tagIncest/TabooTwas the Night After Xmas Ch. 01

Twas the Night After Xmas Ch. 01


We'd had a great holiday, my brother, my cousins and me. Katie, Teddy, Nikki and I decided to get together once more, before Teddy had to leave town. We thought we'd try to recreate the night we had after Thanksgiving. We'd go to the Blue Boar, in Oxford. It's a little pub in a college town.

It was Christmas break and the bar would probably be dead, but that didn't matter. We knew that we would have fun. Besides that was just a warm up for the real festivities in Teddy's hotel room, later.

Katie picked me up. She was looking great. We kissed briefly but passionately. We drove to a somewhat secluded spot to kiss a little more. I was so turned on I could hardly stand it.

We picked up Kate's sister Nikki and she kissed Katie on the cheek, first time I'd seen that. They hadn't been talking much. Jealousy over me I guessed. Nikki kissed my lips, sweet and tender. I was more turned on than ever. I wanted more Nikki. Kate was a little pissed.

We met Teddy for supper. It was after nine, so we ate light and had a couple drinks. We went to that little bar in Oxford. It was as slow as we figured. Fine with us.

Teddy sat in with the band and taught them a song; "Niki Hokey"

"Niki, Niki, Niki Hoeky Your pappy's doing time in the pokey"

I had the record when I was young. I never did know what they were saying. Just knew it sounded dirty. Teddy kept looking at Nikki as he sang;

"Boog-a-boo look at you, What I'd like to do to you two, O-o-h boog-a-boo you"

Nikki was all ga ga. I'll bet her panties were moist by then. Kate was a little pissed. I'm sure Kate was remembering the days when she used to run around with Teddy's band, and he would look at her when he sang. I gave Katie a little wink and blew her a tiny kiss. She smiled and knew that she still had me.

We all got pretty loaded, especially Nikki. She really came out of her shell. She was very affectionate, to everyone. Teddy even called her up on stage to sing a song. She did, "Natural Woman". I had no idea that Nikki could sing. She was dancing with Teddy and hanging all over him.

She danced with me and was very affectionate, which I enjoyed immensely. The way she gave me those sweet, secret, little kisses and the passionate look in her eye. She danced with Katie and I saw her slip her sister a secret kiss or two. Nikki even danced with strangers, guys and girls. She was bold and brash; outspoken, clever and quite funny. I had never seen that side of Nikki. She always struck me as a shrinking violet.

We went back to Teddy's room, with a bottle, of course. Teddy brought out a joint and we passed it around. Nikki smoked as much as anybody. She hit that thing like a pro. I didn't even know she'd ever smoked pot smoke. But then she has been Teddy's secret girlfriend all this time. It was like she was a totally different Nikki; ‘Wild Nikki'.

Nikki kept flirting with me, in her timid little way, but a little exaggerated. Kate seemed a little embarrassed, I was astounded and Teddy was amused and seemed a little proud of her. Nikki said, "I love you guys." She kissed each of us on the lips: Teddy and me, then she turned to Katie.

"Sis," she said, "I hope you don't hate me. You have every right. But I love you most of all." She laid her lips against Katie's and wrapped her arms around her sister. It was a long kiss. I can only guess it was a passionate one. When Nikki pulled back, the sisters stared at each other for several seconds. Kate's face was flushed. The look in Katie's eyes was hard to decipher. She was shocked and delighted. I felt a little ill at ease, until I saw the smile bloom on Katie's face.

"I could never hate you, Sissy," Katie said, and pulled Nikki close and kissed her little sister's lips. It was another long and probably passionate kiss. Teddy and I looked at one another and smiled. I was flushed and very turned on. Teddy was thrilled.

Nikki settled onto Teddy's lap and kissed him once again. She raised her nearly empty glass and said, "Here's to us! God bless us, everyone." We all raised our glasses. I noticed a tear in Katie's eye as she gazed at her little sister. Nikki gave Katie a timid smile. It was so sweet.

We started sharing stories from our past. Katie recalled the first time she had sex with Teddy. He has written a story called "Katie at the BBQ" that tells his side of it. According to Teddy, Kate was spying on Annie and him. She then blackmailed him into giving her ‘what she wanted' in exchange for her silence.

As Katie tells it, she was walking through the woods and stumbled upon Annie and Ted, about to get it on. She tried to sneak away, but Teddy caught her. As Annie made her way back to the BBQ, Teddy drug poor, defenseless, little Katie into the brush and had his way with her. She told it well and it was very exciting, but Teddy only laughed.

