tagLoving WivesTwenty Years Gone By

Twenty Years Gone By


I was a very good girl growing up. I was the youngest of two daughters. I never gave my parents any trouble while my sister was a bit more of a challenge for them to raise. My sister is 5 years older than me we have always been different in many ways, but we also have always been very close. Beth was a bit of a free spirit when she was younger and didn’t like a lot of the restrictions my parents, mostly my dad, set for us. She always pushed the limits of curfews and hung around people my parents didn’t really approve of. Beth started liking boys at an early age; this also didn’t set well with our dad. My parents wouldn’t let either of us start dating until our junior year and I remember Beth sneaking out of the house late some nights to meet her boyfriends. Starting at about age 15 Beth and my parents continually clashed, and Beth did things on purpose to piss them off. I’ll never forget the time my dad was most angry with her. Beth was 16 and wanted to date a guy. My dad, as usual, asked Beth to bring him over so he could meet him. Beth’s date was a black guy!!! I think Beth did this just to make dad angry, and it worked.

Like I mentioned, I was always a good girl. I never disobeyed my parents or got into bad situations at school. I admired Beth for her charisma, but I really didn’t mind living by our parent’s rules. But what happened on a bus trip one night during my sophomore year left a great impression on me.

I was 15 and made the varsity cheerleading squad my sophomore year. It was September and I remember it was hot. We had just won an away football game and we were on the bus coming home. The cheerleaders always rode on the same bus as the players, but we had to sit up front and were not allowed to sit with, or talk to any of players during bus rides. On the way home the school bus broke down. The driver radioed in and by the time another bus got there to take us home it was past midnight. The only good thing was that there were no other school buses available, so the school had to rent a bus from the bus company. It was a very nice bus, it was much larger than the school bus with huge, spacious leather seats that reclined. By the time all the equipment was loaded and the school bus towed away it was 1:30am and everyone was tired, and we still had two more hours of traveling.

After the bus got going and the initial excitement of what a nice bus it was settled down, the bus got very quite and people started falling asleep. I tried to sleep but could not, maybe because I had to pee very badly. I looked over at our cheerleading coach, she was asleep, so were all the football coaches, so I headed to the back of the bus to the restroom. It seemed like everyone was asleep, or at least they had their eyes closed. I finished my business and exited the bathroom. As I closed the door and started walking back to my seat I heard a voice in a whisper, “Milly….Milly.” It was the teams quarterback and one of the most popular guys in school. “C’mre for a second.” He was in the very back row sitting alone and I wondered what he wanted. “sit down for a second.” I was impressed and surprised that he even knew my name or who I was.

Mitch was a senior and the school stud. He was very handsome, black, and all girls wanted to date him, and he dated only the best looking white girls in the school. Mitch sat with his letterman’s jacket over his waist, using it like a cover. I sat down beside him, wondering what he wanted. “I just wanted to ask you something.” He paused for a second and looked around, everyone was still asleep. “Have you ever seen a real cock before, a real big cock?” I was caught completely off guard by the question, I was so shocked I didn’t answer, then he pulled back his letterman’s jacket that had been laying across his lap. Now I really was shocked. He had his cock pulled out of his zipper, it was so long and thick and it stretched across the seat. I just gawked at his huge pole, if he had wanted to shock me, he had succeeded. “Milly, will you touch it for me? Please, just one touch, nobody will ever know.”

I was a virgin, in fact I’d never seen a mans penis in real life before. But just by instinct I knew that what I was seeing was considered to be a very large one. In those couple of seconds I also felt a jolt of electricity running through my body, I was sexually excited for the first time in my life. I’d never been bad before and I’d also never before felt this type of excitement running through my veins. I noticed that my pussy was getting damp and I did want to touch him, but I sat there frozen. He then took my hand and slowly led it towards his lap, then he placed it on his cock, I did not try to pull my hand back or put up any resistance. My fingertips were resting on his meat and I could feel him starting to get hard from my touch. As his cock continued its growth it lifted up from the seat.

