tagNonHumanTwilight's Pleasure Ch. 01

Twilight's Pleasure Ch. 01


Author's Note: This chapter of Twilight's Pleasure is a bit of a somewhat-cliffhanger, so I hope you readers enjoy it. I had to do a bit of research to figure out where to put Variona's lab, but anyway, in this chapter you get a more in-depth look at Variona's experiments from a different point of view.


Caithana Duskwhisper snorted softly to herself as she slipped through the trees of Stranglethorn Vale, taking the chance of going off the beaten path as opposed to risking a fight with a member of the Alliance or someone from the Horde who had a grudge against blood elves.

A rogue by trade, she didn't favor upfront battles in the slightest, and for all her talent in hand-to-hand combat, she much preferred sneak attacks and setting traps for her unwary prey. Her all-black wardrobe helped her to blend in with the shadows of the trees she was using for cover, and it certainly helped that the sun was setting and causing the shadows to darken even further. Just to be safe, however, she stayed stealthed as she made her way through the short cut that a troll rogue had told her about, not wanting to run into any gorillas or tigers that might take offense to her presence.

Her glowing green eyes carefully scanning her surroundings as she brushed a wisp of black hair out of her beautiful face. She was headed to Mistvale Valley in search of some herbs in order to brew some new poisons and she wasn't keen on having to fight any gorillas for the plants. Really, she wouldn't even be out in the wilderness like she was if getting the herbs herself wasn't much cheaper than buying them from a vendor. Blasted goblins, would rob you blind if given half a chance, she thought with a snort, smirking in triumph as she reached the entrance to the valley and immediately set about scanning the ground near the trees for the herbs she wanted.

She struck gold right off the bat, almost literally as she spotted some goldthorn growing next to one of the valley walls, and she snuck over, keeping a wary eye out for any easily-enraged gorillas. She grinned as she succeeded in picking the goldthorn, which was a vital component in several potions that she'd been meaning to brew, and she happily tucked the herb into one of her hip pouches.

The next thirty minutes passed by quickly as she picked several types of herbs, including one purple lotus that she literally almost tripped over as she ducked behind a tree to hide from a passing gorilla. She didn't know where in the valley she was when she suddenly felt a sharp tingle at the base of her spine, all of her senses telling her that there was magic nearby, and a lot of it. She stiffened, straightening up from where she'd been crouched while she'd been examining a flower bush for any hidden herbs, and she looked around warily. She didn't see anything at first glance, but as she cautiously moved closer to the valley wall at her back, the tingle increased, the source of the magic getting closer to her...or she was getting closer to it.

Caithana looked around suspiciously, on the alert for any mages who might be using invisibility nearby, but when she stepped closer to the cliff at her back and felt a jolt to her magic-detecting senses, she realized the source wasn't a mage. She turned around, automatically slipping back into stealth, and closed her eyes briefly as she opened her senses to the magic around her, a talent most if not all blood elves possessed, and then opened her eyes. The green glow of the orbs brightened as she realized what she was looking at: she was literally standing in front of a veritable iron wall of camouflage and other spells designed to conceal something, and her curiosity was officially roused with a vengeance.

Her quest for herbs forgotten for the moment, she set about carefully dismantling the actual traps she could now see through the magic, using all the skills she had learned during her very brief tenure as an apprentice mage to avoid activating the magical traps. Her curiosity wouldn't let her rest until she discovered what it was that someone had went through so much effort to hide, though at most she was expecting a treasure chest with some enchanted equipment inside. She certainly hadn't thought she'd find an actual door once she looked through the camouflage spells, and that just caused her curiosity to peak, because why would anyone go through the trouble of digging a room into the side of cliff in Mistvale Valley of all places?

The female rogue wanted to know the answer to that very question, and she smiled in anticipation, a shiver of excitement running through her body as she slipped through the now-revealed door. She barely thought to close it behind her, her eyes already darting around eagerly as she looked down the hallway she had found herself in. The hall was made of smooth stone all around, the floor, walls, and what she could see of the ceiling, and there was a faint light coming from a dimly-lit magic orb hanging from the ceiling further down the passageway, assisting the glow from her own eyes in lighting the hall. She could see the faint outline of several doors further down the hallway, and she decided to start at the front and work her way back, walking briskly down the hallway in order to reach the first door, barely pausing to examine it for traps before she opened it the smallest crack.

