tagNonHumanTwilight's Pleasure Ch. 02

Twilight's Pleasure Ch. 02


Author's Note: I had a reviewer ask (in a fashion), about the size of the toy Caithana used in the last chapter, so here's my answer: Go look up a picture of a Tauren. Note how large it is. If anything, I think the measurements I used were a little on the small side. Despite how a plot worked its' way into this porn, I wouldn't hold my breath and hope for too much realism. It's set in a world where there's magic, dragons, monsters that manage to carry enchanted weapons despite not having hands or pockets, and slimes that manage to survive being hit with fire spells for crying out loud. :P


Variona carefully marked down the results of the experiment she had just returned from checking, a test of a new substance on one of the night elves to stimulate milk production, smiling at the favorable results as she walked towards her study. She was eager to add these latest results to her records and see if there was any way she might merge the experiment with another one, but she paused in curiosity when she saw the door to her study ajar and a faint light coming through the crack. A quick breath brought the scent of the blood elf rogue she had discovered in her storeroom to her nose, and her brows rose in surprise. She would have guessed the rogue would have left hours ago, after taking care of the lust caused by one of her special candles of course, and her interest was officially peaked as she opened the study door.

Her study had been one of the rooms that she had spent the most time on, taking days to make sure that the stone of the floor was perfectly smooth and level and likewise paying just as much attention to detail on the bookshelves she had carved into the walls. Her various books on anatomy and the human reproductive system were arranged neatly in the shelves behind her desk (a fine wooden one she had commissioned - anonymously - and at some expense from a carpenter in Stormwind) along with the books she herself had completed regarding her experiments and what she had discovered about various topics. The books still barely filled up half of the shelf-wall, but she was hoping to fix that once her latest rounds of tests were completed.

At any rate, the blood elf was hunched over her desk and reading over one of her recently finished journals. From the faint scent of arousal in the air, the rogue liked what she was reading, the violet-eyed woman thought with a smirk as she approached the desk.

"Find anything interesting?" Variona asked in amusement as she set down her latest notes on an empty corner of the now paper-laden desk. She was even more amused when the blood elf started in surprise; obviously the rogue had been concentrating so much on the journal that she hadn't noticed her enter the room. She mentally chuckled, smiling when she caught the rush of blood into the elf woman's cheeks that signaled a blush, and the rogue turned red as she struggled for words, opening her mouth several times before managing to speak.

"What are the measurements in the beginning for?" It was a valid question, and Variona had no problem answering, feeling rather pleased that someone was taking an interest in her research. She had thought she had more or less resigned herself to the fact that no one else would know of her experiments, but now that someone did and was taking an interest, a strange feeling of gratification was welling up in her chest.

"Those tell how large the subject's breasts are initially, and how much their vaginas can stretch to accommodate different cocks, simulated by the toys you saw in the storeroom, of course."

The rogue looked at the journal in front of her with renewed interest, and she sounded short of breath as she asked, "And how do you determine those measurements?"

And so Variona told her, and she quite enjoyed the looks of interest and arousal that flitted across the blood elf's beautiful face during her explanation. She was smirking at the end of it, and the rogue was blushing and sitting stock still as the violet-eyed woman asked her, a little curious despite herself, since she hadn't expected the rogue to stick around, "What is your name?"

The blood elf choked out, her glowing eyes glazed in thought, "Caithana Duskwhisper," and her impressive bosom jiggled as she shook herself out of her thoughts. Variona had to admit, the blood elf was a gorgeous example of her species, and she made a mental note to acquire a blood elf female the next time the Horde launched an attack on the caves. She was quite curious about how blood elves differed from night elves and humans in terms of physiology, especially during sex and how they feel pleasure.

