tagNonHumanTwilight's Pleasure Ch. 05

Twilight's Pleasure Ch. 05


Author's Note: I'm sorry it took me so long to post this - I was taking a break to recharge my batteries, so to speak. Since it was mentioned by one reviewer, I decided to include a part about some of the other experiments going on in Variona's lab, and that sort of gave me trouble.


Waking up to find yourself in a stone cell sans clothes and with a suspicious soreness in your loins was almost never a good thing, Gienna Macarler reflected with a sigh, pushing herself slowly into a sitting position. It was also a situation that she had been in more than once in her twenty-three years of life, and so she was adept at not panicking and instead trying to think back on what might have happened to land her in the cell in the first place.

Gienna was a priest, though you certainly wouldn't think that to look at her, and a gorgeous woman in her own right. She had light cocoa-colored skin and raven-dark hair that fell straight to her lower back, and her curvy figure had often been the envy of noblewomen and tavern-maids alike. Her breasts were a rich bounty guaranteed to fill any man's hands to overflowing and were the size of fine ripened melons, and her usual attire - which she wasn't wearing at the moment - of a low-cut, form-fitting robe had showed off her breasts to perfection and just barely covered her dark nipples. She had nicely rounded hips and a firm, toned ass to go along with her long legs, and altogether stood at an average 5"6.

The priestess had little in the way of modesty on a normal day, so she was content to let her tits hang free as she stood up on shaky legs to look around her cell, sparing a moment to be grateful that there didn't seem to be any other soreness. The first thing she noticed were the shackles laying unused on the floor to the left of where she stood, and a quick glance around showed that she had been laying unconscious in the middle of the room, which was made of solid stone and contained a pile of bedding near the unused shackles and what appeared to be a gnomish toilet, except more streamlined and hopefully less likely to explode after several uses.

She didn't know why she had been left unrestrained, and her toffee-colored eyes narrowed in thought as she paced slowly from one end of the room to the other, trying to remember what might have happened to land her in this situation. The last thing she clearly remembered was joining a group of thirty adventurers on a raid of the Twilight Highlands, and she had just finished healing a mage who had gotten injured while setting a zealot on fire in the midst of his fellow madmen before everything had gone dark. She didn't think she'd been physically knocked unconscious, as a quick brush of her fingers over her scalp revealed no tender or aching spots beneath her hair, so that left having been rendered unconscious by magical means.

Gienna looked around suspiciously, finding herself highly doubting that she was a captive of the Twilight's Hammer cult - she had heard the stories and even healed a few of those lucky enough to escape the group of madmen, and so she doubted that the cult would leave any prisoner unchained no matter how little a threat they thought she posed. Pursing her lips, she knelt and examined the door closely, vaguely aware that something was missing - besides her clothing, that is - but not sure what. Thanks to her many, many romantic encounters with various rogues, she had picked up a thing or two about picking locks, but unfortunately for her the door to the cell didn't seem to have one. An experimental shove proved the door to be as sturdy as they came, and she was forced to step back with a sigh.

As she thought, running through her options and trying to think of ways to escape from her cell, she gradually noticed a faint tingling sensation running over her skin, and she shivered delicately. Unthinkingly, she tried to cast a Smite spell on the door in hopes of damaging it or at least testing it, only...nothing happened. Frowning, she tried to cast it again, only for the same results to occur, and again when she attempted to summon a small light around her hand. It felt like she had had a bucket of freezing water dumped over her when she realized what was missing: she could no longer feel her connection to the Light.

The priest took a deep, shuddering breath, trying to remain calm as her thoughts chased each other around in circles, trying desperately to figure out how her powers could have been blocked or otherwise taken from her. She drew a blank, and in an attempt to keep calm, she made the mistake of focusing on the tingling sensation all over her body. At first glance, she noted, the tingling was actually more of a tickle, like she was being rubbed all over with a feather, and the feeling, it seemed, was everywhere, over every inch of her flesh. Even between her legs, she felt and was unable to stop the giggle that welled up inside her from escaping.