If she had been expecting treasure, she was sorely disappointed when all she saw was a large, empty room carved out of the natural stone of the cliff, though it was suspiciously dust-free. She didn't bother to look any closer at the room that that. Sighing inaudibly in disappointment, she withdrew and pulled the door closed, moving on in her exploration, the next few rooms proving just as disappointing to the blood elf, but when she looked inside the fourth room, her breath caught in her throat and her eyes went wide. So great was her stunned shock that she dropped out of stealth, her gaze drinking in the sight before her and attempting to somehow make sense of it.

The door she had opened led into some kind of lab, with a large stone table equipped with sturdy-looking restraints, and those same restraints were keeping a writhing prisoner chained to the stone table.

The woman on the table was easily recognizable as a night elf, and despite her own kind's fabled hatred of them, Caithana still flinched when the woman suddenly screamed - not in pain as she first thought, but pleasure. The purple-skinned woman had long silver hair that was matted and darkened with sweat, and there were light purple markings surrounding her shining silver eyes, which the blood elf could see were glazed with pleasure. What disturbed her was the fact that pleasure was the only thing she could see in the night elf's eyes, there was no lucidity or anything, and she had to shake herself before she returned to looking over the night elf woman's body, trying to see what was causing the other woman's behavior.

Large breasts, only a few sizes smaller than her own, Caithana noticed, topped with erect nipples a darker purple than the woman's skin, bounced and jiggled with each breath the night elf took. The woman was restrained with her hands beside her head and her legs spread far apart, exposing the smooth mound between her thighs, along with the source of the female's pleasure. There was a large amount of some kind of thick gel covering the night elf's pelvis, including her entrance and clit, and it glowed faintly pink in the soft light. She could feel a faint magic presence from it, but before she could think on that further, the other woman arched as best she could and let out another scream of pleasure.

Unable to tear her eyes away from the sight before her, able to see fairly clearly because of the faint light coming from behind her, her own breath began to shorten as the night elf went through three more orgasms. She finally tore herself away from the alternatively arousing and horrifying sight of the restrained female, and she hurriedly backed out and quickly shut the door, her heart pounding, with what she didn't know, but she knew she had to hurry and move along. She took several breaths to try and calm herself down before she moved over to the next door down, and she spent almost five minutes gathering the courage to open the door.

When she did open the door, however, she very much wished she hadn't when she beheld what was happening inside of the room. Likely through the use of some spell, the noises of what was happening inside each of the rooms didn't reach the hallway outside, which was the only thing she could think of that would have kept her from hearing what was happening in this room. Much the same as the other room, it featured a stone table equipped with restraints, but the woman being held in those restraints was different. Instead of a night elf, the woman chained to this table was a human, a blonde haired beauty with large, buoyant breasts that bounced enticingly with each movement she made, with eyes that were bright with lust and pleasure and yet glazed as though she had been drugged with something.

The human quickly reached an orgasm as the shocked blood elf watched, and the cause of her pleasure was both obvious and horrifying: mounted atop the woman was a huge spider, a large arachnid with the same basic shape as a Deepmoss Venomspitter yet colored a strange combination of red and pink, with the beast's eyes glowing a bright pink. The spider appeared to hold still at first glance, merely straddling the chained woman, but as Caithana watched, its' torso and body began to flex, moving almost gently up and down.

Moving cautiously closer, the rogue's eyes widened in horror as, from her new angle, she was able to see the huge member coming from the spider and sliding almost languidly into the willing body beneath it, and her ears finally registering the soft squishing noises that resulted from a cock sliding into a wet cunt. It took her a moment to equate one to the other, but when she did she hurriedly backed away in horror, just as the human came again, screaming in pleasure as she did so. When the other woman began moving, Caithana thought for a moment that she was trying to force the spider away from her, but she saw what the blonde was really trying to do only a few seconds later. The woman was trying to move her body to meet the spider's thrusts, and the soft moans coming from the blonde's throat couldn't be described as anything other than wanton.