While the twilight dragon was thinking of possible experiments with blood elves, for her part Caithana was having a hard time keeping herself from clearly showing how interested she was in Variona's experiments. Her nipples had already hardened, thankfully not visibly though, and the human-looking woman's explanation of the measurements she had found in various journals on the desk put some of the things she'd read in an entirely new perspective. Seeing Variona was apparently deep in thought, she glanced down at the open journal in front of her, a book that described potions and substances she'd never even heard of and their effects on the female body...or at least the bodies of female night elves and human women, and she wasn't ashamed to admit that she was immensely curious about if they worked on blood elves as well.

Caithana looked at the other books she had gone through when she had stumbled upon the study, research journals that described a myriad of aphrodisiacs and gels and many other substances that Variona had invented and tested, not to mention the details of a few of the creatures she had modified aside from the spider the rogue had seen. Her mind was whirling with the information she had found, and it had been even before Variona had found her and answered her question about the measurements, and she was a bit embarrassed that she felt moisture gathering between her thighs as she remembered the experiments she'd read about in the journals. It shouldn't excite her as much as it did, but she couldn't deny the hardness of her nipples or the clenching of her inner muscles, though she still tried to think logically.

It was interesting what the woman was doing there, true, but she had no guarantee that if she asked what she dearly wanted to ask, she would be able to leave when she wanted to. Variona had given her a free pass that one time in the storeroom, but she didn't know if it would be a standing offer if she said the words that wanted to pass her lips. She glanced around at the study, spotting several research books on the partially-filled shelves that she hadn't gotten to examine, and the possibilities represented by Variona's research couldn't be denied.

She thought carefully over the pros and cons of voicing her question, let alone following through with her intention of willingly subjecting herself to the strange woman's tests. On one hand, as far as she could tell, the other subjects weren't being harmed, and if she was willing, then Variona wouldn't need to chain her or drug her with aphrodisiacs to get her to actively participate. Being a willing test subject would give her much more freedom than the others, not to mention room to maneuver if Variona started pushing for more than she was willing to do. The cons, as far as she could tell, were that she would likely lose almost all contact with anyone she knew, which wasn't that big of a problem as she had never been more than passing acquaintances with anyone else in the Horde after her family had disowned her. There was also the possibility that Variona would try to turn her into one of those mindless subjects who lived only because their bodies hadn't yet given out like their minds had. She had to think carefully about what she was doing...

The blood elf looked up at the violet-eyed woman and before she could think twice, she jolted the other woman out of her thoughts as she blurted out, "Do you need any help with some of your research?"

Variona was surprised at the question to say the least, and one brow raised as she wondered if the rogue was offering what she thought she was offering. A willing specimen would be a definite boon to her work, and it would open up a whole new dimension of experiments she could begin work on, and she felt cautiously hopeful as she asked for clarification, "By 'help', do you mean acquiring supplies or something of the like?"

"No, I mean 'help' as in actively participating..." Caithana trailed off, becoming uncertain if asking that question was a good idea or not. There were so many unknowns, but then her future had been the same way when she had chosen to be a rogue and she hadn't let that stop her then, and she wouldn't let it stop her now. She flinched slightly when Variona suddenly smiled brightly, the look of delight transforming her face into something even more beautiful, and the other woman clapped happily as she said.

"Wonderful! A willing participant would be so much help, I can't even begin to say how much! We can negotiate your fee and which experiments you would help me with later, of course, and I would have to take measurements and record results, so if you are sure you wouldn't mind...?"

Caithana smiled, "I wouldn't expect anything less. As long as I will still be able to come and go as I please?" the other woman easily nodded, obviously not going to rescind her previous permission to leave, "Then we can certainly save the negotiating for a bit later. When do you want to take my 'measurements'?" Her inner walls clenched at the very thought, and the wetness of her loins increased. Her nipples tingled as well, and when Variona smiled and motioned for the rogue to follow her, grabbing a journal and pen as she moved to the door, she practically jumped to her feet.

There was a bounce in her step as Caithana followed Variona to an unused testing room, as she'd read that they were called, and her full lips were turned up in a smile of anticipation.

