tagNonHumanTwin Awakenings Ch. 01

Twin Awakenings Ch. 01


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey sexy Lit readers! Kitty here, I'm new to the whole writing thing so I just thought I would try it out. I tend to ramble a little so bear with me. Feedback is greatly appreciated whether it be negative (Don't worry I won't break from harsh opinions LOL) or positive so don't be shy, tell me what you think. I'm very open-minded so if you have suggestions or ideas feel free to contact me =) Hope you enjoy!




The Visitor~

It's quiet. I lay motionless on my top bunk, the thin mattress as comfortable as laying on a rock. My eyes were closed but I wasn't asleep, but to anybody who might've been watching me, I appeared to be. My heart rate and body completely lax, my breathing slow and easy like that of someone in a deep slumber. That's when they decided was the perfect time to make their move.

I didn't have to open my eyes to know of their approach. The three females moved quickly in unison, well they tried to at least. They weren't as quiet as they hoped to be. I heard everything, every clumsy quick step, every silent intake of breath, every racing heartbeat, the silent rustling of fabric with every move they made. My sensitive ears, picking up every sound being produced throughout the whole cell-block, whether it be near or far. There was a clammy hand lightly clasping my knee.

A low sigh emanated from my lips, as I pretended to be asleep. Another hand slowly reached under my pillow and tried to gracefully rid me of my hidden candy bar. I rolled my head to the wall allowing the thief easier access. My assailants were moving at turtle speed and I had to clench my jaw to keep from sucking my teeth. I was getting quite bored with their little ministrations. Hey now, a hand slowly descended upon my right breast while the other made its way to my thigh.

The slight touch caused my nipples to pucker against the fabric of my sweat shirt. Maybe I won't kill this one too quickly...the hand at my thigh moved ever so slightly upward as the hand palming my breast began to squeeze gently. A soft moan slipped from my throat and I played into her touch, arching up in to her hand and spreading my legs slightly. My nipples grew harder as I heard my assailant's heart quickened and breathing hiss out over an object clenched between her teeth.

Ah, so she's planning to take me with force, is she?

...Wait for it...

She motions for her goons to fall back and the hand at my knee disappears.


My assailant removes the object from between her teeth with the hand that was on my thigh and raises it to my neck as she pulls at the loose collar of my sweatshirt.

Wait for it...

She brings the object down to my outstretched collar and begins to gently cut it. I let her cut about three inches of my sweatshirt, allowing her the pleasure of seeing the tops of my creamy caramel colored breast. Her breath catches in her throat at the delicious sight. She raises the object back to resume cutting...


My right hand snaps out and wraps around her neck, quick like a bees' sting as my body twists agilely into a low crouch on the small mattress. With my eyes still closed, I sense the panic in the room as the two goons in the back gasp and the one in my hand lets out a startled scream that I quickly silence by cutting off her air. Raising my free hand palm up, I shake my finger at them in warning. I open my eyes slowly and smile at the goons as they pause in their tracks at the sight of my deathly blue eyes.

I understand their bewilderment, it's not often that you see a black person with blue eyes such as mine, though they aren't really blue, they're a hazel that change with my mood. Being as I wasn't in a good mood to begin with these females just made it worst.

My attention is drawn back to the struggling female in my hand. She was trembling and clawing at my hand. She had a pretty deep chocolate complexion with scars marring her pretty face just like mine, except mine were smaller and did nothing to taint my beauty. Her shoulder length, kinky hair braided straight back in cornrows. She looked rough and butch. If she were my type, I would've allowed her to have her way with me. I opened my mouth to speak but was interrupted by the loud shrill voice of our section guard.

"Solis, to the bars now..." Leaning my face to the female in my hand, I whisper lightly.

"Saved by the bell, maybe if you would have asked nicely I would have kindly cooperated." I gently brushed my lips across her cheek and her struggling stopped. Fear began to pour from her at the contact causing me to wrinkle my nose and smirk.

"Don't fear me now, did you know fear has a very acidic smell. I smell it on you. Don't ever try to fuck with me again or the next time I won't be to kind..." as the last word rolled from my tongue officer Shirley's voice interrupted my thoughts again.

