tagLoving WivesTwin Angels

Twin Angels

byGrey Eagle 286©

I knew some thing was wrong when I heard my wife call my name. I was half asleep and sort of half pissed because she was so late. She had gone to a movie with her sister. I was wide-awake when I heard the sound of her voice again. I glanced at the clock, it was almost three AM.

I ran down the hall and saw her lying on the floor just inside the front door. I lifted her and carried her to the couch. She looked up at me, I could see she was having trouble keeping her eyes open. She said, "Donny, Please check on Betsy."

I ran to the phone and dialed her sister's number. Charlie her husband answered. I asked if Betsy were all right. He said, "NO! A cab just pulled in with her. She is completely out of it. I taking her to the Emergency Room."

I said, "Andrea is out of it too, she just staggered in here and asked me to check on Betsy." He told me he would stop by and we could take both of them to the Emergency Room.

I must digress and tell you about Andrea and I. Andrea and her sister are both stunning girls. Betsy is a year older than Andrea. They are always told they look like twins. It's true. They are like two peas in a pod. They are both just a hair over five feet tall and weigh just 100 pounds. They each fill a C cup bra beautifully. They have narrow waists, slim hips, and tight little butts.

Both are full of fun and laughter and are bundles of energy. They are two of the sexiest looking females I have ever seen. They are 28 and 29 years old and get taken for teenagers constantly.

I am Donald. I am six feet tall and 185 pounds. I am in very good shape because of Andrea. She keeps me fit by seeing that I eat right and exercise often. She goes to the doctor with me for my semiannual checkups and talks with him about my health. She doesn't miss a thing. She even jogs with me two or three times a week.

Andrea teases me about my age all the time. I am thirty- eight years old. She tells everyone I am always mistaken for her father. Actually it has only happened once when I was just out of the hospital. I was in rough shape and had lost over thirty pounds after a really sever upper respiratory infection. I damned near died. I did look like death warmed over. We were to meet Charlie and Betsy at a place for dinner and dancing. A doorman told me I couldn't bring my underage daughter in the bar and grille. I guess I will never live that down.

Betsy is married to a wonderful guy named Charles Fassio. He has a truck repair business and makes good money. He and I are very close we all spend a lot of time together.

I have a computer repair business and do very well. I have six employees. Only two are full time and the others moonlight from other computer repair services or other jobs.

When we pulled into the Hospital Charlie ran in and came back out with two gurneys and several orderlies. We told the doctor what had happened. We told them they went to a movie together and were going to stop for a drink on the way home and should have been home by eleven or twelve o'clock. We told them how they had arrived home. I still don't know how Andrea managed to drive home.

They wouldn't let us stay with the girls and we sat outside and worried like hell that they had food poisoning because Charlie overheard someone mention 'stomach pump'.

The doctor came out and said they were both drugged and had had sex not too long before. He said they were running toxicology tests for 'ruffies' and were assuming they had been raped. He said they would test for the most common drugs, Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine. They were also being tested for STDs and were getting the standard rape kit. The police had been notified.

I looked at Charlie, "We are going to have to be very understanding about this. I do NOT believe any one had sex with either of them with out it being rape. There just isn't any way."

Charlie agreed, "They have been traumatized in the worst way. We need to talk to some one to get guidance on this."

"You are right. We'll see if they don't have something or someone we can get the information from with the rape kits.

Charlie looked at me very seriously, "I want to make a phone call."

I said, "I wouldn't call their Mom and Dad yet."

"Right, I want to tell Uncle Chuck."

"Uncle Chuck?" I thought about it for a minute then nodded my approval. He got up and walked off. Charlie was named after his uncle. His uncle was very close to Charlie, more like a father to him. He loves our wives dearly. He lavished all sorts of gifts on both girls. He calls them his twin angels. He is a very sweet and loving man towards his family. We don't see him as often as we would like. He says he doesn't want anyone to know about the connection.

He is also known as Chucky, 'the big hammer', Fassio. He is very well known and has his fingers in many businesses. Many of them a bit shady but most are strictly legitimate.