At Variona's command to strip while the black-haired woman retrieved the needed supplies, Caithana methodically disrobed, exposing her pale flesh bit by bit as her clothing was shed. Her muscles moved subtly beneath her skin as she stretched and flexed in order to limber up, stripping off her boots and then shucking her pants, belt, and her panties, the scrap of cloth already soaked with her wetness. Her breasts, despite how large they were, didn't sag even without the support of her top, and she smiled proudly as she looked at the cherry-red nubs that topped the creamy pale mounds, her nipples tightening in the slightly cool air of the room. It sent a tingle of pleasure through her body, and she found herself getting impatient for her - she supposed 'employer' would be the technical term, even if they hadn't decided on a method of payment yet - for Variona to return.

She stacked her equipment neatly in one of the corners of the room and took a moment to look around, now being able to clearly see the room without another female being chained to the table and drawing her eyes. Thanks to the magical orb she saw embedded in the ceiling, casting a bright glow through the entire room, she saw everything around her clearly. The table in the center of the room was smooth and slightly warm to her touch, and she shivered as a soft whisper of thought reminded her that soon she would be the one laying on that surface.

Made of the same stone as the rest of the room, the restraints - the same ones that had held the two females she had seen before finding the storeroom - were attached at the head and foot of the stone table respectively. The outside of the shackles were metal, but when Caithana looked more closely at them, she saw that the insides were lined with a softer material, like a kind of leather but not, probably to keep the captives from injuring themselves while thrashing around, she thought with a lustful smile. There were several chain links attached to the cuffs, and a bit of poking around revealed that the restraints were adjustable, something that rather surprised her.

For lack of anything better to do, she pulled herself up to sit on the edge of the table, shivering lightly as the slightly warmed stone came into contact with her bare buttocks. She idly put her hands next to her thighs, slim fingers curling against the edge of the table as she looked up, hearing the door open again to admit Variona, the woman carrying a large box as though it weighed next to nothing and smiling brightly.

Variona looked at Caithana, visions of new experiments dancing through her head, and she smiled when she saw the rogue sitting naked on the edge of the testing table, exactly where she wanted the blood elf. "Very good," she said, setting her burden down on the floor next to the foot of the table, "First things first, the breast measurements." She flipped open her journal to a blank page and cast a simple spell to make the book levitate at her side along with the pen as she approached her very first volunteer.

Caithana had to breathe deeply and clench her teeth to prevent herself from moaning as for the next five minutes her lush tits were weighed and fondled, squeezed and groped, her sensitive nipples brushing against Variona's palms and fingers and sending zings of pleasure through her body. From the slight smirk on Variona's face, the blood elf wasn't doing a very good job keeping her enjoyment of the 'measuring' secret. Of course, considering the next measurements that needed to be taken, the other woman would know exactly how wet she was in a few minutes, so she wasn't too worried about it. Once the violet-eyed woman released the rogue's breasts and turned to eagerly write in the floating journal, Caithana took a moment to catch her breath.

"Wonderful, now lay back on the table, if you'd please, and spread your legs." Was Variona's next instruction, and Caithana smoothly pulled her legs up on to the table and twisted so that she was laying on it lengthwise. She spread her legs, bending them at the knees so her wet, shining female flesh was completely open and exposed, her heart pounding in anticipation as she heard Variona rummaging through the box she had brought into the room.

Despite the way her inner walls clenched and the fresh rush of liquid to her cunt that resulted, Caithana managed to pipe up, "I don't think we'll need the restraints, will we?"

A warm chuckle sounded from near her bent knees, and Variona easily replied, "No, certainly not," just as Caithana felt the first brush of something cool and broad against her entrance. Whatever it was, it was smaller than the toy she'd used before, and she smiled as she did her best to relax; she was so wet that the stone cock slid in easily. A moment later, there was a wet slurping sound as the toy was withdrawn and she felt something slightly larger replace it, the new tool stretching her channel slightly and causing her to moan softly. The blood elf counted five more artificial cocks before Variona was through with her measurements, and she was just about to let out her held breath in a quiet sigh when the other woman said happily, "Wonderful! Just one more left, my dear."