Nikki told of hiding in Katie's closet and watching her masturbate. She told us how she learned from Katie, how to make herself feel good. She told us how beautiful she always thought Katie was. She said she was hiding in Kate's closet one night and Katie let a boy named Chuck sneak in. She watched them kiss and she touched herself. Chuck felt Katie's breasts and Nikki got hot and wet.

Kate opened Chuck's pants and stroked his dick, then went down on her knees and sucked Chuck's cock. It was all Nikki could do to keep quiet as Kate stripped Chuck down and took him into her bed. Nikki fingered herself the whole time, but she was too young to cum.

I told the story of the first time that Teddy and I had real intercourse. I was 15 and he was 13. We had been working up to it for over a week or more. Really it was a lifetime, but the last week before was the real prelude. It was sweet, tender and intense. I told them that my first time, meaning my first time with boy. That wasn't true. My boyfriend, Mick had fucked me a couple of times by then. Teddy knew the truth, even then. I told them that it was teddy's first time. At the time, I though that was the case. I learned later that he had been with Annie a week before. I told them how we had made passionate, desperate love. He came after only a minute or two. He was so apologetic. He went down on me right away and got me off.

Teddy was embarrassed that I told Katie and Nikki all those details. They thought it was sweet. I didn't tell them that I had learned later that Annie had taught him that. She taught him that if a guys gets off too soon, he should be a good lover and get the girl off too. She taught him that eating her out was the best way.

By the time I'd finished my story, Nikki and Teddy were locked in a longing embrace, kissing with a passion that would have been embarrassing to witness, had I not been in love with both of them. Yes I think I am falling in love with Nikki.

I turned to look at Katie and she was watching Nikki and Teddy. She turned to me and raised an eyebrow. I just smiled sheepishly. Katie rose and took my hand. She led me to the bed and undressed me. I stood beside the bed and let Katie remove one item of my clothes after another, kissing each inch of flesh as she exposed it.

Once Katie had disrobed me, I tore her clothes off and threw my arms around her. I kissed and sucked Katie's lips. I wanted to eat her up. We fell on the bed and kept kissing and touching one another. I love the way Katie touches me. Her fingers glide over my skin so gracefully. It makes me tingle. She started to kiss every inch of my face and I knew she was reciprocating for the kiss all over treatment I had given her days before. I trembled with anticipation. I imagined all the wonderful kisses I had in store. Katie did not disappoint.

I fondled and caressed the tender flesh of her neck and back as she kissed my face, ears, neck, my shoulders. Then proceeded down to my breasts and sucked my nipples. I grabbed handfuls of her hair as she licked and sucked my titties. By that time, her hands had made their way up my legs to my dripping wet pussy.

Katie touched my twat as only she knows how. It's remarkable that someone would come along at this stage of my life and touch me in ways that no one ever has. Katie has done that. She has found brand new ways to thrill me. Her fingers moved across my labia and sent trickles of electricity throughout my body. When she slid her fingertip along the slippery slit the intensity of the charge increased. I was nearly breathless when she introduced her long, slender finger to the depths of my cunt. Slowly, in and out, she moved with such grace, swirling, and touching recesses I never knew existed. All the while she kept kissing me, making her way down across my stomach.

Kate paused when her lips reached my mons. I had trimmed myself more closely than usual. She noticed. She let out a small, pitched moan in approval. She lingered with her lips barely grazing the tender flesh, that I had just shaved. I felt her warm breath on my skin.

We heard Kate's little sister, Nikki, moan in the next bed, as my little brother, Teddy, pleased her in some unseen fashion. They had turned out the lights. I hadn't noticed. Nikki giggled and sighed; Teddy moaned and Kate echoed his moan, then I giggled. Katie tickled my thigh with the tip of her tongue and I giggled again..

Kate's finger, had remained motionless as we eaves dropped on our siblings. She began to swirl it around inside me again and tickle my thighs with her lips. The electricity started to surge once more, and my juices flowed. Katie's tongue fond the lips of my pussy. She teased and tickled them, making me twitch and tingle. I had goose bumps all over me. Katie was reviving in me sensations I hadn't known in years.

