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Twilight Picnic


It is a warm summer evening...warm, with a gentle breeze stirring through the trees. It is nearing sunset, and you have driven up to spend the night. I have found someone to camp out at my place. My babies are tucked away safely for the night. I take a shower to relax me, soaping down every luscious curve, lathering the luxurious tresses of my hair, then breathing slowly, deeply, as the warm water gently caresses all the suds down my body...

I finish my shower, towel off, and smooth my vanilla lotion all over my body. With my sensitive fingertips, I dab perfume behind my ears, at the base of my throat, between my breasts, as I dream of what this night will bring...I brush through my wet hair, then shake it, so that as it dries it will make the sensual waves and curls that you just ache to touch. I dress with care giving attention to every detail. I'm wearing a loose, flowing dress silky to the touch, lilac colored, light as a feather...

I have planned a picnic in the park, which is very large, with plenty of grass, out in the big wide open...I have packed a macaroni and shrimp salad. Shrimp is not only pink (the color of love) but it also makes me HORNY. I have also packed fresh strawberries (still wet from when I washed them) and chocolate sauce (for dipping) and spring water....Strawberries are red (the color of passion) I'm bringing a deep purple velvet bedspread--velvet is sensual and deep purple is passionate and sexy. You carry the food and I carry the spread as we stroll to the park, the sun sinking lower in the sky.

We walk far out in the park away from houses (and prying eyes). All people have gone home for supper, to the movies, to anywhere, but where we are...We are blissfully alone, with the rustling of the trees, the chirping of the birds and the soft bubbling of the river as our symphony. I lay out the bedspread, you set down the basket of food and I put it forth on plates, saving the strawberries and chocolate for the delicious last...

We make ourselves comfortable on the luscious softness the spread and begin enjoying the food. We look out toward the setting sun, preparing to bed down in the surrounding trees as it turns the wispy clouds pink, then red...I look around and see the full moon rising on the other side of the park, slowly brightening as its daytime counterpart retires. I smile a secret smile, knowing that with the food we're eating, the place , the velvet and the magical mystery of the glowing orb, that this night will be an experience that will live on in our memories as being the most magical, the most mystical...

The salad I made is delicious with just a hint of sweetness. As I eat, I can already feel a stir within me that I know the shrimp arouses. I shyly glance over at you, and catch your eye...You see the look in my eyes and know just what's going through my head (and my sweet hairy pussy!) You answer my glance with one of your own, one that makes the juices of my pussy heat up when it comes my way...I reach over and stroke your cheek, from temple to chin, conveying in that one simple gesture both tenderness and desire. I lean forward and kiss you...a soft, slow gentle kiss. My pussy burns at the passionate warmth of your lips and my eyes travel down to your pants----and I smile. You are clearly aroused. Looking up at your face your eyes glow with the fire I have ignited.

We have finished the salad, and having drunk some water, I get out the strawberries and chocolate. Holding the berries near the stems, I dip the berries in the chocolate. First, I feed you one. You just nibble it to start with, not knowing what to expect, but find the fresh juiciness and the sensual sweetness to a delightful combination...

The chocolate is a little thinner than I expected and some of it drips over your lips and chin. I lean over and suck and lick it off, smiling as you blush, because the sensation of it has got you SO hard...then seeing me suck off my fingers...o-o-o-oh, baby! I dip another berry and tilt my head back, snake out my sexy tongue and catch the chocolate as it drips...You look on, wishing it was your cum dripping on my tongue!

As I nibble on my berry, with more relish (because I HAVE had them before) I look over at you see the look on your face...Reading your mind, I blush almost as deep as the strawberry. It's hard to tell though, because by this time it has grown darker, and the moon has climbed higher and grown brighter. The change in the scene has transformed me in a way that is both arousing and mysterious. My wavy hair appears a little more blonde, glossier. My skin more luminous. My eyes glow (or could it be LOVE doing that anyway?) and my dress, well, it just completes the effect...The air is a bit cooler, and my nipples are erect and between the fabric and the moonlight, they are obvious, and more inviting--almost daring you to reach out and touch them...