"Solis get your ass moving or we're coming in to drag you- Jesus!" I dropped the female and hopped from the bed moving at break neck speed to the cell gate startling the officer. Smiling like the Cheshire cat, I stuck my wrists through the bars and waited for her to pick up the cuffs and chains she dropped.

"How does she move so fast?"

"Hell if I know, the girl gets me every time." Curiously I cocked my head to the side and caught sight of the second officer the deep voice came from. He was tall and muscular. I could tell he hits the gym regularly, his skin a smooth olive tone. He looked young around his mid-twenties. Looking back to the short older woman in her forties, I grabbed her wrist to get her to look up at me.

"Hey Shirl, what's with the extra muscle?"

"Boss said I might need it in case all doesn't go well." She smirked at me and tugged her hand free as I pondered her comment.

"If all of what, what am I about to be subjected to?"

"Out in the hall Solis, get that big ass in gear." I pulled my cuffed hands back from the gate as she unlocked the cell and opened it. Stepping out in the hallway unseeingly, I bumped into Mr. Muscles. He stared down at me then looked to Shirley.

"I thought she was supposed to be a hand full she seems quite...oomph." I elbowed him in the ribs causing him to double forward then clasping my fists together, I slammed them down on his back making him arch upward again then quickly snatched his keys off his waist and sent my left foot out sweeping his legs from under him. As he lay there coughing and moaning in pain, I handed the keys to Shirley and she laughed.

"She seems quite what Wilkes, I hope you weren't gunna say calm. She's anything but that as she just showed you. Ha-ha" I walked over to the fallen officer offering my cuffed hands to him, he rubbed his head then took them and I pulled him to his feet with ease. His green eyes wide pondering my strength. Leaning into him I brush my lips across his ear and whispered,

"Never underestimate me or my strength. I'm full of..." pausing to slide my long tongue up his neck and ear, he sighed then gasped as I bit his ear drawing blood.

"...Surprises" Shirley grabbed my long plait and pulled me away from him, my lips glistening with his blood curled into a sadistic smile.

"It was a love bite Shirl, I like him."

"Alright, alright Solis cut the shit." Licking my lips seductively at the man, I leaned my head down low enough so Shirley could put my muzzle on. When she snapped it in place and connected it to my collar she grabbed the excess chains and pulled me down the hall.

"Does she always act like this?"

"Nope, she's worst, she's being pretty good today she must really like you."

"How can you tell?" Wilkes asked holding his bleeding ear and looking back at me.

"Her eyes are like a mood indicator. What color are they now?"


"Yep she likes ya, her eyes turn green when she's amused and or aroused."

"What other colors do they turn?"

"Well as far as I know, blue when she's agitated and angry and a striking hazel is calm. Isn't that right little pet." Shirley laughed as she yanked my neck chain and my eyes blazed bright blue. "See, she doesn't like to be treated like an animal but she acts like one so she has no choice but to take it."

"Seeing as how she disarmed and attacked me so easily, I'm pretty sure she could break away from you right now." Shirley smirked at me and I grunted in agreement with him, because I could but it's not the right time...yet.

We made it to the security desk and the head of security unlocked the gate and signaled us in for my body search. Shirley locked my neck chain to the security table and removed my waist chain that held my cuffed arms. Head of security, Michael Cox, was a big burly bald white guy. He looked rough on the outside with all his visible tattoos showing on his neck and arms, but he's a big cuddly teddy bear underneath. I could tell that much, he was the only one to call me by a nickname he gave me after our first encounter where I viciously attacked him. He liked how I attacked without mercy or regret so that's what he called me.

"Well well well, Mercy, I see you managed to bite another officer." He watched me for a minute then calmly approached me. My eyes shifted hazel as I watched him move fearlessly about unchaining me and patting me down.

"Why is she calm all of a sudden?" Michael looked at the male then Shirley.

"New guy, huh?"

"Yup, this is Justin Wilkes. He's been assigned to Ms. Solis."

"What, does John think you're incapable of handling her yourself now?" Shirley tousled her short brown hair with grey peppering the sides and patted me on the butt.

"I guess he thinks I'm too old and Tiffany here will take advantage of me soon." That was the first time she's ever called me by my first name in the ten years of my being here. She removed my muzzle and I smiled at her sweetly.