My pussy was now getting wet and I slowly started running my fingers all over his big black cock while watching it grow. I’d never before held a guys dick in my hand, but I must have been doing a good job because he got completely hard very fast. I could tell he liked the way I used my fingers as his cock reacted to my touches as I explored this newfound plaything. I could not believe a man’s cock could be so large. It looked like a tree branch protruding from his body. I wrapped my hand around it and tightened my grip and started stroking gently up and down the shaft. He was pleased with my effort and I noticed my panties were soaked. I loved seeing the tightness of the skin around his cock and I loved the way it felt in my small hand. When it was clear that I was going to make him cum I felt a sense of control and power over this situation. I was being a bad girl, and I loved it.

Everyone was still asleep and the only noises was the roar of the busses engine, know one knew what we were doing. Then he reached his hand under my short cheerleaders skirt and started rubbing me through my drenched panties. Oh God it felt good, he knew the exact location to touch me. Mitch noticed my reaction to his touch and snaked his fingers under my panties and quickly found my clit. I tightened my grip on his tool and he started fucking my hand in time with his finger circling my clit. My hand was getting tired, but there was now way I’d quit now. I could feel my first ever orgasm starting to build as he pinched my clit, I placed my hand under the head of his cock and stroked the full length of his shaft up and down. Then, without any warning, he came.

He shot a powerful load against the back of the leather seat in front of us. I can still see his seed hitting the seat with a lot of force and a relatively loud “splat.” His initial burst was followed by a few more bursts, each a little less powerful and I kept milking him until he was dry, then all of the sudden I came. My orgasm caught me by surprise as I was paying more attention to his ejaculation than to my immanent orgasm. My body tensed up and then the waves of pleasure ran through my whole body. The jolt of pleasure made me feel warm all over and it was all I could do to keep from screaming out, I was grinding my clit against his finger until my orgasm had completely finished. His dick was softening and I finally released my grip, my body felt warm and tingly. My very first orgasm was an extremely powerful one and it was something that made a great impression on me.

I looked at him, wondering, “what next?” He whispered. “Thanks Milly, your damn good. You better go back to your seat now.”

As I walked back to my seat my pussy and the inside of my thighs were soaked and the air contact caused me to be cold. I was glad that Judy (she was sitting beside me) was asleep. I sat down and I could smell my sex. I took my sweater off and covered my legs and crotch area. I looked at my watch…..it had only taken 10 minutes. In ten minutes I had seen my first real cock, given my first hand job, and experienced my first orgasm…..and it had happened with a black guy!!! What would my dad think of that?!?

I was still a virgin, but I now knew some of the pleasures that sex could provide me and I wondered how long I would remain a virgin. I had gone from being a girl that never did anything wrong, to having a new world open up to me. I could not sleep earlier, but as I was thinking these thoughts I fell into a deep sleep for the remainder of the ride home. I never told anyone of what happened this night.

I still remained a good girl after that night, but one thing did change. I started masturbating……. alot. I loved having orgasms and often fantasized about Mitch’s big cock fucking me. I soon started experimenting with objects to insert in myself. I soon found something that I liked best…….cucumbers; I learned to suck them deep in my throat without gagging and I also fucked them good and hard. I was still technically a virgin, but I could sure fuck a mean cucumber.

My parents started letting me date my junior year and I lost my virginity one night while my boyfriend’s parents were away. He was terrible in bed. He got me very horny and I was ready and ready to give myself to him. We went into his room and got in the bed naked. The size of his cock disappointed me, I had foolishly been expecting something closer to the size cock that Mitch possessed. Then he started cumming before he entered me, he had put on a rubber and came as soon as he came into contact with me. He stuck it in me as he was ejaculating for a few short pumps. I was glad it was over quickly so I could go home to give myself a real orgasm.

I dated another guy my whole senior year and we had pretty successful sex. He could make me cum with his tongue but once again, he was smallish. We did really like each other and dated the whole year, but we both new that we would go our own separate ways after high school. I still often masturbated while thinking of Mitch, it was a memory that I kept fresh in my mind and brought me too many powerful orgasms through the years.

