"After cleaning my stuff off of the stairway, I showed it to her one day, suggesting she could just use it instead of going outside. She didn't hesitate to do so and joined us often. She took an interest in my photography hobby that I was trying to grow into a business. Wedding was my mainstay and since she did not work on the weekends and her boyfriend did, I invited her to come with me. After finishing with the wedding shots, I found myself asking Ivy to pose in different settings. My favorite was one of her in a cute yellow and white sundress, posing with her head cocked, arms raised with hands behind her head. She looked darling and so sexy. I emailed a copy of that picture off to a place that turned it into a poster. I hung it on the wall of the stairwell, which become a gallery of her photos."

"One Saturday Ivy came into my room and asked what I wanted to do that day. Half-kidding, I told her I wanted to get a nude picture of her posing like she did in the poster. 'Really,' is all she said before saying, 'let do it.' It was a perfect day for outdoor pictures so we went to the backyard and after I got everything set up, Ivy then nonchalantly took off her clothes. Her breast; like twins, were plump and round, a perfect complement to her face. Her feminine belly and hips drew my eyes lower to where a thicket of beautifully brown hair formed a triangle pointing to her love chamber. Her legs and feet completed the picture of perfect symmetry."

"Well, I got my pose and picture and many more, as Ivy was clearly enjoying showing off her naked body. When on all fours, her vulva, with its delicate slit sitting between its walls, begged to be explored. It wasn't until our neighbor started setting up for a barbeque that we decided to quit."

"Back in the room we looked over the pictures on the computer. We picked out two that we both liked a lot and sent them off to the poster shop. Ivy hadn't put on any cloths while we did our computer work and when we finished she hung around, like she was waiting for me to make a move. Finally, I said, 'I've seen your beautiful naked body all morning and I can't help but want to make love with you.' Ivy said she thought I would never get around to asking, and seemed pleased that I finally got up the nerve. There was just one favor though. For as long as she could remember, since learning how 'IT' was done, she had wanted to have a close-up picture of her doing 'IT' and would I do that for her?"

"It was probably because I had been enamored by her for so long, then seeing her naked half the morning, that I found our afternoon delight to be more than a man could ever hope for. Afterwards we sat down at the computer again, this time with both of us naked, as we reviewed the pictures I had just taken. She was particularly delighted with the one showing her being impregnated from the rear. I had just ejaculated and cum was oozing from her vagina and coating my penis. She had me print out that picture first and posted it on prominently in our gallery. Late that night we made love again and she thanked me again for fulfilling her fantasy."

"Weekends became a love feast; Friday night, after a movie; Saturday morning after feeling her naked body all night; Saturday night after hanging out all day; Sunday morning followed by a brunch. Sunday night her boyfriend was home and I had to endure hearing her sweet little laughs as he kissed her nude body all over."

"I had clearly fallen for her and I know she had feeling for me. When I think back on it, it seems clear that she was dropping hints that we should marry. She had started calling my penis my 'baby maker' and she asked me several times if she should stop taking The Pill. She would bring me real estate ads describing houses in country settings, which she said would make an ideal place to raise children. In order to help pay for it, she suggested we could sell posters of my photos, even ones of her nude, if they were tastefully done."

"I don't know why I put off proposing, but I did and one day when I got back from a week long trip, she was gone. She left me a note saying her boyfriend found our staircase gallery. He didn't get mad but they did have a long heart to heart talk, right there on the stairs, surrounded by her pictures. She told him how she wanted a husband, a family, a home and since he had not talked of marriage she had started looking elsewhere. He proposed right there, promising her the country home of her dreams and the babies she wanted. I kick myself to this day for not acting when I had the chance. When it comes to making money it just flows toward me but when it comes to women I am a loser."

Ken pulled out a picture of Ivy and handed it to Carol. Carol studied it carefully, glancing back and forth between Ken and the picture. A first she thought this was a joke, but no, he was serious. The most extraordinary thing about the picture was how ordinary Ivy looked. Carol showed the picture to a lady who was sitting across the aisle from Ken who had been listening in on the conversation. She looked at it and said, "Amazing," before handing it back.

When they were deplaning Carol noticed this woman hand Ken a business card when she got up to leave. When she passed Carol she whispered, "It is amazing how little it takes to satisfy a man." Ken studied the card for a while and when he left, Carol wished him happy fishing and told him not to fear casting his rod in any new watering holes he might find.


It was nighttime, and most passengers were asleep as we glided over the South Pacific heading toward Australia. But there is always that one who wants to talk. She guessed he was in his late thirties, good looking and studious, for he had been reading legal papers for a good part of the trip. He left his seat and sat down across from Carol who was sitting in the jump seat. They made some small talk.

She told him she had been a flight attendant for eight years.

He said his name was Brian, a corporate attorney, headed back home.

She grew up in Milwaukee.

His father was rancher.

She took piano lessons, sang in the church choir, but it had been a long time since she had practiced or sang.

His mom made him take piano lessons too and he hated it, but now loves to relax by making noise on the keyboard.

As a girl she played 'house' with her friends. They would argue over who got to be married to Mike, the little neighbor boy.

He didn't get interested in girls until he was 15 and all his early girlfriends were featured in the Penthouse magazine, which a neighbor kid kept stashed in their barn.

She said she could be featured in Penthouse if the airbrush artist was really good.

He had been engaged once but her parents did not approve of him so she broke it off.

She avoided the marriage topic so he asked her if she was married. He had a natural polish with the way he spoke, and though the question was bold, it did not seem out of place coming from him. Carol held up her hand, showing off her wedding ring.

"I know, I saw that," he said, "but I wanted to know if you are married or is that ring just a bluff, a leave me alone sign?"

Carol laughed, "You would not believe how many men take this ring as a signal that I would be a safe lay."

"OK," Brian said, "I see you don't want to answer the question, so I am going to guess that you have been divorced for five years. Am I right?"

"More right than wrong," Carol confessed, "four years."

"You just drifted apart, your work kept you apart too much and you both agreed to separate on friendly terms, am I right again," Brian continued.

"Now I know why you are a successful lawyer," Carol laughed, "cause you can read people minds."

"You are particular easy to read Carol because you have a openness, a warmth that beckons people to come close to you."

"I felt the same way about you," Carol confided. "I felt drawn to you and am glad you noticed me."

"Kindred spirits, passing in the night," Brian mused. "Soul mates connected by some invisible force. But I sense there is one last hurdle that we would have to break through before our body, mind and soul could truly merge."

"There is something we would have to give up, something we are not ready to do yet," Carol said as her eyes locked onto Brian's. But one day we will, I can sense it, and when body and soul lay naked, I think we will like what we find."

Carol got up, squatted down and pressed her warm lips against his. Her lips parted and their tongues touched as Carol let Brian in before letting her tongue be sucked into him.

Standing up, Carol said, "Let's see if that seed of passion can grow into true love."

Several row back an older gentleman called out, "Miss, I didn't get my good night kiss yet."

"Sorry," she chuckled, "those are reserved for my husband."

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