"Awe Shirl, did you just say you loved me?" she blushed and her fist collided with the right side of my face. As my head snapped to the left, Justin grabbed her arms and held her back.

"Jesus Shirley, what's wrong with you?" Leaning forward I kissed her forehead.

"Unhand me Wilkes it was just a love tap." He let her go and I pulled her into a tight hug lifting her off the ground. Justin marveled at my strength as I held the woman like a child when I looked like mire child myself, just a very large child. Standing at six feet I was considered large for a woman. My body generously curved in all the right places, hid the powerful muscles beneath. My breast and ass were very thick and voluptuous. They immediately catch eyes, even in these unflattering prison sweats. Speaking of sweats, my eyes lowered to my breast trying their best to spill from the haggard slash down the front.

"Mercy, what happened here?" Michael pulled at the ripped neckline and I smiled.

"Well you see Mike before Shirl came to get me, I was about enjoy beating an inmate's ass." Michael chuckled and shook his head getting the picture.

"Wow Mercy you really are ruthless aren't ya? Why don't you just have a little fun sometimes?" my eyes flashed green before changing back hazel.

"These inmates don't know how to show me a good time." Michael and I stood eye to eye as his hands lazily rubbed over my torso checking for weapons, really just enjoying the play of his fingers over my soft skin. I scented his arousal and my eyes blinked back and forth from hazel to green and back again. Justin eyed us curiously and Shirley ignored us gathering the chains and swapping them for larger ones and a heavier leather muzzle.

"Why are her eyes doing that?"

"Doing what?" Shirley called over her shoulder.

"They are like flashing back and forth between green and hazel." Shirley snorted and waved him off.

"She's caught between emotions; she's trying to control herself." Justin sighed and looked away as Michael's hands kneaded my breast.

"Alright, alright cut it out Cox. We have to get her to the visitor's room now before boss gets mad." My eyes bled blue and I turned my icy glare to Shirley.

"Shit, listen Hun, just calm down please I'm sure if you're on your best behavior everything will pass quickly." She wrapped her arms around my waist to reassure me but she knew I wanted no visitors' period. I've got twenty five to life, no one wants be visited while incarcerated its...demeaning. The blue of my eyes deepened and Michael tugged my plait.

"Come on Mercy, it won't be that bad. Be a good girl and let's just get this over with."

"What will you give me if I behave?" he walked behind me and slowly ran his hand over my arms then roughly pulled my arms behind my back. Leaning his face to my ear, he whispered then bit it hard, exciting a moan from me.

"If you're good, maybe I can convince the boss to put you in your own cell and let you put these on me." he clasped the thick shackles around my wrists and pulled my long plait hard. In the blink of an eye I was on his back with legs wrapped around his waist, my teeth pressed tightly over his jugular vein, and my thumbs pressed into the pressure point between his shoulder blades. Releasing my death vice on his neck, I moved my lips to his ear.

"It's not a good idea to stick your hands in a lions cage, so don't tease me." with the right amount of pressure I could have stopped his heart and he knew it too, but I didn't plan on killing him, at least not until I've had my fun. While I was on his back, Shirley took that time to place the shackles on one of my ankles.

"Down girl, we need to get you suited up." Smiling at Shirley, I back arched off his back landing on my hands. Holding perfectly still, I allowed them to connect the shackles and wrap extra chain around them. Shirley patted my butt signaling me to stand so she could muzzle me. Dropping into a back bend I slowly raised and waited patiently. She secured the muzzle and extra chains around my neck and arms. As we moved through the halls inmates ran to the bars and watched me curiously as my chains clinked loudly.

"Is all this really necessary, Shirley?"

"Of course Wilkes, you've seen how fast she can move, these chains may not hold her for long but they will buy time to restrain her long enough." I grunted and turned my cold blues to the watching inmates and snorted as a bit of fear and uncertainty coursed through them. Shirley tugged my plait and told me to leave them alone.