In my third year of college I met a man and we fell in love. He was very handsome, witty, and good in bed. He satisfied me in bed orally and his cock was ok too. I guess he had about a 6” cock, which was the biggest “real thing” I’d ever had inside me, and he was able to bring me some pleasure with it. He was also good with his tongue and we got along well in all areas of our life.

Don and I married after college, we moved to an east coast city and started our carriers. Things went well for the first few years. We had a son after five years of marriage and I was very happy. Soon after he was born though Don’s sex drive went way down. We went from having sex a couple times a week to about twice a month, then to once a month, then even less often. We also started arguing more often and started to become more distant. Just to make a long story short we ended up getting divorced. We simply fell out of love with each other. We settled on the house and I moved back to my home city and took our son with me.

So here I was in my mid thirties and starting over again. I found a wonderful house and got a job great job with a bank and I was doing well financially. I met a guy that I knew when I was younger and he asked me out. I was never attracted to him when we were younger, but he had turned out to be a very attractive man. My sister lived close by and she watched my son. Of course, he wanted to have sex after the first date, and I was temped, but I decided to wait a bit.

One day after work, I got out of my car and was walking towards my house. I noticed a very attractive black man riding a bike up the street, coming towards me. I didn’t stare at him but I had to smile as he passed because he sure was checking me out. I was flattered and getting his attention made me feel good about myself. Then, a few seconds after he passed, I heard the squeal of his brakes. “Milly?” I stopped. “Milly is that you?” I turned to see this man turning his bike around and pedaling towards me. I started walking towards the sidewalk and as he got close I recognized his face…..It was Mitch!!!

God he looked good, he was handsome and had muscular arms and legs. He was wearing a tight spandex biking suit and the closer he got, the better he looked. I walked out to the road to talk with him. We exchanged pleasantries and talked. He asked me if I was married, I explained my situation to him. Then he explained to me that his wife and daughter had passed in a car accident about two years ago. He went on to tell me he returned here to teach and coach the football team at our old high school. As he was talking my eyes scanned his muscular body. The tight black spandex suit had a tank top which showed off his muscular chest and arms. He was standing with one foot on the bike pedal and the other on the ground, supporting his weight and the bike, then my eyes found it. His wonderful cock. I thought he was purposely posing like this to let me get a good look. It was perfectly outlined in the shiny stretch material, the long shaft following his inner thigh, the head was perfectly defined. I was staring and I could not help it and I remember holding this wonderful cock in my hand so many years ago. In those brief few seconds my pussy reacted by getting damp and getting that ‘itch.’

I finally looked back in Mitch’s eyes, he knew I liked what I saw. Then he asked me “do you remember that bus ride home?”


“Me too. I think about it a lot.”

“Do you think it was a good thing that we did?”

I managed a meek “yes.”

“Good. I wanted to take you out after that, but you were just a sophomore, and I knew your parents would never let you go out with a black guy. You were so pretty. I loved the way you looked in that cheerleaders outfit. But I’ll be honest with you, you look even better now.” I had no idea that he admired me when I was younger and I was impressed that he still did.

I wanted to say “come up to my room right now and fuck me.” But that was impossible, especially with my son in the house. Just then my son opened the front door and yelled to me. “Mom, telephone, he says its important.”

“I’ve got to go Mitch.”

“Ok, I’ll be seeing you around, We’re practically neighbors, I live on the next block.”

We said our goodbyes and as I walked back into my house I noticed how wet I had really gotten.

I was horny for a couple of days. Stan (the man I went out with once) and I had a dinner date on Friday night. I arranged for my sister to stay the night at my house because I had decided that when Stan invited me back to his house (which he did the first date) I would accept. I hoped he had a big dick and figured he did since he was a big man, 6’ 3”.

I took a lot of time getting ready and wore my hair up, put on a nice sexy sundress and a nice pair of high heels. I painted my finger and toenails and put on my best perfume, I also put on a pearl necklace and an ankle bracelet. ( my ex husband called it a “fuck me” chain, because wearing it was supposed to signify being a hot wife). Stan’s jaw almost dropped when he picked me up. We had a great dinner at a very expensive French restaurant and Stan was very excited when I accepted his invitation to go home with him.