Charlie came back and sat close to me. He softly said, "My uncle, who's name we will not mention in any way until otherwise advised, was very upset. I have never heard him scream like that. He is really upset the girls were hurt. He was on my ass for letting them go out alone. He is very upset about this. He prays it wasn't somebody trying to get at him through the girls. He said to make notes and to insist on a transcript of the police interrogation of the girls. He said he would have his people start checking around as soon as we had something to go on,"

A nurse came out and told us the girls were being moved to a room for observation. We hurried to join them. They were both awake and looked a lot more chipper than when we saw them last. I looked at Charlie, "Hey, I'll take the blond!"

"No I want the blond. I'll flip you for her."

"OK, can I try each of them out first?" Andrea laughed and said, "If you don't get your ass over here and kiss me you won't have a chance at all." I held her and kissed her. She looked at me and I could tell she was a little afraid. She said, "Do you still love me?"

"More than I can possibly tell you. You had me scared to death. You are my life, you know that."

"Yes, you loved me but how do you feel now.?" Tears ran from her eyes.

"I love you like I hope you would love me if someone drugged me and had their way with me. I KNOW you would still love me." I glanced over and saw Betsey and Charlie holding each other and watching us. I said, "You girls have never seen two more terrified guys in your life as we were when we were rushing the two of you over here. We thought you might be dying. We didn't know what was wrong with you. We only had a few minutes to think. Then things got real busy when we first got you here. We were in the waiting room and I looked at Charlie. He had that deer in the headlights look. His hands were shaking. He tried to stop it by clinching his fists but it didn't help. Tears ran down his cheeks. Let me tell you, the man was scared stiff. I was too."

Charlie looked over at me. Then he looked at each girl, "Let me tell you what pulled me together when I was having a bad time. It was your guy Andrea, he patted my shoulder and said, "I do NOT believe anyone had sex with either one of them if it wasn't rape. Then he said, 'There just isn't any way'. I knew in my heart he was right."

Andrea buried her face in my shoulder and started crying. I held her tightly told her to cry it all out; that I would always love her with all my heart."

I heard Charlie whispering in Betsy's ear and then we were all crying softly.

I thought back to the night I first met Andrea. It was at a party and I was not happy to be there. My sister had dragged me there because I had just broken up with a girl I had gone with for over a year and I was down in the dumps. I was standing in a corner when someone pulled my arm. I saw this tiny beautiful girl looking at me. She said, "You look so sad you make me want to cry. Will you dance with me?"

I didn't know what to think. She was beautiful; she wore a 'little black dress'. It was cut low in front a showed a lovely cleavage. She wore stockings and stiletto heels. She smiled up at me as we moved around the floor. I couldn't remember what I was so sad about. She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a couch that was suddenly empty. She sat me down and turned to face me and said, "Tell me all about it and I'll help you work through it. OK? I have to know if you can smile" She held one of my hands in both of hers and I stared into those big blue eyes I couldn't for the life of me remember what she was talking about. She giggled, "Can you smile? OH! You have a beautiful smile, just beautiful. I love it."

I asked her who she was and she smiled and said, "I am Andrea Collins, who are you?"

"I am Don McGinnis. Gosh, you are a little girl, how old are you?"

She said she had just turned 21 and wanted to know how old I was. I told her I was 31. She smiled shyly and looked at me and said, "I like older guys. Listen, I want to talk with you but it is too loud here, is there some where near by we can talk?"

I said, "My place is only a couple blocks away if you don't mind walking. I promise you will be perfectly safe and I get you home later."

She looked at me for a while then said, "I trust you, let's go."

"I have to tell my sister I am leaving, I came with her."

"Who is you sister? I know every girl here."

"Dolly, Dolly McGinnis."

"You are Dolly's big brother? Now I know I'll be safe. I have to tell MY sister. I'll be right back, there is Dolly over there. Meet you at the door."

I talked to my sister and told her I was taking Andrea home to talk. "Really, I think she is the nicest girl I know, she and her sister are very sweet." I kissed her cheek and headed for the door. As I neared the door it opened and a nice looking black haired man entered. Andrea ran to him and kissed him passionately. I watched for a minute and decided to just go on home. I wanted to cry. I opened the door and heard Andrea say, "Hey are you leaving without me?" I turned and she was there smiling up at me. I turned and looked back and saw her hanging on to the black haired guy.

"Damn, there are two of you. I thought you found another guy."

"No, I couldn't do that to you. That is my sister Betsy. We look a lot alike."

