tagInterracial LoveTwice The Charm Ch. 10

Twice The Charm Ch. 10


As tumultuous as the roaring ocean the previous night, Manni's emotions overtook her sense of reason making her forget that she shouldn't be wrapped so tightly in Scott's arms, if at all. Her hands ran roughly through his still damp hair as she grabbed a handful, reveling in the past when she would course her fingers through it until they were tangled within his somewhat long, red strands.

"Scott," she managed to whimper although it felt as if her voice was caught in her throat. He trailed sloppy, hot kisses down her throat stopping only to suckle on her collarbone like he used to when they were together. He knew that it always drove her crazy when he did that. Lifting her up completely against him, Scott brought her to the top of his bed resting her head on his soft, down pillows then elongating himself on top of her, ignoring the pain that was radiating from his sun burnt shoulders.

"Manni, I'm going to go crazy if I don't have you," he confessed, snatching the top of his robe apart to bury his face between her Dove scented cleavage. She cried out in surprise when his hot mouth claimed her hardened, chocolate colored nipple gently biting down on it.

She bucked against him, struggling to free herself of his robe that was still tightly tied about her waist. He helped her to loosen the knot wanting access to all of her body as they frantically touched, caressed, and once more familiarized each other with every curve, sinew, and hot spot on their bodies.

Scott forced himself to go slower, much slower than his impatience would allow, but he had to because he wanted Manni to really feel everything that he was planning to do to her. He sat up giving his eyes free roam over her supple body that, aside from the addition of nice, bountiful breasts and full, voluptuous hips, showed no telltale signs of ever carrying a child.

"What?" Manni asked, becoming self conscious as she too sat up.

"Your body..."

She was embarrassed and he could tell from the awkward look on her beautiful face that she was starting to have doubts. "I had a baby," she told him, getting ready to snatch his robe closed over her naked body.

"No," Scott corrected, reaching out to stop her hands as he leaned down to kiss her. "You had my baby." Their lips locked together again sweeping them away once more on a carpet of overpowering desire. His right hand traveled until it was nestled between her thighs then gently began to coax her pulsing clitoris into a mindless frenzy.

"Scott," she called out clamping her legs together only to let them relax as he kissed her again, distracting her from holding onto any ounce of modesty that she had left in front of him.

"Stark," Scott told her wanting to hear the nickname that used to ooze from her mouth when they made love.

Manni stammered everything but that name unable to get a hold of herself. Her head rocked to and fro on his pillow, dampening the cotton material with her thick, wet hair that was slowly slipping out of the towel. He was going painstakingly slow, as he took his soft lips down the length of her body, increasing her hunger to have him buried deeply inside of her. "Scott," she said getting his attention after he had kissed her quivering inner thighs. "You don't have to hold on. Just let it go."

Her words echoed in his mind bringing back their earlier conversation about his deceased mother and how he wasn't ready to lay her to rest. He stopped his actions, shaking his head as he once more sat up. "I can't do this," he said, looking down at her and hating himself for rejecting her when she had so much desire reflecting in her eyes towards him. But he knew that if he took her to bed, she would rationalize it later with herself by saying that they had slept together because of the death of his mother. He didn't want that. Not when he was a hundred percent certain that if he did make love to her, it would have nothing to do with his recent loss, but because he truly loved her and wanted to make things work again.

He refused to take that chance.

"What?" Manni asked bringing his attention back to her as she lay splayed across his mattress.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do this," Scott repeated nearly changing his mind when hurt appeared on her face.

"Oh...ok," Manni replied, quickly sitting up to close the robe back instead of lying there like a fool and allowing him to see all of her.

"Manni," he called when she exited the bed and limped to his bathroom.

"I just need to use the toilet," she lied biting back the tears although some were already streaming from her eyes. She sat down on the toilet willing her emotions to go back under control before a full blown crying fest erupted. She felt so stupid. There she was ready to give herself to him all over again, hoping that once they had made love that they would have the awkward after sex conversation on where their relationship would lead to next. While he had no intentions of even sleeping with her. Maybe he had come to his senses when he realized that the only reason he was desiring her was because he needed something to hold onto since the death of his mother. Had she really been about to monopolize on his loss?

