tagIncest/TabooTwice Again

Twice Again


We are in the car, riding around, and all I can think about is him in bed. Both of us are silent, but wondering if he might want it too causes me to release my thoughts verbally.

With a grin, I utter, "I can't stop thinking about how sexy you are when you are about to cum."

"Stop it."

"Oh, come on, hasn't the vodka gotten to your cock yet?"

"Oh, yeah."

Grinning wider, I utter, "Oh. Nice." Quiet envelops the air for a bit, then I say, "I'd love to fuck you again."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. You're great. My pussy's wet...god, I love feeling your hard cock in my hand. It's foreplay for me...gets my pussy wet and aching until I'm mounting your hard cock."

"Shit," he grunts, and somehow, my grin gets wider.

Sliding a hand in my short jean skirt, I say, "Man, I wish this were your cock."

He pulls into a parking lot with few occupants and finds a spot. Then he just sits there. I reach over to rub his crotch, but he shoves my hand away. "Wait a minute," he mutters, scanning the streets just in case. "Relax."

I light a cigarette and wait...and wait...lustful thoughts dancing in my head, my eyes watching every sip he takes from the cup holding vodka inside. My head is thinking solely about how nice it feels for his dick to come alive in my palm...oh god...

He finally gives his okay, and I reach over and kiss him, sucking quickly on his bottom lip, worried that someone will come and ruin this all too fast. He opens his jeans and allows his cock to breathe. I lower my mouth to it and start sucking greedily. As I lift my butt slightly in the air, it pokes out from beneath the skirt, and my uncle grabs it in his hand.

"Damn, Selena!" he grunts as I pretend my mouth is a vacuum. "Best blowjob I've ever gotten."

I pause a second to grin, knowing that letting myself smile on his cock might ruin the effectiveness of it. When I manage to stifle my pride, I lower my mouth again and start attacking savagely, allowing myself to lose all sense of everything as I bathe his cock in my mouth. I moan on it, thinking how damn sexy it looks and occasionally stop to gaze admiringly at it in all its sexy splendor...oh, fuck! I want it inside of me! But of course, that's up to him at the moment.

"Damn! It feels so good!"

Yes! It better! Hehe, I love making you feel good! but I say nothing, for my mouth is too busy working on his sexy mount. Thinking hard about having it in my pussy, my moans increase. I stifle the urge to hump the seat of the car.

"It'd be nicer to be in your sweet pussy."

I have to work hard not to grin then. I want to give him the best sex of his life...

His cock has gotten really hard now, and boy do I just want to slide on it. But I force myself to wait and see if he was serious about wanting inside of me and continue to attack him with my mouth.

"Give me your pussy."

Oh, shit.

I can't stand it anymore. I separate my mouth from his cock and lift my skirt just enough for him to see my shaved pussy, and he groans as he lowers himself to the seat. With a wicked grin, I lift myself on top of him and start riding his cock, moaning in his ear.

"Oh, god! I love that tight, wet pussy!"

My moans increase. "Yeah, well, that works great because I love that hard cock of yours. Oh, god!" Up and down, up and down. I squeeze hard with the walls of my pussy and start riding him faster and faster...oh, please! All I can think about is that hard cock nestled deep in my wet pussy and the pleasure we are both experiencing. My mouth finds his as the euphoria increases, and we kiss deeply, my tongue sliding in his mouth. His greets mine, and I suck on it, pretending it's his cock. My arms encircle his neck as I go deeper, deeper...oh god!

He lifts my shirt while I'm still kissing him and gazes at my boobs as I keep up my work. His cock seems to get harder in my pussy as he looks, and before I know it, he has latched his mouth on my right nipple. His hands clutch my hips, and he holds them still as he pounds in and out, in and out. When he releases me, I pick up where he left off and start kissing and nibbling on his neck.

"Man, wish we could make a porn video," I grin as I whisper in his ear, "so we could watch it as we fuck...it would be such a turn-on for me."

Just thinking about it makes my speed increase. Two minutes of this and, to my delight, he suddenly says, "I'm going to cum, baby."

I keep going for a few more seconds just because it's so sexy listening to him say that, but I quickly pull off. Before he do anything, I grab his cock in my mouth and fuck it roughly with my mouth and fingers until he cums inside of it. I swallow as much as I can then release him with a grin.

"You shouldn't have done that," he mutters.

I blink, confused. "Oh, come on. What, didn't you like it?"

"Yeah, but..." he shrugs and pulls out of the parking lot after pulling his jeans back up.

"Well, I liked it," I grin. "It was so fuckin' tasty...I mean, wow...your cock combined with my pussy cum...nothing tastes better...and then your own cum...yum." I lick my lips.