Katie ran her wonderful tongue from the bottom of my slit to the top. She lapped at my clit, then kissed it. She wagged her tongue across it left to right, then back again, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Katie's tongue moved quicker and quicker until she was flicking it so fast that I could no longer contain myself. I started to cum and Katie lifted my knees. She gently licked and kissed my pussy as I trembled and shook. I had to grab her head and hold her against my cunt. Every nerve was hyper-sensitive and I could hardly stand it. I squeezed her head between my thighs and nearly suffocated the poor girl.

I tried to pull myself as Katie sucked my pussy and struggled to breath as I listed to Nikki's sexy little sounds from the next bed. Nikki's minuscule moans were soon overpowered by Kate's muffled whines and struggles for breath. I released my poor Katie from my leg lock and she gasped.

Katie rose to her knees, still straining to regain her breath. She moved up and straddled my left leg, pressing her knee against my dripping pussy. She lowered herself and raked her twat on my thigh. As she moved, upward and back, I felt her juices flowing more and more. She hooked her leg under mine and twisted to touch my pussy with hers. I nearly screamed when our twats met. Katie lay between my thighs, one leg under mine, the other on my belly, pushing her gushing sex to mine. I grabbed her calf and clutched it to my bosom. Her lovely ankle was just inches from my face. I might have failed to mention how attractive I find Katie's legs; every inch of her feet; thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet as well. Katie has beautiful feet.

I kissed Katie's ankles, licked the tops of her pretty feet and finally sucked her lovely toes. My cousin, my lover, Annie taught me the joys of feet and toes when we were quite young. I have always enjoyed it. I had no idea if Katie would, I just couldn't resist. "Oh! Oh!" she blurted as I sucked her toes and she twisted her clit against mine. I was at the verge of orgasm when Katie began to shake and shiver. I felt her fluids flowing over me, mingling with my own. My pussy got so hot and wet that I nearly bit off her toe. I grabbed Katie's hands and pulled her tighter. I listened to the sounds in the room; Katie's moans, as her orgasm subsided, Teddy's grunts, as he made love to his Nikki, Nikki's delicate murmurs as she accepted my baby brother's love, the groans and squeaks of their bed; then there was the sound of Katie's breathing, and mine.

Katie eventually caught her breath and moved up beside me, so I could pull her close and hold her. She kissed my lips and whispered, "I love you, Les,"

"You are incredible," I replied. And she was. We lay there, in each others arms, listening to our siblings make love. I have to wonder what goes through her mind at those moments. I am turned on by the sounds that each of them make. The thought of the two of them together, excites me to no end. I know that Katie has harbored her jealousies and it has to be difficult to think of, to hear, and see Nikki with Teddy, after all they've through. I know she's turned on, but it has to be so much more complicated for her. I know that her love juices continued to flow, as I gently massaged her twat and we listened to Ted and Nikki.

Kate and I listened as Teddy and Nikki reached orgasm and gradually relaxed, their breathing slowed and the sounds from their bed all but ceased. Katie squirmed from my grasp, slipped from my bed and crawled to that of my little brother. I could barely make out her shape, in the dark, as she clung to the side of the bed, just peeking over the edge.

Katie stealthily slithered into Teddy's bed. I watched and saw the sheets rise and fall as Katie joined my baby brother and her little sister in their bed. The last time I had witnessed that sort of scene, it was a changing of the guard, with Nikki slipping out of the bed as Katie sipped in. That wasn't how it happened this time. Kate crawled into the bed into the bed and seemed to become another lump in the covers.

They had welcomed her, at least Teddy had. Nikki must have accepted her too, she stayed there. Those lumps in the covers began to move around and I heard those sensual sounds resume. Teddy released a long moan, Katie squealed and Nikki giggled. I got wet as I strained to see what went on in the other bed. I could barely make out he shapes, slowly moving and heard the sounds, soft, sweet and so sexy. My must began to flow and I had to touch myself as I imagined what might be happening in that bed, between those people that I loved so much.

I think I drifted off, as I was roused by movement and sensed another presence near me. I felt the tender touch of female fingers on my flesh and soon I was enveloped in a loving embrace. As tender as Katie's advances had been that night, these caresses were even more subtle and delicate, unmistakably, Nikki's. I smelled Nikki's breath in my nostril's and felt her lips against mine. I thought that I detected a whiff of her sister's sex, but that could have come from me. Nikki kissed me, deeply and with tender passion.