Now thoroughly curious about the odd feeling and where it could possibly be coming from, she shivered again, blinking in surprise as she watched her nipples harden into inch-long black peaks. She shuddered again as she cautiously brought one hand up and gently stroked a finger over one of her nipples, gasping at the jolt of pleasure that resulted from the touch. Her breasts had always been sensitive, that was true, but never that sensitive, she thought in amazement as moisture began slowly gathering between her legs.

Curious and now a little bit horny, the loss of her connection to the Light slipped from her mind as Gienna raised both hands up to cup her breasts, flicking her fingers over her nipples, pinching and squeezing the nubs and then gasping when the jolts of pleasure seemed to go right to her pussy. Ever since she'd been young Gienna had possessed very little modesty and a great willingness to explore both hers' and other peoples' bodies, so she didn't hesitate to fondle and play with her tits despite the fact that she might have been being watched through some unknown means.

All that she was focused on at the moment was exploring the newfound sensitivity of her tits and seeing just how far that new sensitivity went. She pinched her nipples sharply, moaning loudly at the sharp 'zing' of pleasure, and one hand left her tits to drift down between her thighs, unable to resist the temptation to touch herself even more intimately.

Her cunt was literally dripping wet, and she had to lean against the nearest wall when the first touch of her questing fingers made her knees go weak. Oooooh yes, her new sensitivity certainly extended to her pussy! She was honestly delighted by the discovery, and her chest was heaving as she gasped for breath, one finger teasingly circling around her entrance yet not touching it or the hardened nub above it. She tormented herself like that for what must have been ten minutes, one hand tugging and massaging her nipples and tits and the other hand teasing her cunt - by the time her index finger gently brushed the distended pleasure nub above her clit, her cunt was soaking with her juices and she was about ready to come then and there.

Finally, when she couldn't stand it anymore, Gienna moaned happily as two fingers slid easily into her wet channel, wet slurping sounds filling her cell along with her pleasured moans and cries as she added a third, then a fourth finger. Her other hand abandoned her breasts and went down to rub and play with her clit while her other hand dove in and out of her soaking cunt. Pleasure rolled through the priest's body like ocean waves, leaving her gasping for breath and sobbing for release as she felt her first orgasm fast approaching.

The large-breasted priest threw her head back and screamed as she came, sobbing with pleasure as her hands continued their ministrations. That one orgasm soon became two, then three, four, five, who knows how many as her fingers twisted and caressed her most sensitive and secret places. Her inner walls clenched around her fingers, trying to keep the digits inside her moist channel, and Gienna found herself yearning for something, anything to fill her better than her own fingers. She would even sleep with a Goblin if she had to! She thought desperately, leaning her head back against the cool stone of the wall behind her, bracing her legs and spreading them wider as she sharply pinched her clit between two fingers and twisted it just as one of the fingers she had in her pussy just barely brushed the pleasure spot within her.

Fireworks seemed to go off behind her closed eyelids as she came one last time, her juices trickling down her thighs and dripping around her fingers to land on the floor of her cell. Sliding down the wall into a sitting position and slowly withdrawing her fingers from between her legs, Gienna moaned as her inner muscles clenched, still longing for something to fill her, but her previous orgasms had wore her out enough that she was able to ignore that desire...for the moment.

Now physically drained to go with her spiritual exhaustion, Gienna found her vision fading in and out as her head lolled from side to side, and she was aware of her body enough to realize she was on the verge of passing out. Distantly, she registered the sound of the cell door opening, and just as she lost consciousness, she heard a female voice say, "Well well, that was quite a performance, my darling priest. I might just have a proposal for you..."

And the dark-skinned woman knew no more, the darkness of unconsciousness reaching up to draw her under.


The second time Gienna regained consciousness, it was to very different surroundings than the cell she had passed out in.

