tagGroup SexTwentieth Anniversary Celebration For Three

Twentieth Anniversary Celebration For Three


The moment Kevin walked into the restaurant he could feel his cock start to twitch. As he bent over to kiss both Dave and Linda on the cheek his cock brushed up against Dave's shoulder. Dave's eyes widened instantly as he looked up at the younger man.

Kevin smiled back at him and Linda. He just could not get over how wonderful they both looked. Linda was wearing a little black dress with a plain gold chain around her slender neck. Her beautiful, shiny auburn hair was piled high on her head and she looked the picture of elegance and sophistication. Dave was wearing a jacket and tie that made him look so urbane; it was not often that Kevin saw him wear anything but jeans and T shirts.

'Well, here's to us.' Dave said as he raised his glass. 'Happy Anniversary.'

'Happy Anniversary to both of you.' Kevin replied.

'And to the pair of you.' Linda added.

Dave reached under the table and took Kevin's hand in his left hand and Linda's in his right. He gave them both a gentle squeeze.

'I've been a very lucky man,' he said 'to have had the pair of you as my lovers for the past twenty years. You've both made me so very happy.'

Kevin smiled and told Dave and Linda how happy he had been with them. And it was true. Kevin had been just twenty when he met Dave and Linda through work. It wasn't long before he became lovers with both of them. That was twenty years ago, and five years after meeting them he had given up sleeping with anyone else. Dave and Linda had known that Kevin was the one right from the start. So immediately they met him they gave up taking other partners.

As Dave gave his thigh a slow squeeze under the table Kevin reflected on how lucky he had been. He loved being single and coming home to an empty house where he could be alone with his books and his music. But he also loved having an outlet for his high sexual drive, and one that took care of his bisexual nature at that. For twenty years Dave and Linda had been his perfect significant other.

Having Kevin as a lover meant that Linda could have her cake and eat it too; she got to have a stunningly sexy younger boyfriend, and a kind, gentle husband. It also meant that she always knew where Dave was, because she knew if Kevin wasn't on the scene he would probably be out there cruising for guys now and then. And as for Dave, twenty years ago he had fallen for a sexy, blonde stud and was still every bit as taken up with the man he had become.

They all three knew each other intimately and never tired of each other. But there was something about tonight that made it extra special. The restaurant was a very expensive one so each of them were being a little more formal than they normally would be; it gave the evening the excitement of a first date. Dave could hardly wait to get the meal over with so they could go home and make love. As for Kevin, his cock was starting to make a wet patch on the front of his underpants with all the precum it drooled.

Finally, after the wine and cheese, the trio made their way back to Dave and Linda's home. As soon as the door was closed Dave pulled his two favourite people into his arms. They shared a long, passionate kiss that left Kevin feeling breathless. How was it possible, he wondered, that after being lovers for twenty years, Dave still could make him feel that way.

'I'll open some champagne.' Dave said, 'and we can take it through to the hot tub.'

It was a beautiful summer night with not a cloud in the sky. Kevin relaxed into the warm water and as the bubbles burst in his mouth he gazed up at the stars. Two hands, working up either side of his body, brought him out of his daydream. He turned to kiss Linda and caught the delicious hint of perfume on her warm skin. With his free hand he pulled her closer and kissed her passionately. He loved the way she was so soft and passive, and Dave so rugged and demanding, when it came to kissing.

Dave's hand gently tugged on Kevin's big, uncut cock as the younger man kissed his wife. He brought his other hand down to play with Kevin's big, soft balls. He never tired of playing with those full, smooth nuts. He could feel Kevin's cock begin to thicken and lengthen in his hand. He kept on gently pulling on it until soon it was fully erect. Then sliding it between his thighs Dave moved in for his own kiss.

Linda took the champagne glass from Kevin as her husband began to kiss his lover. As they kissed, the two men ground their firm, hard bodies against each other. Linda was always amazed by how powerfully this sight aroused her. Her hand went down to her pussy and she began to gently masturbate herself. She slid her free hand down between Kevin and Dave and took hold of Dave's rigid cock. It felt full to bursting point and she wondered who would get it first: her or Kevin.

'Rub your tits on my back.' Dave pleaded.

Linda got behind her husband and pressed her big, firm tits into his back. She ground against him, delighting in the feel of his still rock hard ass as it pressed into her belly. She slipped her hand around his chest and started crushing his nipples, really twisting them hard between her nails just the way Dave loved it. He let out a little yelp and she knew she was doing it just right.