I was overcome with an urgent lust that nearly consumed me. I ran my fingers over the body that was so close to me and was assured it was indeed Nikki. I clutched at her and dug my fingertips into her. Nikki maintained her tender touch and slow, measured pace. I steadied myself and tried to match Nikki's delicate approach. I glided my fingers across her soft skin with the same supple brush that she had applied to me.

Nikki ignited a smoldering desire in me that was difficult to contain. I wanted to let the fire in me flare up and engulf her, but I banked the embers and allowed them to seethe. Our lips were hot and our tongues wet as we kissed. I felt Nikki's fingers trembling and I knew that she was struggling to control herself. Her fingers traced unseen patterns around my nipples as she found my breasts.

I ran my fingers up and down Nikki's back; up and down again, before I allowed myself to explore the soft, delicate flesh of her buttocks; those tender cheeks of her cute little ass.

Nikki ran the fingers of her left hand through my hair as she let her right hand continue to explore my body. She was touching me in the ways that I had wished she would have, weeks before, when we were in a similar situation. I never dreamed I would have another chance at this. Nikki had indicated that she may want this, but I didn't know if she was serious. She had never been in bed with a woman before that night with me. We kissed, she let me touch her, she tasted my fingers , but we didn't go any farther, and I didn't think she ever would.

Nikki's hand found my mons and her touch was sweet. I spread my thighs and she moved right on in. Nikki's fingers slid effortlessly across my hot, dripping slit. I gently squeezed the cheek of her ass when her finger dipped onto my pussy. We froze momentarily when she first entered me, we both knew it was a special moment, from that point, there would be no turning back; for her or for me.

Nikki and I both drew a deep breath and she slowly slid her finger into me. It was a first for each of us. Nikki had never put her finger inside another woman, and I had never been touched in such a delicate and loving fashion by anyone, man or woman.

I pressed my lips against Nikki's as she fingered me. I tried to kiss her as tenderly as she fucked me with her finger; soft and delicate, with a subtle passion that is difficult to describe. Every lover I had known before then seemed to be in a hurry to get someplace they'd never been. With Nikki, it was as if she knew the way, there was no need to rush, just let her guide me and we would arrive, right on time.

We kissed and touched one another, sweetly, softly. I was learning again. This other sister was teaching me that I hadn't experienced it all. I was trying to touch Nikki as tenderly as she touched me. I ran my hand across her soft, warm pussy and resisted the temptation to plunge my fingers in and drive her to immediate orgasm, as I would, if it were my own pussy, but I showed Nikki's a different respect. I felt that I owed her that, somehow.

I tenderly slipped the tip my finger between the puffy, hairy lips of Nikki's twat. She was wet and sweltering inside. It was so hot that I was almost afraid to put more than a fingertip inside her. I was afraid it might be hotter if I went in deeper. I took a chance and was delighted to find out that it was hot, but I loved the heat.

I tried to emulate Nikki's slow, deliberate fashion of finger fucking. I pushed deep and withdrew slowly, swirling my finger, as Katie had done to me. It was a night of discovery, tender exploration. I was a child again. Everything was new.

I wanted to devour Nikki. I kissed her cheeks, her neck and shoulders. I ran my lips along her clavicles, her collar bones were sexy to me. I kissed down to her warm, soft breasts. I suckled her nipples like a baby might. I was tender, so as not to hurt them, but eager to find what they might yield.

Tasting her breasts only whetted my appetite for Nikki's flesh. I kissed and licked down across her stomach. Her whimpers excited me all the more. I flicked my tongue at her navel and moved down to her pussy. I smelled her sex and began to salivate. Nikki's pussy smelled so much like Katie's, but different somehow. Different enough to make me want to taste her. I had tasted her on my finger, but that doesn't compare to touching my tongue to her pussy. I had to experience that.

When I touched my tongue to Nikki's twat she flinched and gasped. I teased her clit and licked her slit. It was so hot and wet. I tried to maintain that slow and measured pace that Nikki has set, as I ate her pussy, but within seconds, I lost all control and launched into her twat as if I were starving for it. She squealed. The sound of her voice nearly made me cum. I heard a similar squeal, from the other bed at about the same time. That made me all the wetter.

I plunged my tongue into Nikki's hot little box and she began to gush. Her fluids flooded my face. I tried to drink them up. Nikki moaned and Katie giggled in the distance. My tongue flicked Nikki's clit and she let out a feral, primordial, but somewhat subdued, wail. She sounded like a wildcat in a gunny sack. I think she might have pulled a pillow over her face, before she let loose her scream. I felt the passion in it.

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