He takes another sip of vodka, and I refrain from the urge to ask if he will be up for another round later.

Realizing my shirt is still bunched up, I shove it down and yank my bra down over my boobs from its spot above them but beneath my shirt. My nipples are still hard, and as I haven't cum yet, I am so eager to have him again...but of course, I'm trying to only push myself on him if he wants it.

Man, I wish I could make him cum all day long, I think wistfully. Shit, I'd love to bathe in his cum...or drink it like it's a soda. Mmm!

Glancing at him, I lick my lips. When he catches me, I remember that I just made him cum and force a laugh. "Just kidding. I know it's too fast for you to be in the mood again." My grin is big and submissive. "Bad girl. Wish we could go to a hotel so I could hog your cock all to myself..."

He wipes the perspiration from his face and drives around for a bit, finally stopping at a nice hotel. As he gets out to check in, I smile inside, glad he didn't mind getting a room. Sure, we can do it in his bed, but in a hotel room, it is less restrained and keeping quiet is not nearly so important. Though, of course, I love having him in his bed...it just sucks to have to nail my lips shut so the rest of the household won't be aware of happenstance. Licking my lips, I remember a particularly sexy time in his bed and find myself anticipating the next time...

But for now, it's a hotel room. My pussy is throbbing lustfully, wishing for his hard-on to be between my legs. Oh, please...

He finally comes out of the main room. I hustle to his side of the truck to unlock it, and once inside, he drives to a spot near our room before killing the engine.

My heart is beating so fast that my head is almost spinning. I watch him take another sip of his vodka before opening his door, carrying the bottle and cup. I open the door much too fast and almost bang my head. What a klutz. A horny little klutz.

Even though he has seen me at worse moments, such as tripping over my own stupid feet (mental note: run more to strengthen stupid legs), I am relieved that he didn't see that stupid debacle.

After locking and shutting the door, I follow him to the room that breathes of clean air. A shiver runs through my spine, and I don't know whether it's from excitement or cold. It's just one of those times where I can't really tell.

I flop on the bed and watch as he turns the TV on before sitting next to me, setting the bottle up on the nightstand next to his side of the bed. Cradling his cup in his hand, he takes another gulp before placing it next to the bottle.

I watch the pictures on the screen move around and yearn to kiss him again, smiling to myself, thinking what a good kisser he is...and how natural it feels to be with him sexually. It doesn't feel weird in the least, and it took me a while to realize how far from abnormal it feels to be with him because I was just going with it...glancing at him, I smile and rub his shoulders.

(He makes me feel beautiful.)

Grinning, I shove that thought away and reaffix my gaze to the screen, but my thoughts are on that spot between his legs.

(I'm such a slut.)

Okay, time to turn my brain off.

I bring his hand to my mouth and kiss it gently...

(I love it when he kisses me before dropping me off...)

Shit, I've really got to stop these random thoughts from slipping in.

My gaze drops to his crotch as I lick my lips and widen my eyes.

Oh shit, oh shit...I want him...

I press my fingers against him and begin stroking. It comes to life in my hand, and I reach up and kiss him fully on the mouth, feeling my cravings scream for him.

Shit, I just want to slide my pussy right on his cock and start riding right here, right now.

I push my tongue gently in his mouth, and when his tongue meets mine, I greedily grab his tongue between my lips and suck hard, rubbing his cock at the same time.

"Oh, baby," he groans against my mouth, and that is my undoing. Using my fingers to unzip his jeans, I attach my mouth to his bottom lip and start sucking it like crazy, moaning against his mouth, my pussy aching to be filled. He pulls his pants off the rest of the way when I glance down at them, and suddenly his cock is in my line of vision again. Naked. Exposed.

Somehow, I manage to wriggle out of all my clothes except my skirt and help him get his shirt off before pushing his back against the bed's headboard. Without waiting another painful second, I slip my wet pussy on his erect cock in reverse cowgirl style.

This is a position that has always been awkward for me, something I only did on command, but right at this moment, with him, it feels so natural and quite the contrary of awkward...nice even. Then again, he is sitting up, so maybe that makes all the difference. All I know is how good it feels to have him nestled inside of me right now...oh god.

His hands are clutching my thighs as I use my outer foot to go up and down his freakin' hard cock. His voice is guttural and so unbearably sexy as he tells me how much he likes it. Then he seems to lose himself and grabs the bottom of my thighs tightly, holding me up as he thrusts his erection deep inside of my wetness. His eyes are looking over my shoulder at the wall, but he doesn't seem to be registering it as he shoves deeper. "Oh, yes!" I whimper, wanting all of his cock, oh damn. Heat courses through my belly. Oh so HARD! Oh, god, more, more! "Oh, please! Oh, god, so fuckin' good!" I just can't believe how good it feels...he's so filling for my hungry little pussy.

