tagIncest/TabooTwilight of Siblings Love

Twilight of Siblings Love


Chapter 1

If he was caught by his parents, there would be no excuse or explanation. All hell would break loose. His father had gone into town and his mother was in the kitchen.

Danny knew his sister was about to take her bath as soon as he heard the shower being turned on. He quickly walked into the guestroom and knelt at bathroom door. Adjusting his right eye, looking through the keyhole, he saw the back view of his naked sister. His heart pounded. She was moving about but he could clearly see her. When she turned and stooped to lather her legs, he gasped silently as he watched her breasts swaying. He could see the slight bulge of her belly, impregnated by her husband, carrying his unborn child. Danny's eye was on the thick black bush between his sister's crotch. His penis was hard.

When Anna turned off the shower, Danny quietly sneaked out and headed for his own room. He latched the door and pushed down his shorts. He grabbed some tissue and lay on the bed. Still fresh with the vision of Anna, he pumped his stiff manhood and within moments, ejaculated, his body trembling. The soft tissues were soaked with his sticky cum. Danny found difficulty in breathing normally.

When he recovered, he shook his head and think back to what he had just done. It had been an obsession with him, this secret craving for his sister.

The sinful thought had been with him since that first time. He was 18 and she was three years younger. He had come home, sweaty after a basketball game. He had stripped and headed for the bathroom to shower. The house had only two bathrooms then, one in his parent's and the other for common use.

He opened the bathroom door. Anna was sitting on the toilet seat, stark naked. Her legs were wide apart and Danny saw his sister's urine draining out of her into the toilet bowl. She shrieked out in horror and crossed her arms to cover her chest. Danny just stood transfixed but his eyes took in her nude form. At 15, Anna's breasts were already budding topped with pink nipples. He quickly shut the door. He realized that he was also naked and Anna had seen him too.

When they met later that day, Danny apologized to his sister. Anna was not angry with him. She admitted that the fault was hers as she did not latched the door. She gave him a peck on his cheek.

For Danny, that was the day when he began to look at his sister with a sexual overtone. When they grew older, there were instances when he had held or hugged her, he had brushed his arms against her breasts but he made it look unintentional and innocent. The softness and scent of her always intoxicated him.

Chapter 2

He remembered when he left for his tour of duty to the Middle East; he had bid his parents and Anna farewell before he left home. He had hugged Anna tightly in his arms and kissed her cheeks. As they looked into each other's eyes, he saw the glistening of tears forming in her eyelids, and streaked down her cheeks. It happened naturally. His lips were on hers for a fleeting moment. The electricity of the kiss caused both of them to hold on to each other. And he was waving them goodbye.

The year he spent in Iraq had hardened Danny's outlook of life. He had seen terrible destruction and what war had caused. He had lost brothers-in-arms and there were times he had taken the fight to the enemy with deadly consequences. The saving grace was always those letters from Anna, telling him about home and waiting for him to be back.

Danny's world fell apart when he received news from Anna that she was getting married. He could not come to terms that there will be a man in Anna's life, who was going to touch her, to posses her. The marriage was consummated when Danny was on the frontline defending the city of Basra.

On November 16, Danny was reassigned back to Stateside.

He informed his parents that he will be spending time at home for a week before he took up his new posting.

At the bus depot, they were there to receive him. He hugged his parents and Anna rushed into his arms.

"You look different brother," Anna smiled as she kissed his cheeks. "Taller and so much more handsome, I won't be at all surprised if the girls in town will gunning for you," she continued, laughing.

"Come; let me introduce you to your brother-in-law. This is Alex or Alexander Jamison Jr," she pointed to her husband of 6 months.

They shook hands. Danny felt awkward with the new man in Anna's life. He seems ok, he thought to himself.

"Let me look at you," Danny turned to Anna.

"My, am I right in saying that....," Danny patted Anna's tummy.

"Yes, he or she is 3 months old, you'll be an uncle soon," she said.

'But I love you,' he said to himself.

His parents got into their car while Danny followed Alex and Anna in theirs.

Alex and Anna asked him about Iraq but Danny did not say much. They realized that it was not a topic he relished to talk about.

"Alex will be off to Fresno on Monday night to attend to business for three days, so I'll be at Dad's to keep you company till he gets back," Anna said to Danny.

"Uhh, that would be great," Danny replied.

"Anyway, I'll be leaving for Washington on Friday," Danny added.

Chapter 3

It was on that morning of the 2nd day of Anna's stay at her parents that Danny lost all inhibitions and spied on his sister bathing.

He threw the sodden tissue into the toilet bowl and flushed it. Danny sat under the shower and let the cold water dampened his desire.

In the afternoon Anna cajoled him to accompany her into town and they visited the pizza parlor. Folks in town noticed him and greeted him heartily. Anna could see that some girls around were talking among themselves and looking at Danny.

"See, I told you they are lining up to get you," Anna kidded Danny.

"Really," he countered, "but you are the only one for me," he added.

They looked at each other and Anna playfully punched his arm.

His mother cooked his favorite beef dish for dinner. His father asked him what his plans were after his stint with the army. Danny replied that he hoped for a posting to Europe. After dinner, they had dessert in the living room. It was getting late and his parents bid the siblings goodnight.

Left to themselves, Danny and Anna sat quietly, each with their own thoughts.

"Are you happy?" Danny said.

"Emm, I'm ok, but what about you, Danny?" she replied. "You are quiet, serious, I'm worried about you," she added.

"Don't have to worry about me, I'm fine, it's just the war, the desert, it's just so meaningless," he said.

"I missed you, terribly, when you left," Anna said.