Instead of a cold stone cell, she was laying supine on a large, luxurious mattress that was so soft that she could only liken it to sleeping on an actual cloud. The room she now found herself in was just as luxurious as the mattress, decorated in tones of cream and gold with some emerald green thrown in, and she could tell at a glance that what woodwork there was in the otherwise stone room had been done by a master craftsman. Yes, it was certainly different than her previous cell, she thought with a low groan as she tried to push herself into a sitting position.

She noted absently that she was still completely naked, but she was surprised to discover that the remains of her self-pleasuring had been cleaned up, and her vagina was no more sore than it had been when she'd passed out.

Okay, now she was confused - first she'd woken up in a cell with her connection to the Light somehow blocked, and now she was in a bedroom fit for royalty with her powers, she quickly checked by attempting to summon a small light, completely intact. "Just what is going on here?" She wondered out loud, frowning in confusion and more than a little worry that the situation was some sort of unusual trap.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a highly-amused voice coming from a doorway that she hadn't noticed, "An excellent question, my dear, not to mention a practical one," The owner of the voice was a human female with black hair, glowing violet eyes, and breasts even larger than Gienna's clad in a form-fitting robe that covered the stranger's pale skin to the point of being prudish. In other words, the stranger was gorgeous. Seeing the priest's frown, the woman chuckled and said, "Now don't be like that, my darling priest, I plan on explaining everything before I make my offer to you."

Gienna barely had time to think 'what offer?' before the other woman began to speak again, introducing herself as Variona before the real explanation began. And by the end of it, the young woman's head was spinning with everything she had heard, and she was unashamedly gaping when Variona added, seemingly as an afterthought, "And you have no idea how pleased I am that the experiment to magically increase sensitivity performed on you was a success! Granted, I wasn't really sure about merging it with the light that illuminated your cell at first, but it worked!" and let out a pleased giggle as she clapped her hands.

Well, at least that partially explained what had happened to her back in that first cell...

In theory, she understood what the strange woman was saying about experimenting to increase pleasure and find ways to increase fertility and make birth itself pleasurable, but in reality her mind was whirling over the implications. Especially when Variona unashamedly admitted that only one of her test subjects was there willingly - "But that's where you come in, my darling priest! I watched your little performance quite closely, and I think you would be an excellent addition to my volunteers. You would be paid, of course, and these would be your rooms when you stay here. You would be free to come and go as you willed, provided you didn't tell anyone what I was doing here."

She was about to tell the violet-eyed woman thanks but no thanks, but her brain got ahead of her mouth and stopped her from making a huge mistake. She mentally took a step back and actually thought about Variona was offering her and what the woman was really doing. Some of the things the other woman said she was trying to do - increase fertility and making giving birth pleasurable instead of painful - definitely appealed to her, and really, what would be so bad about helping such a worthy cause?

Gienna didn't have any truly close friends, nor was she a member of a guild, having always preferred to adventure alone or else team up with a group as needed, and her parents had been killed in an Orc raid when she had been fourteen years-old. That meant that there really wasn't anyone she could tell about Variona's experiments, and who would believe her if she did? Becoming one of Variona's subjects guaranteed steady pay, food and shelter, and also helped to advance the other woman's experiments in helping humans. She thought carefully, weighing both the good and bad of Variona's offer, and she hesitantly said, "I have to think about it..." after all, she thought, no matter how good it sounded there was likely to be a catch somewhere.

A sly smirk slid across Variona's lips as she purred, "Oh, I understand, my sweet. These kinds of decisions are not to be made lightly, after all. If you feel up to it, why don't you come with me for a peek of what you would be signing up for?" It was worded as a suggestion, but there was no doubt that it was an order that the woman expected to be obeyed. She turned around, long black hair whirling around her at the movement as she exited the room.

"Lead the way," Gienna spoke rhetorically as she pushed herself to her feet and padded after the violet-eyed woman, unabashedly looking around the lit stone hallways which were apparently carved out of a cliff. She remembered Variona mentioning that her only willing volunteer was a blood elf during her somewhat rambling explanation, so she kept her eyes opened for that. The air wasn't cold, and so her nakedness was of no concern as she followed the other woman down the hallway, pausing when Variona stopped in front of a metal door and then pushed it open as easily as if the heavy barrier were made of paper rather than iron.