Lifting her head up curiously, Caithana watched as Variona finished writing something in her journal and then reached into the box again, withdrawing a large, transparent tube that looked like it was made of glass. From what the rogue could see, the opening of the end that was even now nearing her soaked pussy had softly rounded edges, obviously to keep from causing injury. The tube had to have been almost a foot long and at least four inches wide, and she honestly couldn't figure out how it would possibly be useful.

Allowing her head to drop back to the stone table, she felt the first touch of cool glass against her heated cunt, and she gasped as, little by little, Variona worked the tube inside of her, spreading her pussy lips wide and stretching her inner walls. The slow process of getting the hollow rod completely inside her cunt, despite the amount of her juices that were easing the tube's passage, dragged a long, low moan out of the blood elf. She couldn't help it - a languid orgasm rippled through her body, causing her to arch slightly and sigh in pleasure.

Variona smiled excitedly as she leaned forward, looking down the glass tube and watching the contractions and movements of Caithana's inner walls during orgasm in fascination. The glass tube was designed to allow her to get a clear look at the inside of a female's body without having to do something as nasty as dissection, and it was performing it's task admirably, she thought as she looked down the tube and got a good look at her new subject's womb. She beamed in delight, quickly grabbing her journal and pen out of the air without looking, eager to record what she was seeing. She was fascinated by the similarities between the channels of blood elves and humans, not to mention night elves, and the fact that they were similar meant that she would not have to take a different approach to the experiments that she wanted Caithana to help with.

Once the rogue's orgasm faded, Variona took a moment to observe what her inner muscles looked like at rest, and she was smiling brightly, the expression having appeared more in that one hour than it had since she had gotten her claws on her first subject. Once she had recorded all of her latest observations, Variona levitated her book and pen once again, humming happily as she pulled the slickened glass tube out of Caithana's pussy, ignoring the small moan from the rogue as she pulled a spare cloth out of the box (that she kept just for such an occasion) and gave the tube a quick wipe-down. "I got all the measurements I need for the moment," Variona told the blood elf, packing the myriad of toys back inside the box along with the tube.

Caithana smiled slowly, sitting up and idly lifting a hand to cup one breast, running her thumb slowly over the hardened nipple, watching as the other woman packed away her tools. "So, do we start the tests right away, or do we start negotiation on what I'm to be paid?"

The other woman hummed thoughtfully in her throat, answering slowly, "Well, I suppose it depends on whether you wish to be paid in gold or something more substantial..."

The blood elf blinked, thinking about it as she swung her legs over the side of the table and stopped groping her tit, ceasing the small tingles of pleasure as she inwardly debated over the two options. "Perhaps it should vary depending on what experiments are performed any given week? If I test a new type of drug, aphrodisiac or the like, then I get paid in gold, and if I take part in an experiment that requires me to fuck an animal or something like that, then I get paid in gems or enchanted weaponry or something?" She suggested after a moment, and Variona mulled that proposal over in her mind.

"That certainly sounds fair," Variona agreed, smiling as she picked up the re-packed box and started towards the door, telling her new volunteer over her shoulder, "At the very end of this hallway, there's a small bathing room where you can clean up. After you do that, feel free to look around while I go and check my other experiments. I think I might have to get another night elf soon - I'm not sure how much I can trust the results I'm getting now."

Caithana perked up, and a sly smirk appeared on her lips as she said, "Come find me after you're done, I might be able to offer a suggestion on where to find a new night elf," and at Variona's questioning look, she merely grinned as the other woman exited the room and the rogue began gathering her clothing and equipment.

As she started walking down the hall towards the bathing room, she felt a well of satisfaction inside her chest. She now had a lucrative and very, very pleasurable job, a job that might very well help her entire race, and if Variona decided to take her suggestion, she would have the satisfaction of watching one of those purple-skinned bitches squirm in more ways than one.

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