And then Dave stepped back and pushed her towards Kevin. She reached down for his big, thick eight inch tool and guided it into her hungry cunt. Dave got behind her and slowly slid his thinner cock into her ass. Linda sighed as she was filled fore and aft with delicious cock. Dave started nibbling on her neck as Kevin's sexy lips closed around hers. This was as perfect as it got; two men she loved, a hot tub, champagne and stars in the sky. As for the two men they loved the feel of their hard cocks rubbing up against each other across the thin divide. Kevin had his arms around Dave, fondling his solid ass as they both fucked the woman they loved.

Linda was soon a whimpering wreck as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. When she could stand no more she suggested they go into the bedroom. She wanted to see her two fellas get it on together. They climbed out of the tub and helped dry each other off.

Once she got into the bedroom Linda lay down between the two men, and began to kiss each in turn. When they reared up over her to kiss each other she reached for their cocks and slowly wanked them back to full erection. She could feel precum coating the crown of Kevin's cock and she gently smeared it around the whole of his warm cock head. She was always amazed by how much precum he produced while Dave produced very little. Their cocks were so different from each other and yet both satisfied her so completely. Together, it was sheer ecstasy.

Kevin craned his body over Linda and took Dave's red knob into his mouth. Linda decided to slip off the bed without disturbing them. Kevin was now free to really go for it. He took that beautiful cock down into the back of his throat and held it there. He breathed through his nose as he gently stroked Dave's thighs and balls. Soon he felt Dave tugging on him and he found himself being manoeuvred into a sixty nine position. The feel of his cock sliding into that warm mouth at the same time that his mouth was filled with hard man meat was out of this world.

Dave greedily sucked on Kevin's tangy cock. A salty trail of precum was coated on his tongue as he worked that big fuck stick deep into his throat. He reached up and stroked the younger man's pale, smooth rump. How he loved that ass and the little red pucker buried deep in the heart of it. The first time ever he saw Kevin's asshole he had cum just at the sight of it. Kevin supported his weight on his elbows as he greedily sucked his lover's cock. He knew its every mood and loved the feel, sight and taste of it as much as he loved Linda's pussy and firm tits.

From the way that Dave kept sliding his hand into his butt crack Kevin knew what the older man wanted. And tonight he was in the mood to receive. It was his special anniversary gift to his man. Kevin got up off Dave and lay down on his back. He pulled Dave towards him and they shared a horny kiss. As they kissed Kevin manoeuvred Dave between his legs and soon Dave's hard cock was rubbing against his delicate rosebud.

'Can I?' Dave asked.

'Absolutely.' replied Kevin.

Linda took some lubricant out of a drawer and started applying some to Kevin's asshole. The two men went back to their kissing as Linda worked her lubed up finger into Kevin's tight asshole. She took her time and soon she felt him relax. Then she coated Dave's cock with lube and guided it into Kevin's hole. Dave gave a gentle push and slid home. Her job done, Linda went back to her seat.

Dave groaned as the heat of Kevin's slick assguts enveloped his cock. Kevin's arms went around Dave and he hugged him close, forcing Dave in deeper. Dave looked into Kevin's eyes and was overcome with emotion. He mouthed the words 'I love you' before shutting his eyes again and concentrating on his fucking. He fucked slowly and gently, just the way that Kevin loved it, and so completely different from the way he loved to be fucked. His cock was always screaming at him to go faster and deeper, but his heart told him to keep it slow.

Poor Dave had to fight for a balance from these dual instructions. He knew if he played his cards right his cock would get a chance. He stroked slowly into Kevin's juicy ass, delighting in the feel of Kevin's hard cock crushed between them. It was always a good sign when Kevin's cock got hard during fucking. A few minutes later Kevin started mumbling softly and Dave knew he was in the home straight.

Dave increased the tempo of his stroking now. His cock head tingled as he poked deep into that silken cave. It felt like he was fucking a jar of oil. Kevin reached for his cock and started stroking it now. A frown crossed his handsome brow.

'Give it to me.' he pleaded.

A tingle shivered through Dave's body; he knew he was in for a good time. He started really laying into the younger man's ass now, fucking him into the mattress. Each stroke went deeper than the last and soon Dave could feel his nuts drawing up close. Kevin was lost in a world of his own. His eyes were screwed shut as he furiously fisted his cock. Suddenly he cried out loud as his balls exploded, splattering warm ball juice all over Dave's chest. The moment Dave felt that man cream on his skin he lost it. He gave one final lunge and grunted as he flooded Kevin's ass with his hot jism.

Dave pulled his softening cock from Kevin's ass and lay down behind him. Linda came and lay down in front of Kevin and they all three drifted off to sleep.

Copyright 2003 Daniel Blue

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