"Are you twins?"

"No she is a year older than I am, that is Charlie, her beau."

"Do you have a beau too?"

"No, I am still looking for the right guy. Would you like to apply for the job?"

"Yes, I will dust off my resume' and get it to you."

"Fine I will add you to the list."

"I'll bet it is a long, long list."

"Actually you are the only one on it right now."

We walked along talking. She was holding onto my arm and I loved it. We entered my apartment and I was proud it was very neat and clean. That was because Dolly had cleaned up yesterday.

I fixed us a couple of drinks and we sat and talked. She had to use the bathroom and asked if my girl friend had left her cosmetics and things there. I informed her that Dolly was living with me while our Mom and Dad were on a cruise. I told her about my break up and was able to laugh about it. She had just broken up with a guy too. I couldn't believe that. I said, "He had to be crazy, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, He was nuts."

She laughed, "Oh! I can be a little bitch sometimes."

"Sure, but why would that make him leave you?"

"Oh! He didn't exactly leave me. I wasn't in love with him and didn't see any pointing dragging it out."


"Oh? Well he wasn't a good kisser either. It was Ho Hum every time he kissed me, no fire and the earth didn't shake."

"Wow! I don't guess I kiss like that either. No one ever told me I did."

"Would you like to kiss me?"

"Yes, very much. Do you want to stand up so you can feel if the earth shakes?"

"You are teasing me now!"

"No, I am deadly serious." She stood and looked up at me. I reached out and gently pulled her to me. Her lips were slightly parted and I softly pressed my lips to her's. Damn, a tingle ran down my back to my toes. I wanted to never let go of her. She pulled back and looked at me with her blue eyes wide. She put her little hands up and felt my face. She gently pulled me down for another kiss. This was a longer kiss and our tongues met and played. She pushed me back and sat down and stared at me.

I heard a key in the door and Dolly came in and stopped when she saw Andrea. Andrea ran to Dolly, "I need to talk to you." And she dragged Dolly to the bathroom. When they came out Andrea sat beside me and leaned close to me. I asked Dolly if she wanted a drink or something. She said she was going to go to bed. Andrea looked at her watch. She jumped up. She grabbed her purse. She pulled out a little notebook and wrote in it. She tore the page out. She asked me to kiss her again. I winked at Dolly and kissed Andrea. It was just wonderful.

She stepped back and stared at me then looked at Dolly, "Will you please give me a ride home, it's only about five minutes from here."

Dolly said, "Donny would love to drive you home."

"I would love that too! Too much, I just am afraid right now."

"OK, I'll take you home."

Andrea came to me and kissed me on the corner of my mouth. She put her little hand on my cheek and I felt it to my toes. She handed me the page from her little notebook and turned and hurried out the door. I glanced at the note. Her number was on the back with a short message. It said, 'Call me in the morning, Please. XXXX Me' I sat and waited for Dolly to get home. It was about a half an hour before she was back. I heard Dolly shut the door.

She grinned, "Do you like her a little bit?"

"Hell yes, she is wonderful, totally adorable. I can't believe what she does when she kisses me."

"Sweet brother, you do the same thing to her. She says bells ring and the earth shakes when you kiss her. She said she knew she would drag you to her bed if you drove her home. You made a conquest tonight Donny."

"No, Sis, she did."

"Oh! My, how wonderful, I am so happy for both of you. You couldn't have found a better person and she couldn't either. Good night now."

I did call her in the morning and asked her to go out for brunch with me. She broke my heart when she said, "No." Tears filled my eyes and I hung put the phone down and walked to the couch and sat and stared at the wall. I don't know how long I sat there before I head a knock on the door.

I went to the door and opened it. There she was. She looked frightened. "Are you alright Donny?"

"I guess so, I don't know what happened, I just didn't want to breath anymore."

She threw her arms around my neck and gently kissed me. "Poor baby, I tried to tell you I had everything ready to bring over here a fix brunch for you. I would never say no to you about anything. I might say 'no, not right now. I would never say just a flat NO to you. I just couldn't do that."

I searched her face and I believed her. She was adorable; she looked about fifteen years old with her hair in a ponytail and with shorts and a cropped top. Wow, what a change, now I felt great. She held me tight and cried a little. "I thought I had lost you, it scared me too. We have to have patience with each other and not go off half cocked."