Sick to her stomach at what she was seeing, Caithana practically sprinted from the room and shut the door. Hard.

Darting quickly to the door across from the room containing the human, the rogue was shaking as she took a few deep breath, let them out in gusty sighs, and straightened her back as she pulled open the door. She had to put what she had seen out of her mind and focus on finding out what was going on in this place, and why whoever had built it had gone to such lengths to conceal it. Although, she was beginning to get an idea of why the owner of the complex didn't want anyone knowing about it...

Instead of another room with a stone table, restraints, and another hapless captive, she found herself in what looked like a large supply room, so large that even her keen night vision couldn't see everything. Stepping into the room and glancing quickly to each side, she spotted a lone candle on a table to the right of the door.

Smiling at her luck, Caithana pulled out her flint and tinder and quickly lit the candle, blinking in surprise at the rather bright light the small thing produced. She paid no attention the odd rose-like scent the candle gave off, instead immediately picking up her new source of light and going to the back of the storeroom. Everyone knew, after all, that the best things were always kept in the backs of supply rooms. She pawed through some small boxes, frowning when she found jars and jars of ingredients that had no earthly use, and when she started finding odd clamp-like things she became more than a little confused.

Picking up one of the odd clamps, she turned it over in one hand, holding the rose-scented candle in the other as she frowned pensively. Her breath was coming a little heavier, so obviously she hadn't quite put the image of that night elven woman behind her, and as she shifted to put the clamp back, she was startled to feel her erect nipples rubbing against the fabric of her top.

It was strange, since it didn't feel cold in the storeroom, and she took a deep breath to try and get herself to relax, moving on to examine the things she could faintly see outlined against a tabletop set against the far wall. She lifted the candle to make best use of its' light, and she gasped audibly at the sight that greeted her eyes: cocks carved from stone, all of them smooth to the touch, as she discovered when she cautiously tapped the head of the smallest artificial cock on the table. The stone members were neatly arranged and small plaques just below them explained what they were supposed to be - and she was rather impressed by the size of the cock labeled as 'human'. She swallowed thickly, licking her lips unconsciously when her glowing eyes landed on the largest cock statue on the table, and as she looked just below it, she saw a small plaque labeled 'tauren'.

Caithana stared at the fake tauren cock, unable to stop herself from wondering what it would feel like to have something like that between her legs, thrusting into her and filling her hole to the brim...she shook her head, more of a jerking motion than a true shake, and tried to shove that thought out of her mind. She had no idea what was going on in this hidden lab, but she couldn't afford to get distracted while she was there...

A sharp sting of pleasure drew her attention to her chest, and as she looked down, she saw that she had subconsciously began to fondle one of her breasts with her free hand. Forcing herself to stop, she pulled the hand away from her sensitive breast and took a deep breath through her nose, enjoying the scent of...roses. She jolted, hurriedly setting the candle down and backing away, but it was too late. Whatever the candle had been laced with, it had already begun to work on her, as her suddenly aching breasts could attest, and she had to physically stop herself from fondling them. Just as soon as she stopped touching them, however, her womb clenched tightly, a gasp escaping from her before she could stop it, and she could feel her cunt getting wet in response to whatever the candle had been laced with.

Unwillingly, her eyes drifted back to the table containing the stone cocks: they had all been very accurate, as far as she could tell, and she was sure that one of them would be able to satiate her pussy's new need to be filled very well...Unknown to her, as she had been thinking of the stone members, her body had suited action to thought and drifted over to the table again, and as she breathed in she got another dose of the arousing scent coming from the still-lit candle. Oh well, she thought, her mind now mostly occupied with figuring out how to best appease the growing ache in her cunt, it wasn't as if she wasn't already affected by whatever was in the scent, so another dose wouldn't hurt anything...