The visitors lounge was separated into multiple sections. Free rooms where the inmates were let free to interact with their visitors under security supervision, the glass room which consisted of a wall of one-way bullet resistant glass splitting the room where the inmate is chained to the wall and floor behind it, and the typical phone room like the one you see on TV. You know how there is like a row of small cubicles with glass or metal separating the inmates and visitors. I was placed in the glass room and securely chained to the wall and floor. The chain length gave me a couple feet of walking space towards the glass but not much. Shirley and Michael sat chairs on either side of me and soothed me by rubbing various parts of my body that were not concealed by chains. The newbie cop Justin walked in carrying a small crate containing medications and guns, I could smell the gun powder. They seemed to be expecting a big altercation. They loosened my muzzle just enough to allow me speech.

"Stay calm and it will be over in no time Hun."

"Yeah Mercy, remember what I said." Michael stood in front of me and played with a long straight strand of loose hair hanging in my face.

"You promise?"

"Of course Merc, can't you tell I'm telling the truth?" of course I could, the sexual tension was radiating off him in waves. I leaned my face as close as my chained neck would allow towards his and spoke softly.

"I like to be on top but I might let you take me from behind. Would you like that Mike?" his pale blue eyes stared into my now astonishing bright emerald green eyes and dilated slightly at the thought. I could tell he would like that more than anything right now, judging by the quick thumping of his heart and his penis stiffening against his thigh. The metals doors to the room opened on my side and the prison warden walked in.

"Show time..." Michael said and backed away.

"Inmate 20637, Tiffany Solis, you have a special visitor. He will watch you as you interact with your real visitor to see if you are worthy of going to court for a shorter sentence. If you cannot behave appropriately you will be sent to the box until I see fit, am I understood?" his raspy voice echoed loudly throughout the room. "Do I make myself clear, Miss Solis?"

"Cristal, Warden Jones." Was my muffled response and another set of doors opened on the other side of the glass. Turning my head, I waited for the visitors to appear. The first was a large well-toned male around six feet nine, in a nice suit with pure hazel eyes and his black hair in a ponytail. His skin evenly tanned like he spent a lot of time outdoors. The next was a slimmer much smaller male with short shaggy brown hair spiked at the top. He wore dark sunglasses and a leather jacket with the collar turned up. His pale skin slightly flushed.

A chair was brought into the room on the opposite side and the smaller male took a seat, the large male stood in the corner watching me. Squinting my eyes, I tried to get a good look at the boy in front of me but it wasn't enough. Warden signaled for them to disconnect my neck chain allowing me more freedom to walk up to the glass, but my arms well pulled straight behind me if I got too close. Standing four feet away from the glass I waited for him to speak.

"Why does she have that thing over her face? How will she be able to talk?" he asked but his voice was unfamiliar to me.

"It is for your protection, she can speak around it. It has been loosened enough for that."

"My protection... She is chained to the wall and separated behind indestructible glass, how can she harm me from there, like that?" the boy questioned the warden and stood in front of the glass, pressing his hand to it.

"Take it off her, I want to see her entire face." My calm hazel eyes watched the boy as Shirley walked up to remove my muzzle.

"Lean down, Solis." Backing up and bending my head down to easily accommodate her small five foot four frame, I gave her access to the back of my head. She quickly unclasped it and let it slip down to my neck. Lifting back up, she brushed the loose strands of hair out of my face and returned to her chair behind me. The boy smiled and pressed both hands to the glass.

"Oh Tiff, your still as pretty as ever! I missed you so much, how are you?" Still confused as to who the boy is, I just quietly stared at him. He began to frown.

"Why won't you speak to me? Don't you remember me, Tiff?" I slowly shook my head and watched as he went into his pocket and dug out a picture then pressed it to the glass. I walked all the way up to the glass and was stopped inches away by the chains holding my arms. Looking at the picture I saw three people, two light skinned black twins and a cute little white boy with big blue eyes in between them hugging their legs.

It took me a minute to recognize the people in the picture. It was me and my twin brother when we were twelve and an eight year old Billy. He was a boy we took in after finding him wondering the streets alone three years before. I couldn't stop the joyful smile from covering my face looking at my two favorite people. Oh how I missed them dearly, but what was disconcerting was how this boy obtained this picture. My eyes traveled the boy's face and before I could open my mouth to ask where he got it, he rolled his collar down and removed his glasses. Familiar big blue eyes beamed at me and tears threatened to run down my cheeks.

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