boyfriend he has at the moment (the entire time I've known him, the longest period of time he's been single for is five days) and become my boyfriend.

Casey shrugs and replies, "I've seen them having sex, this is hardly new."

Brent takes this as a cue to continue attempting to suck my face off but I push him off again. He glares at me in an annoyed "what the fuck?" kind of way but I ignore him and get up and go over to Casey.

Casey hugs me and kisses me on the cheek, "I missed you," he says and my heart swells, "How was your break?"

"Nothing special, what about yours?" I reply, "You spend it with your boyfriend?"

Casey laughs. I love his laugh, "Nah, before the vacation started I decided that I would break up with my boyfriend and have a relaxing break rather than pining after some guy who will tell me three weeks after we get back that he made out with some dude while he was drunk."

"Ah well I hated your boyfriend anyway," I tell him.

Casey raises an eyebrow and looks at me, "What was his name?"

"I hate all of your boyfriends regardless of who they are," I reply.

"Glad to see you're so supportive of my love life," Casey says.

Jay realises where the conversation is going and gets up. "It was nice to see you two but Brent and I still have unpacking to do," he says. He grabs Brent by the hand and drags him out of the room while Brent gives death stares to everyone in the immediate area.

Now with Casey and I alone, my throat dries up and I'm suddenly nervous.

"Casey I.." I begin.

Then he kisses me. It's better than any kiss I've ever had. His lips are soft and tender and they taste slightly like caramel and chocolate my hand moves around the back of his head while the other trails around his waist. Both his arms wind around my chest and pull me close.

The kiss ends too soon but Casey doesn't move his face more than an inch from mine. I'm sure I look slightly cross-eyed but I don't care.

"We can't happen," he breathes.

I'm shattered.

"Why?" I ask.

"Because you'll break my heart," he replies. I can see tears through the panes of his glasses.

"I promise you I won't," I say but he shakes his head.

"I've been cheated on by guys who are a lot less promiscuous than you Joey," he says, "and I've never loved any of them like I love you. You can have anyone you want and when you want someone who isn't me you'll be able to have them. And it'll kill me."

"Then I'll change," I say, "How can I convince you I can change?"

"One month," he says, "One month with nothing but a kiss a day from me."

"I'd love that," I tell him.

Casey laughs and leans into me. I hug him that little bit tighter and smile.

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