The thought made fresh tears come to her eyes and a large helping of shame to weigh her insides down.

Manni pinched herself, applying more pressure when the tears still threatened to fall until the need to cry stopped, then flushed the toilet going along with her façade. She gave herself a quick once over in the mirror to make sure that her eyes weren't red then ran water over her hands, continuing her act of using the bathroom before throwing the door wide open with a fake smile that she hoped he would buy.

Scott was, still sitting on his bed when she exited the bathroom, intently eyeing her for telltale signs of distress. He reminded himself that Manni was a good pretender when she wanted to be therefore leaving himself unsure as to whether he should breach the topic of their recent frolic on his bed.

"What?" Manni asked limping back to him then plopping down beside him. "Stop looking at me like that. I'm fine. No harm done," she told him as her heart raced within her chest. She was silently hoping and praying that he wouldn't pursue the subject of her rejection any further. Her emotions were still too raw to handle an inquisition.

"You're limping pretty badly. Should I take you to the hospital to get that looked at?" Scott replied instead when he noticed that she really did look alright.

"This is nothing that a little ice can't fix. That and a few days of rest."

He stood up running a big hand through his hair while keeping his eyes on her. "I'll go check on your clothes. They should be ready by now."

He disappeared leaving her to utter a shuddered breath of relief. Get it together, she repeated over and over in her head while waiting for him to come back.

"They're nice and hot," Scott announced holding up her clothes in one hand and carrying a bowl of ice and a towel in his other. He set her clothing down beside her then laid the towel over his own before grabbing her injured leg to rub ice on her ankle.

"Scott, I can do this when I get home." He looked up at her quelling any other efforts of protest and making her extremely aware of the position that they were in. Him still semi-naked in just a towel and her still completely naked save for his robe that was smothering her with his clean shower scent.

"I want to thank you for everything that you did for me last night," Scott replied after a long period of silence. Manni nodded her head although she kept her eyes trained on his moving hand as if him rubbing ice on her ankle actually interested her. She couldn't look at him and take the chance of being found out. "And I'm sorry for getting you injured."

She cleared her throat knowing that if she didn't respond he would once more become suspicious. "It was no big deal. I know that you would have done the same thing for me if I were in your shoes. So what are you planning to do?"

"I don't know. My mind is still too jumbled and overwhelmed from it all. I guess I should pack up her things," he said hearing his voice break. "Damn it."

"It's alright," Manni told him, reaching out a hand to him which he intentionally evaded by grabbing another piece of ice. She snatched her hand back, running her fingers through her damp hair. She needed to keep herself in check. "Really, Scott, I can do this when I get home. You don't have to feel responsible even though it was your fault in the first place," she told him making him smile.

"I'll buy you dinner for your troubles."

"Some other time. I should go and get Star from my parents' place."

"You won't have to. They told me that they would bring her back themselves on Monday."

"She'll miss school," Manni whined recieving a wry look from Scott.

"Don't you mean daycare? Besides, that'll be two less days that you'll have to pay for," he told her, drying her numb ankle with the towel.

"Then what am I supposed to do all by myself?"

He smiled at the pouty expression on her face, "I don't know," he said though he really wanted her to stay and keep him some company.

Manni removed her leg from his lap biting down on her tongue when she nearly let it slip that she thought it best to stay with him. He may not like the idea at first, but she knew that he needed some kind of human contact in his time of need and she didn't want to leave him alone by himself. "I'm going to get dressed and head out--that is unless you need me to stay... and help you pack your mom's things."

"No, I'll be alright."

"Ok, then I'll change and be out of your hair." She watched him get up from the bed to give her some privacy, reaching to pull the door closed behind him. "Scott, just don't hesitate to call me if you ever need anything. You know that I'll be here."

He nodded his head, closing the door upon his own stupidity. He should have told her that he did need someone. That he needed her to stay there with him, not only until he would have gotten over his mother's death, but also because he wanted her to be with him forever. He was an idiot.

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