We started making out on his sofa, he was a great kisser and soon we were both very horny. I couldn’t wait to have his nice big cock inside me. He invited to his room and we both hurriedly went into his bedroom. We started kissing again and we both wanted each other badly. My pussy was drenched and as we sat on the bed Stan started moving in position to perform orally. I was horny but for some reason I didn’t want oral pleasure, at least not yet, I wanted to be drilled. I looked Stan in the eyes. “take me” was all I said.

Stan lifted my dress and ripped off the thong panties I was wearing, he then quickly dropped his pants and got into position to enter me. He was being forceful and I was hot with anticipation as I wrapped my legs around him. Then Stan started letting out little moans and he was rocking up and down. But there was a big problem!! I could barely tell that he was inside me. I told him to “fuck me hard” hoping that would help but about the only thing I could feel was the smacking of his crotch against mine. This was just great. I was as horny as I’d ever been, I wanted a good pounding, and the man I was with was hung like a hamster!!!

My desire for Stan dropped immediately. I thought “no wonder his wife left him.” Then I pretended to be enjoying myself, in reality I was trying to get him to hurry up and cum. He did cum quickly and it must have felt really good because he screamed out when he reached orgasm. I felt nothing except a strong feeling of wanting to go home. Stan finally got off of me and I did get a glimpse of his ‘package.’ He was tiny. How could such a large, good-looking man be so poorly endowed?

I knew that our relationship was over that instant. I think Stan could sense that I was disappointed and I did feel sorry for him. I wondered how many women in the past he had gotten all worked up and then disappointed, all of them he’d ever been with I bet. Stan wanted me to stay the night, but I made it clear that I wanted to go home. As he drove me home we were both silent, I was still horny, but as horny as I was I was equally frustrated. I knew that I would go home and screw my dildo and ultimately orgasm, but I really wanted the real thing this night.

“When can we see each other again?” Stan asked as I got out of the car in front of my house.

“I don’t know, I’ll call you.” I lied. I did like him but I didn’t want to see him again, at least not romantically. He knew it was over, and made it obvious that he was upset as he sped off, squealing his wheels and not even making sure I made it in my house safely.

The house was dark as I entered. It was 12:30 and my sister was asleep on the sofa. She heard me enter and awoke.

“I didn’t think you’d be home tonight?”

“Well, things aren’t going to work out between me and Stan.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that, I know you liked him.”

“Yea, but he has his faults. It’s late, why don’t just stay here.”

“Yea, I’d planned on staying all night anyway.” I offered to let her sleep in my bed but she said the sofa was fine. We said our goodnights and as I was heading towards my room…..“Oh, I almost forgot…..you had a visitor tonight, a man name Mitch came by to see you about 8. God what a hunk. He walked over, said he lived on the next block, he had a bottle of wine. I told him you were out. He told me you two new each other in high school, and…..he left his card with his home phone number written on the back.” She pointed to a card that was laying on the dining room table. “He is such a charmer and what a body, I just bet he’s hung too!!”

“I wouldn’t know” I lied.

“Yea, well, I’d sure like to find out…… If you don’t call him, let me know.”

“Let you know? Why?”

“Cause I’ll call him myself.”

“Beth, your married!!!”

“So….. how often does a woman get a chance to get screwed by a man like that?” I knew she was serious; she would call him and she would fuck him if she had the chance. I took the card and went to my room. I took a shower to clean up and I hoped it would also settle me down some.

I dried off and entered my room. God I was so horny and I knew I would not be able to sleep until I was relieved. I retrieved my dildo from the drawer. I sat it down on the night stand and just stared at it in frustration. Yes I could bring myself to orgasm with it, but I wanted more. I wanted a man to fuck me and fuck me good.

It only took about five minutes to build up my courage to call Mitch. It was 1:30 but I’m sure Mitch wanted me badly and would come over if I asked him. I dialed the number, the phone rang and only rang twice before his answering machine picked up. I hung up. Should I call again? No, another idea popped into my head. I grabbed the phone book and looked up Mitch’s name. I looked at the address, I know that street, it was only about a block away. I put my sundress back on and my sandals. I couldn’t sleep so I decided I would take a walk!

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