He smiled at her and said, "You are all that I lived for, you kept me going when everything was a shamble, I love you Anna."

He got up and kissed her forehead.

"Goodnight," he said.

Danny switched off the living room lights and watched his sister as she walked off, headed for the guest room. His father had built the new extension when Danny and Anna had grown into adolescence as they needed their own rooms and privacy. When Anna got married, it was converted into the guest room. The extension was built at the far end of the main house so it had a separate entrance.

Danny slumped onto his bed. He closed his eyes but was wide awake. His mind was alert and aware of his sister's presence, just down the corridor. The image of Anna, naked, kept flashing through his mind. "God, what a pervert," he admonished himself. But he had taken the risk of discovery when he peeked through the keyhold when she was bathing earlier in the day.

He looked at his watch on the side table and it showed 9.37pm. Tossing and turning after trying to read, he noticed that it was close to midnight.

Danny got up and paced the room. In another few days he will be gone, and probably will not see Anna again for a long time. He made up his mind and walked out of his room. Silently he made his way to the guestroom. He stood at the door and noticed that the shadow of dim light, probably from the side bed lamp, illuminated the floor. With trepidation and heart beating fast, he twisted the door knob. It was not locked, and he knocked lightly. Pushing in slightly, he looked in.

Anna was lying on the bed and she stared at him with wide eyes.

"Oh, you scared me, I thought it was an intruder," she gasped.

"Didn't mean to scare you, sorry. I can't sleep," he said. "OK is I come in," he asked.

She sat up and Danny caught sight of the valley and swells of her breasts as she pulled her night dress together and tied the knot.

"I can't either, tried to read but could not concentrate," she said.

Danny sat down on the easy chair and scratched his head, knowing that he was in no man's land, without any plausible reason to be sitting in her room at that godforsaken hour.

Anna gazed at her brother, sitting in his pajamas. She too, was hesitant to respond to his presence. She had been thinking about him when he tapped on her door.

"I missed you so much," she heard him say softly.

She watched as he placed his hands to cover his face.

Anna got off the bed and knelt before him, pulling his head towards her. She hugged him and said, "I missed you too, Danny, I felt so alone when you left."

They held tightly for the comfort of each other. A deep desperate moan cried out from Danny's mouth as he took Anna's face in his hands. He searched beseechingly into her eyes for understanding and love before he kissed his sister's lips tenderly.

"Oh Danny," Anna said haltingly, as Danny kissed her face.

Neither of them was aware that the knot tying Anna's nightdress had loosened and her naked breasts were exposed. Danny saw them first and gently pushed Anna backwards. She looked at Danny, confused and embarrassed, as his eyes took in her bare chest.

Her mouth opened and she gasped at the touch of his hands.

Danny cupped them in awe. There was no lust in his touch, just the soothing, gentle softness of his hands caressing her fullness and her hardened nipples.

Although his mind was in turmoil, he was conscious of what he was doing. Anna is his sister and married, pregnant with her first child. He pulled Anna up and led her to her bed.

Lying facing each other, he kissed away the tears from her cheeks.

"Are you....," he said softly.

"Don't say anything," Anna replied as she held him close.

They held each other, each knowing that the love they shared between them has reached the twilight of innocence. The longing was acute and as adults, they understood the consequences.

He pushed her nightdress from her shoulders and pulled down her bottoms. With no panties, Anna laid naked.

Breathing unevenly, Danny quickly took off his pajamas.

Brother and sister faced each other, like man and wife.

All those pent-up longing and countless self gratifying masturbation, Anna was before him, in full, nude glory of her beauty.

Danny was almost terrified to touch her. Nature masked over what restrains he harbored and he cuddled up close. He rested his upper body with his arms and his lips traced the softness of her flesh. He kissed her body, starting from her shoulders, going down slowly, till he reached her feet.

Anna breathed erratically as her brother worshipped her flesh.

He gently turned her to lie on her back.

He kissed her and she moaned against his lips. Their tongue invaded each other's mouth.

Anna cried out as waves of sensation coursed through her when Danny drew her swollen nipples into his mouth,

He kissed her small bulging belly, stroking tenderly the life growing inside her.

His lips were on her lush black bush. Danny tasted the moisture emanating from her opening. His tongue rasped her tiny clitoris.

Anna's body convulsed and she pushed up her buttocks as he inserted his tongue into her, offering him access.

Anna was a mess of unadulterated pleasure as Danny devoured all her womanly secrets.

Like a man possessed but still in control of his strength, Danny lay behind his sister, spooning her. His stiff penis was between her thighs. He held it and placed the seeping knob against her vaginal opening. Slowly, he penetrated her.

Anna gasped when she felt his manhood entering her body.

He moved gently, until he was inside her. Stroking her hair, Danny began his incestuous fucking.

Anna's hand curled to hold his head against her neck. He kneaded her breast as he went deep inside her cavity.

"Oh baby," she moaned, as she pressed her buttocks tight against him.

It did not last long as Danny pulled her back against his chest. He came, ejaculating his sperm inside his sister's body. After he stopped spurting, he kept fucking into her slowly. He felt the spasm of her orgasm and the tight clamping of her muscles on his engorged penis.

They were drenched with sweat and when he pulled out, the thick love fluid seeped out of her.

He held her in his arms as their satiated bodies regained some form of normalcy.

Anna said quietly, "You should go back to your room."

Wearily, Danny got up. He kissed her and gathered up his pajamas. He looked at the woman lying, her back towards him and heaved a deep sigh.

"I love you," he said.

Anna did not reply and he walked out, closed her door and headed towards his room.

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