Twerk, Little Sister Pt. 06-07


"And I don't want to have to interrupt to say that we're brother and sister," Scott added.

After a lunch of spaghetti made with non-perishable meat, they went for a walk along the river. Tiffany had replaced her shirt and shorts with a bikini. Scott led the way at first. "Wow, Scott, you're real," Tiffany said from behind.

"What do you mean?"

"Lots of women say they like long walks at the beach, and men say the same thing to attract those women, but you really like it."

When she caught up to him, he took her hand. "You forgot, it's 'long romantic walks.'"

They continued to walk, and Tiffany said, "And it's still true, I see." They walked close to a mile like this before Tiffany saw a turtle several yards ahead. When she ran ahead to look at it, Scott gave out a wolf-whistle. "You're just now telling me I'm sexy?" she asked.

"I didn't notice how little there is to your bikini," Scott added. "The top is like a torn-up T-shirt. I've seen Facebook models who don't show as much of their ass as that does."

"Glad you noticed," Tiffany said.

"Notice? It makes me wanna get back to camp now!" He had his hands on her buttocks.

"I don't even wanna wait that long," she said. She turned and pointed to the river.

Scott looked around to make sure they were alone, and he stripped out of his pants and underwear. Tiffany took off what little there was to the lower part of her bikini. They walked into the water until everything below the waist was underwater. Tiffany stroked his cock and put his hand on her pussy. "That's not even what I had in mind," Scott said, and he turned her around.

Tiffany could feel his cock between her thighs, and she knew this time that wasn't where he wanted to take her. She moved back closer to the shore until she could kneel. Soon his dick was inside her asshole. "Oh, yes," she moaned. "I love it back there, too."

"And we can see if anyone's coming," Scott added. He reached underneath and stroked her pussy as he continued.

"Give it to me, Scott! Oh, shit, the water feels so good while you're fucking me."

"Oh, God, Tiffany. I wanna come back after dark and do it on the beach."

"Me, too, Scott. I wanna look up at the stars while you make love to me."

"Say it again."

"Make love to me!"

"I can't hear that enough," Scott said, and soon he was coming in her ass.

"Someone's coming!" Tiffany said. They headed back to deeper water until a couple of retired people passed them and then headed back to where they'd left their clothes.

"Enough danger for one day?" Scott asked.

"Definitely," Tiffany answered. "At least till the sun goes down."

They went back to camp, Tiffany replaced her bikini with a shirt and jeans that were far more modest. Scott only needed to put dry socks on.

After sunset, they build another fire, and Scott followed up. "What did you mean when you said you'd had enough danger till the sun goes down?"

"I mean, put the chairs away."

He put them in the back of his car, and he got a blanket out of the tent. "Okay, now what?"

"Take off your clothes." He did. "Now take my shirt off." She wasn't wearing a bra. "This isn't a complaint, but one thing you've never done is lift up my tits." She lifted her left breast. "What do you see?"

"A scar," Scott answered.

"Run your finger down my left side." He did, and she tilted her head back. "That felt good. Now my right side." She pulled away when he got to the spot that was level with her belly button. "Another scar."

"Yeah, I know you've got scars from the accident. And maybe some internal damage, for all I know. What's your point?"

"My point is that you never stopped telling me I'm sexy. Not the scars on my face. Not when I couldn't twerk. Even when I could barely move around on your lap, you keep on loving me and thinking I'm sexy."

"You're sexy because you're you, Tiffany. That'll never change."

"And that's why I love you. And why I can call it making love. Now take the rest of my clothes off." When he removed her underwear, she sat on the blanket and pulled him down with her. "The first time we made love in this position was because you wanted to make sure it was still good for me. That's when I knew you really love me, and it's why I love you." She moved forward until his cock was inside her. This time they were both able to bump back and forth, and this time they didn't change positions. "Come inside me, Scott. Fill your sister with love. All the love you've got."

They bumped harder. Scott was at his peak speed when he told Tiffany, "Look up." She did, and he did. "What do you see?"

"The sky."

"The stars. You can look up at the stars and know that your big brother loves you. And will do anything for you."

"Your baby sister loves you too. Now fuck me!"


Five years later, Tiffany and Scott shared a bed in his house. It was a small house, but Scott's job was enough to get financing, and Tiffany found a job not far away after she graduated. One day in late April, they were at the mall looking for gifts for their mother, whose birthday was always just a little after Mother's Day. Tiffany's turf was the clothing stores, and Scott's was the camping supply store. As is common at that time of the year, there were a lot of men trying not to let their young children know how clueless they were at shopping for their wives. Scott was looking at a new camping stove when Tiffany grabbed him. She was holding a pair of camouflage pants. "Come with me," she insisted, and she dragged him to a changing room.

"That's your size, not Mom's," Scott pointed out.

"I know that, dumbass. I'm not going to try them on, but if I brought something her size in here, they'd think I was trying to steal it."

"Then why are you taking your pants off?" She had stripped below the waist and was unbuckling Scott's pants. "Oh!"

"I just saw a man who looks kinda like you, and he had the cutest little baby girl in the seat of his shopping cart."

Scott knew that when Tiffany unbuckled his pants, he should finish the job. He pushed them down to calf level. "What's your point?"

She pushed Scott against the wall, stood on her tiptoes and stuck his hard cock inside her pussy. "Next year I want you shopping for me and Mom."

Scott smiled and returned her thrusts with his own. "Whatever you say, Baby Sister!"

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