She pushed back and looked at me wide-eyed. She looked down at me. "Wow! You are certainly not half cocked!" She put her little hand down and felt my erection through my jeans.

She spent a long time feeling my package. "Oh! Donny now I know."

"Know what?"

"I know we will be perfect together."

"Yes, but where is Dolly?"

"I am right here watching you guys make out." Said Dolly. We jumped apart.

"Hey, don't let me bother you, I think you guy are just beautiful together. I love it. I'm headed out for the day anyway. Have fun." She walked over to the door; she looked back with a loving smile as she closed the door behind her.

Andrea grinned. "Let me fix us something to eat, then we can watch football. OK?" She had me follow her to her car and help her carry things in. In about ten minutes she called me to eat. She handed me a plate loaded with eggs, scrambled with red and green peppers, chunks of ham, slices of breakfast sausage, and potatoes. It was very tasty.

I helped her with the dishes and every thing was done in no time. The she looked at me and walked to me and said, "Donny I know this is sudden, but I think I love you. Will you please make love to me? Then we'll know for sure." I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I put her down beside the bed and looked in her sweet face, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Oh yes! I'm not a virgin, I wish I was, but I'm not." I sat on the bed and pulled her in front of me, I pulled the little shirt up off her body. I undid the snap on her white boy cut shorts and slipped them down. She wore a pink thong panties and a matching bra. Her hands were behind her and the bra fell away baring her beautiful breasts. My hands pressed her panties down over her taught ass and they dropped to her feet. I leaned forward and just sucked in a pink nipple. She moaned softly and I felt her small hands hold my head in place.

She moved my head to her other breast. Mmmmm! Sweet. She pulled me with her towards the bed. I told her to wait until I got my clothes off. She watched as I stripped. The more I took off the bigger her smile got. The last item I removed was my jockey shorts. She grinned and clapped her hands, "Wow! I got a real whopper."

I laughed, "You did, did you? Why do you say that?"

"I see it, you are well endowed. Well hung."

"You embarrass me. My old Daddy used to tell me, 'It ain't what you got, it's the way how you use it.' I have to confess I haven't got a whole lot of experience."

"Donny, we will learn together. It will be more fun that way. Get up here on the bed with me. I want to check that thing out, up close and personal." She pushed me on my back. She crawled down and her little hand reached out and lifted him off my belly. She examined him carefully then rubbed him over her cheeks. She moved her tities over him and softly touched the head of my cock to her nipples while she watched my face. It was a very erotic thing for me.

I was very aroused by then. I pulled her up and turned her on her back. I moved between her legs and rubbed my face over her smooth, baby soft mound. I parted her little nether lips with my thumbs. Her vagina hardly opened up at all. I ran my tongue inside that sweet pussy, I had to taste every speck of her, the flavor was divine, the sweet smell and taste of vanilla and roses. I could delay no longer; I just had to enter her. I reached down and rubbed the head of my cock up and down the slit in her pussy lips. On the next down motion when I felt the opening of her pussy I pressed forward. My cock slipped in. Heaven! Wet warm, tight, slippery heaven. Andrea moaned and hugged my face tightly to her breast. I tried the old long slow stroke ploy but I wasn't able to stand how that felt. She started whimpering now and frightened me. I stopped and looked carefully at her face. Her eyes were closed and she had a beautiful and serene smile on her face. Her eyes opened a bit, "Please, don't stop now, Donny, I love how you fuck me. I really, really love it."

I guessed that I hadn't hurt her. I thrust in hard and fast, my pubes thumping into her bare mound causing a loud cry from her, "YES! OH, YES!" I wanted to slow down and show my complete control. Yeah right! My ass involuntarily went into high gear. I thrust in deep and deeper as fast as I could move. She was thrusting back against me.

The plans I had made to slowly bring her to the peak of her ecstasy and holding her there just went down the drain. Instinctively I knew the most important thing in my life was to breed with her, to inject my seed into her fertile womb. I had to impregnate her with MY babies. My brain was no longer in control. All my emotions and desires were coursing through my brain while all my sensations were concentrated in my cock. I had no control of the pulse after pulse of my sperm that spurted into her sweet little body. My being was filled with the ultimate joy. I seemed to cum for a long time.

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