"Magnificent, aren't they? I carved them myself, you know."

The female voice from the doorway caused Caithana to jolt, the haze of lust over her thoughts lifting long enough for her to straighten and spin around to face the speaker. Covered in the shadows of the door, the rogue was still able to see the speaker clearly, her own glowing green eyes first meeting the other woman violet ones - violet eyes which possessed a glow all their own and somehow different than that of her eyes. Pulling her gaze away from those arresting violet eyes, the rogue took in the woman's long black hair, tied in a high ponytail that fell down to her shoulders, her pale skin, beautiful face, and lush, full lips. The woman also possessed a pair of breasts that rivaled Caithana's own, covered as they were in a black and purple robe, and the blood elf would have estimated the woman to be in her early to mid-twenties.

Her trim waist and nicely rounded hips were hugged by the robe, which outlined the woman's curves and yet covered her body to the point of prudishness. The rogue thought that the woman was almost 6 feet tall, maybe an inch or two shorter, more or less the same height that Caithana was. On the whole, the blood elf wasn't ashamed to admit to herself that the woman was gorgeous, at least for a human (or something that was masquerading for a human, she thought as she looked back at the woman's violet eyes).

While she looked over the human woman, the violet-eyed beauty was doing the same to her, and Caithana already knew what she would see: a tall, statuesque blood elf with long black hair that fell down to her waist and framed a pair of glowing green eyes and a beautiful face, one even prettier than most elves were famed for being. She had lush, full lips that brought to mind images of red silk sheets and seduction, and her skin lacked the golden tan that characterized most blood elves, instead being a creamy pale color. Showing through her hair were the sharply pointed ears that marked her as being one of the blood elf race. Her black top was edged in dark gold, sporting long sleeves that ended under her leather gloves yet exposed her pale, flawless midriff and the top of her hips. Her black leggings hugged her long, toned legs and cradled her rounded buttocks in the most flattering way imaginable and they vanished inside the tops of her black leather boots. Yet while the rest of her figure was a fine example of blood elf womanhood, it was her breasts that she took the most pride in. They were large and perfectly round, almost filling her top to overflowing with their bounty (she had once heard a human refer to them as being an 'I-Cup', whatever that meant), and while breasts so large might be a detriment to some rogues, she had worked and trained until she could move more flawlessly than most rogues with smaller tits.

"Oh really? You have quite an eye for detail, then." Caithana spoke, hoping to keep the woman distracted as she reached one hand behind her for one of her throwing knives, grasping the handle just as the pale-skinned woman smiled and replied.

"I wouldn't think of doing anything with that knife, my dear. I think you'll find that there is no need for either of us to resort to violence." Gliding forward, the woman drifted to the wall opposite the blood elf, one slim hand lifting to trail along the boxes set on the shelves there as she spoke, "Really, I've come to find that I tire of violence, and I would much rather concentrate on pleasure." There was a subtle emphasis on that last one, and a seductive smile graced the other woman's full mouth as she turned to face Caithana, who found herself frozen as she listened, "I was actually surprised when I arrived to find that someone had stumbled across my hidden lab, which speaks highly of your talents, my dear rogue. I noticed that you managed to slip through my magical and physical traps, which is quite impressive in and of itself."

"I'm rather good at what I do, yet I am more interested in what you are doing." Caithana managed to choke out as another tremor of arousal flowed through her.

"I built this place to learn all I could about the pleasures to be found in the act of mating," A sweeping gesture around the storeroom, perhaps encompassing the lab in general, "only really meaning to conduct a few experiments to satisfy my curiosity, but once those experiments were finished, I had even more ideas, so I was forced to expand and gather more subjects." A fervent light appeared in the woman's eyes, a glint that Caithana recognized from watching a gnome in the process of writing down an idea, "I don't see why you would object to what I am doing here, my sweet, as much of my research could help benefit not only your race, but others as well! Imagine, if you would, that barren women could be made fertile, and fertile women even more so, perhaps bearing two to three children each time! That the pleasure of sex could be increased ten, no twenty fold and last twice as long!"

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