The priest was understandably hesitant to approach the new opening, biting a lip before obeying Variona's beckoning gesture and cautiously approaching. As she got closer to the entrance of the room, loud slurping sounds reached her ears, a blush rising to her cheeks as she easily identified the sounds of something sliding into a thoroughly wet pussy. She had heard it often enough, she reflected ruefully as she carefully looked into the room, making sure not to enter it lest the woman beside her try to trap her by shutting the door behind her.

At first glance it was easy to see that the room was one of the testing rooms that Variona had described during her earlier explanation, a light orb embedded in the ceiling providing ample light so she could see what was inside. The room was made completely out of stone, even the table in the middle of room, but Gienna's eyes weren't on the decor. No, her gaze was locked with horrified fascination on what was on the table: a human woman with dark skin much like her and bright green eyes that were glazed with pleasure, her hands locked beside her head with iron shackles and her legs held apart so her cunt was exposed by the very same thing. Of course, when the woman's full lips parted and a lusty moan slipped from her mouth it was obvious that she no longer had any interest in closing them.

The captive woman had breasts the size of large cantaloupes topped with hardened nipples several shades darker than her skin, long, toned legs, and rounded hips that had likely been the source of many a man's wet dreams. Her rich brown hair was spread around her head like a veil, and soft moans and lewd slurping noises filled the room, the source of the latter easily seen, perched on the shackled woman's stomach as it was. It was some kind of jellyfish, the observing priest thought distantly, but it was larger than any she had ever seen, as it was easily as big as a large dog, covering the entire expanse of female belly it was perched on from breasts to hips. Parts of the jellyfish were glowing a soft pink, at odds with the translucency of the rest of its' body and making it appear all that more enthralling.

Its' tentacles were long and ranged in thickness from barely an inch wide to at least five inches, several of the smaller ones were wrapped around its' captive's tits and were alternately squeezing and massaging the fleshy orbs, the tips of the tentacles rhythmically flicking over the woman's nipples and drawing out wanton moans each time. The longest of the jellyfish's tendrils had to have been over a foot long, as Gienna could see them going from the creature straight into the other woman's vagina. She couldn't help wondering exactly how deeply into the captive woman's body they managed to reach...

The priest was torn from her thoughts by Variona's voice, and she listened with interest as the other woman spoke, "Now this is something I've been tinkering with for a while now - it's actually the second version of its' kind, and the more successful one, I think. It's main purpose is to increase sensitivity and fertility; you see the slime on its' tentacles?" And yes, when Gienna looked back at the jellyfish more closely, she was able to see the faint sheen of wetness on the tendrils wrapped around the shackled woman's breasts and the slight shine on her tits that showed where those tendrils had touched. She hadn't noticed anything on the tentacles thrusting in and out of the other woman's cunt because it had been impossible to tell the difference between the jellyfish's natural slime and the woman's aroused wetness.

Variona continued, "That slime is what increases the sensitivity and fertility - the skin it comes in contact with becomes incredibly sensitive and conductive to pleasure, and the tentacles are long enough to reach the womb and increase the fertility of the eggs there. It helps that the channel to the womb also becomes more sensitive because of the slime, as I believe the process should be as pleasurable as the result," She finished with a smile, nudging Gienna back as she shut the door, the sound of the woman inside's latest orgasm the last thing heard from inside the room.

"Well then, shall we move on? There's much more to see!" the violet-eyed woman said brightly, setting off down the hallway once again, the priest stumbling along behind her.

Gienna scowled, trying to get her legs under control as she tried to walk after Variona and instead wound up stumbling. Her knees were shaking as she fully digested what she'd just seen, and her thighs were suspiciously wet, her pussy clenching tightly on nothing and providing no small amount of discomfort as she tried to walk normally. She had just managed to steady herself when they stopped in front of another door, Variona opening it just as easily as she had the other one, and if anything her trepidation was even greater than it had been before as she cautiously approached to look inside this latest room.

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