His gaze travels down to my breasts, and he lifts one of his hands to caress them while moving the other to my clitoris. Blinding pleasure tears at my insides. Shutting my eyes, I moan as I lift up and DOWN, up and DOWN. Damn, I wish it were possible to fuck and suck his cock at the same time. I want it everywhere. Oh, hell, and I wouldn't mind his mouth on my pussy either. Taking a mouthful, licking, sucking, taunting, then fucking it with his tongue...oh, god! My speed increases as I hold on to his thighs, for there is nothing else to keep my weight up.

Damn. My juices are getting everywhere. Lowering my gaze to watch my pussy lift and lower, I think to myself that he's such a stud...for me only, thank god.

Feels so good!

He shoves me into doggie style all of a sudden and seems to lose control as he rams it roughly inside of me, moaning in my ear. "That's one sweet pussy," he breathes, causing me to smile. At his words, his slutty girl expands and squeezes hard on the cock I claimed as my wetness gets thicker.

Damn, I'm losing it! As his cock goes in and out of me, I ache once again to slip my mouth on his cock and SUCK, tasting us together...ooh...but I also want it to ram in the wet hole made especially for him until I collapse. God...

Faster, oh god, FASTER. I can't get enough.

My nipples harden painfully as my excitement heightens. His hands clutch my hips as he shoves deeper, deeper...my butt high in the air and pussy taking as much as she can...ooh.

God, I want to cum again. If I don't, I'll continue to feel this sense of never getting enough...this sense of being tortured mindlessly...and I'll spend all week unable to think about anything but being fucked if I don't get that release...I love it all the same, but CRAP!

"Fuck me!" I gasp, yearning for more. "Oh, please! Fuck me!"

He starts pounding me so HARD and FAST while shoving me until my body is facing his without him stopping once. His speed increases in our missionary position, and I kiss him frantically, hungrily, my pussy screaming with pleasure. God, I don't think he can possibly enjoy it half as much as I do! Somehow, I bite back the words coursing through my mind...Don't stop, don't ever stop...because at the same time, I want his cum all over me. I want to bathe in it, possibly drink it like a drink. The more he cums, the happier I am...

"Stop a second," I whisper when I feel my cum sticking to my thighs.

Seeming like he is stopping in midst of a marathon he was trying to win without being winded down, he slackens his speed and pulls out, looking a bit confused.

Before he can do anything, I slip my mouth on his cock and taste us together...oh, shit. I suck his cock hard in my mouth, taking all the taste to my happy tongue.

"It tastes so fuckin' good," I groan, releasing him. Lying back and lifting my feet in the air, I urge, "Now, fuck me. Fuck the shit out of me."

He doesn't need any more coaxing. His cock fills my pussy, and he goes faster and harder than ever before, sucking my nipple into his mouth and pounding the living daylights out of me. I moan against his chest and feel my pussy throb with pleasure...

"I'm going to cum, baby."

The sexiest words in his vocabulary...okay, not sexier than him mentioning something about my "tight, wet pussy". Maybe just as sexy...

I allow myself to pretend he is going to cum inside of her even though I know he can't. Clutching his shoulders, I kiss his mouth hungrily, moaning against his tongue, pleading for more. He pulls out and lays his cock between us, the base rubbing against my clit as he thrusts it forward between us to bring it to his release. My clit pulsates and screams with lust when his balls cover my pussy hole.


His cum is between us, and to my pleasure, he stays still on my naked belly for a full minute before smiling, kissing my cheek, and wiping my belly with a towel. I look at his sexy hands as he strokes it off.

(I'm so lucky.)

He lowers his mouth and starts sucking on my clit, surprising me speechless. I stare at him in awe and watch as he tries to get me to cum again.

"Cum for me, baby," he whispers urgently.

"I'm trying," I whisper back, wishing I could cum easier. God, what is wrong with me?

He covers my clit and pussy hole with his mouth and slithers his tongue in the hole, sucking everything in between his lips. Shivers rack my body.

Come on...don't give up...it might come...just keep going...

(He looks so sexy with me in his mouth.)

I watch him play with my pussy for a couple of minutes before the release finally comes. Shuddering, my thighs trembling, I cum for him, the third time in all, his tongue darting in and out, mouth suckling me, fingers stroking lightly.

"Damn, it tastes good," he whispers after I have finished.I smile at him and kiss his lips as he settles next to me. While I lower my head to his chest, I think to myself that I have got to be the luckiest girl that ever took a breath.

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