I feed you another berry covered with chocolate; and when you swallow, I lean over and kiss you again. This time, my tongue sneaks out and plays tag with yours, relishing in the sweetness of your mouth. My nips grow harder, my pussy hotter....And this time you can't resist the invitation (or the temptation?) to reach out and gently fondle my nipples. You're dying to put your soft lips and hot tongue on them, but the fabric of my dress prevents you. Still, you able to sneak your hand under my dress and caress along my silky creamy thighs to that hot furnace that lies between. You find me wet and quite swollen. While your "rushing hands and roaming fingers" do what they do best, you deepen the kiss, and slowly ease me back on the velvet spread.

Lying half on me, I can feel your cock so hard that your pants threaten to burst from its pressure. I reach down and caress you. I feel your moan vibrating in my mouth and your caresses more urgent. Your fingers are in my pussy and doing an excellent job of driving me out of my mind with desire. I'm SO aroused that I feel as if I will cum before I can rip off your pants! Somehow, though, I manage to unbutton and unzip you, setting you free--you're so hard you spring out and poke my thigh, but I smile because I know you're hard for ME and I got you that way....And this knowledge makes my pussy drool even more.

We parted from the kiss for a moment and you bring your fingers up to your mouth and suck them off. You groan with pleasure at the taste and seem to prefer that to the strawberries. You take off your shoes and peel off your pants. Your ass looks luscious in the moon light and your cock as stiff as a rod. I peel off my dress and draw my face closer to your cock, dying for a taste of you. I reach my hands around and dig my fingers into your gorgeous ass. Face to face with that luscious meat of yours, I feel the juice of my pussy oozing out, coating my thighs. I lick my lips and then using the tip of my able tongue I flick it around the head teasing you. I lick down the shaft toward your balls, then back again; down again, then up again, working my way around. You're moaning "Oh my God..." as my tongue drives you wild. Then my lips take over. They close around the head, while my tongue flickers just under it, I twist and turn my head just so, making you feel like you want to explode.

Being outside at night, in the moonlight and naked and completely aroused makes me feel like a cat in heat. I grasp your cock with my hands, arise and turn around. I rub my voluptuous ass against your cock, then slowly sink to my knees then go forward onto my hands. As if reading my mind you get down on your knees and move close to my ass. You tease me by rubbing that thrill-hammer of yours on my cheeks. I wiggle my butt impatiently. You caress my back gently and say "Easy, baby...." You bend your head down to my sweet hot hole and using your sexy tongue, you lap up some of that honey that has oozed from the honeycomb inside. "O-o-o-oh, baby" I purr, as I reach my hand up to my nipple and caress it. I hear you say "Mmmmm, you taste so good!" and feel your tongue go inside me, going in and out. I'm moaning "Oh my God..." as you drive me out of my mind.

Just as I'm ready to beg you to fuck me, you straighten up and slowly slide you cock into my hot (and still very wet) pussy. Your cock almost jumps as it feels the warmth engulf it. You'd think as hot as that pussy is that you would melt, but you get harder, because you know I'm hot and wet for only you and because of you. You use feather light touches of your fingers on my ass, working in circles, as you slowly stroke in and out of me. I feel that tickle deep inside of that signals that I'm on the verge of coming. I start bucking my ass against you, in time with your luscious cock stroking in and out of me. I hear you moaning and know you are getting ready to cum, so I start wiggling my ass side to side, up and down. You stroke faster, and thrust deeper...

I can feel the head deep inside me, almost bottoming out, but I'm so hot for you that it doesn't hurt. Instead, I squeeze my pussy as hard as I can (not easy since my brain has turned to mush...) But you are able to feel me doing it, and now you wanna make me cum. The urgency to do so seems to make you go a little faster and still deeper. I squeeze harder and suddenly feel it: a wave of pleasure that starts deep inside and ripples out and washes over me in its intensity. I am cumming! You feel my pussy twitching and squeezing in a sort of rhythm and get so caught up that you hips are slamming into me and then....

YOU EXPLODE! You cum so hard inside me, that your twitching makes me cum again. My pussy squeezes, sucks every drop out of you. I call out "Oh, God!...oh, baby! Oh my God!" and then I collapse in total release underneath you. You lay down next to me, and caress my skin, looking into my eyes, as I say "I love you...." and then you kiss me tenderly....The moon is shining high above us, as if to say "I'm glad to see you've found each other..."

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